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  1. Blue hair. Snow saw the man with blue hair. A falcon dove from overhead in the high noon sky (or at least how players perceived it along the bottom of the second floor's base). For a moment, the other players in the central plaza of the first floor seemed as though they froze. Snow's gaze locked on him. "...Calrex. He saved my life, Snow. He has got to be top five if not the highest level player here. Honestly, that last floor boss would have killed me if it weren't for him. Can I tell you a secret? He's kind of cute... Maybe if I work up the courage, I could see if he'd be willing to take me out on a date? Anyway, hope you're doing good on the first floor. If you need anything, let me know. Hope to get out of here soon. Love, Last_Chance" The last message she received from Daire played in her head. "Calrex," Snow uttered. Her hair stood on end. The nails of her fingertips dug into her palms. She felt her vision turn a hue of red and summoned an array of menus. Armor. Weapons. Skills. Most importantly, Snow targeted the bluenette and began to compile a single request. With a press of the accept icon, a window flew over to the man across the plaza. <<Duel Challenge>> Snow challenges you to a duel. Reason: You let Daire die. I will not forgive you. This duel is for her, accept or be labeled a coward. Conditions are as follows: ....