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    Just wanna make sure I know what I'm doing.

    Oops! Okay, I will remember that. And thank you!
  2. From what I've seen, you can only equip 3 stat-enhancing gear pieces (but as many Vanity gear pieces as I may like.) Do pets count as gear?
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    SP-F1: The First Few Lessons Are Always Free.

    Combat Roll: 5+1 (Success) Monster Roll: 3 (Fail) (Roll #93144) Score! The monster charged at Noel, but at the last second, he ducked to it's side, slicing it down it's side. The monster cried out again, but he was unscathed. The beast curved it's charge and aimed back at Noel in a single fluid motion, but he was prepared to retaliate. He brought the sword down upon the monster, and- Noel Cresis Frenzy Boar HP: 12/20. VS. HP: 1/10. EP: 0/2. Damage: 3.
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    SP-F1: The First Few Lessons Are Always Free.

    Combat Roll: 4+1 (Fail) Monster Roll: 10 (Critical+2) (Roll #93143) "Crap, I'm out of energy," though Noel. the boar snorted as it readied another attack. Well, he couldn't use any sword arts, but he still had a weapon. He haphazardly swung the blade at the boar, but underestimated it's cutting power. The blade got caught in the beast's curled tusks, and the boar had a clear shot. Again, a direct ram to the chest that knocked him prone. "well, if anything, I still have my sword," he mumbled as he go to his feet. Again, he entered a stance and prepared to strike at the boar. Noel Cresis Frenzy Boar HP: 12/20. VS. HP: 4/10. EP: 0/2. Damage: 3.
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    SP-F1: The First Few Lessons Are Always Free.

    Combat Roll: 5+1(Success) Monster Roll: 8 (Success) (Roll #93142) A hit! Noel's Sword Art drove home as a heavy, cleaving blow into the boar. It squealed and staggered under the pressure of the blow. "So this is what it's like to fight!" Exclaimed Noel, as adrenaline flowed through him. He pulled back his blade, but disregarded the monster as he thought about his first fight. He didn't notice until he was a second too late that the monster retaliated, striking at him with its tusks. Noel was sent hurtling away from the monster, flat on his back. He kicked off onto his feet, making a mental note not to underestimate the creature. Noel Cresis Frenzy Boar HP: 17/20. VS. HP: 4/10. EP: 0/2. Damage: 3.
  6. bluedraconicpaladin

    SP-F1: The First Few Lessons Are Always Free.

    Roll: 7. (Roll #93141) After a long period of time spent searching, Noel couldn't seem to find a single plant. Perhaps they need time to respawn... that must be it. Besides that, the monotony is somewhat exhausting. He eyed a boar. It looked especially weak, compared to it's other red eyed brethren. No, finding the plants would speed things up... Unfortunately, his hands found his sword before his brain could make a decision. He drew his Curved Sword from its sheath. He called the blade, "Lunar Edge," because the sickle shape and the white glow reminded him of the moon. He eyed the boar he selected, bending his knees in what he assumed was a battle stance. The blade grew a bright white as "Rage Blow" began to charge. Noel Cresis Frenzy Boar HP: 20/20. VS. HP: 10/10. EP: 2/2. Damage: 3.
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    SP-F1: The First Few Lessons Are Always Free.

    Roll: 13. (Roll #93140) Aha! His searching had yielded a material! The small plant seemed to distinguish itself from the other flora in the plains. He lifted the item from the virtual soil with ease. After all, this was a game. His suspicions were confirmed when his quest menu opened up, letting him know he had discovered one of the five materials needed. Wait, one of five? Noel thought. It was enough of an effort to find this one! Well, nevermind. It was what he needed to do. He picked up and pocketed the material, before continuing his search through the field.
  8. Noel wandered through the broad grasslands. In all the time he had been stuck in town, he had never seen such a beautiful place. The wind on his face and the sights before him felt so real, it was almost like he was in some magical world. Of course, this was no land of whimsy; he was imprisoned in a game of death. Noel snapped back to reality. "Now, what is it that old man wanted? Some of those Tier 1 materials, wasn't it?" He scoured the field with his eyes, hoping to detect the location of some sort of "material." Perhaps some kind of herb or plant? This was a potion he was to be making, after all. He noticed the various boars nearby. How he would love to indulge in the combat of this game, but now was not the proper time. Now, back to herb gathering...
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    [F01] <<The First Few Lessons are Free>> (Beginner Quest)

    Noel will take this quest solo!
  10. bluedraconicpaladin

    Noel Cresis

    Profile Username: Noel. Real Name: Noel Cresis. Age: 13. Gender: Male. Height: 5’00”. Appearance: Noel is relatively thin and lightly built. He is Caucasian, and his skin is slightly pale. Noel has black hair and blueish-grey eyes. He prefers to wield a Curved Sword and wear Light Armor. History Noel is relatively new to the RPG scene. He lives in an urban part of America in an ordinary, middle-class family. Noel mostly enjoyed reading and watching TV and did quite well in school. He is kind of shy, and didn’t have too many close friends. His birthday was around the time of the release of the NerveGear, and as a result a friend reserved a copy for him, in hopes they and their other friends could play it together. With the discovery of the dark truth of Sword Art Online, Noel learned that most players not “of age” were being taken into cluttered and cramped orphanages being paid for with what money the frontlines had to spare. After many months of mundane life, Noel was inspired by tales of heroism and courage shown by the frontlines and was awed that ordinary people could stand up to Kayaba and risk their lives to save everyone. He snuck out of the orphanage to pursue his goal of joining the heroes on the frontlines. Virtues Courageous: Somewhat surprising for a child his age, Noel can effectively stave off his fear of death to perform risky tasks. He will do whatever it takes to grow stronger and save others, even at personal risk. He believes being afraid won’t help advance towards everyone’s goal of escape. Loyalty: Noel is quite cooperative and efficient when working with other people. He gets along with others well and follows orders to the letter. He doesn’t let emotions or problems get in the way when something or someone is at stake and he has a role in helping. Sympathetic: Noel feels strongly for other people. He dislikes seeing people in need and tries his hardest to help them. He aims to spread hope and courage like his heroes in the frontlines. Flaws Indecisive: Noel can’t serve roles of leadership very well. He lacks the insight or ability to make decisions or create plans. He would rather someone else bore the responsibility of leadership. Naive: Noel is quick to trust people. He thinks the best of most people he meets. Unless given a strong reason not to, he believes what he is told. Proud: Noel thinks quite highly of himself. He doesn’t turn down dares unless obviously dangerous, and takes even teasing personally. If his bragging is disproven, he acts irritable and pouty, but is restored to his usual self quickly. Profession Earn a profession from the quest "Earning a Living." Stats Level: 1. Skill Points: 0/5 (6 total required to level up.) Skill Slots: 2. HP: 20/20. EP: 2/2. DMG: 3. ACC: 1. MIT: 0. EVA: 0. Skills Combat: N/A. Non-Combat: N/A. Passive: N/A. Weapon: Novice Curved Sword. Sword Arts [×1 Stun] Fell Crescent (4 Energy) - High speed charge and uppercut. [×2] Rage Blow (2 Energy) - Heavy, cleaving blow into opponent’s chest. Inventory See “DPS Package.” Transactions None. Roleplays None. DPS Package Tier 1 Rare Curved Sword. (Accuracy, Damage) Tier 1 Vanity Light Armor. 3 Starting Healing Potions. (50hp.) 10 Tier 1 Materials. 2,500 Col.
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    Just some questions.

    This is my final question. I thank everyone for sticking with me thus far and helping out a new player. How do I put together my profile? I have a full write out of my character (items, flaws & virtues, sword arts, stats, etc.) so do I just copy-paste everything into "about me" or is there a specific way to do it?
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    Just some questions.

    Thank you!
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    Just some questions.

    ANOTHER question. I promise I'll post my finished character soon... The "Weapon Skills" "One-Handed Weapons" and "Two-Handed Weapons." They don't have an SP cost to unlock them like the other skills. Do they upgrade with player tier? Do you unlock sword arts as you increase in player tier? Anyone notice the "Martial Arts" sword art "Falcon Jab" doesn't have an energy cost?
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    Just some questions.

    Thank you!
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    Just some questions.

    Another question: I noticed that both in the default "tutorial" guide and the "resources" guide, there are tables detailing the strengths and weaknesses of each weapon (AoE, Damage, Energy, Stun). But the two tables have abstractly different results. Which one is right?