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  1. The fist of a heavy gauntlet crashing into her cheek. A dagger slashing across the front of her breastplate, followed by a spear to pierce her through. Evahira looked only half-present when the girl with the axe turned to face her comrades, striking a pose beside her. She weathered as many blows as she could, but even she couldn't hold out forever. Not against the small army that stared her down. She let out a gasp when Hikoru's blade drove through her armor in between her shoulderblades, the dagger's tip jutting out of her chest. When he turned to face her, Evahira's heavy breaths almost synced with his. She absored his words, her brows narrowed as if she was trying to understand them. And then the traces of pain and exhaustion pulled away from her face. She stood her ground. Despite all the wounds that covered her body, her demeanor shifted and she was suddenly unphased in a jarring transition. The corner of her mouth pulled up in a simple smile, and a glint of amusement shone in her eyes for Hikoru to see. In a hushed voice, barely audible beside his triumphant exclamation that rang off the walls, the avatar spoke calmly, almost tauntingly, in Evahira's voice. "Best of luck to you, Master of Shadows." The moment she was forced away, everything snapped back to normal. Such a brief moment of abnormality, it would hardly be recognizable. Evahira lurched backwards, her fists clenched and a cry of pain bouncing off of the columns in the large chamber. Her health continued to plummet, and her form gave off a soft golden glow in the centimeters that drained the last of it. "Alright, no backing out now..." The Paladin dropped both her mace and shield, each hitting the floor with a clang as she shook her hands in front of her as one would to loosen themselves up in preparation. She gave a quick look over her shoulder to the Queen's remains, her skeletal form half-chained to the wall, and smiled softly. The light pouring from her grew brighter and Evahira suddenly buckled under an invisible weight, dropping to her knees and letting out another scream. The ground beneath her cracked and wild, golden tendrils shot out in all directions. Energy itself seemed to whip around in the air, kicking up dust that would circle the room. Seconds later, the outburst came to an end. Evahira collapsed, her heavy armor clattering against the stone. After a moment of stillness her avatar flickered and promptly shattered into the familiar death animation of hundred of shards of light that turned to pixels and washed away. Simultaneously, a dialog window appeared in front of each player to information them of the spoils of battle they'd won. Quite likely interrupting the frontliners' reprieve, another golden light appeared in the chamber. What was left of the Dark Elven Queen was engulfed by an even brighter glow, a nearly blinding pulse of light persisted for several seconds. When it finally faded, a new figure was slumped over in its place. In the same tattered violet garments, with one wrist shackled to the wall above her head, Queen Lun'Rael half-stood, her shoulders rising and falling with slow, shallow breaths. Her head slowly lifted, the spinning yellow cursor that hovered over it shifting along with her. Her eyes fluttered open and a small groan escaped her lips. "H-heavens, above..." She murmured in a cracked, strained voice. "What--what could have...?" All players are welcome to RP freely from this point. The thread will be locked and rewards received on Friday, December 7, 12:00 AM PST. @Beat receives: @Baldur receives: @Hikoru receives: Note: SP and col rewards for all players will be tallied and posted when the thread is locked. The items listed above are available in this thread for the duration. If items are traded, the final owner will be noted in the summary post and at that time can be added to a character journal and used outside of this thread.
  2. "Okay..." Evahira breathed. She stumbled, tossed around by another round of attacks where her kite shield and plate armor weren't enough to protect her from harm. She was almost finished, the last of her health bars settling at a meager third and her digital body covered in cuts and wound markers. Some of them had faded away as new injuries were created, if only to keep her from appearing as nothing but a bright red silhouette running about the battlefield. She panted, another bead of sweat running down her brow after taking an inconsequential swipe at the sturdy Shield. "This is it." She mumbled, pursing her lips while she filled her lungs with a gulp of air. Her crimson eyes darted between the handful of players she expected to rush her next and widened her stance to stand her ground. --- Durares' head whipped around from side to side. Dirt still decorated his cheek and section of his oversized, otherwise white robes. "Take care, child." A passing voice warned him with half-interest, and the seer looked up to the figures that walked by him. The elves that surrounded him were equal parts familiar and alien, prompting him to look around again. "Is this...?" The thought left his lips in a whisper while his eyes trailed over the massive earthen columns that littered the makeshift city. Braziers provided a dim light throughout many parts of the huge cavern, with tarps and tents lining the walls. His golden eyes squinted and adjusted to the lighting, his legs carrying him forward. The boy walked through Kalanes, a yellow cursor spinning above his head that was easily lost among the sparse crowds of his people as they went about their day. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Thursday November 29 at 10:00 AM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  3. "Nngh!" Evahira reeled with another set of attacks. Both axes tore across her armor, digging in to continue dropping her health bar, and as dark energy seethed and pulsed from Teion's weapon she let out a cry. An intense scream of pain echoed off the marbled walls while thin, barely visible shadows seeped into the fresh wound in her shoulder. A bead of sweat ran down from her brow and she broke away just before Macradon's uninterested approach. Panting, her shield arm was sluggish and didn't catch that single swing either. With a grunt of effort, Evahira's right arm hooked around and she managed to land a counter attack against the group's tank with her mace. Her heavily-armored boot slammed back into the ground and again another set of golden lights shot out across the floor. Holy dust billowed across the floor a short distance around her, and her health bar was awarded another small buffer. She was holding on, but it wouldn't be long before the last member of the council fell. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday November 21 at 9:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  4. "Not yet, not yet..." The last remaining Elf mumbled to herself as the players continue to surround and rush at her. Her right foot stamped on the ground, sending a wave of thin, golden tinted smoke to billow out around her. The familiar tendrils cracked through the stone floor as the buffer was added to her health bar, but just as soon as she'd bolstered her defenses the next players came at her. A tiny smile, still distant enough from a smirk, formed on Evahira's lips. Sweat formed on her brow, and she shot back at the Irishman. "And you all put up a good fight." Her breathing was heavy as her attention was pulled between all three damage-dealers. Their was an unmistakable aura in the air--the heavy weight of impatience. They were waiting for her to die, and she was taking too long to do so. "I've--I've fought armies before, but you're all...giving me a run for my money--Augh!" Her words sometimes broke with the turn of her body as she hurried to block the incoming swing of a sword, her last emphasized with the effort she put behind a swipe of her own. Her mace crashed into Morgenstern's shoulder, but the blow was glancing at best. Her momentum continued to carry her forward just as his own shield extended, clipping her right back with the bite of his defensive damage. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Monday November 19 at 5:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  5. "Augh!" As the last one standing, Evahira let out a small cry with the end of each powerful chain of strikes that landed on her. The heavy metal that covered her vitals did a fair job of reducing the incoming damage, but it couldn't stop her health bar from draining. It paused for a moment, halfway into the second green bar that hovered beside her shoulder, as she was afforded a few precious seconds to catch her breath. Evahira straightened up, frowning at Calrex's back as he turned away from her after his remark. Her grip tightened around her mace and she worked to shake off the attacks that had left several red gashes and brightly-lit holes in her armor. "Alright then," She followed after him, taking a wide swing against the tank after closing the gap. To dodge the attack was easy, and despite Calrex's role as a tank, his damage reduction wasn't even necessary as he would have easily slipped away from her offense. "I won't run!" She affirmed, content with only getting his attention for the moment. Mirroring her earlier movement, Evahira pulled her right shoulder back and whipped her mace around to crash again into the shield that she held at the ready, she crimson eyes traveling from the bluenette and darting between the players that inched closer with weapons at the ready. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday November 14 at 3:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  6. The moment that Baldur's Muramasa cut through Isaxi's war-torn frame, her hit points began to drain away. "No, damn it!" She growled, taking wide sweeps of her rapier to vainly deflect one, maybe two of the swipes and stabs that were thrown her way. The katana ripped her apart, and before her health bar's movement had even come to a complete stop she felt the driving force of Ruby's curled fist slamming into the side of her face. Isaxi's body contorted, twisting as she was thrown to the side, and she tumbled across the floor while her rapier was lost from her grasp and clattered between the blonde and where its owner ended up several feet away. Isaxi lifted her head. Beaten and torn, the corner of her mouth twisted into a defeated smirk. "A bunch of brats, all of you." She muttered to herself, the color finally finished draining away. Her form began to glow with a pure white light and she shattered a second later with the recycled sound of a death animation. Evahira bit her lip, but made no fuss when her commander finally fell. She had failed--they all had--but the Paladin's outbursts had ceased ever since Durares made what looked to be his escape. Beyond-elaborate programming kept her dashing towards Shield, swinging her mace only to clash with the tank that was prepared for her advance. Emotions were still splayed on her youthful face, however, the result of being the last one standing perhaps triggering the hints of fear and despair and sorrow that shone in her eyes. