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      Hello players of Aincrad! I created two threads in the support ticket section with the interest in having the community involved in the development of Aincrad in floor development, and even systems through your thoughts, concerns, and other forms of communication.  There are two separate threads for players to look at and share their opinions.  One is specifically for floors which is mainly helping by sharing ideas on what we could add/change/improve as far as our current floors go.  Come up with your own floors and share them with us for the chance of seeing that floor one day.  Or coming up with a quest and sharing it with us!  The other is specifically for systems, which is things like the rules, skill and level system, dungeon and combat systems, etc. I'm hoping people will be willing to share their opinion and thoughts for the purpose of helping to further this site further.
      Can't wait to see what you have in mind! Floor Development Suggestion Thread http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/16352-a-helping-hand/
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  1. The dark booming clouds overhead of the two players bursts with electricity striking the players the ground all around, and against the common belief lightning did strike twice in the same place. With the small addition of striking the same player thrice the small silver tank being struck by lightning three two one to knock off his protection, another causing damage and leaving a static charge against the tank. The other bolt striking near the other players with one bolt striking near a female heavily armored figure that gets affected by the left over residue. Finally two more bolts strike down onto two other players a cloaked individual, and a one handed user scorching them with the worst of the storm and their HP dropping equally so. The boss turns towards the tank of the second group and then charges towards the tank of the second group nearing the tank that calls itself the unmovable object. However, the boss didn't see correctly and runs ever so slightly past the tank just barely touching him, but in the end just missing him all the same as the boss huffs and snorts angrily as it misses its targets once more. The mighty silver like stallion showing the wounds it has taken from all of this as it has difficulty ever so slowly to remain standing the silvery blood continuing to drip from its body and onto the floor where it becomes a sickly green color. The wounds upon the boss having a slight smokey like nature from them as if burning as some look like they ever so slowly start to close until no more blood drips form the beast. Bialas' Attack Bialas' Stats Player Stats
  2. The dark clouds boom loudly with the electrical potential held within them as streams of electricity move from dark overhanging cloud to the next. Bright flashes of light illuminating the clearing all around of the players facing off against the boss as its silvery like blood drips to the ground and turning into a sickly green color as the damage done to the boss slowly comes back from what it has taken recovering from the damage that the players have done to it. Suddenly the fierce lightning brightens up once more as the Boss lets out a ear piercing scream as the lightning strikes once more striking the formidable tank of the second group the one that had come into here challenging the boss loudly with a shout. The other strikes of lightning crashing down onto the field scorching the grass with each strike to the ground. The leftover electrical charge from the lighting going outward and creating a electrical charge upon the tank, and the one that has been injuring him the most from that group. The boss then turns its attention towards the group with the blue haired player and charges towards letting out a loud whiny intending to knock two of them over with its form. The swift beast of nature moving towards the group only to pass right by them having aimed towards the small blonde one to try and attack her, but having just barely missed the girl. The Equine beast stops its momentum stopping its forward movement before turning back towards the gathered players letting out a loud snort and a angry looking appearing in its eyes ignoring the silvery blood that continues dripping from its form and turning a sickly green upon the ground around it steadily. Bialas' Attack Boss Stats Players' Stats
  3. The dark clouds of the rooms rumble with small streams of electricity crackling up above the players as the boss faces the players that have angered him and lowered his health to the last bar of health. The clouds igniting with sound and light as the storm kicks in seeming to grow steadily worse as the arcs of electricity and lightning only seem to increase within frequency as the electricity that is covering the Boss' horn only increases with power as Bialas lets out a loud whiny as lightning strikes the first group of players with only two being hit, and also having the electrical charge covering their bodies. With that Bialas then fires the Nova bolt towards the silver player that had insulted him earlier. The beam of pure electricity passing by the player just grazing his armor not giving him the full power of the attack. A loud boom echoes throughout the boss arena as the thunder only increases in volume. Slowly drowning out other noises besides the sounds of it, and the boss Bialas screams of pain, or whinnies of its strikes to the players that are slashing at its form to try and bring it down. Bialas' Attack Boss stats Player Stats
