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  1. "No! Damn it, no, leave him alone!" Evahira's pleas were met with the clash of steel as her path towards the tiny Fortune Teller was blocked by one player after another. Despite every swing of her mace and lunge with her shield, she wasn't able to reach Durares before an onslaught of damage was directed his way. The boy screamed as all manner of different blades ran through him, letting out a grunt as he hit the floor, tumbling a short distance while his stack of tarot cards scattered around him. Durares had a hand pressed against the side of his head as he pushed himself up, pain and confusion clearly written on his face. He scrambled to his knees, leaning over the mess of cards and hesitating each time his fingers hovered over one, mumbling and unsure of whether or not it was the right card to pull. Finally his hand shot to one in particular, and The Fool glowed softly as he turned it over. "Tch." Isaxi scoffed under her breath while her crimson eyes caught sight of the disaster in the corner of her vision. They flickered back forward to meet Macradon's of a matching hue, and she held her rapier at the ready. Her short duels between each tank were feeling repetitive, and while her attacks hit their mark more often than not, she could see in an instant that they weren't doing enough to pull them ahead. Losing Durares would nearly ensure their defeat, "Unless that foolish woman has an ace up her sleeve. Unlikely." Isaxi was muttering to herself, her eyes dancing between all of the threats surrounding them. "Are you alright?" Evahira had finally made it to Durares' side, taking a knee to help the boy back to his feet. Clutching tightly onto her shield still held ready at her side, she set her mace down beside her and used the free hand to hurriedly check him over. She took his chin in her hand, tilting his head up, then to either side while she frowned at the bright red gashes on his cheek and temple. Her eyes moved to one side, away from the battlefield. Behind them, a large set of double-doors stood tall across the room from where the players had stormed in. She bit down on her lip, knowing they wouldn't open even for them. Sending the boy away just wasn't an option. "Eve, what should we do? At this rate, it'll really happen..." Durares' small words caused Evahira to swallow, forcing a smile as she turned back to him and lifted her hand to ruffle his messy, snowy hair. "Don't worry. I'll protect you." Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday September 19 at 1:30 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  2. "You had a choice." Out of all the words to leave Itzal's mouth, those were the ones that seemed to spark a reaction out of the pacifistic Elf. The color in Durares' golden eyes seemed to shine in the light, where the orbs had previously looked dull, glazed-over, and detatched. His mouth parted slightly as if he wanted to say something and the grip of his small fingers around the stack of cards he clutched onto grew a little tighter. But no sound left him. He looked quizzical, confused even. Durares, like his mother and their ancestors before her, had been brought into this world with a clear and singular purpose. As advisors to the Queen, their otherwordly gift for Divination had always been regarded as invaluable. There was no other place for them. The boy's memories, personality, and everything that made up his controversial sense of identity had been programmed and fabricated, but this simple interaction with the raven-haired scout looked like it might have been enough to unravel whatever bits of coding were holding Durares' artificial intelligence together. "I don't--No, I--" Small sounds escaped him, but amidst the continued chaos of battle and the pressing twitch of his fingers that urged him to continue drawing from his tarot deck, he couldn't manage anything worthwhile. Instead, the boy bit down on his bottom lip and dropped his head, flipping over one tall card and tossing it aside to dissolve into pixels in the air, repeating the process once or twice more until The Magician appeared again between his fingers. "You think I got this far by taking each blow that comes my way?" The smirk that paired with Isaxi's banter as her rapier crashed against Morgenstern's sword was ingenuine. Two of them had fallen now, and she was painfully aware of how much slimmer their chances of victory looked with such large fractions of their power wiped out. Her mind was busy, dodging dead-end plans and strategies as she dodged the sharpened blade that swung at her. Her eyes were just as sharp as she lunged back at the tank, driving her rapier through his heavy metal armor with one speedy attack after another. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Thursday September 13 at 2:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  3. The tip of Pinball's spear had run through the massive area of the slimy creature that sprawled out over the floor, selectively latching onto players while it crawled and lurched further up the legs of their avatars. Suddenly, the deep green ooze began to shudder. Its health dropped to zero with the haphazard attack, it convulsed before bubbles could be seen forming at its surface. In seconds, the failed experiment burst all at once, millions of droplets of what used to be the acidic creature spraying this way and that, the toxic substance eating away at anything it made contact with before its remains finally fizzled away. "Dura!" Evahira shouted, her wide eyes on the boy that had just slammed into a wall on the other side of the Council's chamber. But before she could rush to the child's side, the threat of Calrex's heavy axe had her shield arm moving as quickly as it could to try to intercept the blow. Forced down to a knee with the momentum behind the bluenette's swing, Evahira let out a grunt as she struggled to keep her bearings. She growled at the interruption as she stood, crimson eyes working quickly to find the one who had hurt her friend. Just barely, she caught sight of the dark-haired man. Her boots pounded against the concrete as she charged towards Hikoru, raising her kite shield in order to slam the bulky sheet of metal right into him. Breathing a bit heavier now, and with fresh markers of damage glowing brightly against his plain white robes, Durares' fingers continued working just as soon as he'd managed to recover from the Master of Shadows' assault. His hand turned to reveal The Priestess, then again with the face of a new card. At Isaxi's back, the transparent image of a man in red and white robes against a yellow backdrop surrounded by red roses appeared briefly. Her lips curled into a small smirk in response. "That's more like it." The words were quiet under her breath. She shot towards Calrex, the tip of her rapier slipping past his defenses for the first half of their short duel. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Monday September 4 at 12:00 AM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  4. Though she held herself at the ready for battle, Evahira's cheeks flushed a deeper maroon when Hirru responded to her display and recited an oath of his own. She stared as his blade was held to the heavens, awestruck for just a moment before her instincts kicked back in. That shining sword was swinging down on her now, and she only just managed to raise her defenses to prevent a generous amount of the damage it might have been capable of. Her stance widened, bracing herself against the blow, but Hirru had already moved on to the rest of his targets. As metal clashed, she bit down on her bottom lip, gnawing gently at the darkened skin. "Must we fight?" The words were whispered under her breath, seeking no listener and expecting no answer. "This isn't what she would have wanted... Not like this." Her voice, low as it was, threatened to crack. For a moment, her valor wavered. She stopped, her mace hand gradually falling until Isaxi's sharp tongue called out her name to snap her back to attention. "Eva, look alive! This isn't the time to get sentimental." She growled. The Tactician lunged forward, taking another glancing blow off of Shield's armor, the face of the manticore doing well to keep the tip of her rapier from connecting. Evahira's lips pursed, and she turned to see the Jade Hunter's back to her as his boot connected with Rori's hunched shoulder. Refilling her lungs with a deep breath of courage, the Paladin rushed forward, driving her mace into Hirru's side. She found herself wincing as she pulled away, taking the punishment of his defenses. As if the Mercenary hadn't taken enough of a beating already, Rori could feel each of the damage dealers' eyes trained on him. He stumbled backwards after Hirru's fast assault, spinning around just in time to catch the sharpened edge of Baldur's katana with the steel of his cutlass. He threw his arm up with a grunt of effort, forcing Baldur's blade up higher, but not nearly enough. Rori growled as he took a solid slice to the arm, and staggered backwards as he worked to dodge and deflect as many strikes as he could. His health bar chipped away slowly at first, only to drop with a sudden burst of damage as the tip of Beat's spear drove through at his back. Rori cried out in pain as the blade was ripped from him a second later. Even with just one good eye left, the 'Blood' Elf knew a lost fight when he saw one. Stuck in his deadly dance, Rori clashed with both players, his blade and attention darting from one side to the other as a wide grin played on his lips all the while. "Hrrk!" He groaned as the last strike drained away the last of his health. The emptied bars beside him disappeared, and the Dark Elf's form began to softly glow as the death animation took hold of him. Still, he chuckled, breathing heavily between. "Nice fight, lads. Ya've put my rusty old skill to shame. Oi, Boss lady!" His head turned to call out to Isaxi with his last words. "You still owe me that dance." The Elf burst, shattering into lighted pixels that dissipated from the air just a second or two later. Before she had even disengaged from her scuffle with the group's tank, Isaxi stood frozen. Flat-footed, she stared in disbelief at the space where Rori's figure was just moments ago. If nothing else, her faltering meant his death seemed to hit her with a much heavier weight than the hysterical Ratar's. Left with no time to grieve, a more literal weight seemed to hit the commander all at once, crushing Isaxi as her knees buckled beneath her. "What--?!" Her jaw clenched, and behind her crouched frame stood a tall image of a single card. Transparent, it shimmered for a moment before vanishing, though a feeling of sluggishness clung to Isaxi just as she had felt after that cursed song had filled the chamber. Simultaneously, the image appeared behind Evahira, though in contrast her armored avatar gave off a brief, dim glow until the card's disappearance, and she remained standing tall. Several feet away, Durares was muttering to himself as he always seemed to be. "No, no, no..." His small hands flipped through cards, the sense of desperation growing stronger about him. "That's not right... It isn't enough..." He had grit his teeth through what few attacks had been coming his way since last he was knocked to the stone floor, now completely absorbed in his failing tasks. As he worked, the concoction that polluted the air began to thin. Ratar's last farewell gift--the oozing slime that lurched across a portion of the ground around the players' feet--convulsed. Where it had stuck to and crawled up to the heels of their boots, it now latched more firmly, inhibiting their movement just a bit more. Its acidic form bit at them, the powerful alchemic creation sneaking past their defenses. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Friday August 24 at 4:30 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  5. While the steel of Macradon's blade tore into Evahira's kite shield, the Paladin stood between her commander and the crimson Knight. She grit her teeth, pulling back with her right arm and bringing her swing low from the side. She just barely managed to land a hit, and it only served to fell the alchemic barrier, but the solid blow of contact was still satisfying. "'Ey, see, there you've got it!" Rori's eye seemed to have been trained on the clash, and he called out to the younger woman. "Just like I showed 'ya. With that gaudy club of yours, y'll get blocked every time if 'ya throw 'em straight-on." Still, there were too many. Evahira stood her ground against Macradon and his Cerberus, but the persistent Hestia slipped by as her curved sword flew through the air. With a trained step and a skillful hand, Isaxi dodged and parried each swipe that was aimed her way, all the while listening to the player harp on about her ideals and judgement. "You can slap together musty old puzzle pieces all day, if you'd like. What good will it do, I wonder, if you were to unearth every last secret? To turn over every last rock in this God-forsaken wasteland, so gluttonous for useless information. Have you really nothing better to do?" Isaxi sneered, lifting her chin as she backpedaled, her thin rapier dancing around Hestia's