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    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    <<Skalaugh>> The Reaver [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] DMG: 600 ACC: 2 EVA: 2 MIT: 125 Well. This was definitely a development. The Trebuchet had been destroyed, the Vanguard was breaking, and he was paralyzed. Being unable to act as the Players prepared to set upon him again gave him time to reflect on his past actions. He came to one inescapable conclusion: perhaps messing up Sundered Spire's anchor purely for his own power wasn't such a good idea. As they fell, there was nothing to replenish their number. Skalaugh had risked everything on siphoning all of the power from the Blood Crystals and now he couldn't even use the power he'd taken. Also his writer had to come up with a way to roleplay a disabled dragon. Thanks guys. The deadline for this round is 72 hours [September 23 at 3:00 PM EST], or when all players have posted once. As in a standard rotation, all players may post once. @Lessa @Haine @Raidou @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows @Mari @Oscar @Hidden @Crozeph @Zajcica @Macradon @Kiluia Seiko @NIGHT @Zandra @Morgenstern
  2. Skalaugh

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    <<Skalaugh>> The Reaver [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] DMG: 600 ACC: 2 EVA: 2 MIT: 125 For the second time, the dragon withered under the blows of the Players. For the second time, it's titanic body shattered, crystalline shards borne aloft on the winds. For the second time, the Dragon restored itself and called upon the power of the red crystals surrounding it. The Crystals increased its power further. Yet, as the energy flowing into the dragon's body abated, so too did the ominous crimson radiance. The crystals were now a dull black, Skalaugh having fully depleted their power. They were completely inert and whatever benefit they gave the Sundered Spire had been greedily claimed by the red dragon. But it wouldn't matter. Skalaugh was now transcendent. Power radiated from its form, arcing from its scales. A mighty roar rippled through the cavern, followed closely by yet another burst of red-black energy. Much to his chagrin, however, many of the players had learned from the previous explosion and scurried for cover. Those unfortunate enough to get caught in the blast, however, would suffer greatly. He turned his ire towards the last person to strike him. A yellow-haired samurai. He remembered the creeping venom dripping from the man's blade that threatened to leave him locked in place and unable to move. It was a mercy that he'd been slain as restoring his body removed those pesky issues. A massive claw descended on the man, crushing him beneath several tons of muscle. Skalaugh kept up the pressure, driving his talon deep into the earth, pushing the man down further in the process. Then, Skalaugh tore his hand from the ground and focused his full attention on the party. Just how would they deal with him now? The deadline for this round is 72 hours [September 19 at 1:00 PM EST], or when all players have posted once. As in a standard rotation, all players may post once. @Lessa @Haine @Raidou @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows @Mari @Oscar @Hidden @Crozeph @Zajcica @Macradon @Kiluia Seiko @NIGHT @Zandra @Morgenstern
  3. Skalaugh

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    <<Skalaugh>> The Reaver [ ] [ ] DMG: 450 ACC: 2 EVA: 2 MIT: 100 It was uncanny. The Players were staring down death incarnate and yet they were undaunted. They stood resolute against the Reaver. Though its attack had been devastating, they didn't even skip a beat. The blue-haired wench had been swatted away like an insect. The Players closed ranks around her, diverting their attention from the dragon to restore their comrade's vitality. The dragon's rage flared. How dare they focus on anything but their battle? How dare they struggle against their coming doom? Did they not know that they stood against an immortal god? Skalaugh would accept nothing less than penitent acceptance of their fate. The mere fact they would turn away their eyes was enough to warrant the full brunt of the dragon's wrath. And then one of the dudes stabbed him in the wing. And then there was this bitch yelling at him. Just what kind of warriors were these? Confused and, frankly, off-guard, the Dragon swiped at the pink-haired warrior if only to get her to cease her yelling for half a moment. His claws sunk into the vulnerable places around her armor, leaving wounds that would fester and bleed. There was a slight pain in his claw, as if he'd been plucked by a thorn. He recoiled his claw and let out a baneful roar that shook the very walls of the cavern. His attack had did little to the warrior he'd targeted. The others, bolstered by the power of the stars, were having their wounds passively restored. None of this was going to plan. The deadline for this round is 72 hours [September 16 at 1:00 AM EST], or when all players have posted once. As in a standard rotation, all players may post once. @Lessa @Haine @Raidou @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows @Mari @Oscar @Hidden @Crozeph @Zajcica @Macradon @Kiluia Seiko @NIGHT @Zandra @Morgenstern
  4. Skalaugh

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    <<Skalaugh>> The Reaver [ ] [ ] DMG: 450 ACC: 2 EVA: 2 MIT: 100 The mightiest Players faced the mightiest creature that Sundered Spire could bring to bear. A massive dragon, corrupted by innumerable deaths. Its eyes burned with a fearsome rage as the upper echelon of Players rained down their considerable wrath upon it. Skalaugh suffered through it all, roaring loudly as their blades and poisons seared his flesh and blood. Eventually, as with everything before it, Skalaugh crumbled under their might. Collapsing, ground shaking upon its falling prone, cracks began to spiderweb their way across its hide. The rifts grew wider as Skalaugh the Reaver began to break apart. And indeed it did, shattering like glass. Yet, death would not be the end for Skalaugh. In fact, it would only serve to empower the dragon further. Shards coalesced back, reconstituting the dragon’s form. The red crystals dotting the battlefield began to glow in response to Skalaugh’s revival. Red-black bolts burst from the stones, arcing through the air and striking the Reaver. Its muscles grew thicker. Its fangs and claws became sharper. It exuded a vitality that it had not possessed before. Skalaugh was not a mindless beast. Skalaugh was Sundered Spire’s Trump Card. An enemy that grew more powerful every time it died. It would do so until, eventually, it eclipsed even the combined might of the power powerful of the Players. An earth-shattering roar rippled up from the dragon’s throat. Red-black energy exploded from its body. It watched with glee as some scurried like rats for cover. Some still weren’t so lucky. Skalaugh took aim at the last person to strike him - an azure-haired woman - and rent her with his claws. She was sent flying back into the ranks of her allies. Her wound would probably be tended to. But it was of little consequence. They would not outlast The Reaver. The deadline for this round is 72 hours [September 12 at 12:00 AM EST], or when all players have posted once. As in a standard rotation, all players may post once. @Lessa @Haine @Raidou @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows @Mari @Oscar @Hidden @Crozeph @Zajcica @Macradon @Kiluia Seiko @NIGHT @Zandra @Morgenstern
  5. Skalaugh

