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    Username: HikaoReal name: Hikari AoAge: 15Gender: maleHeight: 5"11About: personality: Hikari is a very enthusiastic and Confident person in the most part. His idea of fun would be fighting low level monsters and hanging out with his friends. He likes spicy food, making people happy, pets and girls. On the flip side he doesn't like sweet food, spiders, more spiders, making people sad, people who PK. History: Before SAO Hikari had always wanted to make lots of friends. At school he was the kid who sat on his own with no one to talk to. His only friends were his little sister and older brother. Hikari had never really had parents due to them dying when he was young. From what his brother had told him they were good people, much better than his grandfather. You see, when his parents died Hikari and his siblings were sent to live with there grandfather (On his mothers side). His grandfather was a very old fashioned man. whenever they would do something wrong they were beaten for it. The only good thing about his grandfather was sometimes very understanding. Whenever his sister did something bad he always took the blame for it. When his brother turned twenty he decided to let Hikari and his sister move into his new house. It was small but it wasn't that bad of a place to live. At this time he was thirteen and was midway threw middle school. Due to this he didn't make many friends and when he did they just forgot about him. Around the time he turned fourteen a new game had been announced "Sword art online" for the new nerve gear system. Hikari was so excited for this new game and the nerve gear. He ended up saving all of his money so that he could get the game from the moment it came out.Virtues:Funny: Hikari is a very comedic person. He always know what to say to cheer someone up and make them laugh. When he does make someone laugh it makes him happy but when he can't cheer them up with that he struggles to handle the situation. Energetic: Hikari is also a very energetic person. He's always running about or talking a mile a minute. Due to this some people tend to mark him off as a annoying person. Lucky: Hikari has very frequent strokes of luck. He's either making friends easily or finding some money on the floor. Even out of SAO he has always had exceptional lucky streaks. Flaws:Stupid: Hikari has always been a idiot. He always used to get low scores on his test. he struggles with math the most. Due to his stupidity he isn't able to recognize subtle signs making him a very dense person. cocky: Hikari thinks way to highly of himself. he will usually underestimate his opponents. due to this he normally acts like he can kill anything that gets in his way which normally ends up in him looking like a fool. Ignorant: Once Hikari has his mind set he can't usually be persuaded to think differently. He got this mind set from his grandfather before him. Because of this Hikari is normally not open to many ideas which may cause conflict.Profession: N/ASkills Non-combat:»Passive:» There are two types of armor skills: ►Light Armor: 5 Ranks Passive Effect: The effectiveness with which a player can use Light Armor Equipment. 0/50 Combat skills: ►Parry: Cost: 10 - No Ranks Post Action Effect: Half damage taken and negate incoming status effects (only applies to stun and paralyse) Description: This skill requires one post action to prepare the <<Parry>> effect, which halves the damage received to the parrying player in the attacking player's following post and prevents them from being stunned or paralysed. Costs 2*(enemies parried that turn) energy to do. This works at most against 4 enemies attacking you in one turn. 0/50Weapon skills:» ►One-Handed Straight Sword: 5 Ranks Passive The effectiveness with which a player can use one-handed longsword-like swords. (Example: Arming sword, Longsword) 5/50 total SP: 005Inventory ITEM 10 bread 15 water Roleplays Non at the moment