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    Profile » crbsecret77 » Coby Baker » 12 » Male » 4 foot 9 » I have no good relations with my family nore do i have a girl friend Link start That was the Last Word I said before I entered this game known as Sword Art Online And I was ready the colors flashed before my eyes as i calibrated the NerveGear I was prompted with a name as i thought of a name I realized my name had it right there Coby Richard Baker so I typed in crbsecret77 and started the game looking around I was amazed I started looking around noticing alot of players and Npcs then I started looking at my menu sliding my thumb and index finger together opening the menu looking at all the options and inventory. I was ready realizing I had red and silver clothes on nothing special I had medium brown hair and a one-handed short sword well i guess this is my amazing start to this virtual world of Sword Art Online and I am ready Virtues: Trustworthy:I want people to trust me and think of me good Helpful:When ever i can help im glad when someone gives me a chance i always wanna protect them Flaws Speed: I'm not very Fast solo: I don't like playing with others