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  1. Zayla took a moment to give a nod of approval towards Krysta. "Huh? What was tha- Oh, nevermind!" She replied with a smile, gently turning the nob. The door opened to reveal the workshop, and state that it was within. While it wasn't messy, the area workshop certainly had its fair share of clutter. Alchemical ingredients, tubing, and beakers were lying around; some were in use where as others were waiting to find their purpose. Zackariah sat at a table, gently mixing two potions together. As the old man gazed keenly at them the liquids within began to simmer under the heat. "Ah! There we go!" His attention promptly drifted towards the couple that had arrived, "Krysta! Good to see you again. I see you brought a friend with you. What can I help you ladies with today?" Zayla raised a hand in the air, gently speaking, "Oh! I'm here to accept the quest you posted. I just wanted to let you know before I head out!" "Very well... Do you know where to go?" Zackariah would ask. He stopped working in the alchemical lab to write something down in his formula book. "Uhh...." Zayla hesitated, clearly unsure of the answer to his question.
  2. "Oh! Oh, oh, oh! Another player! Umm... Yeah, I'd like some help. I've just been trying not to die so far, but, you know what? I'm never going to get anywhere hiding, so I figured I might as well start somewhere! I'm Zayla." The young woman said with an outstretched hands. A smile spread across her face as blue eyes twinkled like the ocean on a sunny day towards Krysta, "So, umm... Is this guy even home? I saw the quest posted. I guess I talk to him first to get it started?" She asked quizzically. Her cheeks flushed red, and her legs quivered slightly. Zayla was beginning to grow impatient. She approached the door once more, and gave a solid three knocks upon it. After a few more seconds she became fed up with the waiting, and tried the door to see if it were locked. A well-manicured hand glided gracefully to the nob. Red nail polish was applied to her hand, indicating that she had her nails painted at the time of the SAO incident. "So... What should I be doing exactly? I'm kind of lost here."
  3. Zayla found herself in the Town of New Beginnings. She was excited to finally pick up SAO, and begin playing. A smile spread across her face as she saw a notice board. Skipping gleefully over the small woman accepted the first quest available. "Ah ha! I think this is how I accept quests!" She mused to herself, "Let's see... Going to Zackariah's workshop. Is there any way to turn on a navigation system? Oh, well. I can figure that out later! This place can't be too big anyway!" Zayla gave a swift nod, placing the notice in her inventory. She followed the instructions in the quest display to travel to navigate towards Zackariah's workshop. This resulted in the new player getting lost several times, but eventually finding her way to his location. "Hello? Is anybody home? I'm here to take the quest that was posted!" She called out into the doorway. A swift knock followed, and Zayla adjusted her equipment slightly. Her rapier was raised, and placed in a position where it could more easily be drawn. She tightened the straps to her slightly-oversized armor, giving it a snug fit upon her lithe form. Brushing waves of flaxen, blonde hair from her eyes she tried to peek in the doorway through any openings. First she tried the keyhole, and if that didn't work she would attempt to look under the door itself.
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    Profile Username: Zayla Real name: Matsuyuki Yuri Age: 18 Gender: Female Height: 5'6 About: History/personality Zayla's story truly began when she was eight years old, and received her first video game as a birthday gift. When she would come home from school each day, the girl would spend hours on the console beating level after level. As she grew up, however, the girl learned that life wasn't all about games. With each passing year school got harder, and she forced herself to study more in order to compensate. Normally this would mean less time gaming, but Yuri sacrificed her sleep schedule in order to play her games for longer. At fourteen she shifted from consoles to computers, and realized that with one monitor she would be capable of studying, while on the other one she could game away. Noticing her schedule, Yuri's mother insisted that she participate in an extracurricular activity in order to socialize more. Yuri reluctantly joined her school's debate team, and, much to her surprise, began performing exceedingly well. After only a year on the debate team she was already made the captain. This, much like her games, made her crave more in the form of success. Just like she wanted to beat every level when she would come home, and boot up her computer, Yuri desired to secure her team a place in Nationals. Within three years she successfully led her team to victory. Yuri graduated high school with honors, and as a graduation present she was given a copy of Sword Art Online, alongside the technology required to play it. Virtues: Confident: Zayla is very confident within her abilities. This stems from her prior experience in playing various other MMORPGs, and having a history spanning ten years of gaming. She rarely doubts herself, and when she does she utilizes this doubt to inspire others nearby her. Level-Headed: Zayla has a very collected, and level head. She is hardly impulsive in her actions, and carefully weighs every available option before making a decision. This is the result of being an academic in the real world, which has allowed her to make quick risk analysis decisions. Charismatic: Zayla is a very charismatic young woman. She understands how to speak with people, and play to both their strengths and weaknesses in conversation. She has always been very social, and was on her school's debate team. Flaws: Naive: As a result of her lack of experience within the real world Zayla can be quite naive at times. She believes that everyone should work for the greater good regardless of personal gain, or loss. This makes her more easily manipulated, particularly if someone claims that they wish to change their ways. She will always give someone a second chance. Ambitious: Zayla's ambition has no bounds to the point that it will put her in dangerous situations that she believes she is capable of handling. She wishes to increase in skill to join the assault team, as she believes that their speed of clearing the floors would be considerably increased with herself alongside them. Zayla becomes frustrated very quickly when she feels as if she is not being heard, or that she is not being adequately challenged. Prideful: Zayla is incredibly prideful, and holds herself to a much higher standard than she does anyone else. If challenged she very quickly becomes defensive, and will defend her views to a fault. She remembers almost every perceived slight against her, and will hold a grudge until an apology has been given, while also being reluctant to apologize herself. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills SP Total: 5 | SP Spent: 5 | SP Unspent: 0 Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » Rank 1 Rapier Inventory Set: B (DPS Package) Weapons/Tools: » Rare T1 Rapier (1 Damage, 1 Accuracy) » Vanity T1 Light Armor » (3) Starter Healing Potions » 2,500 Col » (10) Tier 1 Materials Roleplays Relationships (optional) Story Thus Far (optional)