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Found 3 results

  1. Cindel

    [F02] «Long Live The Queen»

    <<Long Live The Queen>> This quest takes place on Floor 2 This quest is repeatable Word from the Information Brokers speaks of a hidden respawning Field Boss on Floor 2. A small party reported having farmed the <<Wind Wasps>> found throughout the fields awakened a hidden Field Boss. This monster, identified as <<Wind Wasp Queen>>, proved to be a dangerous opponent for the relatively low leveled party, and dropped a powerful Alchemical Potion. Requirements: -At least two [2] Pages (21 or more posts) -Maximum Party Size of 3 -The Wasp Queen must be defeated -Repeat completions will only yield <<The Matriarch's Stinger>> Wasp Queen Information <The Wasp Queen> is a respawning Field Boss and has the following statistics: HP: 50 Damage per Attack: 20 Rewards: <<The Matriarch's Stinger>> This incredibly potent venom can be applied to a weapon to provide an additional +1 damage for the duration of one battle. (Awarded to each player) 3 Skill Points Parties or Groups of low level players are advised. Recommended Level: 8 (This quest has been updated for the September Update)
  2. Daeron

    [F02] «Let There Be Light»

    <<Let There Be Light>> This quest takes place on Floor 2 This quest is repeatable for Col only You have been approached by a worried NPC Mother. She is erratic and asks you to help find her missing child. She tells you that her child was playing in one of the caverns on the second floor with their friend, but they were attacked by monsters, their friend got away but they are still missing. As you approach the cave you realize that it's pitch black inside and that it has affected your mission with vision disabilities. Requirements: -Rp must be at least 1 full page long (21 or more posts) -Due to the cave's darkness and there being no light, any players that chose to enter the cave receive a -1 debuff on all dice rolls unless they have <<Night Vision>>. -You must fight two <<Giant Bats>> -You must find the lost child Giant Bat Information: <Giant Bat> is a Field mob and has the following statistics: Giant Bat: 50 HP Damage per Attack: 20 Rewards: 1 Skill Point. A Col Value of your Loot Dice multiplied by 25 [ Party leader rolls LD. All players receive that amount ] Solo Mid-level player or a group of low-level players is advised Recommended level: 5
  3. <<Breaking the Unbreakable>> This quest takes place on Floor 2 This quest is repeatable (to help only) To start the quest, the player must first find the quest NPC that has taken residence in a hut near the summit of an exceptionally high mountain at the southern edge of the 2nd Floor. If the player accepts the quest, the NPC takes the player outside to a 2 meter-high rock with a diameter of about 1.5 meters and almost as tough as an Immortal Object. There, the NPC reveals that the player must split the rock into two using only their fists and then proceeds to paint whiskers with quick-drying paint on the player’s face, claiming that the whiskers cannot be removed until the rock is split. If the player does manage to split the rock, they are rewarded with the Extra Skill. Good luck Players! Requirements: -At least one [1] Page (21 or more posts) -Must destroy <<The Boulder>> using only your fists. Damage bonuses such as Damage enchantments and Athletics apply, but your weapon skill rank does not, nor can you use any sword arts. Players with Martial Arts skill may apply their rank damage, but you may not use sword arts. The Boulder Information: <<The Boulder>> is a respawning Quest object and has the following statistics: HP: 50 EVA: -2 Rewards: Party Leader will be gifted the Extra Skill, <<Martial Arts>> 1 Skill Point Parties of players are advised. Recommended Level: Any