glowing blade. "Really, you've a mind just like a naive child's. You think that purity and goodwill alone holds together an impoverished kingdom in the midst of war?" Her lips curled up into a smile, and she seemed to be quickly holding in laughter. "Oh, next you'll be suggesting we appoint the sweetest, doe-eyed girl from the streets as the next Queen. Surely, with her heart of gold and a can-do attitude she would lead us to a new, prosperous age for the Dark Elves!" Isaxi couldn't keep her composure any longer. Having evaded the last of Hestia's chain of attacks, she doubled over with laughter, clutching at her stomach with her free hand. Moments later, her head lifted, and she brought a thinly-gloved knuckle to the corner of her eye. "Bribe Evahira? Hah! Oh no, she's not the one that requires the glint of coin for her services." While still thoroughly amused, her expression soured as if the description rang all too true for a different Elf. "Oh Eva darling," She called with a wave of her hand. "Do that sweet little pledge thing you came up with for our nosy guests. This one seems to like your type." "Uh--m'am?! R-Right!" Evahira snapped to attention at her commander's call, though clearly confused by the request. Disengaging from the last of the swings and snarls aimed her way, the Paladin backed away until she could properly stand at attention. With her shield held off-center at her front and her mace at the ready, her heels planted and her spine straightened in its armor. "Evahira Solran swears an unyielding allegiance to Her Majesty, Queen Lun'rael. As head of the Royal Guard, it is my sole duty to protect the Queen, her Council, and her people. As long as I may draw breath, I devote myself and my Holy gift to the Queen. My shield, and my life, at your command, Your Grace!" As if her memory of the Queen was truly standing before her, Evahira's enthusiasm had caused her to drop forward to one knee with the end of her short speech, but the clanging of swords quickly brought the woman back to the present. Her charcoal cheeks took on a faint maroon hue, and she softly cleared her throat. Cutting cleanly through the awkward air Evahira had created for herself, the wide swings of dual axeheads began their assault. "Tch!" Isaxi only scoffed as Domarus cheekily intervened, her thin blade useless for an attempt to deflect his attack. Evahira's eyes danced in a panic as she tried to block the powerful attacks, and his words only served to confuse her before his steel cut deep. She winced, crimson orbs widening once more for a split second as Durares' small form was met by the axes next. But as he stumbled, arms held high to shield his face while he clutched tightly to his cards and worked to regain his footing, the boy seemed hardly any worse for wear with another image of The Priestess appearing behind him. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday August 15 at 5:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  6. Having been subjected to the wrath of all three damage-dealers, Rori was sent tumbling to the stone floor after the onslaught of attacks. He coughed, choking on his own short breaths as he propped himself up by his elbow. "Yeesh, tell me h-how ye all really feel." He muttered, still wearing a hint of his trademark smirk. Heavy boots pounding against concrete caught his attention, and his good eye shot to one side while he reached for his cutlass. But then he stopped. The man that had made for him was kneeling, and unarmed. Rori stared back at the blonde, the confusion managing to wipe away his playful expression for a few seconds until Morgenstern's hand clasped his own. Pulled back to his feet, Rori's lips curled into another wide grin until the Elf burst into another fit of laughter at the player's attitude. "Oi, bossman!" He brought his free hand up to the side of his mouth to call over Morgenstern's shoulder to Isaxi, who was gritting her teeth as she recovered from the tank's forceful maneuvers that had left her on the floor. "Let's keep this one, eh?" Rori shouted at her from across the room, pointing at the player's unruly blonde hair. "Seriously, we need a good sense of humor around here, an' this one's got guts!" He laughed off Isaxi's disapproving glare, throwing his hand back and bringing his open palm to slap against Morgenstern's heavily-armored back. "Thanks, kid. I like your spunk." He nodded before dashing back into the fray of battle. "Wait, what?" Evahira's shoulders fell, standing on the other side of the two as she had rushed over to disrupt what she thought was going to be continued attacks against their Mercenary. Instead, she stared dumbfounded at the friendly banter between Rori and Morgenstern, her head tilting to one side before she'd finally get a hold of herself. Shaking her head, she pulled her shield back up and raised her mace. "Rori, what are you doing?! They're our enemy!" She exclaimed, rushing towards Morgenstern and pursing her lips with a steely expression as she swung at the other tank. She winced as hit armor retaliated and bit at her for the second time, backing away to scan her bright red eyes over the battlefield. "That one." She mumbled, locking her sights on the blonde woman whose attack she had guarded against before. Evahira broke into a run, dashing past Morgenstern and making straight for Telrenya. The Dark Elven Paladin brought up her shield, ramming into her with enough force to leave the woman stunned. On the other side of the battlefield, Durares scrambled to his feet, practically tripping over the long hem of his white robes. He hurriedly knelt to collect the cards that had fallen from his grasp, small fingers hesitating before he flipped over one, quickly shuffled as he straightened up, then drew another. Once again, The Priestess in her blue-and-white robes, followed by The Devil's wicked eyes loomed behind him for a fleeting moment. The boy drew in a deep breath, calming himself. He couldn't afford to panic, not this early. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday August 1 at 2:30 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  7. "Augh! Damn, that smarts." Again, the Elf with the cutlass grunted as Zandra's merciless axe cleaved through him. He stumbled back, away from Beat as well as the berserker that had caused his most fresh wounds to fester. "Right, hope it ain't that one. Yikes." The first two fingers of his free hand reached up to hook around his already loose collar to tug at the fabric. A playful, impish smirk curled at the corners of his mouth as his crimson eyes ran over the crowd left before him. "Ahh, but there are plenty of lovely ladies here, eh?" He flourished his blade, giving the curved sword a single spin before taking quick strides towards Kasier. He walked just past her while his eyes remained fixated, circling around the healer until he leaned in closer on her other side. His empty hand passed behind her and hooked some of her long hair to gently drag his way. "Much better." He smirked in passing, comparing Kasier's calm and cool demeanor to the wild Zandra. Moving on, Rori set his sights on another blonde beauty. His was quick on his feet, slipping his hand into Telrenya's in seconds to lift her arm up and force the girl into a quick spin, as if he were trying to woo a dance partner. "Yeh, you ladies are much more my type." He chuckled down at the blonde. Before he had released his hold on Telrenya's hand, the sharp bite of a venom-laced dagger sunk into his side. He winced at the unexpected blow, but just as he turned to raise his cutlass against the cloaked girl that had run him through, the blood in his veins burned and his limb froze in place, eliciting a grunt of displeasure. Rori growled in frustration, "Oi, see, now that's what I'm talkin' about. 'Ey! 'Ey, look at me when I'm talkin' to ya!" He shouted towards Hidden as she turned her back on him. Meanwhile, the smallest of the Council was taking plenty of punishment. Durares looked as though he was struggling with himself, his once glossed-over eyes moving around the battlefield a bit more, his fingers fidgeting more frequently between each practiced shuffle of his cards. All of a sudden, the electric energy of Stryder's martial arts shot straight for him, the player's fist connecting with the boy's sternum. His light frame was easily knocked aside, and he let out a yelp as his body hit the stone floor with a thud. "Durares!" The sound caught Evahira's attention immediately, but the shield-wielding Elf was caught in the thick of battle, unable to rush to his side. She growled as Zandra's axe cut into the armor of her breastplate, leaving her with a deep gash and throwing her off balance. "Arrgh, just... Quit it, will you?!" She yelled, planting her left foot and lunging into the noirette. Evahira's curved metal shield slammed into the hybrid-support. The counter-attack only dropped her health bar by a fraction, but it was the sheer force of the blow that would leave Zandra dazed for a short time. Durares' hands fumbled their hold on his tarot cards, and the boy hardly had time to reach for one before the point of Pinball's spear drove into him. He tossed the single slip of paper his fingers had grasped, The Priestess falling face-up to the floor before its super-imposed illustration appeared against the ground at his back. Within seconds of the spear's tip running him through, the boy's fingers twitched again, a visual, icy cold creeping over his exposed hands and the grey cheeks that grew more visible as the hood of his plain white robe fell away from his face. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Saturday July 28 at 11:30 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  8. Rori gave three clicks of his tongue at Ruby's retort, dripping with sass. He shook his head, clearly shrugging off the woman's denial at his advances. "Right shame, that is. When you change your mind, I'll be waiting, yeah?" His head turned a few inches to catch Isaxi's commands over his shoulder, and he sighed at the interruption. "S'pose it's back to business. Nothin' personal, eh sweetheart?" He flashed Ruby a grin before flourishing his cutlass again, taking a swipe at the riled healer before she had shoved past him to make Isaxi her new target. He and Evahira, momentarily stunned by Hirru's quick feints, shared a second of frustration. Turning to see that he had darted for Durares, the white-haired tank ran straight after him with mace in hand, and another wide puff of golden smoke erupted from the ground under her boot. His agility far outmatched hers, leaving the swing of her spiked weapon wide just after the image of a new card appeared behind the small, robed Elf. With another full assault directed towards him, Ratar was thrown this way and that with each piece of sharpened steel that sliced him through. He growled, yelped, and let out cries of pain and rage as his health dropped lower and lower, until the final thrust of Beat's spear threatened to wipe him out. On the other side of the battlefield, minor as his change in movements was, Durares began to falter. His hands twitched, and his eyes previously glazed over flickered with a hint of panic. This wasn't supposed to happen. This wasn't the future he had seen. "Fools! Imbeciles! Cowards, all of you!" Ratar lashed out, any semblance of calm since his last outburst long gone. His hand shoved into a pouch at his side, groping at its contents before pulling out a crystal vial tinted a sickly green. He raised his arm above his head, throwing the concoction into the party of players to unleash a thick cloud of smoke. Upon filling their lungs and hanging in front of their eyes, it would take a short time to dissipate, buying him just enough time to retrieve a larger container from his belt. He cackled, a thick sense of madness about him as he wrenched the cork from atop the wide, round potion bottle. Just as his HP hit zero, whatever liquid rested inside seemed to come alive. It spilled and climbed, pulling itself free from its contents. While the vicous creature dropped to the ground, a huge mass of bright green slime that could only be described as an oozing, featureless blob, its creator's frame froze in his insanity, his form glowing white before he burst into thousands of shards of light. The Tactician's sharp eyes still felt blurred. Try as she might, there was no snapping out of the effects of that recording crystal. It was as if it sapped at her energy, and her reaction time noticeably suffered. She had hardly registered the movement of the Jade Hunter rushing straight for her before his sword pierced her through, eliciting a grunt of pain as she staggered back and clutched at her stomach. Just moments later, a set of knuckles connected with her jaw, and the force of Ruby's empowered punch sent Isaxi flying backwards until she hit the stone floor with a thud. Propping herself up on one elbow, she growled, using her other hand to drag the back of her hand over the side of her mouth. Her attention snapped, Ratar's hysteric screams reaching her at last. She looked over just to see the Alchemist break, his creation lurching forward to spread itself and latch its form onto the feet of the players around it. Isaxi's eyes widened, and her head whipped back to the child. "What is this? This isn't what you--" She cut herself off with a frustrated growl, working to pick herself up from the floor. "Forget it! We will not fall here!" Rori's cutlass met Hirru's sword when the Hunter turned his attention back to the Mercenary. Despite the mood hanging over the rest of the Council, Rori threw his head back in laughter. "Oh, dearly!" He quipped, shifting his weight to throw Hirru's blade aside and free himself from their clash. "Back I've got to run, see, I've got another date!" With that he shot past the player to his next target: the noirette with the spear that had felled his ally. Rori darted in from behind, lunging forward to thrust his blade through Beat's back. He brought himself close behind the taller player, and something seemed to catch his eye over the shoulder as he smirked. "Oi, who's the lucky lady?" He asked, teasing at the wedding band displayed on Beat's finger. "I'll have to send her my regards after I'm done with ya, eh?" Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday July 25 at 12:30 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  9. Standing as a wall between Ratar and the frontliners, Evahira hadn't expected Hestia to rush towards her with such a flurry of emotion. She lowered her stance, bracing herself against the curved sword that clanged and slashed against her shield and heavy armor while the paladins clashed. The Elf's crimson eyes widened slightly as Hestia tried to offer her words of compassion. Pity, even. But suddenly a temper seemed to flare inside of the head of the Royal Guard. After sustaining fair damage from Hestia's blade, Evahira lurched forward, shoving her back with the curved metal of her shield. "You're sorry?!" She repeated the word with anger and disbelief, shooting back at the woman, "We didn't come to you! We're defending ourselves, I fight to protect them from your assault, and you offer me your condolences?!" Evahira's expression flickered, a mixture of emotion with frustration at the forefront. But before she could retaliate further with an attack either physical or verbal, the weight of an axe practically knocked the knight to the ground. Evahira stumbled, throwing her shield out to the side in a frail attempt to swat away the fiery dragonling that bombarded her while Domarus' wide swing cleaved into her to break the barrier between himself and Ratar, the dagger-wielder having no choice but to endure another slicing attack to his HP. In the midst of combat, Isaxi's teeth grinded against each other. Her thin rapier was no match to block the consecutive sets of sweeping axes that came at her, and she felt sluggish from the effects of that damned recording crystal. Her first bar was dropping, and in a desperate attempt to pull the tide back in her favor, she lunged forward at Macradon as he goaded her on. Her steps were slower, thrusts were messier, and she couldn't even manage to disrupt the tank's first layer of defenses. She growled, clearly displeased, and took a small leap backwards to disengage. But now Hestia had turned her attention towards the commander. It was as if the woman opened her mouth, and then lost the ability to close it. Words formed questions that chained together, spewing from her as if she no longer needed to stop for air. And Isaxi's patience was already paper-thin as it was. "Enough!!" She shouted, finally snapping at Hestia while her blade cut through the air in front of her with a sharp whistle. "You insolent whelp, do you not know the difference between a battlefield and an interrogation room?" Her chest puffed with a fresh pull of air into her lungs while she regained her composure, straightening the spine and holding her rapier straight down at her side. The battle had not stopped, as Durares continued shuffling his deck of cards, Evahira grunted with effort to deflect both Teion's axe and Aereth's katana from striking down Ratar, and Rori finally backstepped from his scuffle with Itzal. Instead, equally annoyed with the disruption, he rushed at Hestia's back with a lowered stance, moving to grab at the woman. He took her by the collar of her bulky armor, swinging his cutlass around to her front as if to hold her captive. But the threat of Hestia's spiked armor forced him into a quick release, only managing to remove her Safeguard. He backed away, his free hand held open in front of him while the flat of his blade waved dismissively through the air. "Right, yeh, that one's prickly. Stay away from that one, eh?" He muttered, half to himself. The tactician turned, taking slow steps to the side. "You have questions, do you?" She repeated, her tone as condescending as ever. She paced across the room as she spoke, turning her eyes on Hestia. The longer she studied the player, the more pieces came falling into place. "You're the one that tried to collect Fonsa." She spoke calmly now. "There was another one... Rori." She needn't say more than the man's name for his focus to switch, and soon he was scanning the crowd with knowing eyes. He moved quickly, weaving through players with agility befitting his skills as an assassin. Soon he stopped beside a woman with long blonde hair, cirlcing around her with an amused expression. "This's the one. No way I'd forget a face as pretty as that, eh?" He leaned a bit closer, well invading Ruby's personal space. As if Rori's sudden attention wasn't enough to deal with, The Devil's card loomed behind Durares' small frame, staring menacingly at the fiesty healer as if daring her to take action. The same sense of uneasiness would wash over Shield and Baldur, but only Ruby would feel the tingling, burning sensation dance over her hands. "Can't you figure anything out on your own?" Isaxi continued. "Everyone knows of the Elven wars, but perhaps you savages are slow to catch on. The Queen was a fool, and her fate is appropriate. An idiotic self-sacrifice, and for what? We lost everything. The land that we fought for, turned to unsalvagable ruin. The Tower, drained of its magic. And our people, already forced underground, are left with nothing. It wasn't a victory, it was a stalemate!" She grit her teeth again, showing her resentment towards Queen Lun'Rael's solution to the war. "Pointless. I was more fit to rule than she ever was. Abandoning her people, we were only right to take control, and yet you paint us as the villains, barging in to strike us down. What do you think will happen if we fall, hm? You'll liberate the people? They will be naught but sheep without a shepherd." She sneered. Isaxi was done with trivial conversation. The Dark Elf Tactician flourished her blade, focusing her attention on the group of players that had led the assualt. The time necessary for surveying had lapsed. The frontliners weren't the only ones monitoring the battlefield. "The tall one with the spear deals the highest damage." She raised her voice as she would begin to bark orders. "Rori, you know what to do. Eva, keep your priorities. Ratar, be a dear and stop disappointing me, would you?" Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: SundayJuly 22 at 12:30 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  10. For the third time, The Priestess' card appeared behind Durares, and his hands worked skillfully, methodically as they shuffled the deck after each draw. His golden eyes had been glazed over a while now, the pendant that hung around his neck bearing the seal of Queen Lun'Rael glinting against the light as swords clashed. His lips still moved, muttering something beneath his breath while he worked without a scrap of attention for the clashes beside him. A total of three massive cards would appear behind the boy, symbolizing new effects taking place on the battlefield. A large tower, broken and burning--The Tower. A cloaked man, holding a walking stick and a lantern--The Hermit. Chaos broke loose. While Isaxi stared down the golden-haired Morgenstern with her rapier at her center, tip to the sky, Evahira's eyes widened with the sight of Telrenya charging towards her wounded companion. Another determination filled her, and as her heavy boot first hit the ground, another set of golden tendrils shot out across the battlefield, kicking up a thin, colored smoke that lingered while she ran. She shove past Morgenstern, throwing her shoulder into the boy only to grind her teeth as the retaliation of his own armor cut at her. But it was the fastest way to protect Ratar. Throwing herself in front of her enemy's rapier, Evahira winced and grunted as her shield ate as many of the strikes as it could, her pauldrons and chestplate gaining a few bright red gashes where it couldn't. "Not so fast." She said between a heavy breath, her eyes darting between the overwhelming number of players that stood with weapons drawn. A smirk played on Isaxi's features, widening with delight when Evahira inadvertently provided her with a most welcome opportunity. She lunged forward in an instant, her thin blade piercing and slashing at Morgenstern as she finally delivered her first meaningful bout of damage. "Ha! You mean you truly came all this way knowing nothing?" Isaxi scoffed at her opponent's question, ignoring the instinct to cringe at his play on words. She pulled back, raising her chin as one of nobility would to look down her nose at the player. Her tone shifted, and she frowned, her words sounding more out of pity than amusement now. "Ratar was right, you really are just children with pointy toys, aren't you?" While Isaxi found no humor in the boy's questions, Rori met them with whole-hearted laughter. He turned his wrist to spin the blade of his cutlass once, his guffawing filling the room for a moment before he lifted the tip of the blade in Morgenstern's direction and use it as a means of pointing to the player. "No, that's good. I like that one. This one's got a sense of humor, eh?" He turned to Isaxi with an amused grin, only rewarding himself with a disapproving glare. He waved the flat of his blade through the air as if to dismiss her uptight attitude, but something else then caught his attention. Was that, music? A tune was being carried through the Council room, just faintly enough for Rori's pointed ears to catch it. While Isaxi found herself wincing and clutching the side of her head in reaction, Rori simply frowned. No, this would not do. "Right, hold on." He strode past Morgenstern and the rest of their party with even steps until he reached the source of the noise. With one quick motion, his free hand shot up and collided with Itzal's, knocking the crystal from his hand. The item, though its purpose had been served, landed on the stone floor and Rori's boot was quick to crash down on it, reducing it lighted fragments in an instant. "If you're gonna play us a song, at least pick a good one, yeah? That's definitely not my style." He smirked and raised his cutlass against the dark-haired scout, engaging Itzal with a quick flurry of slashes that cut down a layer of his defenses. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Friday July 20 at 05:30 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  11. The assault had only just begun, and Ratar had only just tasted the power of the frontliners. The haughty, robed Elf was singled out and would continue to suffer hit after hit while his health bars dropped steadily and rapidly. But before he would meet the adventurers' steel a second time, a pulse of hot energy would wash over two of the second squad's members. @Calrex and @Hikoru's health dropped simultaneously before they'd sprung into action, and the odd feeling that had hung over them vanished just as the damage pricked at their HP bars. With the end of Zandra's cleaving attack, the burning sensation upon the noirette's hands would fade back to normalcy, with no adverse effects on the combat medic's stats. The two dagger-wielders cut Ratar down, one sprinting from the front while the other appeared from the shadows at his back. He grunted, and scowled as their blades pierced him. "Oh, really?" He taunted back just before Hikoru's weapon was ripped from his back. His smirk curled further, until he wore an expression bordering on madness. "Funny, I seem to be the popular one around here." He spat back before the player's boot landed square on his face, causing Ratar to stumble backwards from the force. Just a second later, Pinball's spear met its mark to continue shredding at the monster's health, with a solid blow from Stryder's gauntlets to follow it up. He choked for a moment, facing his attackers with wild eyes as he clutched his side with a free hand. Strands of long silver hair had fallen out of place, hanging in front of his face as he met Pinball's anxious eyes. "Children!" He cried the accusation, clearly losing much of his composure at this point. "All of you, simple-minded children armed to the teeth against something you can't possibly compre--" "Silence!" Isaxi's voice was powerful, causing even the unhinged Ratar to pause. "Get a hold of yourselves, I don't have time to babysit." She scoffed, having pulled back her assault on Shield to set her sights on the blue-haired warrior that quickly drew her attention next. "Eva, keep him alive, second priority!" She began to bark orders, turning sharp eyes back to Rori and Ratar for a brief moment. "And for God's sake, make yourselves useful, will you?" She then lunged towards her target, delivering a quick chain of thrusts with her rapier that immediately bounced back just the same as her previous assault. Zandra's heavy axe cleaved through Rori, Ratar, and Durares alike, draining all of the health bars at once. Rori growled in response to the strike, raising his cutlass against the woman before he stopped short, the power of her Bullrush leaving him unable to act. "Aaugh, damn it!" He yelled in frustration, wincing slightly as his wounds festered. Bright orange and green danced around the damage markers he wore until the latter quickly dissipated. Rori smirked, taking in the bit of triumph he was allowed to retaliate with. "Oi, looks like you're good for something after all!" He called out at Ratar with a laugh, unsympathetically teasing his comrade. Meanwhile, Durares' fingers twitched over the top of his deck of tarot cards. His hand moved the couple of inches forward they needed, determined to work past the attack that Zandra had unleashed against him. A vague hint of emotion crossed the boy's otherwise blank expression while he struggled, until he finally flipped over the top card. A vision appeared behind his small frame, the transparent card standing just as tall. Again, The Priestess flashed in her blue and white robes, and a second later each of their health bars were restored. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Thursday July 19 at 02:30 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  12. Evahira's heavy boot slid against the chamber floor when the first group's tank crashed into her. She braced herself, her expression contorting into one of frustration when Shield called out against the rest of the Council members, goading them on. She struggled for a moment against the force behind their two clashing sheets of metal, but it was when her eyes caught sight of the man's teammates rushing towards her own that she worked to retaliate. "No. No way I'll let you hurt them!" Her low growl turned into a shout. With a large motion, she circled her shield arm around to throw her opponent's defense off of her own. Disengaging herself, Evahira rushed forward just in time to catch the edge of Hirru's sharpened blade against her kiteshield, the emblazoned metal catching the blow that was meant for Isaxi. With one last flourish of his cutlass, Rori's blade also clashed with Hirru's. He wore the same grin all the while, seemingly entertained by the sparks that flew as he kept the Jade Hunter's sword from reaching the robed Elf behind him. He only grimaced slightly when the wide attack swiped across his torso, clipping his waist to leave a thin red gash. Meanwhile, well aware that Hirru's sweeping attack was intended for him, Ratar took a step and a half to distance himself while his left hand hovered beside one of the pouches hanging from his belt. He eyed the initial clash, but his attention was far too late in turning back to the rest of the raid group. First, the samurai's lightning-fast katana. Then, the bite of a spear that lashed out with enough radiant energy to rip his pixels apart. Ratar's red eyes widened as he let out grunt of pain from the onslaught, a cough escaping him while he clutched his side after the attacks has ceased. "Hah!" Beat's taunting was enough for Ratar's haughty expression to return to him, and the Elf sneered back. "You think we'll let you barbaric cretins tear down all that we've built?" He straightened up, bringing his fist up to wipe at a glowing red sliver that decorated his cheek. Isaxi's chin raised, her calm demeanor unchanging. "Very well, then." She replied to the players' outbursts, reaching a hand to pull an elegant rapier from its sheathe. The metal glinted in the light as she took up a battle stance, staring Shield down as his pull at their attention worked its magic. She engaged the tank, thrusting forward with a series of stabs and slashes that bounced back against the protection of his Safeguard. While his commander was locked in combat, Ratar's crimson eyes darted to her opponent as his fingers worked to grasp at the dagger at his side. He ran past the other Council member's scuffle with the green-haired one, rushing to Shield's flank to drive his blade into the man's side. His sneer persisted while he ripped it away again, either ignoring or oblivious to the fresh gashes he earned against the tank's armor as he pulled away, and the damage marker that settled on Shield's avatar festered with a sick, green color. Predicting some sort of surprise from the adventurer as his potent poisons seeped past his defenses, Ratar laughed. "As if your flimsy antidotes could stand up to my creations." Suddenly, after dropping practically to it's halfway point, Ratar's last health bar began to crawl, refilling some of its lost green color. The same happened to Evahira and Rori, whose indicators climbed until they settled back to their full amount. To the right of the engaged group, Durares' lips moved once again, muttering something unintelligible under his breath. In his small hands, the boy now held onto a deck of long cards, shuffling through them with skilled fingers. He stopped, turned over the top card, and a visual effect came to life behind him. A large, super-imposed image of the card flashed behind him, fading away after only a second. The semi-transparent surface depicted a woman in blue and white robes between black and white pillars. The Priestess, to those with a trained eye. Durares continued, paying no mind to the battle around him. He shuffled, drawing the top card again before flicking it away. It broke, dissolving into pixels in the air beside him, and he drew another still. The large, transparent card that flashed behind him this time featured a monster of a man--horned, with dark wings on either of his sides and what looked like the sharp talons of a bird of prey replacing the feet he crouched above. The Devil. Though the card appeared clearly behind his small frame, nothing seemed to come of it. Nothing obvious, at least. But before The Devil's eyes faded from view, a sense of terrible uneasiness washed over @Calrex, @Hikoru, and @Zandra alike. The axe-wielder in particular would feel a tingling, almost a burning sensation dance across her hands, though no damage came to any of them. As Evahira continued to stand her ground against their attackers with a look of determination, golden tendrils shot out from the Elven protector's feet. It looked as though the ground beneath them cracked, a puff of smoke tinted with lustrous yellow rising up before the effect faded away just as quickly as it appeared. Beside each of the Council's third health bar, a new small indicator appeared, as if their HP had been stretched past their normal limits. Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Wednesday July 18 at 04:00 PM PST ] Council Actions Council Stats Player Stats
