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    PROFILE Username: Sparrow Real name: Ren Miyazaki Age: 21 Height: 5'10" ABOUT Personality: It's easy to mistake Ren's personality for a lack of one. By all appearances, one would assume he was a shy, closeted bookworm, as he was normally seen keeping quiet with his nose in a book, avoiding any and all interaction with people. The truth was, he kept to himself mainly for the benefit of others. Ren has a nasty tendency to be condescending and is quick to point out other people's shortcomings. Heaven bless whoever gets stuck dealing with him because they'll soon find out it's either Ren's way or the highway. He's always of the strong opinion that he's better and more intelligent than anyone he comes in contact with so his thoughts and beliefs take priority over all others. History: An only child of two hard working, lower-middle class parents, Ren was spoiled beyond belief. His parents' time and adoration were his from the moment he was born and they didn't think twice about spending all their hard earned money on their child. Ren was placed in the best early development centers they could afford from the moment they had to leave him in childcare, and continued to do so all the way through his childhood and young adolescence. He became thoroughly educated but also accustomed to getting what he wanted. However, as beneficial as his schooling was, he began to outpace what few friends he had accumulated throughout the years. Ren grew up fast and had trouble associating with his peers who always seemed so childish in comparison. When he did attempt to "play" with them, he couldn't help but point out the errors in their playstyles and imagination thought processes, citing historical accuracy or the fact that such things just weren't plausible. Before long, he had no one but his parents, who were now almost always too busy working long hours to meet the bills and couldn't devote their time to him. At first it was lonely and incredibly so, but with time, Ren convinced himself that this was what he wanted and to be alone was his choice. Now that he kept to himself, others started to see him as antisocial and on top of that, due to the pointed, matter-of-fact way he responded to their inquiries, he came off as stuck up. Soon, everyone assumed him to be a cold, antisocial jerk and once they believed it, it wasn't long before Ren started to believe it himself and began to act accordingly. He kept that way all through high school and college, idly judging the world from behind a book, while they wondered about the boy with the test scores through the roof. Books, the internet, and video games have always been an escape for Ren. The anonymity provided by the internet allows him an escape from the drone of everyday life. Unfortunately, Ren is much the same way online as he is in person. He tried adopting various personas through different games but found it too hard to suppress the strength of his personality. When people did things inefficiently, he couldn't help himself - he had to tell them how bad they were. Not because he wanted to relish in their pain, he only wanted them to be better and didn't have the skills, or patience, to sugar coat it for them. Trapped in Sword Art Online, he was alone once again, in charge of his own safety in a world where the people were just as dangerous as the environment. VIRTUES: Intelligence: He's beyond well-read and has the test scores to prove it. He's known as the "Walking Encyclopedia" by his parents for his ability to seemingly pull information about nearly anything out of thin air. In everything he does, he makes sure its the "smartest" way to do it so a task is as burden-less as possible. He's well versed in strategy and regarded as one of the best Chess and Shogi players in the country. Reliable: Ren is reliable in the sense that you can almost guarantee he'll do whatever task is required of him right and to the best of his ability. The first time. The right way. Always the right way. Honest: He's honest to a fault. He sees no reason to lie and although it is a double-edged sword, he'll speak his thoughts honestly without any awareness of repercussion to the truth of his words. FLAWS: Stubborn: It's his way or no way at all. Once his mind is made up (which is always), he'll hang onto his opinion until someone pries it from his cold, dead fingers and even then he'd probably put up a fight. He's spent most of his life relying only on his own decisions that he's come to trust that he's always right. Conceited: He breathes superiority. He's self-invested 100% and will only do something that either benefits him or interests him. He sees no reason to associate with others if they aren't up to his speed, which is essentially everyone. This is a behavior that developed as a result of the peer-imposed segregation placed upon him for being and acting "different." They started treating him like he thought he was better than them enough that he started to believe it. Rude: The other half of being honest, he's rude. He doesn't filter himself in any manner. If someone is acting stupid, he'll let them know. It's hard to find a reason to censor yourself when you are your only company and after doing it for so long, it's hard to justify changing a behavior ingrained so deeply in one's self. Reserved: If for some reason he hasn't forced/scared someone away, Ren will hardly let them know him without great effort. Beyond his parents, there likely isn't a person in his life that knows what interests him or brings him happiness. He unconsciously protects himself by creating a great, unassailable distance between him and everyone he meets, which makes him come across as cold and uncaring. He knows what it feels like to lose friends due to his behavior and he doesn't want to experience it again. Profession: None. SKILLS Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: » One-Handed Dagger (Rank 1) (+1 Base Damage) INVENTORY Weapons/Tools: » Sharp Dagger (Rare, +2 DMG) » Vanity Light Leather Armor » (3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP) ROLEPLAYS » RELATIONSHIPS (optional) STORY THUS FAR (optional)