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    Javistu's Journal

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    Javistu's Journal

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    Javistu's Journal

    Real Name: Javistu Age: 18 Height: 5'5" Gender: Male Appearance: Javistu is a Scrawny boy that has Midnight Blue hair that is covered by his Crimson hood and his Face Is covered by a Crimson Scarf but other than that He looks older than hes is He also has a light tan skin color with Grey eyes About - History/Personality: Javistu was born oldest of a 3 kid family He doesn't really like to talk to anyone or Socialize ether he found SAO when he was 9 and played some of the beta but once Argus let it out he joined and after a little bit of being locked in he was hiding his Emotions and thoughts but then he met A girl one that he liked very much then he fought with until the level one Boss battle she died while he whatched then he went solo and didn't participate in any Parties and thats how it has been since. Virtues: Javistu is a master with a sword he Can strike with heavy hits and blinding speed Javistu even though he won't join Party's he will Protect anyone in Trouble or if they need his help Javistu Can avoid hits and is very fast in Duels Flaws: Javistu is Stubborn and does not want to be in any party what so ever Javistu Never gets close to anyone in case of what happened on The floor one Boss Javistu Does not do good in coversations and will often mess them up Profession: None Skills: Total SP: 5 Level: 1 Skill slots: 5 SP not allocated: 0 Weapon Skills: Light sword: Adept (3 SP Invested) : +3 MIT when attacking with a Light Sword Armor Skills: Light Armor: Adept ( 2 SP Invested): +2 MIT while wearing light armor Inventory: blackwyrm coat with Crimson hood, Crimson Scarf that Covers his face, Familiar's Heart,10X Health potions,Light Raiper that looks like the Elucidor, 20X teleport Crystals Transactions: Summarised Story: Completed Threads: