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  1. Haltar Dhrim

    [SP-F1] <<Earning a Living: Performer>>

    Climbing is quite simple, thanks to the natural grips of the rock. However, as he ascends, Haltar cannot see any other mineral. He is therefore forced to climb to the top to find something.The climb turned out to be safe, thanks to the numerous natural holds provided by the rock. After a few steps, Haltar was at midway of the climbing. After finding a fairly comfortable position, the boy tried to look around, leaning over to see if there was any extra mineral nearby. He saw nothing new though, so he was forced to climb even higher. <Damn! I bet there are much better places to pick up materials than this. But no, I had to listen to the NPC, who knows how many other people will have said about this place! I have to find better places if I want to do this job in the future, otherwise I will have a very short career.> It didn't take long to get to the top of the rock. The top was a plateau illuminated by the sun, with the same irregularities on the wall. Haltar paused to catch his breath before continuing his search. Roll ID: 117569 LD: 1 (Mineral Not Found, 3/5 Gathered)
  2. Haltar Dhrim

    [SP-F1] <<Earning a Living: Performer>>

    Turning around the rock, Haltar finds nothing. He decides to try to climb.Haltar turned around the rock, checking every cavity as he passed by. He completed his way around without finding anything new. The boy puffed thinking of how much time he was losing: he was beginning to lose patience. <Ok, at this point I could try to climb it up to the top. And maybe I can even calm myself down a bit, before losing my patience and leaving.> He studied the wall for a few minutes, to make sure he had a simple route both to go up and down. He didn't have to climb many meters, but in any case better safe than sorry. Then he began the climb by climbing slowly, being careful to find a secure hold before taking the next step. <I hope that falling is not as painful as in reality, otherwise I would be risking a lot! But if I can stand a monster attack, I should have no problems with a fall of a few meters ... I hope.> Roll ID: 117568 LD: 3 (Mineral Not Found, 3/5 Gathered)
  3. Haltar Dhrim

    [PP=F1] << Earning a Living: Cook >>

    Listening Akiris'story, Haltar became serious again. Her story was very similar to his, only with more people near her. <In the end, everyone of us left someone behind. We all have the same story.> He thought sadly. When the girl started crying, he saw himself again in the first months after the accident. He too continued to blame himself for everything, and sunk into despair, isolating himself from everything. He didn't want her to risk such a thing too. "Akiris, you couldn't know what would have happened if you tried the NerveGear. Neither of you has faults: neither your sister, nor you. And I don't find your crying ridiculous at all. Actually, it shows how much you care about your family." He thought about hugging her to make her feel better, but that wasn't the case: after all he had just met her. He just tried not to stare at her as he dried his tears, to keep her from feeling uncomfortable. When she tried to smile at him, he tried to make her think of the future rather than the past. "I'm sure that when you'll come back, the party you're going to do will be bigger than the wedding party! You should look forward to it!" He smiled at her to try to give her a little optimism. Then, when she went back to looking for the ingredients for her dessert, she had an idea. "Look, you said you work in a cafe, right? When you get back to work, you can't say you didn't do anything for two years. So I was thinking, you might think about some new sweet to do, so when you come back to yours family you can make him taste a typical dessert from Aincrad! What do you think?" It seemed to him like a great goal for the future. Not to mention the fact that he was curious to see what Akiris would have invented! @Akiris
  4. Haltar Dhrim

    [PP=F1] << Earning a Living: Cook >>

    Akiris' statement left Haltar a little surprised, but after a moment he burst a loud laughing. "Haha, how can you tell? You never even saw it!" He then turned serious again. "Anyway, thank you. And I know: we'll be able to get out, I'm sure about that. I'm not going to stand by and watch, I did it for too long. I'll do my part as well." he concluded by placing his fist in front of him and squeezing it firmly. He didn't need comfort on this: he was committed to give all he got to join the frontlines as soon as possible. The confirmation from the girl about her friendship made him smile. "Well, if I find something interesting to do together, I'll message you then. Maybe we can hunt together." While Akiris went back to work, Haltar asked his question. It was his turn to get to know his new friend better. "Now it's your turn to tell. What brought you here to Aincrad?"
  5. Haltar Dhrim

    [PP - F1] <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    Haltar, seeing Hazado undecided about what to do, hastened to respond him, waving his hands in front of himself. "Ah, sure, I don't mean to force you! If you have other things to do you can go, of course." That said, he began to walk towards the city, which was not so far from there. "Well, in the meantime we can go in that direction then." The journey back to the city went on smoothly as the sky turned orange. By now the sun was setting. Once near the city gates, Haltar opened the menu as he was walking. "Before saying goodbye, I would like to ask you for friendship, to keep in touch. So I will be able to message you when I'm ready to join your guild. I intend to train for myself a little more before sending you the request, so that I can know some other player." After a few seconds, he sent the friend request to Hazado. After crossing the gates and reaching the main crossroad, Haltar stopped and turned to Hazado. "Well, from here I think I can go on alone. If you wish, we can say goodbye here." he said, offering Hazado his hand and smiling at him. @Hazado
  6. Haltar Dhrim

    [PP=F1] << Earning a Living: Cook >>

    Fortunately Akiris pulled Haltar out of the way, changing the subject for him. The boy was happy to go follow her by answering her question. "This is a rather peculiar story. You know, I shouldn't really be here." He waited a moment before telling his story. "Since I was a child, I had a friend who was always close to me. His name is Alessandro. We did everything together, spending whole days playing, we were inseparable." Remembering his childhood, he couldn't help but smile. "Then we grew up and our streets split up. Ale has always loved Japan, and in the end he decided to move there, while I stayed at home in Italy. But we always kept each other in touch, telling each other everything that was happening to us." "Sometimes I even went to visit him. Last time he showed me how he had managed to get a NerveGear, he was really happy. And since he knew that I am also fond of video games, and I was on vacation, he let me try it while he was at work." He smiled sadly at the idea of the scene that must have appeared before his best friend when he returned home. "It must not have been nice at all to find me stuck there..." he concluded in a slightly lower voice. Then he immediately recovered. "But all in all, I'm glad it happened. At least he was spared." At that moment a popup appeared before his eyes. He read Akiris's friend request, and clicked on the confirmation button with a smile. "Thanks Akiris! Does this mean I can invite you to some other day out?" he asked laughing. @Akiris
  7. Haltar Dhrim

    [SP-F1] <<Earning a Living: Performer>>

    Examining it closely, the wall appeared much more jagged than the previous one, full of cavities where the hand could easily be inserted. Perhaps the wall could even be climbed. Haltar looked up: the wall was at least three times his height. Maybe going up would have been easy, but he wasn't sure he could get off without hurting himself. He shook his head after a second. He wasn't there to do some climbing, and he wasn't even very trained, he would risk to get hurt. Although, perhaps up there he could have found more materials. Before risking the climb, he examined the wall from the ground, slipping his hand into each hole. He found nothing in any of the crevices that the rock offered, so he moved to the back of the rock as not to leave anything behind before trying to climb to the top. Roll ID: 117094 LD: 8 (Mineral Not Found, 3/5 Gathered)
  8. Haltar Dhrim

    [SP-F1] <<Earning a Living: Performer>>

    Finding the stone wall completely empty made Haltar a little irritated, who walked to the boulder with a firm step. "Oh no, you can't be empty! Now you have to give me something!" he said aloud, beginning to check closely every corner of the rock. It would have been a problem if he didn't find anything. He would not have known where to go after this, he would have to go back to ask for directions, in the city or to some passing player. After a while Haltar managed to find another gem stuck in a cavity. "Ah ha! Here you are at last! Come on... Come on out..." he said as he fumbled with the mineral until he managed to extract it. He had this habit of talking to himself when no one was around. Probably if someone had passed by there he would have thought he was crazy, but he wouldn't even have noticed it, as he was engaged in his business. Roll ID: 117092 LD: 17 (Found 3/5 Minerals)
  9. Haltar Dhrim

    [PP=F1] << Earning a Living: Cook >>

    Although the subject was not to her liking, Akiris nevertheless found the way to smile to Haltar while answering him. The boy had the impression that she wanted to reassure him, as if to say that everything would be fine. In that moment Haltar felt the need to agree with her and not to appear restless. He then smiled back at her. "Yes, I think you're right. It is enough for our family and our friends to remember us." But there was another thing that struck him in Akiris's question. He had noticed a spark of curiosity, as if she wanted to understand why he had expressed the need to remember everything that happened in the game. For some reason this thought made him uncomfortable. He could not say why, he simply chose to close the conversation to avoid further discomfort. Only then did he realize that he had stiffened for a moment before responding to Akiris: he hoped she hadn't noticed. All of this, however, did not prevent him from noticing the wit with which she had managed to get him to retreat from the subject. <She certainly knows her business, no doubt about it. She is definitely a sharp girl and able to defend for herself.> He looked at her for a moment before looking back at the surrounding grasslands, looking for something to say. @Akiris
  10. Haltar Dhrim

    [PP - F1] <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>>

    While Haltar was lost in his memories, Hazado approached Haltar. His presence was reassuring, despite being younger than him. The battles he had faced must have made him much more mature than a normal boy of his age. His words were inspiring for Haltar, giving him new confidence. "Thank you very much, Hazado. I can see you've been through a lot. You look like a nice guy too. I'll definitely come to visit your guild, I'll be happy to help you out!" At that moment, Haltar noticed the last grass he needed. In his enthusiasm, he reached out with a sudden gesture, risking to tear it and lose the material. As soon as the confirmation message popped out, he jumped up. "Yes, finally! Now we can go back!" Before setting out to return to the city, he turned to Hazado. "Thank you so much for accompanying me, it was nice to have you along. Do you want to accompany me up to Zackariah? It shouldn't take long." Roll ID: 117035 LD: 16 (Found 5/5 Herbs! Now back to Zackariah!) @Hazado
  11. Haltar Dhrim

    [PP - F1] First Encounter!

    Star seemed thoughtful after Haltar's explanation, but quickly recovered and thanked him for the advice. Then, as soon as two boars appeared nearby, she launched herself to attack one of the two, scoring a clear blow. Haltar smiled as Star retreated a few steps to make room for him. <Maybe she is starting to get the hang of this... Very well, she'll make a great traveling companion!> He ran a hand through his brown hair to move them from his face, before getting ready to strike. <It's up to me now, let's go!> He ran towards the same boar that Star had struck, repeating the charge used against their first opponent. The green-lit blade drew an arc in the air, hitting the beast. This one, however, wasn't scared at all: after taking the blow it crashed into Haltar, hitting him on the leg. The armor prevented the fangs from hurting the boy, but the impact made him lose his balance, forcing him to step back, just in time to see the other boar run through the spot where he was just before. "Wow, that was close!" exclaimed Haltar as he returned to his guard. "One more Star hit, then we'll be one-on-two!" Rage Blow on Boar A Roll ID: 117005 BD: 9 +1 = 10 (Critical +1) DMG: (2+1) x2 = 6 Boar A attacks Haltar Roll ID: 117005 MD: 8 (Hit) DMG: 3 -9 = 1 Boar B attacks Haltar Roll ID: 117006 MD: 4 (Miss) [Rage: 2/0] Haltar - HP: 19/20 - EP: 0/2 [Rage: 1/0] @Star - HP: 20/20 - EP: 1/2 Boar A - HP: 1/10 - DMG: 3 Boar B - HP: 10/10 - DMG: 3
  12. Haltar Dhrim

    [PP=F1] << Earning a Living: Cook >>

    Akiris did not seem enthusiastic at all about the idea of telling what had happened in Aincrad, rather she tried to avoid the subject. Haltar was sorry to have made her uncomfortable, actually he thought it would be a noble goal to pursue. However he could not yet drop the subject like that, he felt it was important. "I understand that this is a difficult subject, but my thought is that being afraid to tell this story would be likely a sin towards those who tried to save us. They deserve to be remembered." He had not known any player who had died in battle yet, since he had just begun adventuring. But if something would happen to him, he would at least like to be remembered. Disappearing was a thought in his mind, if possible, worse than death itself. But that was not why Haltar had brought up the subject. "In any case, there are not only negative things in this world. The landscapes, the bonds, the community that was formed... this must also be remembered, don't you think?" he ended with a timid smile. @Akiris
  13. Haltar Dhrim

    [PP=F1] << Earning a Living: Cook >>

    Haltar was relieved to know that the place where he had brought Akiris was the right place for his quest: his haste brought no inconvenience. As the girl began to search for the ingredients for her dessert, Haltar stopped at the beginning of the path that led into the forest, trying to see or hear if there were other players or some monster. For the moment, however, he felt nothing: everything seemed calm. He was surprised at the ease with which Akiris found some apples from a nearby tree. "Hey, if you're that fast, we'll be back very soon!" he said to encourage her. Then another thing occurred to him that the girl had talked about. "You know, about your dream of becoming a digital artist... it really feels like a good thing. I was thinking, when we'll return to the real world, one day, we'll have to tell them what happened here. I don't think we will be able to bring some screenshots with us or something like that, and we certainly can't let them in here. So there will certainly be a need for artists to draw what they saw. A drawing is worth a thousand words" he concluded, facing the girl. @Akiris
  14. Haltar Dhrim

    [F1 Tailor Shop] "The Hanger"

    Haltar entered the shop to make the first purchase of his adventure. The huge hanger had attracted him at the entrance, but the most interesting thing was what he had read on the sign hanging on the front door: 100% off on Uncommon or Rare Items for new players! Actually, Haltar wanted to buy some edge-quality equipment immediately, but his finances were not yet sufficient at the moment... And then again, beggars can't be choosers. Looking the clothes on display inside the store, it didn't take long for his attention to be drawn by a pair of leather pants. They seemed very comfortable, and promised to facilitate loot gathering. He then called the shopkeeper to confirm his purchase. Fortunately, the offer of free original equipment was still valid. Awesome! Warmly thanking the shopkeeper, Haltar took the purchased goods and left the shop, heading for his room at the inn. Cols spent: Nothing! (New Player Purchase) Item bought:
  15. Haltar Dhrim

    [SP-F1] <<Earning a Living: Performer>>

    Another thought came to Haltar as he walked on the prairie: if he had met an NPC on the street, would he have been able to recognize it, or would he have mistaken it for a player? He remembered Turing's test, which he had studied at school years ago: a test in which a person spoke with an AI, without knowing if he was a real person or not. In the case he mistook the AI for a person, the AI would pass the test. Who knows if an NPC from this world would have been able to pass the test? After thinking for a moment, Haltar shook his head. No, he couldn't do it. It would have been enough to ask a question not inherent to the game, and it would certainly have failed. It took him a few minutes to get to the rocks he had seen from afar. Once he reached them, however, they seemed to be as bare as those they had seen before. The quest seemed to get more complicated by the minute. Roll ID: 116571 LD: 2 (Mineral Not Found, 2/5 Gathered)