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Saturday November 10 at 2:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  7. "Finally coming to your senses..." Isaxi's words were spoken between panting breaths. She pushed herself up to one knee, having sustained another round of injuries that dropped her health well below the length of her last full bar. She was provided with only a small buffer as she pulled her head up, another burst of divine energy spilling out from the heel of Evahira's boot to pad their HP, but the both of them knew it wouldn't be enough for another round of attacks, especially not when they were staring down the raid group's highest damage dealers thus far. Isaxi reached up to run a hand through her hair and push away several of the loose silver strands that were hanging in front of her face. It moved down to a pocket at the front of her vest where she dug out the gilded pocketwatch on the other end of the thin chain that dangled from her clothing. She ran her thumb once over the glass, almost surprised that it hadn't cracked or broken with how roughly its owner had been tossed around. The trinket clicked shut and she slid it back into place before staggering back up to both feet. Though it felt pointless, the Tactician brandished her rapier one more time, dashing and lunging forward to drive its point in the spaces between Macradon's red-and-white armor. The pair of elves had gone quiet. There was little room for banter, and those players who burned with questions had either exhausted all of their curiosity or felt the pressure of battle outweighing their earlier desires, leaving Isaxi and Evahira with no meaningful remarks to shoot back at them. The shield-bearer locked her sights on the man with fiery red hair after Domarus had cleaved through the both of them, leaving Evahira with a wide red gash across her breastplate. She let out a small warcry to fuel the effort behind her smaller stature ramming shield-first into the player, trying to knock Domarus prone by throwing her heavily-armored weight into him. She spun around a second later, flanking Macradon and swinging her mace wide to crash into his shoulder. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday October 31 at 4:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  8. Without waiting for the blonde Ascendant to take action, Isaxi thrust her rapier in Morgenstern's direction, gritting her teeth when her pointed steel slid and scratched against his armor without making it past the thickest layers of his defenses. "Damn it." She cursed again under her heavy breath, eyes scanning her surroundings for the counter-attacks she knew would be coming. A rush of green and orange was the first to catch her crimson eyes, which widened as Jomei shot towards her. "Eva!" Isaxi called the Paladin to attention just in time. Evahira managed to throw herself in between the two figures just in time, the edge of her shield catching the edge of Jomei's blade to veer it off its course. She brought up her other bracer in an attempt to soften the blows that she forced upon herself, but still found herself wincing in pain from the full force of each strike. Only able to fend off one of their attackers at a time, the remaining players that charged towards Isaxi had left plentiful gashes and wounds on the Tactician's figure. She stumbled back, only successfully landing her steel against theirs in defensive maneuvers once or twice in the barrage of attacks. Evahira swung wide a short distance away, clipping Morgenstern with only a few points of damage that her heavy mace could manage. One after another, the elves' eyes darted to their shoulders, as if trying to survey the amount of health they had remaining as their markers hovered beside their bodies. Pursing her lips into a tight frown, Evahira whipped her weapon back around and gave a heavy clang against the front of her metal kiteshield. "Come on, then!" She goaded. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday October 24 at 4:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  9. Another round of punishment had the elves' health bars dipping lower. Isaxi had dashed forward towards the Ultramarine Knight nearly the same as the first time she had engaged the frontliners, with only the wear and tear of her previously-meticulous appearance showing any difference. Her resolve seemed to be untouched by the dirt on her cheek and the rips in her clothing that accompanied the many bright red gashes that lingered after each consecutive attack against her. As her attack missed its mark, another face positioned itself beside hers. Zandra's fingers moved quickly through her menus to snap a picture of herself beside the Council's Tactician before Isaxi could so much as protest. "Why you arrogant little--" The dark elf cut herself off as she raised an elbow to jab at the armored woman's ribs and shove her aside. She backstepped a second later, turning out of the way of Zandra's wide axe head when it swung around to try to catch both of the remaining bosses in its attack. Always following behind her commander, Evahira landed a solid blow against Calrex, a bit more damage than the last trickling in past his defenses. The sound of her mace crashing into his armor resonated in the chamber, followed by the sound of Isaxi tumbling to the ground a short distance away. "Damn it," The Paladin cursed under her breath as her eyes darted between Isaxi and the dagger wielder that had knocked her to the ground. The heel of her heavy boot planted itself on the ground behind her, and another set of golden tendrils crawled across the floor around her. Dust kicked up for a brief moment, and another buffer appeared beside either of their health bars yet again. It felt like stalling. There was no way that they could win, but she couldn't just lay down her weapons. Isaxi wouldn't. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Friday October 19 at 11:30 AM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  10. It was over. At least, that's all Isaxi could think to herself as she took blow after blow from the raid party. Sword, spear, and katana all forced their way past her defenses and within seconds the first half bar at her shoulder was depleted entirely. The second continued to drain, settling at its half-way point as silver strands of hair came loose from where they had been tied neatly behind her, falling to frame her pained face. She panted slightly, having managed to deflect only a fraction of the swings that were aimed her way. She wore a practically permanent scowl, clashing blades and taking plenty of punishment from the damage dealers while she took aim at one of the two that hadn't engaged with her directly. Isaxi charged at Shield, little more than broken ideals and the sting of a losing battle fueling her actions at this point. She lunged at him, the tip of her rapier finding the smallest holes in his defenses and slipping through them to pierce the player underneath. Even with her high damage focused on a single target, her opponent wouldn't even fall to his own halfway point, filling Isaxi's gut with a slowly-tightening knot. Evahira would follow suit, having fallen into a stoicism while she rushed in with her commander. Raising her mace high, the impact of its spiked metal crashing into the face of the molded manticore was like the pounding of a drum, letting out a heavy note while only the bare minimum damage spilled over onto her target. Her concentration only seemed to falter when she spotted the green-haired player out of the corner of her eye. The sound of shattering reached her ears, and if it weren't for Isaxi still standing beside her she would have felt her stomach drop at the thought that she was finally the last one standing. But her red eyes still widened slightly as the leftmost of the set of shackles that bound the Queen's remains to the far wall broke into pieces, what was once her arm falling limp with gravity. "Wait, no! Don't touch her!" She called out of reflex, biting her lip as if to silence her outburst much too late. "Tch," Isaxi simply scoffed, sparing little more than an annoyed glance in the Paladin's direction, either unable or unwilling to care enough about whatever was going through her head. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Sunday October 14 at 4:30 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  11. Standing at the center of conflict, Durares' eyes darted back and forth between various frontliners. People were shouting, some of their expressions were almost more enraged than before, and he could see some of them going for Isaxi while a handful of others swung at their fellow players in the chaos. This was never an option. With every version of events his mind's eye foretold, this series of events never came close to unfolding. Thrust into uncertainty, Durares blinked his eyes when a growing blue light reflected against them from below. He looked down, unsure of whether his entire deck of sixty or just the topmost of his tarot cards were emitting a bright glow. The first two fingers of his free hand rested on its back, but then he flinched when the tip of a sword was pointed his way. Macradon was telling him to leave, but somehow he still didn't understand. He looked back up, turning his head to where his companion had been standing behind him. "Eve, what did--" Durares first stopped himself because she was no longer beside him. But before he could turn his gaze to find her, his vision went white. Isaxi's mouth tightened with Macradon's retort. She ground her teeth, her fingers squeezing a bit harder on the hilt of her rapier. She had rushed forward, engaging the tank of the group as her sights were set on the Knight of the Blood Oath, but the clash was horribly one-sided. She tried to feint and was met with his steel just before Hestia joined the fray. Failing to hold her own against just the two frontliners, her health plummeted and she whipped her thin blade through the air after taking a couple of steps back. The green bars at her shoulder no longer climbed back up with the replenishment that The Priestess had brought with her so often thus far, and Isaxi scowled as a result. "Evahira!" She yelled the Paladin's name, lashing out with the clear vision of defeat laying before them. "Are you happy? I ought to cut you down myself, you worthless girl. If you've any respect for your hopeless kin you'll at least kill one of these savages before they finish ripping us to pieces!" She shouted with a sharp bitterness. Evahira flinched, her attention turning back to her commander with a lump in her throat. A weight was lifted from her chest with Durares' disappearance, but the battle wasn't over. She still had so much to answer for. Vibrant crimson eyes flickered to the stone wall at the back of the chamber, past the large table they had gathered around so many times before. They settled on the skeletal wrists strung up by chains and ran over Queen Lun'Rael's tattered violet robes as she swallowed. Seconds later, she turned back to Isaxi and the players across from her, shield and mace firmly in hand. Without sparing a word to the older Elven woman, she pushed forward and her heavy boots hit the floor as she charged at Macradon. Bracing herself, her kiteshield was held forward to collide with the man and she pushed her weight behind it. In one motion, Evahira pulled her defense away with one arm and brought the spiked