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    Profile Username: Kine Real Name: Nathanial Oden Age: 19 Height: 6'4" Weight: 245lbs. History Nathan was born in the US on November 25th. Born into a military family, he was all too used to moving from town to town all his life. His Father was never home for more than 3 weeks at a time and was gone for a series of months at least. However, the story is completely opposite for his mother. She was a stay at home mom who loved to spend time with Nathan as he was growing up. He had a happy life until one day he was told that his parents were getting a divorce and it sent him and his mother into shock. After everything was figured out, Nate was to move in with his father in Tokyo. After plane hit its altitude on it’s way to Tokyo, Nathanial received a phone call. His mother had passed away from an overdose of her medication and it left him reeling. As he finally arrived at the airport with tired eyes he was not greeted by his dad, but instead found a man named Craig. Craig had said that he was a close friend of his father and that he was going to take him to Nate’s father’s home in the rich part of town. Years passed as things never really changed between Nathanial and his father. He was always gone and was hardly there, however Craig quickly became his main father figure. Craig decided to get Nate a late birthday present and bought him the newest VRMMO, Sword Art Online. He got it because he had taken note of Nathanial’s growing love for video games and decided it would be a great gift for his 19th birthday. Later that night Nate hooked up his nerve gear as his father left for another couple months, and jumped into the game. Virtues Level-Headed: Kine is adept at keeping his cool during stressful moments. He comes across as calm and collected to other people. This mentality allows him to have an easier time focusing on the task at hand. Polite: Kine is well versed in social niceties and the “proper” way to address people. This can make him come across as respectful and culturally aware. Kine likes to treat people with high amounts of respect as long as he feels like they deserve it. Loyal: Kine is fiercely loyal to those who have earned it. To those who have gained his respect, he will stand by their side to the bitter end if necessary. Although difficult to earn, those who have his loyalty will have it forever or until they do something extremely against what he believes in. Flaws Gluttonous: Kine loves to eat, almost to a point of overbearing. If given the chance he will consume more than what is necessary almost consistently. This may get on the nerves of others if food is becoming scarce or is shared. Lazy: Kine is lazy and enjoys laying around if given the chance. His laziness makes it to where he will not do something active unless it interests him enough. If there is enough free time, he will actively go search for a place to lay down or relax. Stubborn: It is difficult to change Kine’s mind once it is made up on a topic. Someone can bring proof against Kine and he would still try and hold on to his belief. It is possible to change his mind with a decent amount of effort, but nevertheless is possible. Profession: N/A Stats Level: 1 HP: 20 Energy: 2 Base Damage: 4 Accuracy: 0 Mitigation: 0 Evasion: 0 Col: 0 Skill Points: 5 (5 spent) Skill Slots: 2 Skills Utility Skills: Combat Skills: Weapon Skills: 2 Handed Assault Spear: Rank 1 (+1 damage) Armor Skills: Locked Skills: Inventory Weapons/Tools: -Iron Two-Handed Assault Spear -Starter Iron Breastplate Roleplays Imprints