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  1. Hey there. Now that the 2.5 Patch has been out for a couple of days it's time to speak about changes made to the Thread Tags. With the new PK mechanic you are now always at the risk of dying when RPing with others. A good friend of mine told me that this new mechanic is heavily frowned upon by you, the player-base. The staffs intention was to make RPing on the site a little bit closer to the actual anime, where you also would have to take care who you trust before heading out for some happy adventuring. But now it's time to tell us if you guys and gals like the new mechanic or not. We as staff don't want create things that the player-base does not want. I personally have already thought about some possible solutions for that problem. For instance: We could implement something like a "Spawn Protection" that keeps new players safe for x Levels, so they can find some trustworthy people to RP with, but I'd also like to hear some suggestions from you guys. So please share your input on that matter, and help resolving this problem. :)