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  1. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Monday, June 17th, at 2:30 PM] The wind howled through the air as energy seemed to crackle amongst the clouds. There was an air of tension as something felt like it was brewing on the horizon, and the Leviathan knew it. Though the Sahagin remaining shattered with force, a wave of cold signaled their defeat. As the ice attempted to claim the players for those precious few moments, more Sahagin crawled out of the walls. This time, there was more. These new sahagin were a crimson red color in their scales, and seemed meaner then ever before. A wicked grin could be seen on one as it spoke to the other in some garbled, clicking language. It was impossible to tell what exactly was said, but the intent was clear. The players wouldn't be long for this world. Meanwhile, the other four Sahagin jumped onto two of the players, a blonde and a redhead. They dragged them to the side and threw them over the leviathan's scales. Rising back up from that side was a crystal, once again attempting to gather the water around it as the fight progressed. All the while, the rain was punding down and making the players weary. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  2. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Friday, June 14th, 2019 at noon PDT] The leviathan was eagerly waiting for the chance to attack at the opening it had spotted in their defenses when they had their head shoved to the side by the bluenette charging at it. This made the attacks of the leviathan go straight to the side, harmlessly bouncing off of its own scales. Raising its head up out of the fray for the time being, it surveyed what else was happening within its coiled arena. The rain was still pouring down and weakening the players as best as it could. The sahagin that were inside tried to converge onto one of the players, but all failed to actually connect their blows (though one got very close). There was a certain air of tension hanging there. As if multiple people were teetering on the edge of death, only staying out of morbid stubbornness. There wouldn't be much time between now and the next player exiting the fight, and the sea was ready to claim its first prize. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  3. OOC Announcements: Players have 74 hours to post [Deadline is Saturday 6/8/2019 @ 5:30 PM] The leviathan let out a roar in slight desperation. These players that were getting low refused to die off. They were so persistent with their health that they refused to just get finished off. The rain poured down on top of them, keeping their health low, but they were still standing. The other players were barely feeling hurt at this point. It was frustrating to see them standing so tall at the moment, but the leviathan was ready to start whittling them down when he had to. They wouldn't be able to keep this up that long. They would eventually tire. And when they did, the sea would be ready to claim them. More sahagin crawled out of their hidey-holes as the beach grew slick with pools of water. They were snarling with rage at their leaders weakening. Those who did not heed the call of their challenge would likely find themselves on the wrong end of a very pointy stick. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  4. OOC Announcements: Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Wednesday 6/5/2019 @ 2:30 PM] As the water crystal shattered at the blonde's sword-strike, the party nearby her was rejuvenated by its healing waters instead of the leviathan. But before any celebration could occur, a new water crystal formed, picking up a body hiding behind a rock with it in the watery debris. The leviathan roared as it spewed water at the players who were frozen. As the one who wasn't breaking out of the ice was buffeted, the rain poured down on all the others, soaking their armor and whittling down what little health was remaining on some of them. It wouldn't be long before the first death would be at hand. The question was now who would be the one to die at the leviathan's hand. The sea behind the leviathan was stormy, but seemed to be waiting for something. What that could be was unclear, but it was lying in wait as the leviathan cast its will across the battlefield. It would make its show soon, but for now the creature of the deep could have the spotlight. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  5. OOC Announcements: Players have 96 hours to post [Deadline is Sunday 6/2/2019 @ 2 PM PDT] The players continued their struggle to do what little they were able to do against the force of the sea. Another Sahagin shattered and from it emerged a crystal that started collecting water around it once more. The segments that were up took heavy blows, but withstood the pressure placed onto them by both axe and sword. Perhaps there would be some time for the leviathan to make its move, but that wasn't going to be quite yet. For now, it blew another frosty wave across the players, hoping to prevent them from doing anything while it contemplated just how to get rid of them. Enough of them had ran to spread the news, though many of them seemed to be the type that wouldn't spread it any further than their own small group. They needed to take out one of the prominent people. Someone that the group respected. Perhaps someone stuck inside of the ice still. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  6. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Tuesday, May 28, 2019, at noon PDT] Players tried in vain to attack the leviathan, all being frozen into place. And by the time that the players were starting to thaw, leviathan was already out of reach of their weapons. It was but a paltry attempt at taking its life. There was no way that they could possibly out-class the power of the sea. As their weaker links started to falter, the leviathan could tell that people were likely to start escaping once more. All they had to do was lower their health slowly and surely until they were able to whittle down the numbers to a small enough amount they could wipe them out with e remaining blow. Let the weaker ones run away, and then they would spread the news of the stronger ones defeat. They would bathe in their own sorrow and the creatures of the sea would have no resistance as they swept through the villages and cities, laying waste to their self-pitying race. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  7. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is 2:30 PM on Saturday, may 25th, 2019 PDT] The players were flailing about doing their best to actually coax the leviathan to come down to their level. As the next segment shattered, the leviathan used its head to bring the newest Sahagin into the arena, his head lowered in the process. Right before the Sahagin hit the ground, the monster breathed icy breath across the battlefield to try and soften up its targets for its minions. There was little time for them to get their attacks in, but hopefully it would be enough to get them weakened down for a final attack at some time. For now, they were losing steam and wouldn't be able to go for much longer. the crystals that were healing it were also energizing them, but it was little matter. It would be able to end this battle soon enough. And when it did, it would move on to conquering the entirety of their race. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  8. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline: Wednesday, May 22, 2019 @ 4:00 PM] The leviathan could see the players were still struggling, though they had shored their defenses a little bit now. The remaining water crystal rose up towards the leviathan's head, the healing water it contained wrapping around it. As soon as it had completed its job, the crystal sank back into the arena to pick up what water it could and the leviathan inhaled the water it was given. Quickly expelling it, one player in particular was caught in its crossfire as it went for those trying to protect others. Knocking their health down a peg, the leviathan let out what it believed to be a joyful roar. To the players, it was a terrifying screech of conquest. Close to half of the group had left now. It was slowly but surely winning this fight. Nothing could stop it now, not even the pesky sparks that leapt from the players weapons. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  9. OOC announcements: Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Sunday 5/16/2019 @ 4:00 PM PDT] These players were slowly faltering, and they wouldn't be lasting like they were if things continued the way they were currently going. Parties were merging and everyone was having their health bars slowly drain. The rain continued to pour onto the battle-field, giving no respite to those trying to heal themselves. Sahagin may have been shattering left and right, but the leviathan began a beating onto the players. First a blast of water came from their sides, buffeting them. Second was a wave of frost, which had the potential to continue freezing players in place. And lastly was an orb of boiling water to burn those who weren't touched by the frost. There was no escape from this barrage, the leviathan made sure of it. Deal with these pesky warriors, and then move on to greater plans. As the leviathan figured out what to do with its prey, two more of those crystals came from the segment now left untouched. The open wounds on it letting them escape. Water gathered up around them as they started to float about the battlefield, waiting for its masters commands. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  10. Players have 96 hours to post [Deadline is 3:00 PM PDT on 5/16/2019] This fight was starting to waver for the leviathan, but it wasn't faltering just yet. Sahagin fell like seaweed in a current, but more would come. The sea always provided, and right now it wanted to provide the players with their defeat. Another player left in terror as their health plummeted from the rain. It wouldn't be much longer before an entire group was going to be wiped out by them. As a horn blew in the distance, the Leviathan reeled its head away from the group. Some strange other sea's power was compelling it. Perhaps one could survive this ordeal. Perhaps not. There was little they could do to stop them on their own anyways. The players would see the Leviathan give a shake of its head, shaking off the hits as well as flinging droplets of water at the battlefield. No attacks came from it, but it seemed like it was going to be quite angry and wanted to be done with the players sooner rather than later. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  11. More and more players began to flee from the fight, succumbing to the will of the sea. The almighty power of the depths. Though the leviathan thought about teaching a few of these people the Davy Jones locker combination, they decided to instead toy with them a little bit longer. Let them scamper around like the insects they were. They were no match for the powers of the sea. As the leviathan leaned down, another gust of water shattered free one of the players frozen in ice. Meanwhile, the Sahagin battered into the players, clinging on to life as best as they could. There was no end in sight, but the fight must go on. The rain poured on in the same monotony of the fight, sapping palyers health continually and preventing them from being able to do much of anything productive in this fight. It wouldn't be long before one was put beyond their means and left unable to flee. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  12. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is 4:00 PM PDT on Thursday, May 9, 2019] The players thought that they were mighty, but were in fact weak. As the first of them began to teleport out, The leviathan let out a guttural screech. It was n't one of terror, nor anything born of anger. It was one of joy. As the players ran from it, they grew stronger. Nothing could stop them in their path of utter destruction as they tried to finish off those that remained to still fight. Another washing of cold spewed across the battle-field, not affecting the sahagin that took advantage of it instead. And as the head passed by the last remaining crystal, the water came off of it, closing scratches on its head caused by the other players. Once the water had done its job, the Leviathan quickly inhaled it and spat it back out at a high velocity towards those trying to protect others. They may be the last to fall, heralding the failure of their goal. All the while, Rain continued to pour down on the players, as hard as ever. It would be what whittled away at those who still stood, ever present and bringing this fight to an end one way or another. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  13. Players have 72 Hours to post [Deadline: Monday, May 5th, 2019 @ 1:30 PM PDT] The players assaulted the head of the leviathan, but it gave no reaction. Even the large strike from the blade of the stealthed one only amounted to a poke to the leviathan. It was impenetrable as far as it was concerned. It's Sahagin minions struck chaos into the party it was near as the leviathan itself spewed pressurized and boiling water into the arena it had created. All the while, rain poured from above taking players down to the final slivers of their health. As the head of the boss monster retreated, small segments of its body seemed to detach and fall into the arena. They were these strange objects that pulsated with life and covered with some sort of veil. Any that approached them would see them flit away in a different direction. As immobile as they seemed, they were actually quite agile objects. On top of this, their watery veil made it difficult to locate the actual target underneath it. It seemed to be absorbing all the water spewing about the battlefield, though for what purpose, that wasn't entirely clear. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  14. OOC Announcements: Players Have 88 Hours to post [Deadline: 5/3/2019 12:30 PM] The rain was pouring heavier than ever, and as another sweeping wave of cold came over the battlefield, the rain once more turned to an icy, stabbing cold. Though there was little that the players could do to stop it, it was going to begin causing casualties if nothing was done to prevent it soon. A blade could be heard pinging off of the diamond hard scales of the leviathan's scales, and more sahagin poured out of their tunnels. The tide was coming in favor of the leviathan and their supporters. As the head of the monster came swooping down, it sprayed pressurized water towards the party, knocking two of them off of their feet. These pitiful humans are already nearing death and they've barely witnessed a fraction of my power. There will be nothing left to stop me once they are out of my way. I will be able to meddle with their affairs even more. With the power of the sea and an army of seafolk under my command, the land dwellers will be unable to stop me. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  15. OOC Announcements: Players Have 72 Hours to post [Deadline: Monday, 4/29/2019 5:15 PM PDT] This attempt at destruction was pitiful, little point in even trying this. Though the Berzerker did manage to take them out of commission, their head retreated into the air long enough that it collapsed back outside the little coiling arena. The constant motion of the body halted, albeit for a short period. Perhaps they have figured a way to weaken me. But no matter, This is but another miserable speck of an attempt in an infinite existence. I cannot end, so that will not change today. The rain continued to pour on the players, growing in intensity and getting stronger with every drop that hit. They were getting laden down with the water staying within their gear. And as it poured, the sahagin still alive quickly struck at the players. Most of them connected, doing everything in their power to reduce the tanks to their knees. Though it was little in actual effort, there was still plenty of damage being dealt. It wouldn't be long before the players would be wanting to retreat entirely. Last round's results: Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats: