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  1. This thread will be closed soon, please do not post after this post. Once Floor 25 is released, the 5 people still here at the end of the fight will have a 48 hour head start on doing any content on that floor (including searching for the labyrinth guardian). Players will be announced when that floor is released. The Leviathan screeched in agony. First the pinkette came at them with a cloud of darkness. It hurt like nothing before as it tried to free its head from the sand. The second rapier came at her with all the force in the world. And then finally, it was the hooded player's turn at agonizing the creature. Blow after blow landed against it, slowly pushing it towards the brink of extinction. And as the player slid down the throat of the creature, the health bar was turned to nothing. The creature glowed a bright, pale red and then shattered, freeing the players from their coiled prison. The Sahagin that were on the field screeched, seeing their queen go down in front of their eyes. All six of them scrambled back towards their holes, sealing them off behind them so as to not be chased any further. The tide retreated further, this time revealing a set of sand stairs that rose from the ocean bed. They led towards a door, to where could not yet be seen. Clouds parted and sunlight beamed into the arena, freeing the player that had been stuck frozen outside of the arena. A glint could be seen in the distance, a player nearly done falling through the air. The sea had failed its defense, and yielded ground to the constant push of the front lines. Last Round's Results Rewards: Thread Summary:
  2. Players have 48 hours to post [Deadline is Wedesday, September 11th at 3:30 PM PDT] The leviathan was tiring of these drawn out tactics, and as the players finished off the most recent segment, it seemed to send a ripple effect across the leviathan's body. Scales began to fall off at an immeasurable pace. Some were still there, but the skin was becoming more and more bare now. Spewing boiling hot water everywhere, the leviathan attempted to bit down on one the one player that wasn't frozen by its last frigid blast. They missed by a sizable margin and planted their head into the sand. They were vulnerable. The sea noted this, and began to back off from its relenting waves. It knew that its champion was in a losing position, and didn't wish to watch them go down in such a shameful manner. Perhaps it could select a new champion another decade. Then it would finally claim the land all to itself. But that was for another time. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  3. Players have 48 hours to post [Deadline is Monday, September 9th at 3:00 PM PDT] OOC Announcements: The players were about to shatter the segment, and the leviathan was not wanting that to happen. As a knee-jerk reaction, they quickly sprayed a wave of frost over the battlefield. It was a little too early, they would still be able to get their attacks off against him at full force. Perhaps if she had been more cautious, this wouldn't have happened. Roaring at their own mistake, the leviathan waited to see what would happen. The sea was also waiting and watching. It was flowing back in once more, seeming to release a breath it had been holding for some time now. Perhaps it felt the players would win and a scourge was rid of from this land. Or maybe it knew that the leviathan had sealed their fate and was cheering her on with the lapping of its waves. One could never truly tell, as the sea was more fickle than luck herself. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  4. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Friday, September 6th at 7:00 PM] OOC Announcements: The sahagin were taken out once more, and the leviathan was left to its own devices. It sprayed water about the field experimentally, more in preparation for another water crystal than to deal damage to the players. It was clear at this point that it needed to have a sudden onslaught against one of their weaker members if it had a hope at taking them out. Perhaps once the next wave of supporters flocked to her aid would she be able to do that properly. Not that coordinating them would be easy. They very much had minds of their own. As for the sea, the tide began to come in once more. This battle had been going on long enough that the sea seemed to be growing anxious, the tides changing faster and faster as if it were hyperventilating. Whatever controlled it was certainly watching this fight. And it seemed to fear for the worst. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  5. OOC announcements: Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Monday, September 2nd at 2:00 PM] The water crystal was shattered, but that was of little importance. It was simply another tool to make this battle last a bit longer. All the leviathan needed was that one lucky set of blows and the players would be struggling to get back up on their feet once more. Already they were slowing down, the number of enemies facing them preventing them from moving forward. It was quite possible they had reached an equilibrium. They were barely able to do more damage than the amount of healing that the crystals of the sea could do. It was enough that they were going to have to struggle to even finish this fight off. Perhaps another person would have tipped the scales, but for now the monster could wait and barrage players with fire and ice until it got that stroke of luck that would close out the battle. That was all it needed. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  6. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Thursday, August 29th at 2:00 PM] Just like the ebb and flow of the tide, so too was the leviathan's attacks. Though the Sahagin continued their merciless assault, the leviathan herself took this time to observe the battlefield and asses its options. The players were slow moving, and that would be taken into account. That meant that anything that could stay around for some time would be able to do some significant damage. Speaking of which, the leviathan noted the healing crystal coming towards them to remove several scratches from their body. It was a pleasant feeling, knowing that they were bringing the players even further from their goal. One of the more frail-looking players was hit with a Sahagin, it seemed that their lines were beginning to crumble. If only it could get one more player to leave the battlefield, that should be enough to cause a cascade failure to get the rest to be forced to retreat. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  7. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Saturday, August 24th, at 2:00 PM PDT] The Sahagin all screeched as they charged at the players. For the most part, they all connected. One was deflected by a parasol of all things, but the rest started to whittle at their opponents life force. As soon as they had finished their charge, the boss sent another wave of frost over the battle field. There was little space in between these attacks for the players to get their own counterattack in, but they would have to find one if they wanted to make it further in this battle. The clouds that were covering started to drizzle down more rain. It wasn't the soggy downpour that it was before, but enough to start reducing visibility. The players wouldn't be able to see much outside of the small arena they were trapped in. It was enough to hide the newest crystal that had entered the field, attempting once more to gather water to give to the leviathan. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  8. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Wednesday, august 21st, at 11:00 PM] As the players rushed against the segment of the boss, the leviathan was preparing her attack for them. As soon as the part of them shattered, a roar escaped from the boss as it came crashing down with a small wave of scalding hot water. As the waves crashed against the players, the head of the leviathan swooped through the arena it had created. The smallest window of opportunity to strike at it. As soon as it was crossed over to the other side, its neck acted as a slide to let 6 more sahagin into the arena. They had found their opportunity in the ones being frozen and quickly went to work in picking up an offensive formation. It wasn't going to be long before they were attacking the players, who were now left with a choice of targets. Attack the boss and try to come closer to finishing this, or defend their own skins. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  9. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Sunday, August 18th @ 10:30 AM] The circling continued, and the leviathan waited for something to happen. As the players went for part of its body, they quickly breathed a wave of cold over the battlefield. Just a little preventative measure to make sure they didn't think she was gone from the fight. It would only be a matter of time before the ocean would give its reinforcements. Perhaps even stronger than before. At this rate though, the players didn't seem to have even the slightest twinges of hope at defeating them. This fight was going on too long. They would eventually tire, their energy gone. And when that time came, they would have to run away or be run over. The clouds started to come back, and though the ray of hopeful sunlight was closed off, the rain did not start again. The light was overcast with ominous tides, but it was not gone forever. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  10. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is 4:45 PM PDT on Thursday, August 15th] These players were being resilient, the monster gave them that much. But they were slowly going to lose. There was no doubt about it. If one more left, it would likely be their entire undoing. It would cause the rest of them to crumble. Well, if the right one was taken out of the fight. For the moment, the leviathan circled the party, the arena they were trapped in constantly coiling, pulsating with the pounding of the waves. There was no telling when it would strike next, but it was clear it was waiting its chance to strike. Knowing full well that the number of players was dwindling, the leviathan needed to try and shrink the space available to them. But that would leave it open to more attacks on its sides that were already scratched to pieces. A risk with a great reward. If the players couldn't move, it wold allow it to attack with impunity. Perhaps they would even get in each others way. For now though, it circled in patience. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  11. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Monday, August 12th at Noon PDT] Those that remained were struggling to take out the more slippery of their opponents, and the leviathan used that to its advantage. With the water that had gathered around the crystal, it healed up many of its scratches once more. And once the healing properties of that water were gone, it spurted it at high pressure towards the one with the pink and brown hair. They seemed to be the weakest link, so it would be good for them to be knocked down a peg. More eyes glinted from the holes outside the arena. They wanted to charge back in and help their queen, but they knew they shouldn't do so until called. Too many of them were dying, they needed to make sure that their entrance would be useful. Even if they could all jump out and overrun the few that remained, they didn't want to sustain much worse in losses than they already had. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  12. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Thursday, August 8th at 6:00 PM] The players were struggling to keep up, and were making this fight go longer. This worked in the leviathan's favor. As another crystal detached from the scales of the boss, it knew that if the players were unable to deal with what it could continuously throw at it, they would eventually succumb. There was only so much power they could muster over time, and the sea had no such finite restrictions. As the players would soon run out, the leviathan could just continue its onslaught. There was no telling when they would be able to find another chance to strike at its head. If the monster had the ability to chuckle, it would. But for now, it was content with knowing its victory was coming closer and closer than ever before. But the beach was not quiet. More eyes began to peer through the holes in the wall. Though there wasn't more Sahagin coming from them, it was clear that there was a tension from them as well. They were waiting to see their goddess be triumphant over these paltry humans. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  13. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Thursday, August 8th at 3:00 PM PDT] The war of attrition was continuing. The leviathan watched as its forces crumbled before its eyes, but more would come soon. It tried to blast one of the players and managed to knock their health down a little ways while also managing to take off the ice that was encasing them. But while they were still sopping wet, another wave of frost began to creep over the battlefield. There was no rest for the weary, and the Leviathan was ready to settle into a routine until these players were dealt with. They seemed stubborn enough to not run away, but that didn't mean this wasn't going to take some time to actually defeat. Meanwhile, the sea was watching in silence. The waves were calm, the clouds had parted. It seemed both sides had onlookers holding their breath in anticipation of what was to come. Who would come out victorious at the end of the day. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  14. Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Thursday, August 8th at Noon PDT] The leviathan watched as many of the remaining players froze in place. It was unfortunate that not many of them were taking damage from the attacks of the Sahagin that were surrounding them, but it was enough to be whittling them down bit by bit. Perhaps they would finally succumb to the power of the sea and become one with it. But for the moment, there were some that refused to be frozen by its power. So the leviathan launched a steaming ball of hot water into the field and attempted to burn who he could with it. One of the Sahagin managed to dodge it, but the one that had attacked the Bluenette ended up getting burned by it as well. A steep price when this was a war of attrition, but there were always more Sahagin to call upon should the Leviathan need them. The power of the sea was endless, all that mattered was if it could output it quickly enough. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  15. OOC Announcements: Players have 72 hours to post [Deadline is Monday, August 5th at 4:00 PM PDT] The Leviathan reared its head and roared at the players. They hadn't done much damage to itself, but they were managing to maintain a small stream of damage while outdoing everything its minions were able to do to them. Some of them were able to connect their blows, while others were left to wallow in the dust. There was still time to wipe them out, but it needed to be done sooner than later. If they were able to drag this into a war of attrition, the Leviathan knew that it would lose. It had been so used to taking its prey out with a blitz strategy, it wasn't ready to go into a long, strung-out fight like this. Though its resources were vast, they were still quite finite. But they should falter before she did, perhaps they would even bow down to her when they realized they were no match for her. Last Round's Results: Boss Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats: