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  1. OOC Announcements: All Players have 72 Hours to post before the next rotation [Deadline: 4/20/2019 12:45 PM PDT] The puny little creatures seemed unconcerned by the Leviathan's challenge. Though it was nothing new to the primordial beast, they had hoped it was possible to avoid conflict and end this quickly. So be it, you have brought about your own undoing. The monster broadcast this final message through the players' minds. It had no intention of attempting to communicate with them further. As the players wailed against the scales of the monster's body, A crack of lightning struck as a segment was shattered. The lightning brought about a large rainstorm. But this was not the particle effect rainstorm other floors had. Each raindrop that fell from the blackened sky weighed heavily on the players, starting to soak into their cloth and leather, rusting their metal. If the monster could grin, it would, but it had no such manner of which to convey its sadistic joy. Its head came down towards the ground, mingling almost with the players themselves. As their health bar turned green, it waited for the players to turn towards it. And as soon as they did, it let out a fountain of water directly at those in front trying to protect the ones behind them. The water would crack against shield and armor alike, hard to avoid if it was avoidable at all. As the fountain would end, those affected by it were left drenching in water, only a slight concern now to the leviathan mighty. The segment that had shattered had its health bar removed, and a new section popped up, but this one was strangely glimmering. As the glimmer reflected through the arena, it reached the holes along the ridges of the beach's walls. A screech could be heard from it as four green scaled sahagin crawled out of their holes and clambered over the leviathan's body to greet the players. They were ready to fight and die alongside their ruler. Actions: Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  2. OOC Announcements (Please read before beginning your posts) Players have 72 hours to post (Deadline: Tuesday, April 16th at 8:30 PM PDT) Floor 24 Boss: <<Leviathan>> As the group of players made their way down the rickety stairs, the clouds began to creep closer. The waves grew suddenly calmer as the first feet hit the beach front, and the water seemed to clear up even though there was a lack of light. As the last of the players finished descending on the stairs, the clouds had finished covering the viewable sky. The light of the world seemed dim, and a crack of thunder broke the sea's silence. Without warning, a giant blue, serpent-like body began to coil around the players, cutting off their one escape path. As the coiling slowed, a head rose above the arena the creature had created for the players. As the name <<Leviathan, the Whorleater>> Appeared above the creature's head, it's health bar began to fill up. It crawled up through the three bars, and it seemed like a full 20 seconds ere taken before it had filled completely. And once it had filled, the bars turned grey. An untargetable creature. Once the Leviathan's health bar had turned grey, several portions of its body gleamed and a health bar began to fill up next to each one. There was one of these such segments for each party that was present in the fight, and each player saw all only one stay green. The one that their party was meant to attack. But before the players had a chance to do anything, a powerful thought washed across the players' minds. Do you wish to challenge me? Or will you suffer the quick fate of submitting? Choose now, for I will only offer this once. Boss Stats: Player Stats:
  3. The beach was quiet, but clouds were coming in from the sea. There was little to be seen past the rain that was making the waves choppy. The waves crashed against the shore as the tide slowly but surely came in. The ocean seemed ready for the players' arrival. The wood stairs leading down to the beach were slick with water and creaked at the slightest weight put down onto them. The cliffs where the players were able to gather were being buffeted by winds. Nothing so strong as to knock someone over, but definitely not weak enough to ignore. A whistling could be heard as the wind went through the holes in the cliffside. The sides of the cliff looked over the edge of the sea, some fish flopping about on top of the rocks trying to get back to their home. The clouds came a bit closer, than stopped about a dozen meters from the shore. They were waiting for something, or someone, to appear. The sun had just peaked and was starting to go behind the clouds. As the sky dimmed, the beach seemed to grow colder than one would think it should. A thin frost formed on the grass, but steam was visibly rising from the burning hot sand of the beach. All players have 72 hours to reply to this thread to be included in the boss fight. After 72 hours, the boss raid will begin. All participants must list their stats, equipment, battle-ready inventory, skills, buffs, and consumed items in their post. [ Deadline: Saturday April 13th at 7:30 PM PDT ]