  13. Floor 23 Boss: <<Dark Elf Council>> With preparations complete, the adventurers steel themselves. The raid on the twenty-third floor boss is about to commence as the bravest souls of the group step forward to push open the imposing set of midnight-black doors that stand before them. They're heavy, as dark as a void, and let out a most terrible wail as the foreign material creaks against its hinges. When the gap between them grows wide enough to form a path, they can see it. The massive chamber is illuminated primarily by the giant black-iron hanging light holding several crystal panes for the brightness to spill through. A handful of pillars stand tall, their smooth surfaces contrasting with the intricate carvings and inscriptions of Elven history and tongue that cover the textured walls past them. Before the throng of players that entered the foreboding room, five figures stood. Each sporting charcoal tones of their skin and pale white hair that was typical of the Dark Elven people. A woman was the first to react to the humans' presence, raising the thick metal kiteshield that was strapped to her arm in a defensive fashion. Another figure, standing behind the armored Elf, stared into the crowd with glossy golden eyes. Unkempt white hair poked out beneath the hood of a plain white robe that looked a little too big on him. With the smallest stature among the group--similar to the height and build of a child--his mouth moved, but he was either muttering to himself or speaking just quietly enough that his words wouldn't reach the adventurers opposite them. "Relax." Another finally spoke with a commanding tone. The other female stepped forward, wearing an air of confidence that matched the militaristic style of her clothing whilst a smirk played on her lips. <<Isaxi>>. The name stood in the air over her head, just below the red crystal that spun steadily. Three bars of health filled themselves, one after another, as they wrapped through the air beside her left shoulder and settled into place just the same as the remaining four monsters behind her. Isaxi's hands pulled away from her sides, hovering a few inches from her hips where the black-and-gold sheathe of a rapier rested on the opposite side of her belt from the gold chain of a tucked-away pocketwatch. "Welcome!" She spoke with a thick sense of false kindness. Her eyes snapped as they locked on to one party member walking among the shadows, locking in place before they drifted back over the rest of them to continue. "You've finally made it. I was wondering just how long you would spend milling about before you'd finally show your faces here." While Isaxi greeted the players who held the intent to slay them, the remaining council members stood, nearly fixed in place before the chaos of battle would unfold. <<Ratar>>, a taller man off to the left looked aloof and disinterested the longer his crimson eyes ran over the crowd. He scowled, and snickered to himself as if the whole ordeal was funny to him, and perhaps his casual garb--simple robes of purple and maroon--reflected nicely with his demeanor. Despite his appearance speaking against a savvy for combat, the sheathe of a dagger sat fixed to a belt alongside several pouches of varying size. In stark contrast to the rest, <<Rori>> flourished his blade freely, the hilt of his cutlass dancing around his hand while he tossed and twirled the weapon idly. Donned in light armors and cloth dyed in reds beneath a tattered black cloak, his free hand pulled back at the hood to reveal snowy white hair cut short, with the black cloth of a bandana tied at an angle across the left side of his face. His visible red eye was just as busy as the rest of the Council's, but it held so much more amusement. His lips were curled into an eager smirk, just waiting for the virtual 'bloodshed' to begin. <<Evahira>> and <<Durares>> stood to the right, the former still holding her shield at the ready while the latter's mouth continued moving in soft sentences. Evahira reached out, her free left hand finding the boy's shoulder. The contact seemed to pull him from whatever thoughts he was lost in, though the expression he wore was still blank. She turned her chin, and whispered something to Durares before pulling her hand away and reaching to draw the spiked mace from the opposite side of her belt. Stealth Detection: Tagged players have 48 hours to reply to this post. [ Deadline: Monday July 16 at 06:30 PM PST ] Council Stats Player Stats
  14. Breaking through the ground level that separates the suffocating Underground from the barren Surface, the players that effectively make up the Frontlines would trek a generous distance over the Kriit Wasteland before they would reach the mountain ranges that housed the entrance of the twenty-third floor's labyrinth. Over the hills and into the mountain peaks where the clouds kiss the earth, the imposing tower that connects this floor with the next stands tall. The Bleakswords that once guarded the labyrinth's entrance have been dispatched, and its walls stand empty and quiet without any resistance to remain between the players and the room that houses the level's boss. Well into the labyrinth, sparks of light come from various torches that line the wall, allowing players to see that the walls are cut as smooth as marble--onyx panes arranged in various heights, following no specific pattern. At the end of the hall stands a set or large iron doors, made of a metal so unnaturally dark that even the flickering flames of the torches beside it seem to have no effect on the abyss-like entryway. Unintelligible whispers in a language unlike one you have heard before could be heard through the crack left in the ajar door. Yet as a hand touches the cold iron of the door's handle, the sounds immediately vanish. An ominous silence settles over the passageway leading to the boss room. Whatever stands on the other side of these tall, dense doors is ready, waiting for the brave fools to enter. OOC All players have 72 hours to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight. After 72 hours, the boss raid will begin. All participants must list their stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, skills, buffs, and consumed items in their post. [ Deadline: Saturday July 14th at 5:00 PM PST ]