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  1. How much did a shield cost, anyways? She’d have to check. If it was more than she could afford… maybe she could grind some Col from enemies…? She was starting to feel like that was viable. Bored, she browsed through the menu. If only she had something to do. She pulled out some juice to have and sipped it while watching the field. Maybe she’d try again after this. She felt a little better, anyways. At least she hadn’t taken any damage yet. Unfortunately, this still meant that she didn’t know how she’d react when she eventually did take damage. She’d been hoping to find out now and get it over with. Teach herself how to react and heal herself and stuff like that. She finished her juice and chucked the bottle on the ground to watch it shatter. It was ridiculous, but she liked doing that. Finished with an item? Throw the rest away and watch it despawn!
  2. She backed away from the Boar Pups and headed back towards town. Dodging enemies, she pulled up to the safe zone around the wall and moved over to sit down next to it. She browsed her inventory. So, so far, one Tusk. She needed two more. Her first one had dropped it. The second one hadn’t. Who knew what the drop rate was. Probably relatively high? It WAS a beginner quest, but then again, it had taken her forever just to find those Red Potion Flowers. She flicked through the guidebook to the quest, just in case. Nothing, really. Rewards, one weapon or one armor. Did that include a shield? Was a shield a type of armor? She hoped so. She closed the menu and stared out over the field,then immediately opened it again to send a message to herself.Buy Shield if quest doesn’t give one, she typed. Send. Good.
  3. Prisma took a deep breath, then ran at the Boar Pup. Not as fast as before, since that had made her miss, but just enough to get in there quickly. She stabbed it. The remaining chip of HP drained, and just as before the monster was coated with a blue grid before exploding into light. She waited, but no drop screen appeared this time. Disappointing. Prisma frowned. At least there was literally no risk in fighting these things. At least, as far as she knew. She’d only taken one hit so far, and it hadn’t done her any damage at all. And with luck, she’d soon get everything she needed and gain the rewards of the quest. Any amount of being harder to kill was good. She hoped she could get a shield from this quest. She decided to take a break. Fighting was tiring, she wasn’t that used to it yet. She needed to recover a bit before going on.
  4. Prisma circled the Boar Pup, which snorted at her, ears flicking. Well, at least they were nice and slow on the attack speed. She tried for another Pierce, letting her spear lunge out with a bright blue light to strike the creature squarely. Its health dropped to almost empty. So it was just above what she could manage. Still, she should try to land a Pierce for her first hit from now on, in case she critted. She backed away from the monster just in time for it to snort, paw the ground, and charge her again. She jumped aside and had to back further out of the way in order to avoid getting hit. She turned to face it, getting ready to try to just hit it once, without a Sword Art. Just one more hit and she could kill it. And just two more drops and she could finish this quest.
  5. Prisma approached her target. She took a deep breath, then tried running at it to strike first. She charged up Pierce and launched it at her enemy. And missed. She stumbled past, startled when the charge of the Sword Art plunged her past the Boar Pup. Behind her, it snorted, and she heard it paw the ground. She attempted to slow herself and twisted to try and look at it, just in time to see it bunch up and charge. It smacked into her stomach, knocking the breath out of her. She rolled across the ground. It was fortunately less painful than it would have been in real life, but still disorienting. She scrambled to her feet, dazed, and holding her spear out in front of her defensively. Her eyes flashed to her health bar frantically. Full? Wait- It was full. She hadn’t taken any damage. These things were weaker than her armor?
  6. Prisma drew back her spear with the appropriate motion input, and waited. When she felt her spear start to shake, she let it jump forward and connect with the Boar Pup with a brilliant blue light. The Boar Pup squealed, its HP draining to empty. Prisma watched, fascinated, as a blue grid pattern coated its hide, and then it exploded into blue, shimmering fragments. A screen popped up in front of her, startling her. “Boar Pup Tusk,” she read. Perfect! She clicked the OK button. She’d survived a fight without even taking a hit. Not too bad, so far. She still needed to be careful. She didn’t know what kind of damage these dealt- though her armor was good, and she did have these health potions. She flipped open and reached inside the bag at her waist, just to prove to herself that she could quickly pull out a potion if needed. Good. She picked out her next target.
  7. Prisma approached a Boar Pup that seemed isolated enough to attack safely. It snorted loudly (loudly enough to be obvious that it was now in combat), and turned to face her. Having seen what an adult did, Prisma waited to see how it might attack. This one too pawed the ground, then bunched its muscles and charged. Prisma jumped out of the way, dancing backwards as the monster swept past. “Ha!” she exclaimed. She dodged it! Take that! Oh, right- Prisma ran after it to stab it with her spear. Its health went down to a bit over half. So they weren’t that tough. Weak enemies for a beginner quest. Fair, but she wondered just how much weaker they were than ordinary enemies. Would normal enemies be just a little worse, or a lot worse? She should try a Sword Skill next. Prisma backed up away from the Boar Pup, holding her spear out horizontally.
  8. “The Boar Pups are in the fields outside of town,” said Lyle. “They’re relatively weak, and shouldn’t give you too much trouble. I need three of their tusks.” Prisma nodded. “Does this sound like something you can do?” he asked. Oh, right. Accepting the quest. “Yes, I can do that for you,” said Prisma, giving him a solid answer. “Great!”Quest Log Updated. “Just get some of those for me. Three is all I need.” “I got it,” she said. “I’ll go do that now.” “I’ll see you after you’re done,” said Lyle, smiling. Prisma turned away. She moved down Market Street, passing Zackariah’s shop, and headed out into the field. She surveyed the plains, and spotted a section off to the right where the boars were small in size. As she approached, she noticed a yellow line around the color cursors of the little boars, and each was labeled Boar Pup. Well. Alright. Prisma drew her spear.
