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    [OP-F1] Starting from scratch

    "Yo, Haine. But what about the rest of you, eh?" she puffed, tilting her head slightly up as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot on the ground. Sh didn't know Haine well, but well enough to know she had the psychological state of a four year old. She wouldn't get what she was saying well, but the others better get the blue haired girl's point.
  2. Akua

    [OP-F1] Starting from scratch

    Staring from a distance, Akua gave an unamused blink. What were these morons doing now? How does one die and come back in a game? They seemed to be fooling around to the cerulean haired she, and it annoyed her. They have levels to sharpen! Stomping over yet still keeping great distance, she let out a blunt, flat toned call. "What the hell are you idiots doing?! Stop fooling around!"
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    [F02] «Breaking the Unbreakable»

    Hmm, I'd like to try this too, if someone would party with me.
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    [F01] «Secret Medicine of the Forest»

    I accept this quest prouuuudly! //salutes// I'll be partying with Kirito for this quest.
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    Profile » Username: Akua » Real name: Aoi Ishihara » Age: 14 » Gender: female » Height: 162 CM » About: A rather uninteresting past, one thing worth noting is her pain condition. Unaware, ofcourse, of what would happen to SAO, she realized in VRMMOs there was concious, but no pain; and so, she escaped to a place of relief, only to find out the horrific death game that awaited her. » Virtues: Loyal. She is very loyal; once something or someone is in her heart, she can never turn her back on them, have they keep her trust Strong will. Very, very determined. Once she sets her mind to something, she will see it through, at all and any costs. With her, you can always trust the fact that she will complete a task. Capacity to care. Although she can be quite mean, she has a very strong sense of justice and generousity, and when she tries to, her nicer side shows. » Flaws: Often rude. She can be incredibley blunt, mean, cold, and rude. She will not bite her toung, and feels there is absolutely no reason not to say what whe wants, and often has words at sharp as daggers Rash or hesitant. A problem with her is, often she instantly acts on impulse and emotion; other times she is incredibley hesitant and can't bring herself to do mandatory tasks. For her there is no neccessary medium, And it makes it hard for her to function at times, and often complicates those around her Paranoid. She has alot of trouble trusting anyone or anything. Sometimes this means she will take any matter into her own hands if she feels there is even of the slightest flaws. She worries all the time about people emotionally hurting her, as that is one kind of pain that is hard to control Stubborn. She can be very stubborn. She has trouble admitting when she's wrong, and usually has to have everyone see her way, or she can't understand them Skills Non-combat: » Familiar Recovery Familiar Communication Passive: » Sprint (Passive & Sword Skill) Acrobatics Combat: » Battle Healing Weapon skills : » One Handed Rapiers Blade Throwing Inventory Weapons/Tools: » One Handed Rapier Throwing Picks Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Appearence(in game) Familiar Aisu