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    Profile Username: Skye Real name: Skylar Niao Age: 19 Height: 5'4 Personality type: INFJ Appearance Skye has an average build- not too thin or large, with typical curves of those her age. Her dark hair hangs straight and is occasionally braided on one side, although her bangs have grown to start hanging in her face. Her square glasses can sometimes mask her piercing, gray gaze that she sometimes has trouble lifting from the ground. She has a thin, silver nose ring that her mom and grandmother sometimes gave her grief for. Although she has a cold and calculating demeanor, Skye hides a warm compassion for humanity that she makes an effort to conceal behind her fear of trusting others. Skye is quiet, and her nature is skeptical and distrusting. In SAO, she wears black armor in order to draw attention away from herself until she can find a guild to join. About "Why am I always hurting inside?" Skylar sulked quietly throughout the halls in high school and her first two years of college. Although she could have been perceived as your typical angsty emo-kid, she truly preferred to remain unnoticed, quietly sitting in the back of the classroom and absorbing the information that the professors taught with internal delight and interest. An observer of humanity and nature, Skylar collected information about others unconsciously. When people spoke, she listened for the mere intention of listening and nothing else. She loved writing and expressed her thoughts, emotions, and dreams in a way that verbalizing couldn't justify. She was fascinated by research papers and information, but still found herself lonely and feeling unable to connect to others as deeply as she would like to, and she used SAO to create an alter ego of herself. It didn't take long before she realized that she couldn't separate who she really was from herself inside of the game, and she is still working on accepting herself for who she is while trying to better both her identity and fighting skills. Growing up, Skylar lived with her single mother who worked a lot in order to support the family, and her brother who suffered with a mood disorder that caused him to be friendly one moment, but to act violently another: otherwise known as bi-polar disorder companied by psychotic symptoms. Because of his condition and lack of treatment, he took his anger out on Skylar and she suppressed her anger and hurt, learning to distrust others until they earned her trust. Years later, she was raped by a family friend, and it damaged her ability to trust others in a deeper way that she felt no one besides God could reach. Although she was distraught for years due to her trauma, she learned to continue pressing on each day with diligence and an undying drive to understand the world and the people in it. Virtues As mentioned before, Skye is incredibly studious, analytical, independent, and intelligent. She prefers to play the background, predicting the moves of her opponents and trying to guess them before they happened- although that doesn't always guarantee her success. Although she is skeptical, Skye does give trust to those who have earned it over time. When she opens up, she does so entirely; and when she loves someone, she loves them deeply and loyally. This can be both a virtue and a flaw, as it enables her to become hurt by those whom she trusts. Skye has accumulated an incredible beverage-making skill. Whether it's espresso or liquor based, Skye's trade can go from bar-tending to basic coffee barista when she isn't in survival-mode. Flaws Skye's mistrust of others causes her to become isolated, and makes it difficult for her to make friends. She wants to join a guild, but is afraid that she will only join to later quit because of her quick temper and fear of losing those whom she forms close bonds with. Her past hurt still haunts her in some ways, and creates a difficulty that she wants to overcome. Predicting the moves of her opponents can sometimes land Skye in unexpected situations that she can't easily bounce back from. She tends to over-analyze situations and people, and this can paralyze her at times and leaves her afraid or unable to make a clear, concise decision. Skye has panic attacks when she is reminded of her past, or when she lets people in and feels like they are controlling or abandoning her. Her darkest moments consist of self-destructive thoughts, which sometimes paralyzes her from fighting. Her emotions can blind her from the tasks at hand, and she knows that she needs friends to help pull her out of her head. Skills/Inventory: Friend List/Relationships/Story So Far: Roleplays: