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  1. --- Summary --- Jade Eye: 2+1 = 3 SP | 200 col Saphira: 2+1 = 3SP | 200 col Both: - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) - 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) -1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)
  2. He hadn't been in the hole for a long time, when he heard footsteps coming closer. As he wasn't sure if it was somebody who came to help him, or maybe a bad person who had created the trap and was going to kill him, he ducked down and draw his battleaxe. When he then heard Saphiras voice, he was happy that it was just her, and so he put the weapon away and when she offered him a helping hand, he grabbed it, and with her help, he quickly climbed out of the trap. Thanks man, ah, girl. Some idiot built a trap right here an I fell into it. But I found the last fcking shroom, so let's go and get us some rewards. He did not really wait for Saphira to answer, but was already opening the menu which contained the map. Following the data he had collected when they were gathering, it was no problem to find the way back to the old mans shop. Once there, the old man told them to craft some potions from the shrooms they had just collected, so Jason prepared them and dropped them into the copper cauldron and began to stir. After a short time, the shrooms dissolved and a dark red potion appeared in the cauldron. With the potion, a message appeared, telling him that he had finished the quest and that his reward were - 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP)- 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage)-1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) as well as some experience points. @Saphira
  3. Angry once again, that he wasn't as lucky as Saphira, Jason made his way through the dark oak forest and had a look at placed that seemed promising, but he wasn't lucky. There were other shrooms he could have collected, but they were not what he was looking for. The oaks around him began to become bigger and bigger, until the forest didn't looked like one any more, but more like a big hallway. The trunks seemed to be columns, and the leaves way ahead of him could have been a roof. Looking around, Jason realized that he didn't know where he was, but he was not going to show that he was scarred a little, as he wasn't a baby, but a strong guy. The sounds around him were weird, as it sounded like there was someone whispering in the trees above him, and a quiet whistling from in front of him. He was not to sure about this all, so he took out the battle axe and walked forward, talking to himself. Everythings fine, there is nothin around here. I'm still on the first floor, monsters shouldnt be to bad. I can run away if anything bad happens. When he arrived where the whistling came from, he saw that it was just a strange looking branch with a hole in it. When he walked around, it looked as if someone had done this to the branch. when he came closer, the ground collapsed under his feet and he fell down into a hole. Boah, fck, what insane idiot does something like that he yelled, then he looked at his new surroundings and saw the last black shroom he had to gather. @Saphira
  4. It didn't take long after Jason had arrived where the others were before Stryder took the word and began telling them, what they were doing. It was a quest out here in the god damned heat of the desert, that they would do something to get a skill that would protect them from heat and so, so it was something practical. Before Jason could tell them, that he was in for it, and ask what they would have to do, Eatos added to what Stryder had said, that they should use this chance to talk to the others and get to know them, at best by walking in pairs. So it's like in school, just go in pairs and if you don't do it right, you have to hold hands he thought, but he didn't say anything. Jade Eye was about to look for someone he could team up with, when Thorsten and some others began discussing, if pairs or groups of three, or even just a big group was better. He was not sure what to do, so he was looking over to Saphira, but before he could walk over to her, a player he had never talked to, fell to the ground. I'll help you, take my hand. he said, and walked to him and hold out his hand. OOC: I am last, but I think you skipped Saphira @Stryder
  5. After putting the fourth shroom into his pocket Jason was feeling some strange kind of satisfaction, as he was sure, he would soon be ready to finish this fcking quest and ave some time he could use for his own. On the other hand, he had an even stranger feeling, as he was kinda sad, that he would finish the quest and his time with Saphira would be over, at least for some time soon. So he continued his venture for more of them black shrooms. The forest around him changed again, and where there had been willows just a few minutes ago, there were huge oak trees now. The sparse light that made it through their leaves made it hard to see, but this seemed like a good place to look for some more shrooms. So he began to look under trunks and roots and every other place he could think of, but he wasn't able to find a single shroom.
  6. Jason had gained a few level ups since he had started to actively do something within the game, so he wasn't to frightened by the level one mobs on the first floor any more. Using his new won freedom of being able to walk outside the town and not having to fear death whenever he saw a mob, he was taking a walk out in the fields and thought about what he could be doing next. There are the starter quests, I should defnitely finish them, but they 're kind a boring, so what else can I do? Maybe I could venture ut and have a look at the other floors, but mobs will be stronger around there. so he wasn't sure what to do, but that didn't matter at the moment, as he was just chillin. Once he had found a nice place to chill and watch the sky, he laid down and was close to fallin asleep, when a strange bell sound was heard. Confused he looked around, but there wasn't a thing that could have made the sound. After closin hs eyes for a moment, he remembered, that he had heard the bell a few times and that it was the sound of a notification, so he opened the menu and saw that it was a message from Stryder. Reading it his face changed into a smile, as it was a perfect chance to go and see some other floor without it being to dangerous. He quickly left the fields and used the teleporter to get to the fifth floor. The heat that hit him when he materialized, made him exhale and stagger a short moment, before he was ready for the floor around him. Shaking his head he left the center place and walked to wards the coordinates Stryder had attached to the message. Coming closer, he saw a big group and he was sure, that he was the last one and that Stryder might be angry at him for taking so long. When he arrived at the group, he just stood at the side, greeting them with a What's up? I've heard we gonna go on a quest. So why are we in this god damned heat?
  7. It seemed that the girl must have blushed just as he had, as Saphira tried not to look at him, and hide her own face. Jason was not sure, what that could mean, but he was sure, that he had to do something. When she helped him up, he just said Thanks, and sorry if I mad ya feel bad. As he was sure his face was still red, he quickly began looking for more of them shrooms, somewhere on the ground, where she wouldn't be able to see him. Searchin for the shrooms, he walked away from her, his cheeks still hot and shook his head, thinking: OMG, how could I be so stupid? There is no way she hadn't heard what i said. I have to have some time for myself, so I should hurry and find thoseshrooms, so we can leave and not see each other to soon. As he left the tree he looked for some more good ground to fins at least one more of the black shrooms. Not far from where he had been, there was a fallen tree and close to it's broken trunk, there was one of the odd looking shroom. pickin it up, Jason screamed with joy, as he was close to completing this boring part of the mission. OOC: Sorry for not answering for such a long time. Had problems with the internets.
  8. Jade Eye

    OP/F4) The Rising Dawn (Guild Recruitment)

    Ok, so its just for knowin me better. Thats totaly ok, I wouldn't want to hang with total bully dudes either. Jason told her, then he thought if he had any questions, and as it was the opportunity to ask anything, he just asked So the guild will be about helpin the weaker and becomin strong, is that right? And about me fitting in, i don't know, it's the first time for me to be doin somethin in a team. But I wanna become a knight like thing, so with heavy armor and shield defendin the week. Once he had finished talking, he waited for Eatos to answer and comment on what he had just told her and turned around to the girl that was standing next to them Hey @Saphirahow's it going? Will ya be a member of this guild? if so it'll be a good way to stay in touch, ya know, havin ya around isn't the worst of all.
  9. Jade Eye

    OP/F4) The Rising Dawn (Guild Recruitment)

    Jason had been baffled by how many people had come to this cold as hell place just to talk about a guild. He had never been in a guild so far, but he heard that it was a good way to become stronger and get benefits from the work of others. When this guy called Stryder had told them about the plan for this guild, and how it included helping the weaker and become a strong front to help he was amazed, by how easy it sounded. I hope this guy knows what he was talking about he thought, when he heard his name. The new guildleader told him to go and talk to some girl, that would be the right hand of him, so he turned to see who he was talking about and saw her with a guy and Saphira, talking and didn't wanted to interrupt. After a while, the strange eyed Boy seemed to have finished his talking, so he would use his chance and go to the girl, Eatosm and said Heya, the name's Jade Eye, nice to meet ya. What's this talking with you thing about? Is there some kind a test I have to pass to be part of the guild, or are ya just interested in who's gonna be ya ne pals? @Eatos
  10. Jason had sat down beneath one of the willows, as he wasn't motivated to continue the search. The place looked good, but he just wasn't able to find anything he wanted. Sitting there, leaning against the trunk, he closed his eyes for a short nap, maybe this would give him the power and motivation to continue the search, when he heard something rustlin thru the branches close by. He was not sure what it was, but as he was in a creepy part of the forest, Jason drew his battleaxe and jumped back up. When the branches of the tree he was beneath got split by something he nearly jumped Saphira, who came in, her dagger in her hand and more or less yelled his name. Perplexed by this, he stumbled and landed on the ground just in front of her. God damn, you can't creep up on me like that, you know what this axe could have done to your cute face? Those words had left his mouth before he could stop it, and now he was blushing like a shy little girl. To hide this fact, he just crawled around, as if he was looking for something but of cause he didn't find anything. @Saphira
  11. As Jason was not sure, how he had accomplished the task of finding the last black prince shroom he had found, he wandered aimless around the forest, looking under bushes and pieces of wood, as well as at the roots of different trees, but what ever he was doing, it wasn't the right thing and so he wasn't lucky with finding one. Slowly his mind drifted and he thought about how this strange and silly quest was the total beginning of his life as active adventurer. If I had known, that there wasn't any fighting in this first quest, and that it is nothin more than silly searchin things on the ground, I would've done it way earlier. I hope that the next quest won't be as boring and silly as this one. As he still couldn't find any shrooms, Jason walked on and didn't stop before he entered a part of the forest that looked different from where he had been a few minutes ago, big willow trees with hangin branches made it hard to look further than a few meters, but ths might be the right place to find more of the shrooms he was searchin. @Saphira
  12. Jason was not lucky with finding the shrooms he was searching for, but at least he knew where to look. So when he was walking around, lookin for a shady and moist place, he saw hos Saphira found another one of them, and he just thought Thats nice, she already found another one and I just walk around, findin nothin bettter than rocks for sure he wasn't really angry at the girl for havin more luck than him, but he was annoyed by the quest. when he turned around and went the other way, to not disturb Saphira, he found a small cavernous place underneath the roots of some old tree and it looked like a good place to look. And indeed, there it was, another one of them ugly black shrooms he had to find. He picked it up and his questlog updated the amount of found shrooms. Yeah, just two more of them shrooms. i hope they are to find as easy as this one had been. he told himslef, just so he wouldn't go crazy about this god damned quest. @Saphira
  13. Jade Eye

    OP/F4) The Rising Dawn (Guild Recruitment)

    Jason was back in the starting town, as he had nothing much to do. He was to weak to really fight on his own, even with his decent equipment he had gotten from a player calle Hei. So what could he do on his own, that wasn't as boring as just sittin here he wondered and after a few moments of thinking about it in silence he had an idea I can't leave the save zone of this town, as all those mobs could probably kill me, but what about visiting other savezones. I heard that they have cleared quite some floors and I can teleport up there without getin into trouble. And as he thought about it, it sounded like a good idea and so he made his way to the teleport platform, but not without taking his weapon out of the inventory, as one could never know. At random he chose one of the lower floors to teleport too and so he appeared at the fourth floor, without knowing anything about it. The first thing he felt when he knew the teleport was over was the chill cold of a heavy winter. As his eyes got used to the new surroundings, he could have a look and there was quite some snow. Oh yeah, nice. I got into some of this damn winter woder land floors. I hope I don't freeze to death. I better look for a warm place he mumbled to himslef, while leaving the platform. Close by was a tavern, which seemed like a good place to find some warmth, so he entered and mad his way over to the fireplace, where the heat was killing the cold. Sitting down there, he found some kind of flyer, thellin him to come over to the Fostbite lake if he wanted to be part of a guild, and as he wan't very strong on his own, that was a good idea. After warming up for a few more minutes Jason left the tavern and opened his map to fins out where he had to go to find this lake he had read of. As the way didn't look like one that would kill him, or he hoped so, he started walking towards this place and with just a few detours to not meet some of them wolfs he arrived at the lake. There was a group of players already talking and standing together, so he went over to them just to notice one of them was Saphira. Hi over there. the name's Jade Eye. Are you the guild guys? he said to the group of players, then turning to Saphira Nice to see ya again.
  14. Jason still wasn't a big fan of searching for silly shrooms, and not fnding any didn't make it better. So he hoped that at least Saphira was more lucky with finding them. This is [censored] lame, I better start finding them, if I wanna learn how this stupid game works. I bet there is some kind of rule implemented, preventing me from gettin to the better quests till I have finished this [censored] search thing with those negative thoughts, he went ahead and looked for some more of them silly shrooms, but he was not successfull. There was one place he had seen earlyier he had hoped that he would find one of them shrooms there, but to his disappointment, there was none there. Being disappointed in how the game had started for him, he walked further into the forest, and yelled at a squirrel that happened to run up a tree. [censored] this [censored], why do I have to do this? And ya little f*cker, what are ya lookin at. Ya thinkin thats funny? @Saphira
  15. Running thru the forest wasn't what Jason had thought of when he had decided to start leveling. He had though of epic fights he would be in, big boss monsters nearly killing him, but him deflecting just enough of the blow to not die and then kill the boss in return. This was what he should be doing and not this lame walking and looking for crazy mushrooms. I hope this old dude shows us how to make good potions, and that we can keep them. Or I'm gonna kill that NPC, I swear to god. He was angry at how dumb this quest was, and maybe on how he had known that it would be something like it, as this always was the first thing to do in games. As he walked angrily he noticed a spot of moist dark earth, that was nearly covered by some shrubbery. When he went over there he found his second oft them strange shrooms.