  4. The dark clouds above the players rumbled ominously, before lighting up with a crack of thunder. Bolts of lightning plummeted to the ground in the blink of an eye, striking most of the third team of players. Bialas could feel the electricity running through the players bodies as their weapons and armors acted light lightning rods to the powerful storm above. As if being struck by the powerful force was not enough, the bodies of two of the players, Itzal and Hestia, seemed to surge with a static electricity. The small sparks that jumped from their bodies was just itching to link between the rest of the members of the group and give them a shocking experience. Raising up onto its hind legs, Bialas relased an ear piercing whinny, another bolt of lightning coming down to strike itself -- more specifically, its horn. The white horn shone with a powerful energy, arcs of electricity emanating from the horn like a Tesla coil, gearing up with enough electricity to fire a powerful beam at the next opponent that got in his way. Bialas' Attack Bialas' Stats Players' Stats
  5. As the last tick of the cloaked girl's bleeding effect drained away at Bialas' health bar, the indicator fought back to regain a larger portion of its green than what was taken away. Coagulated blood stained Bialas' previously snow-white fur with swirled hues of silver and murky green, and as the detrimental effect faded away so did the festering wounds that the unicorn bore. After the creature's tainted blood had worked to counteract the players' efforts, it seemed as though their progress was slowing to a crawl, at least for the moment. Bialas' heavy hooves dragged through the earth once again, displacing the dirt and grass around them as a defiant snort heaved through his nostrils. An electrified mane whipped back and forth with a strong shake of the stallion's head, as if to shake off the almost inconsequential attacks that had been dealt to him. The pronounced muscles of his chest pushed forward before blood-orange eyes locked onto the blunette tank once again. The Warden reared up, throwing out a couple of forceful kicks into the air before breaking into a speedy gallop into the group of players, catching both the Ultramarine Knight and the Emerald Duelist in his path. Bialas' Stats Players' Stats Players have 48 hours to respond before being skipped and taking damage. (Deadline Thursday 2 AM EST)
  6. A loud, shrill whinny sounded through the charged air as straight-sword and dagger alike dug across Bialas' hide and tore into strong muscle. The cloaked girl's dagger set off a short string of status effects against the Warden, those muscles contracting and twitching as her venom set in once again. Not only that, but the thin gashes that decorated his white-furred body soon began to fester. Around the wounds, a substance began to leak that rapidly changed color as it soaked into Bialas' fur. Bright silver blood quickly turned to a dark, murky green reminiscent of a poisonous algae. Just a moment later, a new icon appeared above the boss' curved health bars, and the middle indicator began to slowly climb back and regain more of its healthy green color. All the while, and despite Bialas' temporary immobility, the storm raged on. Sparks flew automatically from the Warden's horn, leaping to the last unmarked players in the first group. Once the two rapier-wielders had been struck by the arced lightning, a sudden discharged erupted on each member of the first party, simultaneously dropping their health and removing their debuffs in the process. Bialas' Stats Players' Stats Players have 48 hours to respond before being skipped and taking damage. (Deadline Monday 11 PM EST)
  7. The second raid team's string of attacks did well to drop Bialas' health further, completely draining the first of three HP bars. As the damage dealt continued to whittle down the second green-colored indicator, the rumbles and cracks of thunder overhead seemed to grow more frequent. What was already a gloomy, overcast sky above the forest seemed to darken with thicker stormclouds. The lightning that danced around Bialas' curved horn seemed to nearly double in the frequency of its wild movements. Sparks shot out at two figures alongside the bolts that rained down from the sky, but the Warden was far from finished with the players that had last struck him down. Heavy dark hooves stamped and dug into the ground, dragging across the forest floor while the unicorn's feathering bristled and shone, standing on edge around Bialas' legs. The horned stallion reared up with a mighty roar. The hooves that kicked at the air in front of him quickly began to crackle with flashes of energy nearly identical to the electricity that leapt from his horn. Crashing back into the earth, that energy seemed to shoot through the ground, lighted tendrils running from the beast to the floor around the second group's feet. Bolts shot through the grass and dirt around the players, momentarily engulfing their avatars as the damage sank in. Bialas' Stats Players' Stats Players have 48 hours to respond before being skipped and taking damage. (Deadline Sunday 6 AM EST)
