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    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    As he turned to see the players, they were already onto him. The double-hair colored girl pointed a menacing rapier at his throat and he would lift one hand up to show sign of surrender. While he knew his faith alone in the domain of light was enough to protect him from harm, but he also wanted to show compassion. He opened his mouth to speak, but was beaten to the punch. His mouth parted slightly as the faint memory of turning a girl into ashes was brought into his mind. While he wasn't in control, he was still present for the entire fight. It seemed like a bad dream to him.... As the girl wound finish, she would turn to him and introduce herself. He would bow humbly and return the favor. "Greetings, I am Miraak" She told him that to forgive and forget was the key. Then she offered her assistance in turning hi life around. He would shake his head. "I deeply appreciate the offer and the kindness of your heart, but I must decline. After we all leave here today, I must get back to work quickly. I have made many sins, and I must atone for each of them. Many counteractions must be made to my previous work and new work must be done. While a large amount of corruption was lifted from this world, there still remains quite a bit. It is my responsibility to help that push and clear the way for another settlement from which we can work from" He would turn back to the girl that held a rapier in her hand. A flash of a rapier that ended his life moved before his eyes. Smiling, he would speak to her directly. "It is you that I have to thank with the deepest regards. It was you that slain the demons within and taught me my greatest lesson. I see the weapon you carry was once my own. For that, I must warn you. It carries a slight amount of the same malevolence that I had imbued into myself. Without a steady heart, it can guide you down the wrong path as it had me" Afterwards, he would turn to all players to explain himself. "I am terribly sorry for the trouble I have caused today. Had it not been for my previous actions, the Fallen Angel wouldn't have had as much power, and many of you would have been spared a fight. I ask that you each forgive me for these mistakes if you can. I let my heart falter and lose faith in both the Lord and humanity. I followed something that I thought was better for the realm of humanity, and better for myself. I have learned truly of how wrong I was thanks to each of you" He would nod to each of them before looking to @Hestia who was watching and thinking to herself. "There is always more to learn about yourself and about the world, if you look for it. It is thanks to all all of you that I have learned this" @Sunova @Neopolitan
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    [F13 EB] Tainted Prestige

    He would open his eyes once more, the light coming from around him was bright, anew. Looking around, he would find himself once again inside the chapel, the players no longer occupying it. A bright light lay in front of him with the body of an angel. Miraak would then look down to himself and see that he has been resotored. Afterwards, he would look to the angel and bow his head. Then he would say, "I apologise for my wrong doings. I understand now that the path I was lead down was the wrong one. If I may ask, why did the Lord see fit to bring me back after I swore his name and turned my back on him?" "You already know the answer to that Miraak. He is a merciful God. How many stories and lessons does the Bible go over regarding mercy and grace to those who have committed sin? Pain, fear, pride. These cause a man to do things they normally would not do. While you had allowed doubt to cloud your vision enough to deny him, your heart and soul yearned otherwise. You are the prodigal son Miraak. And the Lord's been waiting patiently, for you to come home.” Miraak winces from the words, knowing that the angel was correct. Sometimes, the mercy of the Lord was grand. "It is true. The Lord forgives each and all of his children. Sometimes, I believe it is mistakenly so." He looks at the chapel, seeing it ordered and clean now. "However, with the Lord by my side, I was truly able to see where I have went wrong and understand the reason of humanity. We are allowed to make mistakes so that we learn from them and grow. The Lord forgives us so that we can learn from our mistakes.” The angel was silent for a moment before continuing. "Strife and pain is evil in itself Miraak. But the Lord uses it to help his children grow. There was once a man who quit his job, his family, and his life because he couldn't handle it anymore. He asked God to give him one reason not to give up. The Lord answered him: "Do you see the fern? One day I arranged for seeds to fall beside it. I cared, nurtured, and fed it for a year. Nothing grew, yet I did not give up on it. The next year I cared, nurtured, and fed it. Still nothing grew, and still I did not give up on it. A third year passed, and still nothing grew. Yet I still did not give up on it. After the fourth year, a stalk finally grew out of the soil, though it wasn't much. by the fifth year, it grew into a six foot bamboo shoot, towering over the fern. Those years of no results. Of no fruit. The bamboo was growing it's roots. Growing strong." Just because the devil seeks to undo you by crushing you with pain and sorrow. Doubt and fear. Hatred and betrayal. Does not mean that the Lord will let it fester in you. He uses it to help you grow, if you allow it. Trust in God. Ask for guidance. And he shall light your way.” Miraak would listen to the story from the angel, taking in it's meaning. "A wonderful lesson. I thank both you and the Lord for everything that has been done. While I can't go back on my sins, I can atone for them. I won't be wasting this second chance. Early on, I followed the light of the Lord to understand how to turn my burdens into something more" Bowing to the angel, Miraak would finish. "Once again, I must follow the light of the Lord on to the right path” "I am but a messenger. Praise the Lord alone. Jesus has atoned for your sins in full Miraak. Simply seek the Lord in all you do, and do good deeds as thanks for all he has done. For your sins have been wiped clean." And with that, the angel would vanish. As it did, Miraak's red cursor would spin into a yellow one. "I have been given a second chance. I must do as I said, follow the light of the Lord. It is my job to ensure that this world doesn't fall to Sin by the same influence that I fell to" After having the reassurance of his own words, he would move outside of the chapel, seeing that many of the players were still in the courtyard. He quietly made his way to the Orphir brothers. "Zack, Uri. It is to both of you that I owe the most humble of apologies for the trouble I have caused. Through the lord, I have found the errors of my ways and plan to atone. If it isn't too much to ask, would you allow me to stay as a priest of this chapel?" After getting his answer from the brothers, he would allow any players to approach to speak to him. This thread will now close next Thursday at 8:00 P.M CST
  3. The clouds would further darken, only occasionally brightened by a strike of lightning. The temperature would cool fast but it wasn't the cold that would send shivers down the spines of the players. The presence of a malevolent force had arrived, the very essence of evil. Uri Ophir looked to his older brother a final time before moving to the group of Tier one and Two players. "Everyone! Follow me please!" He would lead the players to the front door of the chapel. He would press his hand to the door, the wood cool to the touch. While the malevolence wasn't being radiated from the chapel, an ominous force lied inside. He would bring his right hand to his pocket, his face becoming filled with worry. He took a breath, calming himself. Unlocking the door with a key from his pocket, he lead the players into the first room. The next door was slightly ajar but as they entered it would blast open, revealing the Nave of the Chapel to the players. "Good luck players! Remember, Miraak has been conversing with demons. He is not to be trusted. Do not listen to him, no matter what he offers or says. Work together and remember that you are never alone. The lord is always at your side, even in the darkest of times" He would bow to the players standing before him. He would look back to the chapel, a silent prayer being made for the players safety. He would step out of the players way, returning to the outside and his brothers side. "I hope they can do this, it is all them now..." As the players would enter the nave of the chapel, they would find it in ruin. The once fine wooden seats were now found in scraps in the corner of the room. All that remained was a circle of blood, the altar, and finally the priest himself. Miraak is a well groomed man, his robes clean and his face and body well groomed. He stands before the players at the end of the room, a smile on his face. "Welcome, welcome! It is so great to see that we have a lively audience with us today for our very last sermon" He would smile brilliantly to the players. "No worry, there is room for everyone. I see many of you are quite uptight, calm down! I promise, everything is just fine. Zack and Uri have always been good at making people worry unnecessarily" He would move to stand in front of the altar, a staff with the top of a cross of gold in his hands. All players have 48 Hours to Post before the fight begins. The fight will being Thursday, October 18th at 6:00 P.M CST (No need to Post stats, just join the thread)
  4. As soon as he finished, the attacks from the T2 party would begin. As the attacks ripped through his body, he would bellow in pain. "NOOOOOO" he would scream. The final onslaught of attacks would begin, a rapier from the powerful Neopolitan. As the blows would rip through him, his health would reach zero. As it would, the demons very body seemed to burn away, smoke and ashes rising above him. As the demonic body faded, it would fall to the ground, a human inside being visible. A gasping breath and a cough would be heard as he looked to the players. "I am sorry for the trouble I have caused you... I just... I just wanted the world to be a better place" He would collapse to the ground before shattering into data pixels. After a moment of silence, a light would appear in the air. It was hazy at first, but then it cleared. The light was brilliant and bright, its radiance shone on every corner of the room. The light transformed into an angel, power and purity radiated from the essence of the angel. Waving its hand, the nave of the chapel would be restored. The stains were cleaned, the seats and room restored. After he finished, the only thing out of place was the armed players. He would finally address the players, smiling. "Each of you were brave today, many of you fighting in an entirely different class. Each of you assisted in ending the further corruption of this land. Worry not of your comrades, they await you in the courtyard. As for your friends that were fighitng the Fallen Angel, they are fine as well. Everything was merely an illusion created by the demon" He turned to Neopolitan, the one that fell Miraak. "This is rightfully yours" After handing her the staff, it would turn into a ball of light, able to be fashioned into any weapon she would please, but only once. After he did, he would fade into the air, vanishing. <<Note>> This thread will now be Closed. Players can continue to roleplay in the Tainted Prestige thread. The event in its entirety will end in 1 Week. <<Rewards>> [Boss Drops] <<Gleaming Stone>> [All players who did not land the last hit bonus receive this drop] Changes 1 Equipment from one Type, to another. Is consumed after use. <<Accursed Lament>> Rewarded to Neopolitan Player Post Count & SP/Col Rewards: (+3 SP for completing event, +2 SP for players who died or teleported out) (+10,000 col for completing event, +8,000 col who died or teleported out) No additional rewards for removed players.