  9. Prisma looked at Lyle Tealeaf’s blacksmith shop. She took a deep breath. It’s not like she didn’t know how to fight. She’d learned a little bit on Day 1 before the announcement. She was just a bit terrified of it.But if she wanted to start participating in this game, she did need to get used to fighting, learn more about it, and learn how to do it safely. Prisma took a deep, slow breath, then approached the shop. “Hello,” she called. The blacksmith replied, “With you in a moment!” She watched as he concluded his current animation, then turned towards her. “Oh, it’s you!” he said. “How can I help you?” “I want to help you like you said,” said Prisma. Was that enough? Was that clear enough to activate the next quest? “Ah, excellent! I have just the thing.” Lyle approached her. “I need you to get me some Boar Pup Tusks.”
  10. Prisma decided to stick around and watch Lyle at the forge for a bit. She quickly determined that he was mostly doing flavor animations, although they did go in order. He was making nails, “cutting” iron off of a thin rod and shaping it.Probably actual player blacksmithing would be different. What would nails even be used for by a player? After watching him for a while, Prisma set off down Market Street to check out some of the other shops. An artisan, a restaurant. Accessory stores and item stores. She opened her inventory to check out her rewards from the quest. Healing potions were always good, and- whoa! She’d leveled up TWICE?! Wow. Still not enough SP to spend on a new skill, though. She pulled out and opened the guide book. The next quest… Oh no. Combat. But it was supposed to give equipment as a reward, and it was a beginner quest… fighting reduced-difficulty mobs? Okay. Prisma took a deep breath. She did need to get used to fighting. She would take her break first and get mentally prepared for that. She closed the guide book and set off. Thread Summary Collected 5 materials Crafted potion Delivered package to Lyle Quest Rewards: 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP) 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage) 1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP) 2 Additional Skill Points Page Rewards: 1 Skill Point 400 Col
  11. “Hmm,” he said, then started taking things out of the box. He divided them into two groups, then brought over a half-dozen potions. “These are for you,” he said. “Zackariah said they’re your reward for doing him some favors.” A screen popped up in front of Prisma, detailing the items. Healing, damage, over-health. “Ah, that’s great,” she said, pleased, and closed the screen. The potions vanished from Lyle’s hands. “Now then,” he said. “Since you’ve been such a help to my good friend Zackariah, perhaps I can find something for you to do as well. It’ll be helpful to you. No need to answer now, but when you want to help, just let me know.” Quest Complete! So that was how they handled quest chains. When she didn’t respond immediately, Lyle nodded at her and turned back to his forge. Prisma thought a break was in order now after all that item gathering.
  12. The blacksmith’s shop was more of a stall. A good portion of the front was open to the air, just gated off so nobody would wander in. The NPC Lyle Tealeaf was working on something by an anvil, and blacksmithing tools littered the area. He inspected his work on a rod of metal and stuck it back in the furnace. “Lyle Tealeaf?” Prisma called. She could see his name clearly, of course. “Yes!” he said. He removed his gloves and approached the front of the forge area. “What can I do for you?” “I have a package for you from Zackariah.” Prisma opened her inventory to get it. Lyle waited as though the conversation were merely paused until she held it out to him. “Ah, thank you!” he said. “Let me see what Zackariah has sent me.” He turned away to open the package on a nearby table. Prisma watched him hold up a potion, then inspect the rest of the box. He pulled out a sheet of paper and began reading it.
  13. “Thank you,” said Prisma, moving towards the door. “No, thank you,” said Zackariah. “Lyle may have something for you to do as well. He’ll make it worth your while. Do you need help finding his shop?” “Maybe,” she said, turning back towards him. “Where is it?” “Go left. It’s down the street, on the right side, just before the corner. Thanks again!” The conversation routines of the NPCs were relatively natural, but then, Prisma had been deliberately trying to “hit buttons” with her questions and answers. Sometimes when you said something to an NPC, they just wouldn’t respond, as though they hadn’t heard it. And they didn’t respond to any of the system mechanics, either, just behaved as though things were proceeding without any sort of game systems. You couldn’t use game terms around them, really. She headed down Market Street. Close to the corner… on the right… there. Blacksmith.
  14. Prisma grinned. Zackariah smiled at her and put it away. As he did, she asked, “What was that, with the water moving up?” “This? It’s a siphon brewer,” he responded. “Very useful for alchemy, and cooking, too. Good for making things like coffee and certain kinds of broth. Cooking and alchemy are related, you know.” “I see. Do you have anything else for me to do?” asked Prisma. The quest still hadn’t completed. “Yes,” said Zackariah. “Now that you’ve helped me make this potion, I want you to take this package to Lyle Tealeaf, the blacksmith.” He set a box wrapped in brown paper and string on the counter. Prisma headed back around the counter to pick it up. She debated over whether she was supposed to physically pick it up, then just put it in her inventory. Zackariah nodded. “You’ve been a great help. There’s something in that package for you too,” he said, winking. “Lyle will give it to you after you deliver it.”