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  1. Vally jumped, just a little bit, at the pat on her back. She hadn't been expecting it, and the dark put her just a little bit more on edge. However, she quickly got back to normal, and gave an understanding nod. "R-Right. I'll keep that in mind as well, then. This shouldn't be a hard fight anyway, since I have the Safeguard. With the new Sword Arts I got access to, and my damage increasing, I might even be able to one-shot it", she mused, tapping her chin before shrugging. Well, it didn't matter if she could one-shot it just yet, she'd still be able to kill it quickly most likely. Eventually, the two reached a cavern with a large, vaulted ceiling. "Well, if any place is the objective, this is it...", she muttered, mostly to herself, before taking a look around. She needed to find that gemstone. After a few moments of searching she did eventually find it, and plucked the stone from its spot. The ring would look good, that was for certain...but where was the golem?
  2. A golem was it, huh? So less a case of many enemies like those boars, and just one big one. No doubt its damage and HP would be higher to compensate, but she wondered by just how much. Hopefully not enough for it to be dangerous. She scratched her chin in thought for a couple moments before shrugging. If there really was a danger of her dying, Mars would probably step in, but she doubted that'd be an issue. She felt confident she could handle anything on this floor. "I'll keep that in mind. Nullifying an attack is incredibly useful, if people have knowledge of what the big things are gonna be", she replied with a nod of her head, spear out and ready. Once they stepped in, Vally looked around. It was painfully dark. She could hear some movement, certainly. Rocks grinding against the floor, but it didn't sound...heavy enough to be a boss. Maybe they'd encounter enemies on the way to whatever they needed to find. "Okayyyyy, so we have to find a gemstone for this ring, huh? Let's get looking then..." With that said, she set off through the cave to find what they needed to find.
  3. Vally did indeed set offt the moment that Mars responded, cracking her not-technically-existent knuckles as she did. She couldn't wait to get the tutorial over and done with. Whatever happened certainly wasn't going to be a surprise for a veteran of MMOs like herself, so she wasn't too interested in the contents of them, nor even the NPCs, for that matter. That wasn't really a thing to think about for her though, so she just headed to the grove where Hannah apparently was, to continue this quest. Once the two arrived, Vally found out that the contents of the package she'd been made to deliver was a golden band. Now, to absolutely nobody's surprise, they had to go get the rest of the parts for the ring from a cave. No doubt that would have monsters in it, so she moved to head off immediately, towards the cave. Once they arrived, Vally rested her spear on her shoulder, prepared to finish this entire thing quickly. "So, guessing there's enemies in here we have to fight? Shouldn't be too hard, if those piglets were anything to go by, but..." She cut herself off by pulling out the potion of safeguard and chugging it. "Got this for a reason, and better safe than sorry. Ready?" [Used: Potion of Safeguard]
  4. Vally rolled her shoulders as she stepped out of Lyle's Workshop. While that quest had taken an exceptionally long time, all the mob killing had helped her ding up to level 5. Compared to people like Mars, she was still low, but at low levels, each higher number was a rush. She even had a new weapon, which she'd made sure was mostly similar to her old one, and her damage had gone up appreciably. Especially since she'd unlocked new Sword Arts. Now her maximum damage had triple, and that was a really, really good thing for a DPS. The next thing on the list of tutorial quests was to pay a visit to an artisan woman with someone made by the old blacksmith that she had just helped. Of course, the spearwoman was bringing her favoured companion along for this and the rest of the tutorial quests. He'd been invaluable so far, and no doubt he'd have even more wisdom to offer. Plus, y'know, insurance in case her luck got really bad in a fight. She felt confident, though. "Okay, next up is...Hannah. Gotta take a package to her, and I'm certain that when we arrive, we're gonna need to do some kinda fetch quest for her. Let's not waste any time, eh?", she replied, before heading off to the grove area she'd been directed to. @Mars
  5. Only level 5 rn, but I'll toss Vally in as a T1 for the half-health. Who knows, she might even manage to beat someone.
  6. Vally: 2 SP, 400 Col Quest Rewards: - Tier One 2H Assault Spear (Damage) -Safeguard potion that can only be used in Third Lesson -2 SP Mars: 2 SP, 400 Col
  7. Of course Vally was going to start the third lesson immediately. She wanted to get this tutorial over and done with, after all. But first, they needed to take these tusks back to that blacksmith. Fortunately, she didn't have to hope that she wouldn't screw up making something out of them, because the objective was to simply bring them back. She'd definitely go insane if she had to collect any more of the damned things, and she didn't want to lose it from grinding in the tutorial. But, if what Mars had said was true, there were only a couple more quests that were this grindy. The Nepents, and the surprise quest on floor 3. After that...hopefully it would be smooth sailing, but she doubted it would be that easy. "That sounds like a good idea. I don't want to miss out on anything, and level caps for quests make that difficult. What's the floor 2 quest?", the spearwoman questioned, tilting her head as she did so. Knocking that out once they were done with the tutorial would be a good idea. Once they got back, she'd head inside Lyle's shop to finish this off.
  8. Vally spun her spear in her hands, flourishing it gracefully as the boar pup charged towards her. Even if she liked to be as effective as possible, she was still a little bit of a show-off when she could afford it, and this was one of those moments. The pup couldn't hurt her, after all, so really she could do whatever she wanted. She could let it wail on her for a good few hours and it would get nowhere. But, she wanted to get this quest done as soon as possible, so she prepared to finish it off. Her spear-tip sliced along the earth and crossed over the boar pup diagonally, creating a beautiful red gash that shattered it into pieces. The spearwoman gave a pleased cheer as the last tusk dropped, and holstered her spear with a grin. "Finally! I thought we were gonna be here for hours. Got the last tusk. Let's head back, eh?", she stated, already walking. She wanted to get this over and done with as soon as possible. [Roll ID #108517 BD: 10] Vally: 60/60 HP | 2/6 EN (-2 Heft) >Heft: Crit! 4+2x2 = 12 DMG Boar Pup: 0/5 HP (-5 HP) [Roll ID #108518 LD: 14]
  9. Vally was actually rather surprised at how eager Mars seemed to be to make that guild, but it didn't bother her in the slightest. She was somewhat eager too. Despite her generally cool demeanour, the spearwoman wasn't a real loner by any means. After all, she was born of the desire to communicate with others, in a sense. She quickly moved on to another boar, but once again, the tip of her spear caught on something, although the pup also completely careened past her without touching her. She twirled her spear in hand, and prepared for its next charge. She was too focused on the idea of the guild. "If you say so, then I'll keep that in mind. This quest, nepents, and the quest on floor 3...I'll keep that in mind, yeah, and try not to lose my mind while grinding through those", she commented. She hoped she wouldn't miss again, that'd be a pain. [Roll ID #108499 BD: 1 MD: 2] Vally: 60/60 HP | 3/6 EN (-2 Heft) >Heft: Miss! Boar Pup: 5/5 HP
  10. Vally gave a small hum of thought in response to Mars. Having a guild would make things far easier, plus...well, as she'd said, she quite liked helping make the place looked pretty. The other members, too. That had...certainly been an effort in patience, making them all look good for their first clears of raids and such. They'd nearly lost a spot at world first because of her worrying over them looking good enough. She bit her thumb while staring at Mars, trying to figure out what he'd look good in already, before shaking her head. "Um, sure. It sounds good to me, assuming you've got the cash to be able to make the guild. And of course, having a tank would be necessary for us to earn any good spots", she stated, before moving to engage another boar pup. It only took a few moments and a single sweep of her weapon to send the pup flying, but unfortunately it still didn't drop a damn thing. "Of course, I'd need to get a good few levels to catch up to you and to actually be useful in anything that'd be a challenge to you." [Roll ID #108494 BD: 8] Vally: 60/60 HP | 4/6 EN (-2 Heft) >Heft: 4x2 = 8 DMG Boar Pup: 0/5 HP (-5) [Roll ID#108495 LD: 6]
  11. Vally listened to all of Mars' issues with the various guilds. He'd provide some insight to their problems, at the very least, and his bluntness would at least avoid any sugarcoating over them. Partner, though? Had Mars been in a relationship, or did he mean it more in a partner-player kind of relationship? She wasn't going to pry, for now at least, so she simply silently thought of it while he continued to explain his problems with all the others. The Knights definitely didn't sound like her thing, military was not her bag. Like Mars, she preferred to operate with freedom to do whatever she wanted, rather than being stuck to a strict hierarchy. The Holy Dragons only issue, apparently, was being selective, but maybe that also meant the martial artist simply hadn't been able to learn anything of them. "Mm, people tend to disappear in guilds, but you don't want the entire thing to go nowhere. The Holy Dragons sound fine, at least, but perhaps making a guild that's more focused on being the absolute best at PvE would be the best option. Of course, finding those kinds of people might be difficult in the first place, but...a guild hall does sound nice. I always enjoyed making those look good", Vally commented, tapping her spear against her shoulder in thought.
  12. Vally hung back for the moment as the others charged in. They had a tank, but he hadn't howled, and she wanted to make sure she wouldn't draw aggro herself, lest she ended up getting taken out early. After all, she was the lowest level, and there was uncertainty that she could even damage it at this point, thanks to the fact that it most likely had mitigation. But whatever, that wouldn't stop her. Levelling up from this quest would hopefully allow her to actually damage the next one, if she couldn't do it to this one. Black woke up the dragon in a way that could only be described as fitting for him, and Mutsu managed to land a good hit. The spearwoman turned her head as she heard Shield call out, and raised her weapon to catch the orb that came flying at her, which bathed the red weapon in a deeper crimson glow. Maybe that would allow her to hurt it, but she still wasn't certain. A level one getting into a fight like this...ah, whatever. She could at least try to get a hit in. With that in mind she rushed forward and drew the tip of her spear around diagonally, but the hatchling evaded. "Ugh, damn thing...", she muttered, before hopping back to Black. [Roll ID #108454 BD: 3] [H: 2] Black - HP: 386/400 | EN: 40/40 [H: 2] Mutsu - HP: 80/80 | EN: 6/8 [H: 0] Shield - HP: 1610/1610 | EN: 141/152 [H: 0] Vally - HP:60/60 | EN: 4/6 [+2 DMG] >Heft: Miss! Emerald Hatchling: 105/125
  13. Vally really, really was not looking forward to that escape quest. She could already tell it was going to be a massive pain to deal with, especially since it was apparently solo. She'd have to bring a lot of potions for that quest, indeed. She'd probably end up having to farm Col to get those potions too. Ugh. But whatever, she'd figure something out. "Yeah, I plan on it. I wanna make sure I'm fully ready for that quest, maybe even get my mitigation to a point that they can't hurt me. Do you remember how much damage they did?", she questioned, before looking over the area. She wanted to find boars as soon as she was ready to go again. Knowing her, she'd probably end up getting it on the first one, making the extra time waiting for her energy to recharge pointless. "And yet somehow I managed to make friends with a grump like you before meeting her", the spearwoman replied sarcastically and with a teasing smirk. "You in any guilds? Seems like if you were in one they'd be very focused on being the best they can be. Hmm, maybe I should actually start a guild with that kind of focus...", she mused, placing a finger on her bottom lip in thought.
  14. If she were to meet the killer of killers, it certainly wouldn't be to kill him. Rather, if someone like that could survive a crusade against Laughing Coffin at his level, then there would be a lot to learn from him. Tactics, build...many useful things that would help her survive indeed. She was worried about PKers, especially at her level, after all. "The Holy Dragon Alliance sounds interesting. Tight knit groups are always the most fun, really. Plus, they have the smallest risk of backstabbing. I'll have to see about that, I guess. Getting into a guild would definitely be a good idea", Vally mused while examining her spear. "Are any of the other tutorial quests this bad for farming? I guess I'll just need to buy some LD food, and maybe a trinket too, just in case." Farming was always a pain, really. At least she wasn't going to have to spend all day on this quest even at the current rate. At least, she hoped. She'd rather not spend more than a day on the tutorial of all things.
  15. Vally decided to finish off the bouncing boar pup so she could focus fully on the conversation. As it came rushing back in she simply twirled her spear and skewered it from above, letting its shards float off into the air. She hoped that this one would drop its tusk, but alas, it was not to be, and she let out a defeated and annoyed sigh. "These damned drops...anyway. That Aereth guy sounds pretty interesting. Hunting down other red players...it's a good goal, I guess. And doing it as sub tier-3, too...he might be good to ask for advice, if I ever meet him." "Them just breaking up sucks. Know of any other guilds like them? I should think about joining one eventually, really. Running around on your own is boring, after all, and pooling resources together would just give a better chance of getting us all out of here alive. Hrm...anyway, time for another break, I think." [Roll ID #108252 BD: 6] Vally: 60/60 HP | 0/6 EN (+1 regen, -1 attack) >Attack: 1x4 = 4 Boar Pup: 0/5 HP [-1 attack] [Roll ID #108253 LD: 6]