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  1. Entropy

    [F11 - NYL - PP] A Chance Meeting

    A tall, much older man began to approach the pair of players, and much to Entropy's surprise, the Panther Familiar didn't try to claw the old man's face off...probably because he was that event NPC Entropy noticed earlier. Stupid plot armor. Hmm...the offer of something to help Entropy get stronger? What should he ask for? Nephthys asked for a cursed weapon...hey, now that wasn't such a bad idea! Well, maybe not the spear part..."So, what're the chances you can get me a cursed dagger too? Three damage too, why the hell not?" Well, Entropy. If he can't get it for you, that'd be why. Entropy wasn't really one for holidays, but hey, after this, the man might start warming up to the idea. Free stuff? That was always cool. And yeah, yeah, family and friends and giving...eh, maybe Entropy would actually make friends with this poor girl he'd been yelling at...Holiday miracle anyone? @Father Wuotan
  2. Entropy

    [F11 - NYL - PP] A Chance Meeting

    The Panther began to hiss at Entropy again, and the girl snapped at the Familiar, quieting it again. She then pointed in the direction of the teleporter. Entropy looked followed her finger, just further into the street. Entropy had the feeling he'd end up walking in circles some more though if he didn't get some help. Man, he really was useless to day, wasn't he? Well, there was only one solution to this problem.. "I hate to trouble you further," the boy said to the girl as he looked back towards her, "But uh, I have a feeling I'll just get more lost without help. Do you mind walking with me? I'll repay you, somehow." How Entropy was going to do that? Well, he didn't quite know yet. Food, probably. Everyone loves food. Besides, he'd been kind of rude to her. He needed to make it up to her somehow. @Nephthys
  3. Entropy

    [F11 - NYL - PP] A Chance Meeting

    The sound a voice followed by hissing came from behind Entropy as he walked towards the teleporter. Yeah, he definitely knew where it was now by the way. Upon hearing the voice, Entropy stopped walking and peered over his shoulder to see a woman and a rather large cat. Oh, wait that was a panther. The man turned fully as the woman addressed him, apologizing for the dejected looking cat's behavior. "But what are you looking for, I might be able to help." "I'm trying to find the goddamn teleporter off this floor," Entropy practically spat out of frustration. Who the hell designed this place anyways? It was a freaking maze, did they want people to get lost in the safe zone? The man sighed as he realized he'd been rather harsh with the woman who'd done nothing wrong. "Sorry. Can you point me in the right direction?" the man asked. @Nephthys
  4. Entropy was lost. Like...really lost. The boy never got lost. But now he was. He'd been walking around aimlessly, observing the festival, people watching. The usual. And then somehow he'd ended up in the ass end of nowhere, no one and nothing even remotely landmark-ish to help him figure out how to get back to the damned teleporter and go home to a place that was not currently snowing and cold! This. This was why Entropy disliked going to festivals for 'enjoyment'. He was a thief and a pickpocket anyways. Festivals were his workplace. He didn't go there to enjoy them. He went there to make money. Entropy pulled his jacket around his body tightly as he grumbled to himself, walking through the empty streets, trying to figure out where the hell he was going. But he had the feeling he was just getting more lost as he went along. Didn't he pass that shop already? He was pretty sure he had. Is he just walking in circles now? @Nephthys
  5. Entropy

    [NLY-F11] New Life Years Festival

    Well, Entropy wasn't usually big on celebrating holidays like this, but...having nothing to do left the young man bored out of his mind. And, given that there was an event on Floor Eleven, Entropy thought it might be a good idea to at least check it out. He wasn't really expecting too much, but at least it would kill some time. Boy was Entropy wrong. This wasn't just an event, it was an entire festival! Hot cocoa, games, snow. Even a big old white bearded man talking about gifts and all that. Suffice it to say that Entropy was sufficiently impressed. The man decided to walk around and see what there was to see. With hands in his pockets he strolled around. People seemed happy. If this were the real world, many of these poor fools would be the perfect mark for one of Entropy's pickpocketing antics. Not here though. What a shame...
  6. "Big town like this, it's easy to get lost. I lose my way back to the inn every once in a while too, so you're not alone there," Entropy said after the snow-haired woman explained that she was indeed picking up the same quest that he was. No he didn't really get lost. But, letting people think he made mistakes? Kaden had found in the past that feigning flaws made you more endearing to people. Less stand-offish than if you acted like you were perfect. Simple thing like that made all the difference. Entropy's smile only widened as the woman agreed to go on this little quest alongside him. Perfect. More help meant he wouldn't get killed. And if Entropy's guess was correct, she could do quite a bit more work than he could. But first, that meant she had to actually pick up the quest. The boy stepped to the side and tipped his hat to her as she walked into the shop, and when she reappeared moments later he flashed his trademark smile again. "Well, while I certainly do appreciate the compliment, I don't think boosting my ego any further is a great idea," he said with a light chuckle. "You can call me Entropy. It's a pleasure to meet you Lethia. Now, if I'm not mistaken..." the boy appeared to look around for a moment, as if assessing where he was and where he needed to go, "the town's exit is that direction. Let's go!" @Lethia
  7. The sound of a door opening and closing echoed off the stone walls of the quiet town. It was midday, a sleepy time of day, and for the most part, the town's streets were devoid of players and NPCs alike, save for the two that stood staring at each other right then. As Entropy had left Zakariah's shop, he'd nearly run into a white haired woman on her way in. The boy gave her a quick once over, as if evaluating her, but so swift was his gaze that it could have easily been missed. She was pretty. There was no doubt about that. And a few years older to boot. Not exactly Entropy's type but she looked like she could handle herself. "Pardon me," the boy said with a cool and charming smile. "Here to pick up that beginner quest too, huh? Ya know, I hear it can be quite the chore if you're alone. But ya know what they say. Two's company. Care to team up for this little errand? Might make it more enjoyable."
  8. Entropy


    Username: Entropy Real Name: Kaden Pace Age: 17 -> 19 Gender: Male Height: 5’11”/180.34 cm Weight: 160 lbs/72 kg Level: 1 Health: 20 Energy: 2 DMG: 4 // EVA: 0 // MIT: 0 // ACC: 0 --- Skill Points Available: 0 Total Skill Points: 5 Utility Skills: Combat Skills: Weapons Skills: Armor Skills: Extra Skills: Friends List: Relationships: Store: N/A Housing: N/A Inventory Weapons: Gear: Consumables: Misc: Virtues Flaws + Analytical: Kaden has, is, and always will be analytical. The young man uses his intelligence to figure out the best action with the best outcome, and then acts on it. That, and he's also a really good problem solver. + Patient: Kaden is more than happy to wait if it means that the outcome will be better for him. As long as there's a reason to, Kaden can show great restraint and self control. Even though he might not want to. + Silver-tongued: Kaden is crafty and can talk his way out of, or into, just about anything. Years on the street taught him that what you say and how you say it can be the difference between life and death. - Controlling: The problem with being smart is that if you let it get to your head, you can become kind of bossy. And that's exactly what Kaden is. It's either his way or the highway. - Cynical: Kaden believes the worst in everything. Whether it be a situation or people, he fully expects the worst to come about. If you thought getting Kaden to see the bright side was hard, try earning his trust. - Secretive: A side effect of not trusting people is that you become very secretive. Kaden likes to play things close to the vest, and he never shows his hand, even after he's already won the pot. History: The Story So Far: Roleplays: