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    Page's journal (Hayden) (Waiting for approval)

    Age: Looks like she is 18 but is actually 21 Height: 5'10" (5ft 10in) Eyes: Sea green Skin tone: Tanish-white Hair: Long Dark brown Screen Name: Page Books (Page and Books were actually nicknames her dad gave her based on the fact that she was always reading) Real name: Hayden Clarence History/Backstory: Hayden was never the type who really gave a damn what others thought of her, which was why she preferred the company to that of the fictional world to that of the real one. When she was little her dad had been working for a gaming company that had developed a new type of gaming console. When he brought her home the Net Gear she was a bit dismissive of it. Her dad was the one who was obsessed with the newest tech but she preferred the pages of the written word and would sit in her room and write and read for hours on end. Never once picking up the gear. Sadly it would be even longer for her to even look at it again. Not only had her dad been laid off due to budget cuts but just months after he was killed in a car crash. Hayden was devastated and had sworn to herself that she would never look at the gift her father had given her. Fast forward to present time. Hayden now works hard for a book publisher in the hopes that she would someday be an publishing agent. But for now she was a lowly inter doing coffee runs. Thankfully it was paid and was flexible when she had to go back to school. She was doing coffee runs was she noticed and ad in the paper about a new game called SAO. When she asked around about what it was none of her, hopefully soon to be, co-workers were very much-so of the mentality of , don't know, not our department so don't care. When she wen home she looked it up. She couldn't breathe when she found out it was an MMORPG, used through the Net Gear. It had good ratings, and Hayden was always a sucker for a good story. Besides, she thought that it was time to let the past be the past. Her dad wasn't coming home and this might be the one way for her to say good bye. She could always log out if she thought that it wasn't really her thing. After all it was just a game right? Virtues: Clever: She has a brain and she isn't afraid to use it. She has random facts about anything that the situation might call for. She also because of this able to learn as she goes and can improvise in a situation fairly easy. Has an eye for detail: Because of her interests and partly because of her job, she has a gift of noticing things others might have missed or overlooked. The downside to this though is that she also has a tendency to overthink a situation as well. Daring: She isn't afraid to fail. Now that isn't to say that she doesn't like it, she just doesn't avoid situations where she could fail. She love a challenge, mostly mental challenges like puzzles and tests. She is willing to risk it all depending on the situation and is willing to take the lead if called to do so, but will support those who ask it of her. Loyal: If you can somehow get close to her she will protect you and stand by you with fierce loyalty. She will rip to shreds anyone who may cause harm to you. She doesn't get effected that easily if someone is attacking her, but mess with someone she cares about? You better be a fast runner. Flaws: Stubborn: Holy crap is she stubborn. She will accept that she was wrong but no way in hell will she admit it out loud. She understands and respects when someone presents her with hard facts and presents proof of it, but if you cant do that she just assumes that she is in the right and you're just an idiot. Judgmental: She has low expectations of people in general. She just assumes that everyone is an idiot unless they prove to her to be otherwise. She also assumes that everyone has an ulterior motive unless you prove to her otherwise. Honest to a fault: She isn't afraid to say what she thinks even if it means that you don't like it. The up-side is that she will say what she thinks need to be said but other either don't want to say it or just simply wont say. She has absolutely no problem. However, because she says what she thinks, she doesn't really have much of a filter and tends to go for what is true over what is kind. Inventory: Set D -Dagger (Total SP: 5, Level: 1, Health: 20, Energy: 2) -(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) -Vanity Armor of Choice -2000 and (25) Tier 1 Materials