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  1. Lana slowly starts to come down from a crying fit. Every day that passes inside Aincrad is one more day without her fiancée on the outside, but slowly she's come to realize that she won't escape this hell and be in a good shape to do much of anything. The thought that her fiancée had already moved on without Lana makes the crying all the more painful. After this long spout, she recuperates and decides that she should head out to the streets without a goal in mind. She does this often, having spent all her time on floor one without exploring for fear of her own life. She's lived on the backs of those that have come and gone, giving their lives so that others may live free of this prison. With a heavy heart, she leaves the place she had been staying at and begins her aimless wandering. Trapped in her head with a slight frown and tear stained eyes, she comes upon Zackariah's shop. Without realizing why, something possesses her to enter the mans shop.
  2. Julia

    Lana Rae Shafer's Journal

    Profile Username: Julia Real name: Lana Rae Shafer Age: 28 Gender: Female Height: 165 CM Even before her birth, Lana Rae Shafer was always defying the odds. The winter of her birth had been an exceptionally cold one. Subzero temperatures ground to a stop even the heartiest of cars. As luck would have it, a week before her birth, the weather lightened and she was safely delivered on March 14th, 1994 by a clumsy doctor. Due to birth complications, a Caesarean section was required. In the process, the delivering doctor stabbed her in the head with his scalpel. After a few days at the hospital, her mother and father returned home with their only baby. Her parents didn't have much, and lived in the worst of conditions, but they got by with sleeping on the floor while baby Rae was unaware of just how awful their life was. Not too long after her birth, Lana's mother was left incapable of working due to a car accident. Unfortunately, with Michigan being a no-fault state, she was unable to receive the exuberant amount of reparations she was owed. Her father owned a downtrodden carpet store. When Lana was two years old, tragedy struck once again. An arson had gotten his jollies off by burning her fathers store to the ground. After everything was said and done, the family owed $20,000. Life improved somewhat after the fire. Her father got a job working for Schezwan, which kept him out of the house most days, however the pay helped keep their lives at least somewhat livable. When Lana was of schooling age, her mother kept her at home. Since she was a teacher before her accident, it only made sense. Being homeschooled kept her away from peers her age, so Lana was completely unaware of just how different she really was. Of course, since life is a cruel bitch, the most horrid of incidents sent Lana's life into a spiral. In the middle of a typical dark and lonely night, the front door was bashed in. Her father quickly bolted out of his room to stop the intruder, but he was too late. A single shot was fired, hitting him in the neck, his body flopping to the floor. As he bled out, the attacker charged into the bedroom. In all the commotion, Lana's mother had only a few moments to push her into a closet and slam the door shut. Through the slits in the closet, she was able to witness the unspeakable horrors the intruder had for her mother. With much protest, screaming, and pleading, her mother was raped. All the while, Lana was completely incapable of helping. Thankfully, a neighbor had heard the shot and quickly called the police. The area they lived was scummier than most parts, with drug deals being all too common. These miserable conditions might have just saved her and her mothers life, as a responding officer burst into the home. The murderer of her father lunged to attack the officer, and was quickly put down like the dog he was with a few shots from the officers glock. After the murder of her father, Lana started to self isolate, her mind not developed enough to process the psychological trauma. Unable to afford the house payments, her mother was forced to go back to work, even though her body wasn't able. The two of them moved to a quieter and cheaper area of the Upper Peninsula. Since her mother was now working, Lana was forced to go to public school. When she wasn't at school, she spent a lot of time wandering in the forests of her new area. Scared for her daughters development which had been stunted, Lana's mother set her up with archery lessons to give her a goal to work towards, as well as to socially interact with others. She also spent her free time watching documentaries on the History Channel as well as public television. At school, she was bullied right away by the children as they didn't seem to understand her. Her femininity and intelligence combined with her interest in archery was off putting to the kids. The bulling continued throughout her education, with the teachers not doing anything to rectify the situation. Day after day she would come home sobbing, battered and bruised by the children. Her mother tried multiple times to reason with the schools administration, but they didn't care. "It isn't our job to stop boys from being boys" they would say. With every passing day, she grew more and more different to her peers, and each day she came home hurt, her mothers heart would break just a little more. Middle school was a hard time for Lana. With puberty kicking her in the face, and her peers becoming even more vindictive, Lana was forced to take matters into her own hands. On one fateful day, she was lured away from prying eyes by one of the students. What she was greeted with when they got away was five teenage boys, each with a grin. One of the bigger boys tried to pin her to the ground. As he did so, the rest of the boys ran off to get a gas can. They quickly returned and proceeded to dump the gas on her. In the commotion, Lana managed to find an old rusted pipe and fought back. With a whack, she knocked off the large teen from her, letting her get back on her feet. Seeing this, one of the teens charged her and was greeted by a smash to the face; Lana using the pipe as a baseball bat; the boys head as a baseball. Seeing that she was fighting back, the rest of her attackers ran off, leaving her with the wounded larger teen who was bleeding on the ground. Having had enough, she let out her pent up sadistic side, and repeatedly bashed the boy in the head until he was twitching on the ground. Thinking he was dead, she tossed the pipe at his limp body and walked off. After extensive surgery, the boy survived, leaving him mentally disabled. The school quickly found out what she had done, but due to back room dealings, threats of suing, and the whole nine yards, Lana got away with it scot-free. In a cruel twist of fate, once the boy returned he found that all his friends had turned on him. He was now the one being bullied overtly, not Lana. Not long after this incident, the bulliest tactics changed. Seeing that she was capable of fighting back, the teens started to covertly work against her, pitting her few friends against her. She became a complete loner, but the teachers viewed her as the model student due to their admiration of her knowledge of history and her "go against the grain" attitude. All this time she had continued her practice of spending quality time in the woods. To pass the time during her lonely high school years she learned of bushcrafting, and would spend time trying to survive on her own for days at a time during the harsh UP winters. She graduated high school with honors and attended Northern Michigan University, majoring in History with a minor in Sociology. During her attendance at Northern, her mother died, leaving her completely alone without any family. Her self isolation started to kick in even more than it had before. To get some semblance of human contact, she confided in people online, eventually meeting a woman from England. After a year of talking, the two started a long distance relationship with each other. After graduating from Northern, she applied to her girlfriends university and was accepted for their Phd program in archeology. The two lived in squaller just as her parents had, but they had each other which made the poverty bearable. Life had significantly approved after moving to England, her circle of friends finally widening. She got in good with a group of fellow students who showed her the joys of urban exploration. While it got her into sticky situations with the law, she was happier than ever before. It was during this time when Lana started to dabble in Anarcho-communism. She and her friends would participate in black blocs. During her final year, Lana had started saving her funds to go on a vacation with her girlfriend; to see historical sights and to do field research. After graduating, she and her girlfriend, and a large group of friends would have began their journey, with the goal of doing ground breaking research in Syria, where they had planned to go off the beaten path to study it's history. However, before they left Lana had purchased SAO. Virtues: Strong: After going through such a hard life, Lana has become strong not only physically but mentally. Thats not to say she doesn't struggle quite a bit with her disorder when she was in the real world, but it is her strength that keeps her going. She is truly a strong person. She found her strength due to such a long life of abuse, and after beginning a regime of meditation. Empathetic: Despite her trauma, Lana developed a strong sense for Empathy. This contributes to her attitudes towards others and her desire to help out. She works for the greater good, while always trying to keep others feelings in mind. However, if someone is a threat, Lana loses this positive trait toward them and will become vindictive against the offender. Intelligent: She has a PhD in Archeology, and to get to this point she had to grow her mind. A lot of this occurred when she was younger and subject to abuse. As a coping mechanism, she learned to enjoy the higher pleasures in life, and for her that involved always sating her intellectual appetite. When not fighting and earning her survival, she is found always increasing her knowledge; Whether that is sword practice, or spending a night in a library. Flaws: Fierceness: She has a bad habit of being too fierce in defending what and who she loves. While this could be considered a good trait, she is known to take it to the extreme and react quickly to any perceived threat. She become merciless in her defense. This is always pushing up against her empathetic trait and grinding away at it. Lewd: She isn't one to hold her tongue, and will be quite crass and lewd in front of others. This isn't just confined to her flirtatious personality flaw, but her generally lusty nature. When excited, this becomes especially an obvious of a flaw. She still however tries to maintain some level of decency, but it is hard going for her. She naturally just loves being lewd. Flirt : This ties into the previous flaw, in that she will be unable to prevent herself from hitting on other women. She loves the chase, but would much rather prefer to be the one chased. Despite that, she knows that to get anywhere in life she must be the one to make the move, and thats exactly what she does. It is something she tries to overcome as well, but to little success. It is something so ingrained in her personality that to rid herself of it would rob her of something close to her. Profession: SoonTM Skills SP Available: 0 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: Rapier [Novice (1)] » Spent Points: 5 SP » Inventory Weapons/Tools: DPS Package Weapon: Rare Rapier (named Jelena) - Damage and Bleed Rank 1: [x2] Rip Ravine (2 Energy) - Two quick slashes into a target Armor: Vanity. She wears a coat that is similar to a wool peacoat with leather pants and boots that are of combat style. 3 Starter Healing Potions 2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials » Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] [SP-F1] <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>> - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships SoonTM Story Thus Far SoonTM