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    i accceeeppttt
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    [PP-10] <<Feeding your Friend>>

    ID: 150573 CD: 8, Fail
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    [PP-10] <<Feeding your Friend>>

    "Sh-shut up!" Kazookie fumed, watching as the girl doubled over, laughing her little butt off. "Do you want to try bull-riding a giant spider robot?" "Ack! Why are you being so hard to work with, you stupid robot?!" she shrieked. That just seemed to piss the robot off- which was honestly something Kazookie never thought she would see. Abruptly, the robot's head stopped, which sent the young girl hurtling towards the cave wall. The girl's body slammed against the hardened surface and she even let out a resounding "D'oh!" before she face planted into the ground. Not even a second passed by before she sprang back on to her tiny feet. "Sucks for you, robot! I can't feel pain!" she screeched, pointing at the mechanical machine with a smirk. The automatic guardian's body seemed to heave as if sighing before it crawled back on the cave floor. It was quite obvious that this thing was already done with these two 'kids'. ID: 150556 CD: 7, Fail
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    [PP-10] <<Feeding your Friend>>

    "Like I said-" she screamed, clinging to the robot even more, "I don't want to hurt it and I doubt-" Kazookie paused, yelping as the head increased in speed, "- that a pointy metal stick is going to do anything to this thing! Look at it, you buffoon!" As if sensing that this blonde gremlin wasn't going to get off anytime soon, the machine's legs began to stir once again. One by one, the mechanical being's legs latched on to the side of the cave wall-- all while its head was still spinning. "I think I'm going to be sick-" And sure enough, it got worse. In just a few seconds, the thing was firmly latched to the ceiling of the cave. At this point, the only sounds echoing off the cave walls were the sounds of machine parts whirring and a child's uneven screams. Wasn't it music to one's ears? ID: 150555 CD: 8, Fail
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    [PP-10] <<Feeding your Friend>>

    "Hey!" Kazookie sprung up from her position and pointed at the girl accusingly. "You're the one that looks funny!" she fumed, her cheeks puffing up. "And stop hurting it! This thing is part of my plan for world domination! Plus you're not even chipping it!" The blonde smirked and pointed at herself. "Let the real professional handle this. Trust me, I've handled many giant robot-spiders in my day, 'aight?" As graceful as a swan with a broken wing could be, the young girl abruptly latched herself on the mechanical robot like a koala to a tree- except maybe even cuter. What's not adorable about a crazed little girl with a pointy stick hugging a giant moving spider-robot? The creature seemed dazed for a second, as if questioning whether a tiny child was really latched on to the back of his head like leech. Suddenly yet somehow not surprisingly, the top piece of the mechanical beast started to shift. "Well this is new." Almost like a chaotic merry-go-round, the upper portion of the machine spun in complete three-sixties, slowly at first, but it was clear that this thing intended to go faster. And faster it went. In less than a minute, the thing was spiraling and Kazookie was spiraling along with it like an uncontrollable top. After a few seconds, the human leech-koala and glowy machine thing were simply a blur. ID: 150334 CD: 5, Fail
  6. "Thanks, random old lady I met on the street!" "Goodbye random old lady I met on the street!" The young girl eagerly waved the gypsy goodbye as she set off into the floor ten caverns. "Alright, time to get me a mean-lookin' familiar!" she cackled, spinning around with the pouch in hand as she traversed down the rocky paths of the underground floor. Aha- yes. She was one step closer to having humanity on its knees! She could feel it now! World domination was only on the tips of her tiny, tiny, tiny fingertips! Kazookie scuffled across the rough terrain, eyes wide and open in search of anything to help her reach her goal of total destruction. Unfortunately, floor ten probably wasn't the most ideal place to look for a familiar, but there must be something here right? Right? Right? "Here, here, little familiar- I just want to enslave you and have you help me fight other monsters and people~!" she cooed, looking left and right for anything that even seemed to move. "There!" she shrieked, pointing at something shiny behind a rock. The energetic child broke off into a sprint, leaping over the small rock in hopes of finding something worth being her partner-in-crime, but instead, she ran straight into some very hard meta- as metal should be. "Oh," she wheezed, her body slumping over the metallic structure with a pained groan. "That hurt." ID: 150330 LD: 18, Familiar found Consumed: Ghost Treat
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    rees and accepts
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    Kazookie's Journal

    HISTORY/PERSONALITY KAZOOKIE PROFILE: Yano Uzui was a normal child (not really) until a fateful day. A day where she had experienced a pain she had never experienced before. The pain of betrayal. The pain of losing something so dear, so cherished. She would never be the same again. She would never smile the same. She would never act the same. God, she wouldn't even walk the same anymore. She lost everything that day. Her dignity. Her poise. Her confidence! All flushed down the drain. And for what, you ask? Nothing. Poor little Yano lost everything that day, and she could never get it back. (cue sad violin music) But the young girl learned something that day; humanity could not be trusted. No, no, she lost her hope in the wretched species that dominated the earth and vowed vengeance above everything else. Yes, that was the day she swore to take back what was rightfully hers. That was the day where the new Yano Uzui was born. A child with little to no humanity, who knew no boundaries, no mercy. A man-killing machine. Yes, Yano Uzui was no longer human. For she has lost all the traits of the cursed species the day she got a tummy ache from having too much ice cream, and she was set getting her revenge. USERNAME: KAZOOKIE NAME: YANO UZUI AGE: 13 > 15 HEIGHT: 5' WEIGHT: 98 lbs. ETHNICITY: JAPANESE/KOREAN VIRTUES: FLAWS: SKILLS: ITEMS: QUEST ITEMS / UNIDENTIFIED: 1. STATS & COPY/PASTE: 2. SP LOG: 3: UNDONE QUESTS: LVL: 1 HP: 20/20 EN: 2/2 DMG: 1 MIT: 0 1 PARA // 12 BLD // 2 EVA // 5 RGN