  5. [Field AOE attack cooldown has expired] The players would continue fighting, even after the fall of another of their comarades. A shattering crystal was heard but as he turned he was assaulted with another weapon, taking considerable damage. Only two people would take the time to hit him, bringing his health down a bit lower. Letting out a bellow of anger, he would beign an attack. He had to scare them off, he had to get them away. "TO HELL WITH YOU ALL! I AM NOT GOING OUT WITHOUT DAMNING YOU ALL TO HELL WITH ME!" His body would once more engulf itself in a burst of speed and strength. He would attack each of them. He was going to drag them into the ground with him. He would move about the room, slashing and hacking each player, none of them escaping his grasp. "I can't go now. I had come so far. So much time and preparation was spent. It can't all go to nothing. It can't be taken by some pathetic mortals like you lot" ID:110442 CD:12 - Burning Rage BD:8(+4) DMG Tables Miraak the Accursed Stats Player's Stats
  6. He sensed a disturbance in ther oom. Someone from the outside was trying to interfere with the battle. He wasn't going to let it happen. The windows would begin to become covered by black fog. No one would see in or out. He heard shouting and glanced over at the party. The leader of the group was telling them to get out, but it appeared that both had proved to be disloyal. "Yes, there is nothing to worry about. The battle is basically over, stay and enjoy the treasures that are in store. It's worth it after all" Hardly given the chance to speak, a large axe would rip through him, flames emitting from each end of his body. As his health fell even further, he began to especially worry. His worry allowed him to ignore an oncoming attack form the girl. As he realized who it was he would grin. "You can spend the rest of eternity with me in hell" He thrusted his clawed hands into her chest, cutting through armor, skin, and muscle. His claws would pierce through the other side. "Here's the last breath. You can quit fighting now" The girl would shatter into data pixels, her life coming to an end. He would then turn to the other two members. "I haven't forgotten you two." He charged forward, his claw swiping through each of them, sending red pixels int the air. Satisfied with his work, he licked his claws, absorbing the life energy he had stolen. ID:110326 CD:9 - Blood Dance Domarus: BD:4+4-0=8 HIT: (.1*459)=46 Unmitigatable DMG + (50-92=1) = 47 DMG total Hazado: BD:4+4-0=8 HIT: (.05 * 74) = 4 Umitigatable DMG + (50-45=5) = 9 DMG total. Tricolor_Mina: BD:4+4-1=7 HIT: (.05*8)=1 Unmitigatable DMG + (50-15=35) = 36 DMG total. ~ Dead -Miraak the Accursed Heals himself for 51 HP- Miraak the Accursed Stats Player Stats
  7. The attacks would keep coming, relentless blows were placed on his body. He had to do something. He had to scare off the players. As the Tier two players would land their attacks, his health would dip lower and lower. He was on the ropes now. "TO HELL WITH ALL OF YOU!" The demon would begin to grow in size until he was at least fifteen feet tall. He had to frighten the players away. "You will all burn in hell for eternity with me!" As the man that attacked first before the fight slammed his fist into him, he would turn with eyes burning with hate. "You think you thirve in war and destruction?" His fist would slam into the man, knocking him back. The impact alone would have enough power to throw him several feet away. He roared towards all the groups. "YOU WANT TO KILL ME? THAN FINE, I'M RIGHT HERE! COME AND GET ME!" With the mad chaos in a charge, he would kill as many as he could before he went down in flame. IT would be many centuries before they could find a bloke like Miraak to resserect him once more. He had been days from full power and these players had stolen it from him. 110145 CD:2 - Demon Rake BD:7+4-5=6 HIT DMG: 100+50=150-11=139 DMG Miraak Stats Players Stats
  8. He was beginning to become excessively worried about his own health. It had reached halfway on his last health bar. He wouldn't be able to last much longer against these players. Especially with several of them having their strongest sword arts brought back into rotation. He had to get them to stop attacking. He had to get them to flee. However, before he got the chance to even think of anything, the next group began surrounding him, two of them slicing and dicing while the rest stayed back and healed. As the last one smacked him, it would deal little to no damage to him. The man would call him a coward and try to sound threatening, but the demon would only turn to him with a grin. "Experience you may have, but skill you have none. Your progress has been made possible because of your allies and even they are beginning to crumble." This player had done well in pissing him off throughout the fight. He was going to reward him for that. He would begin fiercely attacking the player, using his claws to cut through the man's chest before using his foot to kick him as hard as the demon could muster. The man would be thrown away from him, but he would have less than a second before the next group would begin their onslaught. Would this be the end for him? Could he take it? ID:110005 CD:3 - Demon Rake Used BD:5+4-2=7 HIT DMG: 30+50=80-54=26 DMG to Black Miraak the Accursed Stats Player Stats
  9. -Aereth has been removed from the thread for inactivity - - @Dazia, No matter where you designated for your teleport crystal to go, you will instead return to the courtyard with the priests. If you wish, you may post in the tainted prestige thread - A shriek would emanate from a girl in the room. This girl would charge him, attacking several times. He would let the girl burst out her rage and when she was done attacking he would grin. She was broken. Nothing. Her health was at a low, and she awaited the death that had befallen her friend. "If only you had been a little stronger. If you hadn't been so weak, you might have made the difference" He raised his claws, preparing to plunge them into the body of the girl, finish her off when a shout interrupted him. He barely had time to react to the spear that thrust into him angrily. Although the spear was angry, it was still just a wasp to a rhino. He would turn to the man, his grin fading. "Wait, you're going to do something about it? You make no changes. You are weak. Frail. Pitiful. As you are now, you will never make a difference in this world or in your own. Get out of my way" He would charge into the man, letting hi rage and fury out on the man. He would rake his claws against the man's chest before picking him up off the ground and then slamming him into it. He placed his foot on the man's chest. "I would crush you, but its not like it would do me any good" He would turn to Aereth, that man who hadn't made any attacks in a while. "What is it? Unable to do anything? Unable to move?" He would charge at full speed, not giving the man the chance to react. Grabbing the man by the throat, he would send a rush of heat into the man, burning his molecules. The man would turn to dust, revealing no death animation. However, his health bar would completely vanish from Party 1's Roster. He would then watch as Dazia would teleport out, leaving the battle field. "Anyone else plan on actually valuing their lives?" ID:109845 CD:4 - Demon Rake -> Hazado BD:10 - Fury Activated (+50 DMG) DMG: 30+50(Berserk x3) +50(Fury)=130-45=85 DMG Miraak the Accursed Stats Player Stats
  10. Just as he finished striking, an angry rapier would strike against his body, flames bursting from open wounds, his wounds unclosing. He growled, try to swat away the pestering fly but backed off just before she got raked by his claws. The cloaked dagger wielder, who finally seemed to learn how to hit, would then striking him multiple times, telling him that he forgot his true problem. "If you think you are a problem to me than you have another thing coming. It is for my mere amusement that you are still standing" He would raise his hand to set the girl ablaze but to his astonishment he could no longer send a wave of fire. Without Miraak, he couldn't send the fire, at least not yet. If he could get these damned players off of him, he could transform into the greater demon he was to be. He needed time and energy for that which these players refused to give. A powerful punch would come from the testy black haired one that had tried to attack Miraak before he gave the players a chance. A powerful angular slash would rip through his body, followed by a set of powerful jabs. He would back up from the onslaught of players, flames licking his body. He looked angry, but he was starting to become frightened. The players weren't backing off. In the time he had spent in hell, he had forgotten the pure determination that resided in the human soul. He would look down, chuckling. The flames on his own body were really starting to consume his very essence. Perhaps taking the reigns from Miraak so quickly wasn't the best idea. The consequences were severe. His eyes would now flash toward Mars. 'I am going to take him down with me.' He thought of just killing them all here and now, but it didn't seem the attack was just yet ready. Growling, he would then focus on Mars. If he wasn't going to kill those in the red, he would settle for him. Charging forward, he would send two swipes from his claw to rake the man's chest before grabbing him and slamming him into the ground. "We can share a funeral, doesn't that sound nice?" he would ask the player. He would push the player further into the ground before dragging him through it. As he finished, he would only have a second to prepare himself before the next onslaught began. ID:109758 CD:12 - Attack on Cooldown ~ Use Main Attack Used: Demon Rake - Demon Miraak rakes the player with the his long razor sharp claws. Deals (T2: 100 DMG, T1- 30) Mars: BD:7-5+4=6 HIT - (100+50) - 11 = 139 DMG Dealt Miraak the Accursed Stats Player Stats
  11. He would watch as fear struck the hearts of the players. Their confidence fell, many of them understanding the true meaning of facing death. With one player out of the way, he would have these players done with quickly. His attention would refocus as a player would come in from the side, but with the player's mental block on his own self it was all too easy to dodge. It seemed the fight itself was held at a stand still. No players advanced for him for a brief period of time. "Yes, stay and fight. It is much better to stick around. Think of the rewards that you can all get. Ignore your health bars, ignore your friend's. Feed your Greed"Laughing, he would listen to the words of the dirty talker. He would walk forward, the figure of the demon towering over the man. "You enjoy the battlefield? Then don't forget the laws of it. While there is always a victor in the end, there will be bloodshed and tears on both sides" \ The players were beginning to heal their own wounds and he would chuckle. "Some nice healing you mortals have got going on... be a shame if someone... stole it!" He would race through the players, his claws extended. His deep raspy voice would then speak again to @Black. "Please, I perfer those that don't act big. Having victims that are afraid are much better" He would push the player back, hard enough to send him sprawling but not enough to hurt him. "People that like to act tough, its more fun to watch everything crumble in front of them instead of them themselves" He would strike through the crowd, slicing through each player, sending shards of red into the air which his body would come to naturally absorb. He hadn't managed to hit all of them, but he managed to restore some of his own HP. If they weren't going to bring his HP down, he was going to bring it back up. Attack ID: 109512 CD:7 - [CD: 7-10] [AOE] Blood Dance - Deals 10%(T2) or 5%(T1) of Remaining HP to each of the players in the active party and heals himself for the total amount. This DMG is Unmitigatable due to being HP Based. Additional DMG from Fury and Berserk is mitigatable. Only Regenerates HP gained off of multiplier. Cosi: 109519 BD: 7+4-1=10 HIT ~ 255*.05=13 Unmitigational DMG + 50-66=0 --> 13 Total DMG Black: 109520 BD: 2+4-2=4 MISS Krysta: 109521 BD: 10 CRITICAL HIT (Fury Activated) ~ (50=50-28=72) + (187*.05=10 Unmitigational DMG) = 82 Total DMG Kyot0: 109522 BD: 8+4-2=10 HIT ~ (108*.05=5 Unmitigational DMG) + (50-26=24 DMG) --> 29 DMG Total Viglion: 109523 BD: 5+4-2=7 HIT ~ (264*.1=26 Unmitigational DMG) + (50-48=2) --> 28 DMG Total Dustin: 109524 BD: 1 CRITICAL MISS -54 HP Regenerated- Miraak the Accursed's Stats Player Stats
  12. Glee would spread through him as he heard the screams of someone shattered. He would turn to see the face of the girl that was now standing up, enraged with him. She would begin shouting words at him that would leave him unaffected. "At what cost?" The voice would rumble. "I will stop at nothing. If you wanted it to end, you would have when Miraak gave you the chance" As she shook with rage, he waited for her to come closer, but it appeared that she didn't have the courage to. An ax would slam into his body as he focused on her and his face would rip through the scene until he spotted the man responsible. His eyes seethed with rage. The audacity. "You're gonna have a bad time" he would grumble. Then, he would be attacked by several thrusts into the back, but this he would ignore. "Pathetic. Just leave if you aren't going to even contribute" The boy who was talking large earlier made an attack, but he would easily step to the side every time. AS the last of the oncoming attacks came, he would move quickly as to prevent giving others a chance to attack. He would summon forth a flame to surround his entire body. These players might indeed get him in the end, but he would ensure that before that defeated him, he would take as many as he could with him. He would begin to rush around the room, moving at a speed that many would have trouble keeping their eye on. With his momentum gained, he would charge towards each player in the room, slamming a fist into each of them, some he would slam into the ground. As he finished, every player was on the ground and thrown to the side. Those with the burn effect would find his attack to be much more harmful than those without as the burn effects would explode on impact. Several players were now brought into the red, and for that he would be glad. He would die, surely yes, but not before he would take several out with him. He would walk down to the girl with the white hair, picking her up by the neck. Lifting her high off the ground, he would smile. "Enjoy the heavens, it is a place I am forbid to go" he would crush down on her neck, the girl shattering into pieces. Fear would hopefully strike into several of them, as many others were nearing that same level of health. He would look at the frightened and enraged players with a sneer. "How many of your lives will you sacrifice to take me down? IS THE REST OF THIS WORTHLESS DESECRATED LAND WORTH THE LIVES OF YOUR FRIENDS? IF YOU DON'T WISH TO DIE, LEAVE NOW! I am feeling pretty merciful right now, but in the next few minutes I won't be" Perhaps if he could get them to leave, he would have a better living chance. ID: CD: 12 - [Field AOE] Burning Rage - Field AOE Auto hit BD:1 - No Critical Bonus Attack: [CD:11-12] [Field AOE] Burning Rage - Miraak uses his power to completely cover himself in fire before using superhuman speed to charge into everyone in the room. Deals (T2 - 50, T1, 25) and deals double damage if a player has a burn status and removes all burn statuses. DMG List Domarus - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(50+50)=200 DMG - 92 = 108 DMG Hazado - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(25+50)=150 DMG - 45 = 105 DMG Sunova - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(25+50)=150 DMG - 12 = 138 DMG - REMOVED FROM BATTLE Tri-Color Mina - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(25+50) = 150 DMG - 15= 135 DMG Aereth - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(50+50) = 200 DMG - 42 = 158 DMG Dazia - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(50+50) = 150 DMG - 38 = 112 DMG Cosi - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(25+50) = 150 DMG - 66 = 84 DMG Black - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(25+50) = 150 DMG - 54 = 96 DMG Krysta - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(25+50) = 150 DMG - 28 = 122 DMG Kyot0 - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(25+50) = 150 DMG - 26 = 124 DMG Vigilion - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(50+50) = 200 DMG - 48 = 152 DMG Dustin - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(25+50) = 150 DMG - 41 = 109 DMG Kairi - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(50+50) = 200 DMG - 90 = 110 DMG Hidden - 50+50=100 DMG -58 = 142 DMG Stryder - 50+50=100 DMG -86= 14 DMG Mars - 50+50=100 DMG -11= 89 DMG Neopolitan - Burn Effect ~ x2 DMG - 2(50+50) = 200 DMG-70 = 130 DMG Kimi - 50+50=100 - 25=75 DMG Miraak the Accursed's Stats Player Stats
  13. Players have until 10:00 A.M CST to make an edited post. (Or until I get the next post after that time :3) They would watch their own illusion, proud in what they had accomplished. They would just have to wait for it to sink in. A fist would smash into their back, the boss flying more towards the player's once more and the front of the chapel. "WHO DARE-" Another attack were to hit them, hard. A rapier would strike through a chink in their own defenses, drawing flames from the wound. As they regained their own ground, they would huff out of annoyance. "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU MORALS ARE!" The dark haired one that had thought of showing Miraak sympathy earlier stepped forward. A smug smile would come to their lips. Hey spoke under his breath, calling him a name that would fill them with glee. "Well, better than a boy that was a nobody before he came to this world" A punch would slam him into their face, but they would accept this one. As the punch caught their face, they would hold their ground, having embraced for it. They raised their hand to scorch the man but the cloaked girl finally managed to catch them off guard. A single thrust would enter deep into their chest, flames pouring from the wound. She told that they were going to taste pain. The demons would smile once more. "The flames of hell are more excruciating then anything you could ever imagine" How hypocritical you are being, for a god you wouldn't want to dare harm the people you wish to save. And here you are, trying to play god and control death." They would turn to the girl with a sneer. "We don't try to play something we aren't. We never promised we wouldn't hurt you. You are just following the words of foolish man that thinks he can change the world. That he could do anything to make it better" 'WAIT! WHAT IN THE LORD'S NAME ARE Y-' A sword would strike through their body. A sling swing would knock them back, slamming into the wall opposite of the illusion. They would pick themselves up from the ground, the red and blacked haired girl throwing a powerful punch towards their body. They would grab the fist with a smile. "It would be best to stay back. The show is starting" They would step back into the middle of the floor. 'GIVE ME BACK CONTROL OF MY BODY! I'LL TAKE IT FROM HERE!' The demons would force the hand to reach back around and grab the necklace on his neck, ripping the golden chain. "It would have been better to die" The demons would drop the necklace to the ground. "We bid you goodbye Miraak. You are thanked for the cooperation you gave in letting yourself be our host" They would step on the necklace, crushing it. A demonic scream would be heard as darkness spread out in ring around the boss that would begin floating into the air. The mark on the floor would begin to glow a violent red, the lights flickering before completely exploding. The darkness would point towards the cloaked figure, shooting into him like spikes. A wail of agony would be heard, until it came to a stop as the man's vocal cords would shred. As soon as the last spike would enter him, a heat wave would enter the room, increasing the temperature dramatically. A red hot light would appear form the center of the room before it finally dimmed. Facing the players now was a full scale demon, reaching eight foot in height. Cracks of flames would catch the creatures dark black body and it had four arms in total. A deep voice would be heard. "Perfection is in my grasp. The grass is dying, the plants are withering. Its days like these that remind me of why I ravage the earth and devoid it of life" He would raise his hand, flames arising from it. He would close is clawed fist, quenching the flame. He would turn towards the girl that had berated Miraak for trying to achieve a god. A mere mortal amongst you? Let us see how a mortal adds up to a Greater Demon that is at his lowest form of power!" He charged towards the girl, flames engulfing his body. His own speed was much greater than the human's now, not giving any chance for a block or dodge. His claws would rake against her body until he was satisfied. When he became satisfied, one arm would pick her up and the other would slam into her with a heavy blow. She would be thrown across the room, slamming into the wall with a satisfying crack. "Being a god would be boring. You ahve to remain in contol of one area. My goal is to burn and ravage, leeching the life of every planet, universe or galaxy I come to" He would sneer. He would let the players attack him, but he hoped they would be prepared to be destroyed afterward. 108865 CD:6 -Demon Rake (Single Target with most hate) BD:10 - Fury Activated! Kairi: 100+50+100=250-90=140 DMG dealt! Miraak the Accursed Stats Players Stats
  14. Player have 6 A.M CST, Nov. 14th to produce an edited post. They stood still as the players began to attack. The players were driven if nothing else. However, drive itself doesn't amount to much in the swing of things. They let the players come, smiling as they were attacked. The pain, the rage building up inside of them. Even if their current form was a mere mortal man imbued with their energy, they understood it was temporary. Once the ritual was complete, they would break out of this shell and take form as the greater demon they were. The players would strike, a dark haired man hitting first. He spoke that they were just wasting time. As his sword cut through his body, black fire would spew. His wounds would close, using some of his energy to do so. He would hear someone behind him as they charged, someone who dared still to fight. "Oh?" he would turn as a foot would smash into his face, the boss reeling back as the boy spouted more words. "Stop us or die trying? That's simply a waste of potential. You all think you need to fight for what is right, but what difference does it make in the end? You humans were created on the precedence of choice, able to go about your own path. What's wrong and right is simply chosen by the beholder of the choice" He would nod to himself. 'How's that for preaching, human?' 'Choice was granted, but you mentioned nothing of following the light of the lord' A voice would snap them out of their conversation with Miraak, speaking that they were by the frontliners and not all the demons in hell could stop them. A grin would come to the hooded figure's face. "So those out there really are your friends huh? Pity. They never understood either. You see, humanity is strong willed, but it just is a weak race of creatures with no infrastructure. You bite off more than you can chew, forgetting your place!" He would ignore the players for a moment, moving over to the east wall. 'What are you doing? We're trying to get them to follow us'. A black aura would surround the man before he sent a shockwave into the wall, allowing it to seem to crumble before the players. What the players would see is a scene of the frontliners, battling the black winged angel. The fallen angel. "You see here, children of the Holy Spirit, the Light, the Lord. Humans are brave creatures, but nothing more. Overconfidence and Pride runs in each of you. Your players attack an angel in cold blood and angered it. Angel's are the warrior's of the Lord, unable to be touched by man. Now they face the consequence. The Lord is no longer with them. The Priests abandoned them, and now they lay alone to die'. It was easier for them to create an illusion of what was happening or what happened before, so he had worked around that when creating his masterpiece. Of course, slight changes had to be made to make it more realistic, but the illusion was vivid and unable to seen through. There was no indication that any of this was fake. Only few of the players remained from the frontline players and the rest were in disarray. Ruby Beat and Seul, had all been removed form the picture, displaying to have either teleported away or died previously. Hestia, Shield, Macradon, Baldur, and Calrex were the only true to still fight. Zandra would be found, kneeling on the ground, a constant flow of tears streaming from her face as she gazed down at her ax. Morgenstern also knelt on the ground, his sword found several meters away as he stared at the angel. His eyes were that of a broken man, haunted by his past and unable to fathom the pain. Hestia was seen calling an order to the frontliners, her voice lost to the distance. It was clear however that fear itself crept into her face. Macradon was found trying to console Zandra to get up and fight. Baldur and Itzal were moving in on the attack, sprinting from around Calrex to take on the Angel. Baldur would attack first, being knocked back by a powerful shockwave that would shake the ground. As Itzal would begin his attack just afterward, he would leap into the air to attack the upper body of the angel. Before he managed to attack however, with lightning fast speed the angel would knock away Itzal's sword before he would be impaled by the angel's weapon. The sword of the angel would drive Itzal into the ground before he would crumble into shards of data. They would turn away from the battle to look at the players. "The frontliners will fall in time. They were powerless to defeat their opponent" ID: 108681 BD:2+3=5 Miss Player's Stats Miraak the Accursed's Stats
  15. (OOC: Due to confusion of the actual effect, we are retrying it since it is an important part of Miraak. Please understand there isn't supposed to be anyway the players realize anything about the strength they gain. Alluring Power - The priest taunts the players, telling them that if they side with him in this fight he will grant them permanent power that will help all their goals. He gives all of them a sense of that power for one round before removing it, only promising it to those who side with him. This 'power' they feel does not actually increase their stats in any way. It only makes the players feel as though they had, and also prevents them from realizing that their stats aren't growing. Even after the effects cease players cannot figure it out, regardless of what other players say. He frowned as the first player would begin charging him again. 'Why don't they understand? They were supposed to!' The red haired man would attack, swinging with a large ax. The weapon would be met by the shaft of his polearm, only giving him the blunt blow of the force. He would become knocked back and warned to stay away from the man's team. 'Kill them all, they aren't going to understand. Just follow according to plan and all will work out' A jet of fire would push back the thoughts and for a moment the players would be able to see his face. What they would see is a purely black face, his lips having vanished. Most of his features were torn or charred away, leaving only his flaming eyes. He would turn to his left as a player would charge, sounding as if he would be interested in joining but threw it all away for the sake of his friends. Sighing, he would easily deflect an oncoming blow from the boy and then become impaled by the strike of a rapier. As the player would shout that he was in the wrong he would smirk. "Ahh, but you look as if you are just as guilty. Have you not committed a sin in the past? Even if my sins aren't forgivable by the likes of you, you aren't the judge" Another rapier would come into contact with his body, and the words of a disbeliever would catch his ear. "You keep failing to understand that my methods have only be accomplished by the souls of the willing. They gave the very strength of their life for me to be able to serve humanity" He would watch as another player tried creeping up on him, a smile catching his lips as the player began an attack. As the player's blade was swung, he brought his scythe forward to deflect the blade but the weapon seemed to go through his own, striking him directly on the chest. His eyes would widen as flames would pour from the wound. 'Kill them now? None of them seem interested in following' He would step back to speak to the players again. 'They are mere mortals. Slow to the point, they will follow. They will understand. She promised me that' He would clear his throat before the raspy voice would speak to the players. "Alright. It seems many of you failed to understand my offer. I am willing to work with you, I have no wishes in harming any of you" He would wave his hands, returning the warrior's boosted strength feeling. "However, if you feel the need to fight, I can lend this instead. They will be more than glad to serve you". He floated into the air once more, a smile reaching form side to side. 'Show them what it means to not follow' A jolt would fall through the man's body. 'FINALLY' the voices would shout with glee. The fire in Miraak's eyes would become black instead of orange and red. His voice would become more forceful, the voices angry and compressing instead of attempting to be persuasive. Players would be able to clearly see the change of Miraak. "Mere mortals such as these are hardly anything to just waste my power on. ACCEPT THE OFFER THAT GRANTS LIFE, OR DIE FIGHTING A HOPELESS CAUSE!" He would swing his scythe, sending large blasts of black fire into the party and bringing many players even more dangerously low than they were before. As he landed on the ground, he would smirk. He would be much cockier now, uncaring of those attacking him. They would all be decimated as soon as he got around to fighting. Of course, if they wished to follow Miraak's words than they would allow them refuge. 'Anyone still wishing a fight?" 'Remember we still want them to join' ID: 108545 BD:10 ~ Critical Hit! Dark Omen x2 Activated! Berserk Activated! Auto-Hit! CD:8 ~ Flames of Hell used [T1-(50+40)=90 DMG, T2-(150+65=215 DMG) Domarus: 215-92=123 DMG taken Hazado: 90-45=45 DMG taken Sunova: 90-12=78 DMG taken Tricolor_Mina: 75 DMG taken Aereth: 215-42=173 DMG taken Dazia: 90-38=52 DMG taken Player's Stats Miraak The Accursed Stats'
  16. Players have until 9:00 P.M CST Nov. 5th to make an edited post. (Or before when I get to the computer to post it XD) He turned as the dark haired player would charge him, a red aura would take the players fist before it slammed into his chest. He would fall back, rolling on the ground and using his scythe to stop him from being knocked back. He would smile as a stun effect seemed to be warded off again. The next player would attack with a dagger, and he would send a pulse of energy to prevent her dagger from hitting him. 'None of these players are seeing my side... I don't understand. He said that people would understand' Another player, full of anger would charge him, slamming another fist into his chest. He would move slightly back and the player began to speak him, words that peaked his curiosity. "If you plan on killing anyone that supports me, are you really in the right? You kill for what you believe in, how is that different from me?" the boss pleaded with the man. 'Kill him' His mind told him. 'They will understand' he told himself. Another player would slam a fist into him and he would fall back. "HOW MANY MARTIAL ARTISTS DO YOU HA-!" Another player would cut into his chest with a blade, asking him to stop acting like a god. "My apologies, currently I am semi-perfect. If you all would have given me just a bit more time, I would have made myself a little more presentable. It isn't easy preparing the mortal body to control the power of the unholy." He raised his scythe, gazing at the players. 'Who dies next?' A grin crept across his face. The flames returned to his eyes. 'All of them!' He once again raised into the air, his scythe igniting into flames. "Proverbs 23:14 ~ Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell" He slashed his weapon across the air, sending blazes of fires to burn the players. He was sad when he seen that most of them dodged. "Dodge my flames, but you can't dodge judgement". He floated back to the ground where he gazed once more at the third party. "It would have been wiser to side with me. Only then could you escape the true purification of humanity. Christ died to cleanse the sins of humanity, but never ensured that the sins would return" Taking a breath, Miraak would turn to the next group. "Surely each of you understand. Two of you have firsthand seen the destruction caused by the unchained frontliners. Order must be brought, Sin must be wrought" 108472 CD:7 ~ Flames of Hell Deals (T2 - 150, T1 - 50) Dmg and leaves a burn effect for 3 turns. (T2- 24, T1- 12) Burn DMG BD:5(+3) Kairi: 8-2=6 ~ Hit : 150-90=60 DMG Hidden: 8-3=5 ~ Miss Stryder: 8-6=2 ~ Miss Mars: 8-5=3 ~ Miss Neopolitan: 8-2=6 ~ Hit: 150-70=80 DMG Kimi: 8-5=3 ~ Miss Player Stats Miraak the Accursed Stats
  17. Party 3 has until Nov. 3rd to make an edited post. It seemed by the first player to make a move after his offer had hardly paid attention and was too focused on a stopwatch. The player would charge him head-on with several slashes, but the priest would find it more than easy to block them with the shaft of his scythe. As the player would retreat from him, another one would return and strike with a downward slice from the sky. As the player made a direct hit on the priest, dust and fire would fill the air around them before his body repaired itself, using its own energy to do so. Another attacking player seemed to be frightened off by his current surge of power and new form. His attention was divided as a man started talking crap. Listening to his words, Miraak would immediately interject comments as he spoke. "Scared? Hardly I am afraid." The man's next words to piss Miraak off. 'Alright... I say we kill him,' Part of his body would say. 'No, these players could be valuable in the future. We just need to persuade them to our side. He promised that the humans would understand what I drove for with time' Miraak grasped his scythe tighter, his body in conflict with itself as two different kinds of souls battles for control. 'I am in CONTROL' The influence on his actions would fade away, but he still needed to fight. He refocused his attention and the player was still speaking. A punch would be made to his jawline, however, it would hardly do anything. The player seemed angry that his power had faded. "As if I'd let you retain the power I gave you for you to attack me" The player then said he was going to make Miraak bleed. "Hmmm, well you are going to need to do a lot more than that before EVER thinking about making anyone bleed. Especially us" A brown haired player would attack next, but he wouldn't pay any attention and just block off any attack that came his way. "Well, if you don't believe peace is the answer... This is the problem with humanity in general" His body would float up into the air, his scythe now becoming covered with a red aura and his body covered in fire. He would slice several times in a horizontal motion, sending streaks of fire to hit the player with both singing heat and a powerful blow. His aura would fade and he would float gently down the ground. Turning to the next group of oncoming players he would say, "Any of you wish to quench your thirst for power and join me in cleansing humanity?" ID:108341 CD:7 - [AOE] Flames of Hell - (T2 - 150, T1 - 75) Dmg and leaves a burn effect for 3 turns. (T2- 24, T1- 12) Burn DMG BD:5(+3) Dustin: (5+3-4=4) Miss Kyoto: (5+3-2=6) 75-26=49 DMG Cosi: (5+3-1=7) 75-66=9 DMG Black: (5+3-2=6) 75-54=21 DMG Vigilion: (5+3-2=6) 150-48= 122 DMG Krysta: (5+3-2=6) 75-28= 47 DMG Players Stats Miraak the Accursed stats
  18. PLAYERS HAVE UNTIL 8:00 P.M CST on OCT. 30th TO MAKE AN EDITED POST He held his scythe with one hand, watching the faces before him. Many of them didn't think much on this sudden transformation before attacking him with full force. The pink haired woman struck first, her rapier aimed strongly near his neck. A wicked smile hidden to players would reach each side of his mouth. He stepped to the right with ease, slamming the pole of his weapon into her rapier to misguide it. She would question his newfound speed with disbelief. A raspy chuckle emitted from his hood before the echoing voice would speak. "I am different than before, we are stronger now. You see, I don't consult with demons. Instead, I force them to do my own bidding"! The leader of the group would bring the chaos back under control, warning the room that he had grown stronger. 'He really ruins the surprise... we should kill him. No, I should kill him.' His thoughts seemed conflicted with itself. He was in control of this transformation, he really needed to prepare before attempting the final transformation. He had been told to be careful when undergoing each one and to not let greed befall him. In his state of thought, an ax would slam into his side, where the slash was becoming a mixture of fire and dust before reforming. The spearman would attack again, taunting him and commanding his attention. He let the attacks happen, the weapon being thrusted into his body. A laugh would be heard. Moving swiftly, a shadowy hand would move out of the left side of his cloak, grasping the player's armor cuff. All the player would feel is the freezing grasp of his hand as he rasped, "A spin-off such as myself doesn't have time to meddle with one so weak." He would push the player aside, casting him onto the ground. A sword would strike his back a few times, black dust and fire being thrown into the air before his body repaired itself. He felt a shock go through his body, but it failed to take effect. "Pitiful. As if you thought that would work again." He spun his scythe in a circle before selecting his target. The leader was really getting in the way and would be a problem if he tried to sway the rest of them. He would summon forth the parasitical power of the demons within him. They sucked the life from worlds, universes. A green aura would hue around his scythe and he would smile. With one step down on the ground, he would push off it and charge towards the red-haired man. His eyes would catch fire again, leaking his power as his mortal body failed to contain it entirely. Suspecting a block or counter, just before he reached the man he would burst into flame and vanish before the player's eyes. A moment after he would reappear on the other side, spinning his body and striking the player with his scythe as hard as he could. The blade would meet the man's body and become stuck for a moment. As this moment passed, light, color, and life seemed to drain itself from Domarus. His very soul seemed to be leeched out for a second, adding itself into Miraak's collection of souls. He would disconnect after a couple of seconds retreating slightly. "I see. Lust for power." He would glance back at Hazado. "A definite need of more power." His hidden smile would return before he called to the players. "Everyone! I understand your own belief that I am your enemy, but I see no enemies of you. Instead of enemies, I see souls with potential. You all can grow strong. Everyone you left outside this chapel has deemed you the weak and sent you on this mission. Instead of continuing this farce, join me and lay down your weapons. I can give you strength to outmatch those outside and even more as I've finished. Those who discontinue the fight shall be granted safety and when this is over strength beyond their imagination" He would reach out his hand to the players a warm glow emitting from it. As he did, players would feel strength gather inside their bodies. They would feel twice as strong as they normally would but as soon as they would attack this strength would fade. Their stats would show them a change but the change was an illusion, making players unable to realize that their physical ability hadn't changed. "Here is a mere fraction of the power I can bestow you when everything is complete" 108280 CD:12 - Host's Smite [Single Target] LD:1 - Domarus BD:6+3=Hit DMG: 840*.15=126 Unmitigatable DMG. Miraak Heals 126 HP Players Stats Miraak the Accursed Stats
  19. He would stand at the ready for the players. While he was still fine, it appeared that he hadn't the strength to take on such a large group yet. Had it only been just a few more days and he would have waved his hand and sent them into the darkest pits of hell. A true god hadn't the time for rebellions, but he when he took control he wouldn't bestow that power to the people. No violence, no negative intents. A utopia at its finest. He would smile as the first player from the next group would attack and he stuck out his hand to catch the man's. This time however, his hand did not remain firm and Mars' hand would force his to smash him in the face. Drawing back, he would glare at the player, but not have enough time for anything else as a rapier would follow up, the weapon attacking several times before he could draw away. "Thanks for giving me a chance" he would say sarcastically. 'I am not fast enough yet... not strong enough yet' he would think before a girl with a large sword would swipe across his body, sending a shocking motion through his body. "Arrogance makes death? Then why did you think to challenge a future god?" His limbs began to feel heavy, but he ensured to keep them up long enough to send pulses to keep the cloaked girl's dagger from hitting him. He would wall to his knees and another man would come up. Wincing and preparing himself for another attack, a hand would be placed on his shoulder. The man would speak, letting him know that while other's wouldn't forgive him, it would start with him forgiving himself. He would then go about, explaining how one that even went to the dark side in an attempt to save mankind should be given a second chance. The fire would fade from Miraak's eye for a moment as he looked up a the man. "Finally, someone who understands! You see this room? This world? They understand nothing the way men like you and I do!" It appeared that he had someone on his side other then his friend who was currently busy. He would watch the player turn to his friends and speak something before slamming his fist into his own chest. He would land to the ground, standing with the fire returning to his eye. "Hope is lost for all for all of you. None of you will ever understand" Instead of attacking the players he would reach into his shirt where another necklace was found to be hidden. This one appeared to be connected to a vial of metal. He would lightly unscrew the vial, black dust being released from it and surrounding him. For a moment, the lights would flicker and the room would shake, the seal on the floor beginning to glow as the demonic activity would rise. The black dust would float around him before shooting at him from all sides. The dust would become a red hot ooze attached to his face. The ooze would seep into his body and Miraak would fall to his knees, screeching in agony. Pieces of his skin would rip off, becoming black pixels that would fade into the air. His other eye would catch fire before he would stand again. His clothes were burned and torn now, most of his face replaced with a smooth black obsidian-like plaster. "Remember," A voice would emit, now raspy and sounding as if it were echoing around the room. "It was you who forced me to invoke the powers of the unholy" He would stop his foot, his entire body becoming engulfed in a fire that would start normally but the flame would become black before subsiding. When it passed over, all that stood was a cloaked being with two fiery glowing eyes with a face that couldn't be seen. A dark aura would pass around his staff, the weapon being curved in shaped into a dark black scythe. The cloak would float and pulsate in different areas. If a player paid attention enough, they would notice the lights were dimmer now. "I am no longer considered a mortal human being, my first step is made to becoming a deity" Dark thoughts washed over his, seeming that the demons were close to having enough power to overcome him. He most surely needed to complete the ritual before taking upon anymore of the demons locked away. <<Paralyzed>> Players Stats Miraak the Accursed Stats'
  20. Miraak watched as the next players came inbound, most of them seemingly not as courageous as the first group, but just as lively. The first to arrive was a young blond haired player, one that he would invitingly let into close range. A look in the man's eyes allowed him to realize that the man was trying to rely on some sort of effect. He would block the first blow, but pay no attention to the pierce at his side that hardly seemed to graze him. The player would back off and shout taunting words. He would chuckle with a smirk. "Where there is weakness, there is room to grow stronger. Also, you fail to see my intentions"! He would turn towards the other advancing players, the first reaching him and completing a V shape on his chest before he even got to react. "Thanks, that's one of my favorite letters, I guess" His sarcasm would be short lived as another player would assault him, slamming his fist across his jaw. The priest would be thrown a few feet back before he slammed into the ground. He slowly tried to rise, but dizziness struck him, making him unable to rise. Stuck in a staggered crouch position, another player would attack, smashing him in the face with a kick, sending him back sprawling. After hearing his words, Miraak became a bit angrier. Rising to his feet, the flame would return to his eye and a dark aura to his staff. "My methods haven't been the greatest I admit, but I will promise you as I have been promised that you will see more results than a deity who lets chaos unfold" He chuckled. No one seemed to understand. The humans were foolish creatures and didn't understand the work that of a creator. A promise of a better world, that is what he was fighting for. He was the hero in this story and these players were the villans. They were the last thing in his way from cleansing the world. <<Stunned>> <<Miraak - The Accursed>> Stats <<Players Stats>>
  21. (Please be aware of boss room effects!) The players would immediately begin assaulting him, attacking him with full force. He would watch as the apparent leader of the group would get ready to attack. Smirking, he held his staff in front of him, waiting for him to approach. He would have to outwit the man, moving underneath or over his attack and then strike from behind. It was then that the man caught a large burst in speed as he charged towards him. Surprise swept over the boss's face as a axe would begin swinging at him, striking over and over again. He would manage to block the last attack but doing so wold cause him to pushed back substantially, his foe retreating before he could counter. The man had been a lot faster than predicted, even with the enhancements he had already undergone he had been unable to dodge. He would step forward, nodding to himself. He had a duty, a duty to cleanse mankind. He would hear more shouting before his attention was called by a black-haired woman. She told him that she wasn't going to stand around any longer and that she was going to Crucify him. A grin would catch his face. This girl's movements were easily able to be seen without a charge. It would be more than easy to knock her out here while she tried to attack him. As she came into range however, a shout from his left would divert his attention, a rapier hitting from his right and a trident from his left. Growling, he would pull away from the players but another player would catch wind, striking in his middle multiple times. Before he could do anything, he weapon would slash across his back, dealing a considerable amount more of damage, his health bar slipping down a bit. As he stood, he was then taunted by the Pink haired girl to tell him that he was guilty of his crimes. A smirk would cross his face. "It may be true that I have committed many sins in the rise of power, but i've been promised the dawn of a new world, a better world. A world of peace and kindness where no little boy has to endure life as if it were his punishment" Kicking off the ground, he would head towards the player with the trident. A dark aura would once more envelop the man's body, the fire returning to his right eye. Having gained enough speed, he would use his staff to polevault him towards the player, the boss beginning to spin through the air before landing behind the player. With quick motions and powerful thrusts, he would thrust his staff many times in the back of the player, the last one heavily focused on the right to turn the player around towards him. He would spin the weapon on both sides of his body before attacking the player with a powerful two-handed swing of his staff, knocking the player off of his feet and onto the ground. He would wince from the thorns but take no time to back away from the group of players. With a single leap, he had returned to where he previously had been attacked. In secret, he would marvel at his newfound power. This was only a glimpse of what he had been promised. To understand how much better he could become was truly amazing. ID: 107982 CD:6 ~ Use Batter - Single Target (Most Hate) LD:11 - Share of Highest Hate Roll decides among which to attack Domarus: LD:1-6 Hazado : LD:7-12 Tricolor _Mina : LD:13-18 Reroll : LD:19-20 BD:6+2=8. Non-critical Attack: Hazado's Thorns activated. Received 10 DMG 75-(44-10(Soften)=34) = 41 DMG dealt. <<Miraak - The Accursed>> Stats <<Players Stats>>
  22. The priest would await as the players would choose their answers. This time, instead of answering the players he remained in silence as they chose their answers. He wanted their honest valid opinion, he didn't want to force their answers upon them. What they didn't understand, he didn't envision a world without choice, he envisioned a world in which only the correct choices were possible. Choices were made humanity what it was, but it also allowed humanity to stray off to the path of good or evil. His goal was to remove the path of evil from the choice list. As a few minutes passed, the Priest would begin to interact again. Closing his eyes with a smile, no words would be heard from him for an entire minute. "Let's see shall we?" A few seconds would pass and his eyes would open, his eyes becoming filled with a mixture of rage and disappointment. Looking on to the players, he would state for a second. Some of them hadn't replied,but a large portion dd. Most of those whom had chose that eh was unforgivable. A mask of pain and anger would contort his face, his calm and cool nature quickly fading. "I hoped that I would be faced with a reasonable crowd with kindness and forgiveness in their hearts. It would appear that I am mistaken. So far, I have only allowed those true of heart and pure of spirit contribute to my cause. Only those who understood and wished to cleanse the world we walk upon. Currently, we are so close to our goal. With the power to completely control the power of the unholy, I am so very close to grasping the power I need to cleanse this land from SIn and return it to its true state. Leviticus 16:30, for it is on this day that atonement shall be made for you to cleanse you; you will be clean from all your sins before the Lord. It really is a shame that I have stooped to a such a low that I would dare use the undeserving for my sacrifices" Taking a breath he would close his eyes. "Farewell, bearers of sin" Three Health bars would appear above him as he raised his Arch Priest's staff. A dark aura would surround the polearm and his left eye would begin to emit an unholy flame. He would call out a cry and the heavy atmosphere would set in, players without the cross finally feeling their debuffs, along with changes depending on what they chose. Slamming the bottom of his staff onto the ground a high level of energy would emit before waves of flame would reach out to the players, engulfing them quickly. The flames would quickly subside, leaving the players singed and damaged. Chuckling, he would finally comment to the non-believers. His vice was now lower, and sounded as if many voices were speaking at once. "If you aren't going to believe in any god, believe in me and my power. This is a mere fraction of what I shall achieve. I will ravage this world, return it to ashes before rebuilding and marking myself as its god. The Lord has no care for Humanity, why would he be fit to rule it"? Chuckling darkly he would raise his weapon again. "Well, you all were waiting on attacking, go ahead. See what you really amount to something with real power" Group has until Sunday - 8:00 P.M EST to post Actions Majority Players Chose: <<Unforgivable>> - Consequence: Archmage's Wrath Activated! (Auto-hit) Deals (T2 - 125 DMG, T1-60) DMG and causes 2 turns of burn (T2-24,T1-12) DMG TABLE Players who chose: <<Unforgivable>> Receive Buff - Sharpness - Increases Base DMG by 2 for the next two turns Receive Debuff - Soften - Decreases Mitigation by 10 for the next two turns Players who chose: <<Forgivable>> Receive Buff - Safeguard -Safeguarded Receive Debuff - Weaken - Decreases Base DMG by 2 for the next two turns Players who didn't choose: No changes <<Miraak - The Accursed>> Stats (Players please note that Mitigation and DMG effects the different tiers differently to give Tier One players a slightly better chance. Please ensure you sue the correct MIT for your Tier when attacking) <<Players Stats>> (Please Ensure that your stats are correct and send a message to @Morgenstern if they aren't! (ALSO NOTE THE BOSS ROOM EFFECT HOLY GROUND THAT DEBUFFS CHARACTERS WITHOUT THE EVENT ITEM)
  23. The priest would become berated by the players. The harassment he could handle. Years of torment and solitude had made him emotionally capable of anything. Where had not found friends, he had found peace with the Lord. For the longest time, he perspired on what the Lord had given to him. Then, he sought to give the same to the other people. He became a priest and spread the Lord's gift. It was then he could see, that what the people needed wasn't acceptance... what they needed was a peaceful world. He asked for the power to strike down those who disrupted the peace. He would bring peace to the people and maintain this. His only answer was to "Let Go". It was then that he decided that the Lord had no intention of assisting Humanity. He would create a god out of himself. He watched with a smile as the players bickered, quickly losing the formation and unity that they had when they once entered. Within five minutes they had lost everything. Since they hadn't started attacking, their only order, many were beginning to question the authority or take matters into their own hands. "EVERYONE"! he would call to each of the players. "Each of you are currently in belief that I am the enemy here.... Look at each of yourselves! Each of you are bickering like wild dogs over table scraps. If you wish to accomplish your goals then you must work together in harmony. We aren't here to fight. We are here to learn... to pray... to grow" Taking a few steps away from where he had stood he would tap his staff to the ground, a faint black pulse emitting from the staff. The doors to where the players had enter would firmly shut. "I must ask you all something. Let's look upon our own previous actions as we think for a moment. An honest person will do the very best they can do for themselves right? Let's say our person wants to make better for themselves, wants to be something greater than the average person. Is that so bad? Wouldn't it be wonderful for our person to make life better for themselves? Now, what if our person became over-ambiguous in their efforts and wanted to become more than just a person? And to do this, they would fight, take, and steal to just get them to a height in life that hadn't been reached? Could a person like that be forgiven? Can someone who has stooped to new lows to reach unimaginable heights be forgiven? tell me what you think" A notification would appear in front of everyone with two answers: Forgivable and Unforgivable. Players would be given the option to choose. He would stop moving, standing back from the players. He would never get them to understand his truth if they continued to bicker. It appeared that Zack and Orphir had already implanted into each of their minds that he was the bad guy. "Those fools, they never understood me, did they?" He would say under his breath. Zack and Orphir never had liked his way of thinking. He had told them that the Lord left it to them to drive humanity. He gave the humans their hand of cards and told them to play it wisely. Since they hadn't understood, he took it upon himself to change the world. The world was too far gone however, and he would completely cleanse humanity and begin anew. Human's should have never been given the gift of choice. All players have about 22 Hours to post what their character decides. Please only make one post per character in this period and make it clear as to what your character picked -> Forgivable or Unforgivable. (In the meantime, please ensure that your first post on the tainted thread includes all buffs and equipment as well as your updated stats(including buffs). For a clear and easy way to do this, you can copy and paste a frontliners stats and then edit it to match your stats. Thank you! Yes the Fight shall begin my next post.
  24. The players would enter the room, many of them exchanging worried glances with eachother. The first to directly address him was the tall red haired player with a large axe. Immediately, he knew this man was the leader. The way he carried himself, the way the other players looked at him. "Believe in God? Young man, I have spent my most of my entire life following in the path of God" Any player could obviously tell that it was a touchy subject with the priest, but Miraak had still carried himself properly. "Well met Domarus. I can tell that you hold yourself leader as the armed group before me, but the real question is... are you Master, or are you servant?" Many of the players were preparing to attack and he would put his hands up showing that he meant no harm. "Everyone, can we not be civil? Think of it for a moment, you have just laid your eyes upon me and I have shown no hostile intent. Is this how humans have become? To believe what they are told and act on that"? While many players were already preparing to fight, there were some that he heard were sure that they were going to die. The red haired player would speak again after calling to the players to not fall for his words. "The aura? The setting? My friend, I can assure you that I only have the means to speak with you all peacefully" A black haired player would yell that flowery speeches were pointless. He would smirk as the player would charge at him full speed. "Let us all take a deep breath and speak. This is a sermon after all is it not" The player would reach him then and he would begin another sentence as the player swung his fist. "Now, why don't you all..." he would say while he used his hand to redirect the punch away from his body. "Lay down your weapons..." as he slammed the butt of his staff into the player to knock him to the floor to his right. "And we could begin our session" He would finish, smiling at Mars. He would look to the players in front of him. "Let us be diligent in our faith and remember that we are all loved in the eyes of God. Zack and Uri haven't been fond of what I have preached for a while now and it makes sense that they would try and throw me out. As I said before, I am not your enemy, currently I have no intentions of harming any of you. When you have all settled down, we can begin our sermon" He would look to the man on the ground, a smile on his face. "It would be best not test that of which we don't understand. I understand that you have been shadowed with a lie spread by my former brothers in spirit and I shall give you the same forgiveness the Lord would" He would return to his former stance, smiling in front of the players. He had done nothing wrong, these players had been misguided by the other priests. A slight difference in perspective does not dub one as "evil". It was up to him to purge the evil in the lands, even if it be through any means necessary. God's gift of choice was granted to humanity, but that gift could be taken away if it meant to purge the evil in humanity.