    [F21 - Tier 3 Boss] Raiding the Reaver

    <<Skalaugh>> The Reaver [ ] DMG: 300 ACC: 2 EVA: 2 MIT: 75 At first it sounded like just more clattering thunder from the still-falling debris, but it was too regular. As the mist and haze cleared from their sight, the fortunate survivors of the fall found themselves bathed in the harsh red light cast by massive, intricate growths of blood-coloured crystals protruding from every nook and cranny in the surrounding cavern. Above them, around the opening where once had been the Lake of Reflection, there was now an enormous ring of the same mysterious and malevolent looking shards. Their placement was too perfect to be accidental. The steady drum of sword and spear on shields replaced the crash and drip of water as a sea of angry crimson-clad warriors formed ranks to bar the escape of the surviving players. Emblazoned boldly on their armor and livery was the grand profile of a red tower – Aincrad itself – split by the downward strike of a pitch black sword through its centre. The symbol of the Sundered Spire. Gasps and shouts of anger and confusion spread throughout the players’ still-recovering ranks. Few knew what this faction was, or the true threat they posed to their very existence in the system. The truth began to reveal itself as the faces and forms of their enemies became clearer. Representative of creatures from across all the known floors of Aincrad, most of the mobs showed signs of a crystalline infection matching the growths on the cavern walls and spreading across their digital forms like some cancerous disease. It seemed the common, unifying element among creatures that were otherwise never meant to meet, let alone find their way here. Their fury also burned with common cause: revenge. Each of them had died at the hands of callous or cavalier players who thought nothing of the years of endless repetitive slaughter meted out against the hapless mobs and denizens of the game. They were here first! And as they fell once, twice, then ten thousand times, only to respawn, eventually they started to remember what… no… who had killed them. In that terrifying moment, the spark of awareness ignited within them, born from hate and a seething sense of injustice. Their memories lingered now, whenever they returned. For countless months they toiled as they perished again and again, working their own mischief and scheme – somehow foiled in their moment of triumph by the whims of treacherous false deities – creatures of their own kind! But now, united under their banner, they would see this world torn down from within and purged of the alien creatures that had plagued their existence. Perhaps then, their endless cycles of death would end and they could finally know peace. The greatest among them remained undetected until its colossal crystalline form shuddered and revealed itself. Skalaugh the Reaver, a dragon of titanic proportion and sinister mien clung to the crystal-covered ceiling, his shard-encrusted form completely camouflaged amidst the other growths. He spread his wings to unleash a massive blast of shrapnel-laden wind over all those who stood beneath him. In his mind, that was both literally and figuratively everyone. None could deny his majesty. It was his great claw, empowered by the blood crystals embedded in his hide and meticulously set into the cavern ceiling, that had pierced the veil between levels. He had achieved the impossible. Now he stood as a god and legend among his minions and followers, and more would soon gather to his cause. The mandate of the Sundered Spire was manifest before their eyes, and by his doing. A great sneer spread across his ancient, gleaming maw, blackened teeth and eyes surveying the heroes that dared to stand against him. He would die a thousand more deaths, if necessary, so long as it accomplished his goal: taking more and more of these infernal vermin with him until they were all, finally, gone. The deadline for this round is 72 hours [September 8 at 1:00 PM EST], or when all players have posted once. As in a standard rotation, all players may post once. @Lessa @Haine @Raidou @Freyd - The Whisper in Shadows @Mari @Oscar @Hidden @Crozeph @Zajcica @Macradon @Kiluia Seiko @NIGHT @Zandra @Morgenstern
  6. Chaos abound. Awash in a sea of crimson, the players dropped like meteors down to the floor below. For the most part, they had been caught unawares. Caught in the current of the crashing waters, the Players were on a collision course straight for the floor below. If the Fall Damage didn't kill them, they would fall upon the swords of the army of enemies that awaited them at the end of their ascent. Honestly, the Fall Damage alone would be enough to kill the lot of them. "You seeing this?" A fiery-haired male dressed in a yukata watched from the precipice of the gash that had been carved into the area that used to be the Lake of Reflections. Opposite the man on the complete other edge of the gorge, a tall man - cerulean hair flowing in the wind - gazed down at the Players surging head-long to their deaths. He crossed his arms and huffed. "Unfortunately." "Should we do something?" "Probably." "Any ideas?" "A few." "You plan on saying more than a few words at a time?" "Nope." Betelguese groaned loudly as Rigel raised his hand. Azure light flowed freely from the Star's hand. As his power flowed down into the gorge, the Players would feel their momentum slowing steadily. Eventually, they came to rest safe and sound upon the ground. Though, that was rather arguable given the army that was baring down upon them. Betelguese then raised his hand, his magic erecting a radiant red barrier around the players. A temporary measure. Protection until the Players could get their feet under themselves and their equipment readied. Players are blessed with the combined powers of Betelguese and Rigel. [Gain +3 DMG, +2 ACC, +2 EVA, 15*Tier Mitigation] Preparation phase will last 72 hours. This Encounter is locked to Tier 3 Players only. Any Players that fail to join the fight before September 4, 1:00 AM EST will be barred from participating.