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  1. Jack The Ringleader

    [EVENT-F1]Halloween Event '19 - 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

    Zombies Killed: 70 Rewards Table: - Concession Stand Upgrade - Concession Stand Voucher - New ??? - Concession Stand Upgrade - Concession Stand Voucher - ??? - ??? Item - Concession Stand Voucher - ???
  2. Jack The Ringleader

    [EVENT-F1]Halloween Event '19 - 'Something Wicked This Way Comes'

    The lights begin to dim as you each take a seat. Large men, dressed as clowns begin to march around the sides of the stage keeping an eye out for troublemakers and rulebreakers. One bouncer, being thin and agile dressed as a high flyer took notice of @Neopolitan. "Madam," it whispered, it's faced disguised and hidden behind a porcelain mask. "Please make your way down to arraigned seating, there is plenty of room. This area is for circus staff only." Another burly clown made its way over to @Teion and @Ryo before letting out a loud cough at them. "No outside food, or drink. If yer hungry, go visit the concessions." It said before he trailed off and began scanning the crowd for more rule-breakers. After a few moments, the help disappeared from sight. The lights went out, and suddenly a single spotlight was on center stage. In the center of that light, Jack stood. "Brothers, and sisters! Ladies and gentlemen! Jack's World of the Bizzare presents, to you! Tonight, the world's largest congregation of human oddities! Living! Breathing! Monstrosities!" Drums began to beat as the music began to swell up Jack's voice reaching everyone in the tent. "That's right, they didn't ask to be brought into this world folks, but into this world, they came! Guaranteed to be alive, or your money back! Step right up to the Aincrad Creep Show!" Jack said as the music continued playing. As the music concluded, Jack stood standing in the middle of the dirt circle his lips moving to nothing creating no sound. After a few words, he stopped and smiled. He spoke, loudly and clearly. "Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! Wonderful contestants all!" He beams a large grin as he continues. "Today I offer you all a very significant chance! A once in a lifetime opportunity! A test of sorts, to prove yourself against the terrors of the night!" He says, almost maliciously. "Now the first night is to soon come, and as the moon sets the great evil magics of the dark to bring back to dead!" And as his voice echoes in the tent, the ground beneath you begins to quake and shake. The various NPCs around you begin to scream and flee for the doors, only to be met with a swift end as undead zombies begin to pour into the tent. Jack begins to laugh and as his laugh fills the tent, more undead being to burst from the ground. "I'll see you, in the morning heroes!" Jack cries out to the crowd, disappearing under the sea of the dead. ~~The Event Has Begun!~~ The circus within the town of beginnings has begun to be overrun with zombies! Those inside the tent are now trapped amoungst the undead horde! Survive the night, and slay as many zombies as possible! Keep track of how many zombies you kill though, as rewards are locked behind progression! In order for a thread to count towards the event use this tag, [Event-F1] This will help myself, and PST's sort threads for this event specifically. ~Rules~ 1. No outside food or drink! Food, Potions, and Crystals are unable to be used within event threads. 2. Concessions are only allowed to be used inside the current Halloween’19 event. Items cannot be refunded and will become cosmetic items after the event. Using these items takes a post action to apply in combat, and last for that thread. Treat them as normal consumables. 3. Players may still participate in the event, despite not posting in this thread! The down payment of 500 Col is required to receive any rewards from the event! Be sure to send Col to Jack! 4. Players may only kill up to 100 zombies in a thread. 5. Players in a party must use the zombie stat block of the appropriate tier of the highest tier within the party. (IE a party of 2 tier 1's and a tier 3, must use the tier 3 stat block) 6. Players may only be in 1 event thread at one time. ~Concession Stand~ Standing behind the booth looms a figure drabbed in tattered grey and black robes. Unable to see his face you peer down and see a small menu of food and drink, along with prices, for available purchase. He speaks in a low, dark chuckle. "Heh heh heh, what can I get for ya'?" He asks. (send Col to Jack listing what purchases were made) Item Name Item Effect Cost in Col Spider Cider Heals 60 HP 50 Diet Soda Heals 120 HP 150 Popcorn Grants 15 Mitigation 150 Obnoxious Corn Dog Grants 30 Mitigation 700 Fairy Floss Grants 1 Base Damage 200 Funnel Cake Grants 3 Base Damage 1000 Offbrand Energy Drink Restores Tier*3 Energy 100 ~Zombie Stats~ Zombie (Tier 1 Event) HP: 50 MIT: 10 DMG: 15 on a hit, 20 on a 9 or 10. SPECIAL: If the Zombie would be killed by a weapon or defensive ability, and the LD is equal to or higher than 15, the Zombie is instead reduced to 1HP. This ability is ignored if the attack that reduced it 0 was a critical hit or the weapon/armor used has the holy or holy blessing enhancement. Zombie (Tier 2 Event) HP: 200 MIT: 50 DMG: 100 on a hit, 150 on a 9 or 10. SPECIAL: If the Zombie would be killed by a weapon or defensive ability, and the LD is equal to or higher than 15, the Zombie is instead reduced to 1HP. This ability is ignored if the attack that reduced it 0 was a critical hit or the weapon/armor used has the holy or holy blessing enhancement. Zombie (Tier 3 Event) HP: 400 MIT: 75 DMG: 200 on a hit, 250 on a 9 or 10. SPECIAL: If the Zombie would be killed by a weapon or defensive ability, and the LD is equal to or higher than 15, the Zombie is instead reduced to 1HP. This ability is ignored if the attack that reduced it 0 was a critical hit or the weapon/armor used has the holy or holy blessing enhancement. ~Achievements~ New for this year's event, a Bingo Book of sorts is being added for those who have paid the 500 Col entry fee into the event! Complete requirements to earn achievements, earn achievements to earn points, spend points on amazing items! Zombies Killed: Zombies that die in a thread that you're an active party member of. Last Hit on Zombies: Zombies reduced to 0HP by a weapon attack you make. (DoT's apply) Critical Failures: Natural Rolls of 1 (If achieved cannot claim Critical Evasions) Critical Evasions: When an enemy rolls a natural 1 to attack you. (If achieved, cannot claim Critical Failures) HP Restored (Self): Amount of healing done to only yourself. HP Restored In A Thread: Amount of HP recovered to yourself or other party members in a single thread, relative to the highest tier in the thread. Consumables Used: Amount of consumables used on yourself, or other players. ~Achievement Name~ Number Needed Zombies Killed 150 Last Hit on Zombies 100 Critical Failures or Evasions 25 or 15 HP Restored (Self) Tier*150 HP Restored in a Thread Tier*120 Consumables Used 13 Upon completing an achievement a player will be rewarded with one(1) achievement point. These points expire at the end of the Halloween event. These points can only be exchanged for the items below. The only item that may be purchased more than once is Yui's Grace, everything else may only be redeemed once. Item Name Achievement Point Cost Demonic Weapon of Choice 4 Demonic Armor of Choice 4 Demonic Trinket of Choice 4 Halloween Sticker 3 Yui's Grace (Repeatable) 1 LD roll(including bonuses)*3 tiered materials 2 Demonic Weapon (choice of 1) [Weapon of choice] - Holy|Cursed|Damage|Damage [Weapon of Choice] - Fallen|Cursed|Accuracy|Accuracy Demonic Armor (Choice of 1) Heavy Armor - Flame Thorns | Cursed | Thorns | Thorns Light Armor - Holy Blessing | Evasion | Evasion | Cursed Shield - Frost Thorns | Frost Aura | Cursed | Mitigation Demonic Trinket Trinket - Life Mending | Life Mending | Recovery | Cursed Halloween Sticker: Allows the user to upgrade the quality of a single item to the quality above it. ie. Rare to Perfect. This can make an item demonic. Doing so allows them to choose any enhancement they can normally get on that item or(not both) roll for a random unique enhancement that is applicable and add that.
  3. SAO Halloween Event '19

    "Salutations! Come one, come all to Jack's Circus and see a magnificent show beyond your worst nightmares! For a paltry sum, you can be witness to a dazzling display of tricks, frights, and enjoyment! I'll see you there!"


  4. Awaking from your sleep you reach up and rub the dust away from your face as the morning sun comes to rise. You pull yourself away from your bed and make your way to the window. Drawing the curtains not as much light enters the room as you had anticipated. An overcast sky blocks the sun’s rays as you peer outside seeing a thin layer of autumn fog hang close to the ground. You stretch for a while and see it best to start your day. Your day goes by uneventful, at least uneventful by Aincrad standards, but you notice something new by the job board. “COME ONE, COME ALL!” Reads the top half of the flyer, depicting a large circus tent with curious images in silhouette dancing in twain in its background. “COME SEE MARVELOUS MIRACLES AT JACK’S CIRCUS” Looking over the sign you see dates of what you assume is the circuses running time, and a location. It not being too far from your position, you decide to check it out. Making your way to the site of ‘Jacks Circus’ you find yourself nestled into a sea of people, a crowd that stretches on and on. Many town-folk are here, some friends you may recognize, and many upon many NPC’s have all come to marvel at this display. “Step on up ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls!” A voice booms out over the crowd. Following the source, you see a man, dressed in festive attire standing on a podium. “I am Jack, the ringmaster of this fair circus! And for a limited time, a special offer for you!. For the measly sum of 500 Col, I can promise each and every customer the show of a lifetime!” The man hops down from his stand and disappears inside the tent. As many of the NPCs begin to walk away, unable to afford the ticket price you are left with a handful of people standing outside the large tent. Pay 500 Col to Jack The Ringmaster to receive a ticket to the show! Feel free to Role-Play out sitting down inside the tent and watching others come inside. And feel free to mingle with one another outside the tent as well. After 48 hours(1:00 pm PDT, Friday) the show will begin, so make sure you have a seat!