  8. The silver skinned Bialas shook his head, the bristles of his white mane that stood straight up swayed back and forth as he did so. Piercing red eyes glared the the Ultramarine Knight before dragging its hoof through the dirt. With a sharp exhale through its nostrils, the Warden jolted forward in a charge, its hooves pounding against the ground with each gallop. The electric charges that clung to Bialas' body spread out, hitting each of the players the beast passed as he charged towards his target. Heavy feet trampled over Calrex, causing the armored man to roll under the weight of the large unicorn that plowed through him like a freight train. As Bialas circled around to position itself in the center of the group of players, its body crashed into the blonde rapier user, knocking her off of her feet as well. The last of the charge that Bialas' held focused into its horn, as it called upon another barrage of lightning bolts from the sky that rain upon the second group of players. Most of their safeguards had been wiped out during the Warden's first wave of attacks, so now he simply watched in satisfaction as the green health bars that hovered above each of the players dropped slightly as lightning struck their person. Bialas' Stats Players' Stats Players have 48 hours to respond before being skipped and taking damage. (Deadline Thursday 12:30 PM EST)
  9. Chaos rained from the sky as bolts of lightning struck the players of the third group of players. Bialas could see the electricity pass through a small number of the players, though the lightning seemed to bounce off of some sort of invisible shield for the larger half of the party, expending their Safeguard potions. Bialas rose onto his hind legs, letting out an ear piercing neigh as its front half kicked at the air in front of him. A first player, who had remained mostly unnoticed during the fray, shot out from the shadows and struck the silvery skin of the beast. Its front hooves crashed back into the earth, a pained grumble bellowing deep from within the unicorn's body. As wild, red eyes locked onto the dark haired dagger wielder, ready to lash out, Bialas' attention was drawn to the shouting of a blonde player who just seemed to make his silver blood boil with his words. The unicorn dragged its hoof through the dirt, preparing to charge at the armored boy. Suddenly, to the boss' surprise, another player had managed to flank the beast, and the cloaked girl's dagger plunged into Bialas' body. This time, however, the horse-like beast could feel all of his muscles tighten as the paralysis took place. The horn atop Bialas' head sparked with electricity, serving as a lightning rod, and calling upon the storm above. With the crack of thunder, bolts of white lightning crashed down upon the first group of players, striking true to two of the players, and hitting the invisible barrier of the second two. The static electricity that ran through the thick air seemed to take hold of the dark haired healer of the first group. Bialas' limbs twitched as he forced his body to expel the paralysis, and make the players pay for what they have done Bialas' Stats Players' Stats Players have 48 hours to respond before being skipped and taking damage. (Posted Sunday 1:28 AM EST)
  10. Bialas' eyes were nearly as wild as the electricity that danced around him, the jagged flashes of light increasing with frequency and intensity while the second team began their assault. Despite his concentration being elsewhere, the boss was able to fend off over half of the players that charged at him, whether that be through well-timed thrashes and kicks, the intimidating streaks of lightning raining down around him, or just the players' own inaccuracy, only the self-proclaimed Jade Hunter and Unstoppable Force were able to damage the monster. Unluckily for Bialas, those two attacks alone were enough to put a sizable dent into his health bar, nearly rivaling the combined output of the first group's assault. The Warden's gaze shifted from the quiet ultramarine to the outspoken shield-bearer. Just when it seemed that the horn atop Bialas' head couldn't hold any more electrical energy, with sparks dancing and leaping about its curves, he reared up once more, letting out a furious neigh before heavy hooves crashed back into the earth. As his front feet planted firmly, a flare of bluish-white light erupted from the tip of his horn. A single, massive bolt of lightning shot straight at the heavily-armored man and crashed into the face of his shield. While his health bar was safe and sound, protected from the initial blow by the effects of a potion, the strength behind it seemed to leave behind some kind of after-effect. Impressive tendrils seemed to cling to the metal of his defense, jumping sporadically and with such reach as to threaten the safety of his other party members. Bialas' Stats Players' Stats @Hidden @Morgenstern Please PM Teion on-site or Discord to clarify the Antidote/Antioxidant buffs you currently have applied. Thank you! @Itzal Survival is not listed in your Skills. Please edit your initial post if this is not the case.
  11. Right away, the players charged at the pale beast, riddling Bialas' sturdy frame with all manner of pixelated lacerations. The storm-caller let out a shrill whine the moment the three-headed hound sunk its teeth into his thick hide, stomping heavy hooves against the ground and giving his head a firm whip to one side as if to shake off the attack. The two rapier-wielders, along with the Cerberus' owner's greatsword slicing at him one after another elicited a sharp scream of frustration, rearing up and giving the air in front of him a few powerful kicks before slamming back to the floor. The Warden pushed forward, digging into the dirt and grass as he galloped around the wide circumference of the grove, all the while keeping blood orange eyes locked on the blunette that had so eagerly grabbed his attention. Covering over half the rough circle of the battlefield with ease, the boss came to a stop and faced the players with a solid stance. The storm clouds hanging in the sky above continued to stir and flash, but as Bialas let out a defiant snort the tip of his impressive horn began to crackle and glow with a dancing blue light. Lightning strikes continued to pour from overhead and a steady rate, though they now drew closer to the boss himself, greeting Bialas' horn much like a lightning rod and increasing the intensity of the light it gave off all the while. Players have 48 hours to reply to the boss' post, or take 150 points of unmitigated damage. Bialas' Stats Player's Stats
  12. Floor 22 Boss: <<Bialas, Warden of the Storm>> A mighty bolt of lightning crashed into the ground, striking the wooden trapdoor that stood before the players. The sound of the entryway shattering was drowned out by the loud boom of thunder that followed, causing the feeling of a minor quake under the feet of the awaiting players. Just up the set of stairs revealed a boss room unlike most others -- a clearing filled with thick trees, green grass, and the imposing thunderstorm that darkened the sky overhead. The air was thick, and lacked the heat and humidity that came with oncoming rain, as well as any sort of wind. From what it seemed, the looming, grey clouds over head were going to stay for the duration for their battle. Along with the low rumbling of thunder from above, the pounding of hooves galloping towards the players caught their attention. Coming out from among the tree line was a large unicorn with silvery skin, and bushels of white hair that stood straight up. Visible electric surges jumped from its hair and horn as its red eyes caught glimpse of the players who now disrupted the sanctity of his grove. Rising onto its back feet, Bialas uttered a loud high-pitched neigh, which caused the clouds above to open up and bolts of blue and white lightning crashed into the ground where the first group of players stood. Some dodging the attack, while others had their safeguards knocked away. Players have 48 hours to reply to the boss' post, or take 150 points of unmitigated damage. Bialas' Stats Player's Stats
  13. The virtual sun that hung high over the peaceful meadow that was the Twenty-Second Floor was slowly removed from sight as dark clouds rolled in from over the mountains where the Labyrinth stood. The overcast cast a shadow over the floor, bringing an eerie silence along with it. Rain was not uncommon for the people of Coral and any other surrounding settlements -- yet this weather was different. The citizens of the floor knew what was to come within the preceding hours, as the players of the Raid Team made their way to the Labyrinth to purge the floor of its wicked Floor Boss. The silence was soon broken by the low rumbling of rolling thunder, though the sound did not originate from the storm clouds above... The wooden trap door that would serve as the players' entry to the boss' lair rumbled at each boom of thunder overhead. The cool breeze would passed through the small cracks in the wood, traveling down the stairs and through the corridor in which the raid team awaited the unlocking of the door. After preparing for this fight for what seemed like no time at all after clearing the past floor, the players awaited anxiously for the revelation of their next for that stood between them and getting one step closer to finally escaping this death game... OOC All players have 72 hours to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight. After 72 hours, the boss raid will begin. (Boss Raid started at 1:30 PM EST) All participants must list their stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, skills, buffs, and consumed items in their post. [ Deadline: Monday March 26th at 1:30 PM EST ]