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  1. Cain nodded and looked back to the gates, scratching his chin, "Thank you brother, i definitely know how it feels. You're right, we need to give them something for motivation but it will be costly in time, I'd like to get people motivated as soon as possible to lower that risk of more lost players." Cain smiled softly, looking at Abel. "You're a good person Abel, you've done a lot of good for people from what I've seen and heard and your reputation and good character really shows. Everyone has their own motivation and I know yours is noble, we just have to work fast and efficient, even at some cost." Cain shifted his sheath and armor to get more comfortable and started off to the north, adjusting his hair out of his eyes. "Let's get a layout of the area, we'll have to ask someone, or just maybe one will come across us, I'd like to see where my luck lands today." he says before chuckling to himself As he walked forward, he was worried a bit in his thoughts thinking to himself, "I know Abel is strong but I don't want him to get hurt, definitely not in my defense. We're a better team together but i have to make sure nobody plays hero, we and anyone we meet need to look after each other. This place is a good place to live but no place to die, I'm glad he agrees this much already, we can do this." Once more he looked over his shoulder then waved over, "Come on Abel, we've got this in the bag." @Abel
  2. Cain chuckled for a second before shaking Abel's hand firmly, "It's good to see you brother, this shouldn't take us too long to complete, but judging by the others that have stayed behind as well, there's no helping but to worry about what will happen to them as well if they choose not to go." Cain looked around in a 360 degree before back to Abel with a more stern look, "If this place was real, and much safer, I think these people would have a good chance of surviving here on their own and making a new life, but given the nature of the situation, what will happen to them if they choose to stay? I've heard of some that have simply given up on life now that it's been so long in this game with so little progress, they simply don't care if they make it out of here anymore." He reached out and put his arm around Abel's shoulders as he talked a bit quieter, "I understand how this will sound, knowing how we both are brother, but if we are at all able to help these people get out of here alive and back to their families, we must put ourselves first, the more people able to get to the front lines and push farther up the floors, the better chance we can get us and everyone else back to our families and lives. Please Abel, put my words to thought and try to be careful with yourself, I do not need to lose my brother to this lame excuse at playing god." As he let go, Cain gave a playful punch to Abel's shoulder and smiled. "Now, let's make up for lost time and get things done." @Abel
  3. Even though the entire prospect of the game was depressing, Cain thought the design and landscape was beautiful. He'd spent the last two years roaming, thinking to himself that since all of his real world responsibilities were now theoretically gone, creeping melancholia stood over him in his search for something to do with himself. The past two years had been a pain wishing he could see his old friends, his family, anybody that he actually knew before everything took over with a name tag and statistics. "There has to be something I can do about this game, everything is too perfect on the outside, even with the monsters roaming around and everything, there has to be a way to beat all of this. I don't know how many people have passed already due to this horrid game, but I cannot allow myself to join them, there are too many people counting on me to come back out of this." he thought to himself before a message notification popped up next to him, quickly opening it and smiling, "Ah, good ol Abel... maybe I do have a way to fix this." Cain quickly started typing up a message after finishing reading Abel's, checking his directions and facing back towards the teleporter pad before walking and typing. As Cain walked, he could only think to himself, "I can only hope this goes well, not like we have any other way out."
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    Cain's Journal

    Profile Username: Cain Real name: Cain Tanaka Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5’9 About: History/personality Cain had always been formidable to those that opposed him despite his small size as a child, his group of friends always there to back him up in any situation. He was a leader to them and his actions remained undisputed for it was always for the “greater good”, but not always morally correct. In his elementary days, Cain was a kinder and brighter kind of person before his family life started to become a major drain on his sanity. His mother was a lonely but strong woman, working for both the military and the mafia unbeknownst to each other as a double agent, she would be gone for weeks on end at times, even months where Cain would have to take care of himself and the house, growing up early on in life. Growing up would prove to be both difficult but a necessary experience for Cain, giving him the knowledge and wisdom early on to live without the necessary help from others. At age 8, Cain’s long lost brother Abel came back into his life after the death of his mother's previous husband, a rich oil tycoon named Henry Akeley. At first Cain didn’t really know how to feel about a brother coming into his life so suddenly, but he felt he grew on him well enough with time and patience. Cain’s group liked Abel and cared for his company, easily adding him in despite the noticeable age gap. As the kids grew up together, Abel used his age and wisdom from it to help these kids gain a better mindset into their teens to become better people themselves. The group tagged along together for their early school days before Cain went to live with Abel after he bought his own house in the countryside with the inheritance money from his father, living there for 5 years before the announcement of SAO and the nerve gear, which was bought for both brothers by Abel. Virtues: Innovative: Cain’s innovative sense came from both learning how to take care of himself as well as tricks that his mother taught him in her spare time. As much time as he had at home, he used to better be able to fix things brought to him by the other kids be it small tech, small toys or skateboards, he could find ways to repair what he had in his hands. Most notably was a child's bike that had been brought to him after being run over by a car, the front wheel being bent almost to a 90 degree angle and the rear snapped off. By the end of a week, he was able to have the same bike back to almost brand new albeit missing a bit of paint. Charismatic: Cain’s smaller size was made up for in his charisma despite not liking to interact too much with other people, his group of friends able to attest to this easily. In many cases, Cain was able to talk his way out of any trouble or even have someone previously an enemy to him become a good ally in time. His right hand man, a taller kid they called Tak, was previously a newer member of a small gang in town that wanted him out quickly but also needed Cain’s group out at the same time, attempting to put this kid into a baited situation for Cain to attack him before the plan was discovered, taking him in and protecting him from his former gang whenever possible. Poised: Cain has good control over his composure that can seem to others at times as arrogance or overconfidence until they see what he can accomplish when his mind is set to it. Cain is known to use some trickery to overcome any obstacle, a rival getting sand in their eyes isn’t an issue to Cain’s dignity as long as he is able to get the job done, although he doesn’t like doing it, the greater good is always the goal. Early on, Cain had to learn how to be more behaved in society, without a father figure around meant that his mother could only do so much to prepare him for the real world, along with teaching him manners in a household and in public. Without a father figure around, Cain took to film and heroes as role models, taking on a stoic sense of character and becoming more reserved. Flaws: Reference: http://darkworldrpg.com/character-flaws/ Pushy: Cain has a tendency to assert himself into others business, sometimes because he just feels like it, or to try and help with whatever is an issue. In most scenarios, too much eavesdropping got Cain’s feelings entrapped into helping another person else he would feel like he hasn’t done something he should have. During his childhood, despite becoming more reserved, he despised not being able to help others around him like his favorite manga and film heroes, old westerns showing him to jump to action and take a stand against any issue that came around. Brooding: While a sense of stoicism came from his fictional role models, a darker sense of the world came along as he started to understand the deeper meanings behind each character and plot line and how they tie into the real life. This knowledge started a chain of research leading him further into learning about the issues of the world and how people really act, showing him that the human world is a dark place that can't be trusted. Because of this, he felt alone if he was to try and help others all the time like he wanted to while very few others actually were helping. Scatterbrained:These mixed emotions all the time left Cain in a daze as he tried to figure out what would be the best course of action to take in any scenario. Most of the time, Cain’s brooding nature would help straighten his thoughts but in the end, his mind would end up tripping over itself. Cain would sometimes mix up situations in his head and use the wrong plan for the wrong instance and not notice it until it was too late, other times he would misplace items that he had just sat down or mix up his words in a sentence and stutter. Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.) Skills 0/5 SP Non-combat: » Passive: » Combat: » Weapon skills: ►Two-Handed Weapons 1 Rank - 5 SP Passive Effect: Gain +3 base damage for rank 1, then +1 base damage for ranks 2-5. Inventory Weapons/Tools: » Uncommon Starter Weapon Name: Richard Strong Item: 2H Straight Sword Enhancements: 1 Accuracy Description: A 7ft long Zweihander Uncommon Starter Armor Name: Back To The Future Item: Heavy Armor Enhancements: 1 Thorns Description: Recreation of 16th century Gothic styled armor to suit modern day needs. Current support Items Starter Health Potion x5 | 2500 Col | 10 T1 Mats Roleplays » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle » [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress (no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time) Relationships (optional) Cain is the Half Brother of @Abel Story Thus Far (optional)