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  1. For some reason, there was this huge - like - gathering of people? Lots of shouts, lots of yelling, and Muninn wasn't apart of any of it. That's a problem. She grinned and skipped ahead, to see what all of the commotion was about; maybe she could make some friends? Or somehow make the whole thing a bit funnier. Without Huginn to keep her in check, she was really just an agent of chaos at this point - and that much was obvious by the careless way she carried her gleeful self. But the yelling was already calming down by the time she got near. She pouted, smoothing out her coat, and went up to read what was on the board that the one dude had punched. "Wanted players," she mused, looking at the descriptions of each, starting with the girl. The cloaked one was gonna be the hardest to find, for sure. Her name is Hidden. A bit on the nose, yeah? She looked at the other, and almost laughed out loud. Pinball?! What kind of name is Pinball?! She couldn't keep her giggles quiet, but she quickly covered her mouth. She didn't think she'd be able to take a killer named Pinball very seriously. Besides, he's not supposed to be as dangerous as the other one. He wouldn't be out and about for much longer. She turned to analyze the assembly of players next, wondering who she should talk to first.
  2. She scanned the fields, looking for any sign of whatever flower, or plant, or... what was it she was looking for? She flinched a bit when Shiro had an outburst. Misako frowned, putting her hands on her hips. What's his problem? She figured that it'd just be best not to talk about it, though she was a bit surprised that he had gotten himself so worked up over it. Maybe he was stressed? She went on with her searching without responding. The shining outline of a plant caught her eye as Shiro apologized. She picked it, the flower deep red with splashes of yellow. She turned around, holding the flower out to her brother. "Hey," she smiled, "we'll be fine, alright? Don't let yourself get so worked up over it." Before waiting to see if Shiro would grab the flower, Misako yanked it away. "This one is mine, though," she grinnned, pocketing the item. "Use that big brain of yours to like - calculate the exact... location of these flowers or something." She shook her head, still grinning. "Nah, I'm just playing." With an exaggerated twirl, she busied herself with her searching again. Searching: ID#109436 LD: 13 (Success!) Found: [1/5]
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    <Floor 1/PP> 'What is the best cure?'

    Following the beginning of another uneventful day of wandering, Muninn had made her way back to the Town of Beginnings in search of something to do. She knew her brother wouldn't approve of her wandering if he was here - he'd probably demand to go with her. But she could take care of herself! It's not like she fought much anyway. She walked along the streets for a while, watching people go about their business. There was always something interesting happening! That guy thought he was drunk, and the bartender was kicking him out for ruining the atmosphere. What a dumbass! She giggled before skipping along, looking for the next best thing that caught her eye. It was with this searching that she finally found something. A small, eye-patched girl, sticking a note on the request board. Muninn hurried up to it before anyone else could, and yanked the paper off. She looked at it quizically, the reading taking a second longer than it probably should have... before pocketing it and going over to the girl, who had sat herself on a bench nearby. She was sleeping, it looked like, and while Muninn's first instinct was to draw something on her face, she restrained herself. She pulled out the paper and tapped the girl on the head with it. "Excuse me?" she asked sweetly, waiting for some kind of response. She held up the paper. "Are you still looking for someone?" @Jinx Player Stats:
  4. "Oreos," she laughed. "Well~, maybe they have something like it." She smiled, though. It was nice to see him happy for a change. He was always a moody one, so to see him excited over something... it made her feel good. "Yeah," she agreed with a happy nod, "that sounds good! Let's do it!" She tugged on his jacket, then let go as she marched forward. "Let's get a move on! Come on! Feel the burn, dude!" Muninn hopped back, then, twirling around, ran down the street at full speed. She spun around player and NPC alike, just barely brushing past passerby unscathed, but she eventually made it to the edge of the city. She figured the excitement to actually be playing the game was getting to her, because she felt weirdly giddy and light on her feet. She spun back around to look for her brother. "Hey! We've gotta look for some kind of plant or something, yeah?" She frowned, looking out at the sea of grassy field that stretched as far as the eye could see. "Uhh, what does that look like?"
  5. Muninn skipped along happily. They were finally doing a quest together! This was it! This was what had kept her up at night for the past few months, just thinking about finally getting to experience a game like this - and when it was with her brother, it was all the more exciting. "Rule the game? Nah, don't be such a dork," she giggled. Then, she fell in closer as she walked with him. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I don't know about ruling the game, but if you wanna, we can always get like - crazy strong and then force people to give us their stuff." She laughed, thinking about forcing people to give them their pants, then jumped to attention, pointing excitedly down the road. "Oh! Right! This way, this way!" She ran along, the thrill that came with finally being immersed in this world not quite yet having faded. When they got into the shop, she ran in. "Hello~!," she cried, pushing the door open in an exaggerated fashion. The door swung open slowly with a shrill groan. Inside stood an old man, his long white hair covering most of his facial features as he hunched over a table, mumbling to himself. At the sound of the door opening the man turned around, clapping his hands together. "Ah! Welcome, welcome," he waved, beckoning them inside. "You must be some of the new adventurers." He rounded his table, going over to a counter and pulling out several strange utensils as he spoke. "Well, I'm always happy to show the young ones how to craft a simple potion," he said with a smile. He brought the vials and bowls and tubes back to his table, where he began setting them up. "Especially given your..." he struggled for the right word, waving his hand. "precarious occupation." He clapped his hands together, standing up straight to face the two. "But! We need ingredients!" He glided across the wooden floor to stand even closer in front of the two. "Ingredients, ingredients, ingredients! You're in luck, however! It just so happens that just outside the city walls there are more than enough to be found in the wild!" "Oh! Silly me, I haven't even introduced myself." The old man placed a hand on his chest. "I am Zackariah, and I am an alchemist. And I will help you two, but I can only do that if you have the necessary components." He smiled, waving them out the door. "Go along now, and make haste! I will be waiting patiently for your return." Before shutting the door on them, he paused. "And, oh - do please be careful."
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    Muninn's Journal

    Profile Username: Muninn Real name: Misako Kamanachi Age: 18 (16 at start) Gender: Female Height: 5'4 About: History/personality Misako Kamanachi was born in Tokyo, Japan to a cop and a teacher. Maybe it was because their parents were always busy with their work, or maybe it was because they were twins, but growing up, her and her twin brother, Yamashiro, were inseperable. Her brother had was always worried about their father, though as a kid she wasn't quite sure as to why - but she had always been able to tell how someone was feeling, and she knew that it comforted him when she would stay up with him until their dad came home. Looking back on it, she now understood why he had always felt that way. She'd always been a bit to slow to realize things like that, especially when compared to her brother. But Misako had always been a bit of a dork. From anime to video games, and tabletop RPGs to cosplay, Misako found solace in being part of a community. It was what seperated her from her brother and defined her as a person. Even so, she had always been the mischievous type, and despite her outgoing friendliness, her "harmless" jokes and pranks had gotten her into more trouble than she cared to remember - but her brother was always there for her, and his quick thinking always seemed to save her from increasingly worrying predicamanets. It was Misako who dragged her brother along to buy SAO with her. When they became seperated at the start of the game, she couldn't help but blame herself for what had happened... but she kept a smile on her face, and she made the most of her time alone, as lonely as it was. Virtues: Outgoing: Where her brother is lacking, Misako excels. Misako is very much a social butterfly, always tooking to meet one person after the other. Life is hard, but isn't it better with friends? Misako believes this wholeheartedly, and it shows. She'll also go to great lengths just to get her more antisocial twin in on her antics. Questionably Optimistic: Life sucks, so why not just sit back and enjoy the ride? Her brother's matter-of-fact nature had a lasting impact on her as a child. One really short existential crisis later, she bounced back with this world view, and it's been her philosophy ever since. Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative - life is what you make of it, and Misako is living for the moment. Empathetic: Further setting her apart from her twin, Misako possesses (for betterr of for worse) an empathetic heart. Talk is cheap, and when people are upset, words won't make them feel any better. Past all of her wild jokes and pranks, Misako is a softie who hates to see people down in the dumps - and she's more than willing to go out of her way just to brighten someone's day. Flaws: Uneducated: If Misako has one glaring flaw, it's that she's not quite as bright as the next guy. This fact is only accentuated when juxtaposed against her brother's rather impressive intelligence, and it is one of the things that holds her back the most. She doesn't let it get to her, though, and to try and compensate she follows her heart - it's really her only option. Stubborn: Another one of Misako's more prominent flaws is her stubborness. Once she decides to do something, she does it - whether it be something good like helping out someone in need or a bit more self-centered like carrying out a risky prank. She's used to getting her way, and she's used to her brother always backing her up, and this only further contributes to the bullheadedness. Mischievous: Misako is a joker at heart, and it shows. This is, while endearing at times, a problem most others. She doesn't quite know how to pull her punches with her jests, and while she avoids making someone she knows has thin skin the brunt of her joke as often as she can, she often doesn't know who can take a joke and who can't. She'll go to great lengths to pull off a prank, and she'll try her damnedest to prepare for something if it means a successful gag. Skills 0/5 SP Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Rank 1 Dagger ~ Novice [5/50] Inventory Weapons/Tools: Set B: DPS Package: » Rare T1 Dagger ~ Steel Dagger: +2 DMG » [x3] Starter Healing Potions ~ +50 HP Roleplays » [solo/private/open] Placeholder Relationships Possible Placeholder? Story Thus Far Possible Placeholder?