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Found 2 results

  1. Once again, I want to reach out to you, the playerbase to help me come up with things to spice up the RP on this site. Now that the patch for the PKing rules is almost ready to get out, I want to talk to you guys about the addition of a mechanic that I want to call "Thread Invasions". Back in the old discussion thread some players liked the idea while others hated it. Now I've come up with something new (thank you @Itzal) that might fix the issues pointed out in the old thread regarding this matter. -------------------------------------------------- Thread Invasion Players are now allowed to enter other PP or SP threads where they are not invited in order to attack, scare, etc. other players. Initiating combat against another player outside of a duel must also begin with a similar initiative roll. However there are several rules on invading other players threads: After a Player has entered a PP or SP without permission there is a 3 thread Cooldown before this player can invade another thread. Cooldown threads must be created after the 'Invasion' (Time Stamps) and must be tagged as such. At your first post of an 'Invasion' you have to link your last 'Invasion' as well as the 3 Cooldown threads. Failing to do so, will result in the 'Invasion' to become invalid and deleted. Invading players have to post at least (Max SP available)*20/3 rounded up posts to qualify for SP rewards. Example: Player A invades the SP of Player B. The thread ends at 20 posts; this means Player A has to post at least 7 posts in order to qualify for SP rewards. (Player B always receives normal rewards) Example: Player A invades a PP of Player B and C. The thread is already very long and after the thread is done, it has 80 posts. So in order to qualify for SP rewards at least 27 posts must have been made by Player A (Player B and C always receive normal rewards) Invaders do NOT qualify for Col rewards, no matter the amount of posts they do in an invaded thread. RP combat only. This means that no dice, stats and calculations are used. The combat only happens in the RP so please take care to avoid 'godmodding' In case you feel like somebody is 'godmodding' in your thread, contact the Player Support Team and we will help you. And most importantly: NO player can be killed this way without OOC permission of the other participants of the thread. There will be no exceptions made to this rule. -------------------------------------------------- While this might seem like a cool idea to spice things up on a boring grinding/farming thread, it also comes with he risk of other players ruining really important moments in your RP. Thus I have thought about adding a new tag. The "Protected" or [PT] tag. If this tag is used in front of a thread it means that nobody can ever enter the thread without OOC permission. Now I hear you say: "But Aereth. That is the same as with the old Private and Solo tags..." But let me explain further. In order to add the [PT] tag to your thread you must use a so called "Protected Thread Token" on your fist post. These tokens can be earned by something like this: After every x(3?) threads you receive a "Protected Thread Token" to use for protecting your important threads. This way players can enjoy the excitement that comes with invading threads, while also keeping their important moments to themselves and the ones they want to share them with. Sooooo. If you guys and gals like the idea, pleas vote with Yes, and if you don't like the idea, please vote with No and explain why you don't like it. Really helps me figuring out what the playerbase wants. Until that, see ya later. Like promised all the tags from the previous thread: @Jomei @Kisodeth @Eira @Sey @Thorsten @Ryo @Paglikha @Kion @Vigilon @Lessa @Ssendom @Genji @Vale @Endilix @Manta Gaul @Macradon @Hakai @Seul @Helios @Azide @Ruby @Opal
  2. Hey there. Now that the 2.5 Patch has been out for a couple of days it's time to speak about changes made to the Thread Tags. With the new PK mechanic you are now always at the risk of dying when RPing with others. A good friend of mine told me that this new mechanic is heavily frowned upon by you, the player-base. The staffs intention was to make RPing on the site a little bit closer to the actual anime, where you also would have to take care who you trust before heading out for some happy adventuring. But now it's time to tell us if you guys and gals like the new mechanic or not. We as staff don't want create things that the player-base does not want. I personally have already thought about some possible solutions for that problem. For instance: We could implement something like a "Spawn Protection" that keeps new players safe for x Levels, so they can find some trustworthy people to RP with, but I'd also like to hear some suggestions from you guys. So please share your input on that matter, and help resolving this problem. :)