end of her mace across, crashing against his armored chestpiece. The damage she dealt was laughable, but it wasn't any worse than what she expected. [Durares has left the battlefield] Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Friday October 12 at 9:00 AM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  12. If it weren't for the heat of battle that still flared in front of her, Evahira would've had her eyes locked on Durares behind her. With Hirru's help to deflect attention away from him, she had managed to keep the boy safe from further attacks long enough for his health to crawl back up with the regular flickering of The Priestess revealing herself at his back. Past the halfway point, and by now he just wore a sizeable chunk of missing space on his first bar. In her mind's eye, she recalled a worried Durares tugging at a loose leather strap of her arm guard. It was rare for the boy's eyes to show any substance of emotion, but if anyone were to see it, it would have been her. She knelt and faced him, frowning while she fixed his collar and asked what was troubling him. "You know they're coming, but..." He hesitated. The raid on their Council had been foreseen shortly after the Bleakswords guarding the labyrinth's entrance had fallen. Everyone was on edge since then. "I keep having different visions. I don't understand, I've never seen more than one outcome for something before. I, of course I told Isaxi what I saw the first time she asked, but I keep getting more." Distressed and tugging idly on the baggy sleeves around his hands, Durares' thin white brows pushed upwards. "In a lot of them...most of them...we lose. Eve, what should we do? If that's true, what's going to happen to everyone else?" She tried to push the memory away. Whether their outlandish plan worked or not, Evahira had little choice but to commit herself back to the battlefield. Isaxi had been struck from both sides, her agility and sword skills unable to keep up with all of the attacks that flew at her. The back of her head slammed into the floor with the force of the last strike. Grinding her teeth at Morgenstern's words aimed at her, Isaxi narrowed her gaze and glared back at him. "Leaders?" She sneered, clearly unable to empathize with his bruised pride. "You're all just children shouting over each other, you know." Her last words came out in a grunt. She had tried to push herself back up, but the paralysis gripped at her and caused her to falter. Regardless, the corner of her mouth pulled up into a pained smirk. "The only reason you lot have made it this far is because there's so damn many of you." Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Monday October 1 at 5:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  13. As if the battle between players and Dark Elves was not chaotic enough, all hell continued to break loose. Isaxi could only spare a sideways glance at the scuffles across the room between the other two remaining Council members before Calrex turned his attention on her to keep her in place. The weight of his axe easily smashed through her defenses, more than clipping her shoulder as she stumbled from the force of the swing. Thrown off-balance, her counter-offensive was laughable and her rapier missed its mark, only glancing against Calrex's armor and lacking the power needed to pierce through and damage his avatar. She scowled, turning her chin back to to the others and barking in their direction. "What are you doing?! Evahira, I need you to focus for once. If those mongrels want to trip over themselves all day, let them. And if you see a shot, take it. You know how this works." The Paladin's lips were pursed with a look of both concentration and uncertainty covering her features. Her free hand had wrapped around the hilt of her mace, but she was suddenly so much more unsure about swinging it at the players that stood before her. Standing beside Hirru while they both focused on protecting the boy, she could feel the weight of each and every seething look pointed their way. The frontliners' gazes were even more venomous than when they had first entered the room to face them, and she could practically taste the word 'traitor' on their lips. That is, until the hooded girl called it aloud. Evahira flinched when Hidden rushed at the Jade Hunter, driving her dagger into what was previously her comrade. Moments later, another boy shoved him to the side and held him to the ground. The scene caused Evahira's eyes to go wide, watching as Hirru's health bar ticked down for their sake. Her grip on her mace and kite shield tightened, the tension thick and massive until her attention snapped behind her. She bristled with panic as Hikoru came into view, the glint of his dagger aimed straight at Durares' back. "K-Kalanes!" He called out, just a bit louder in volume than his mumbling and muttering up to this point. Durares held the crystal close to his chest, and his hand trembled slightly with the effort he put into squeezing the item with his one free hand. The bright blue in his palm began to glow, reflecting in his golden eyes and the silver pendant that hung around his neck. Finally it gave way, cracking and snapping until it crumbled into pieces like a crushed cookie. Its remnants fell in front of him, tiny pieces of sparkling crystal landing on the top of his tarot deck and bouncing on the stone floor at his feet. His shoulders remained stiff, waiting. Unsure of what was supposed to happen, and what was going to--a feeling that was uncomfortably unfamiliar to him. In a blur of motion, Hikoru's weapon instead drove into Evahira's side. Having thrown herself in the path of the cloak-and-dagger, she winced as the power behind his attack cut through her normal defenses, leaving her with a massive red gash beside her ribcage. Her momentum continued until she planted her foot forward to steady herself, wrenching her mace upwards across her body in a defensive strike that went wide. "I guess we might not be so lucky after all..." She muttered under a strained breath. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday September 26 at 8:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  14. "What?" Isaxi's sharp eyes watched the battlefield as tensions rose, thin silver brows narrowed in slight confusion and disbelief. They were actually arguing. Calling each other stupid monsters. It seemed like they had named a leader at some point, but the red-and-white Commander was hardly heard over the conflict. If someone disagreed, they simply did things their way. It was anarchy at its finest. Isaxi's lips curled into a small smirk right before the Samurai's blade made its way toward her. Her participation in their clash was only half-hearted, her focus on slipping past the sharpened steel as it cut through the air where she had been standing. Her attention turned to the loudest one, sights finally locking onto the tank of the party as his booming voice demanded an audience. Meanwhile, Evahira stood her ground at Hirru's casual approach. Her own eyes narrowed in suspicion, readying her shield arm and flinching with prepared defenses when his blade lifted into the air. But as he drove it downwards through the cracks in the stone floor, she simply blinked. Taken aback, and confused. He held the crystal out to her, explaining its use and providing her with brief instructions. Her reaction was delayed, realizing that both of her hands were full only when she went to hold one out in acceptance. Evahira hurriedly looped the leather strap at the end of her spiked mace on her belt, taking the blue crystal in her gloved palm. Her eyes raised again to meet Hirru's, her expression still stunned at his actions, but the Jade Hunter was already moving aside to place himself between the small boy at their side and the rest of the players. Durares had been nervously shuffling through his cards, finally having gathered them all back up from the ground, when Hirru placed himself close by. The boy froze up, expecting another wave of attack aimed his way, but with the player's back to him and Evahira coming back to kneel beside him once more his golden eyes darted back and forth between them. In a hushed voice, he started to ask her what was going on while he anxiously peered past the spaces between Hirru's avatar towards the rest of the raid group. She interrupted him, thrusting the crystal into his hand. "Here. Hold onto this. Speak the name of the city below, and squeeze it as hard as you can, until it breaks. Do that for me, okay?" She only waited long enough for him to give a hesitant nod before she pulled back to her feet. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Monday September 24 at 6:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  15. "No! Damn it, no, leave him alone!" Evahira's pleas were met with the clash of steel as her path towards the tiny Fortune Teller was blocked by one player after another. Despite every swing of her mace and lunge with her shield, she wasn't able to reach Durares before an onslaught of damage was directed his way. The boy screamed as all manner of different blades ran through him, letting out a grunt as he hit the floor, tumbling a short distance while his stack of tarot cards scattered around him. Durares had a hand pressed against the side of his head as he pushed himself up, pain and confusion clearly written on his face. He scrambled to his knees, leaning over the mess of cards and hesitating each time his fingers hovered over one, mumbling and unsure of whether or not it was the right card to pull. Finally his hand shot to one in particular, and The Fool glowed softly as he turned it over. "Tch." Isaxi scoffed under her breath while her crimson eyes caught sight of the disaster in the corner of her vision. They flickered back forward to meet Macradon's of a matching hue, and she held her rapier at the ready. Her short duels between each tank were feeling repetitive, and while her attacks hit their mark more often than not, she could see in an instant that they weren't doing enough to pull them ahead. Losing Durares would nearly ensure their defeat, "Unless that foolish woman has an ace up her sleeve. Unlikely." Isaxi was muttering to herself, her eyes dancing between all of the threats surrounding them. "Are you alright?" Evahira had finally made it to Durares' side, taking a knee to help the boy back to his feet. Clutching tightly onto her shield still held ready at her side, she set her mace down beside her and used the free hand to hurriedly check him over. She took his chin in her hand, tilting his head up, then to either side while she frowned at the bright red gashes on his cheek and temple. Her eyes moved to one side, away from the battlefield. Behind them, a large set of double-doors stood tall across the room from where the players had stormed in. She bit down on her lip, knowing they wouldn't open even for them. Sending the boy away just wasn't an option. "Eve, what should we do? At this rate, it'll really happen..." Durares' small words caused Evahira to swallow, forcing a smile as she turned back to him and lifted her hand to ruffle his messy, snowy hair. "Don't worry. I'll protect you." Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Friday September 21 at 9:30 AM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats