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d0ttmAniac's Journal "Complete"

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"I am just here to get by, even if it means I have to walk through a river of blood."

Username: d0ttmAniac
Real name:
Roberto-Alphonse Charlie-Montoya Mendes
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Height: 72 in. [6'0"]
Weight: 75 kg. [165 lbs.]
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown & Light Brown



Roberto is regarded as a somber and quiet individual, he has demonstrated several noetic characteristics resembling that of mild Autism, such as a reluctance to understand the quirks of mundane individuals such as convivial interactions, or verbalization to others. While this doesn't hamper his perspicacity as a coder, it does bring up flags of interaction with other organic individuals and even mechanical. Roberto inclines to be a recluse, keeping to themselves and evading verbalizing as much as possible, he doesn't understand certain things such as visually examining someone in the ocular perceivers when returning words, he withal inclines to stutter when being pressured. Most often he inclines to show little restraint when interacting with his body, such as playing with his hair, picking his nasal perceiver or even teeth, to even scratching his face perpetually, however, Roberto shows extreme perspicacity when it comes to the topic of Computer Programming and System Coding, despite his lack to learn convivial norms.


Born in London, England, Roberto was the son of a Spanish-American Journalist; Vicente Santiago-Matias Mendes. and a English Baker; Olivia Ava Eleanor, Olivia met her husband when he wrote an article on her bakery, after reading about how lovely everything she made was, she took a liking to him. After sometime of them spending together, getting to know each other, Olivia and Vicente soon became a couple, seeing how Vicente still had his job with his company, after many months of being with Olivia, Vicente asked her to be his wife. Of course, she said yes to him, thus, their marriage was commenced and began on the February 14th, Valentines day, many people showed up to the wedding, including Vicente's boss and co-workers along with his mother, father and Olivia's parents. Life moves on, and nine months later, Roberto was born, healthy and happy, Roberto grew up near Scotland Yard, he had friends as he grew older, went to school and as when he became of age, he took a fond liking to Video Games.

He was about eight or nine years old when his mother bought him a MMORPG for his ninth birthday, she told him not to let it get in the way of his school work, which it didn't at first, but as he played it more, and grew a love for it he quickly began to become addicted to playing games. It wasn't to the point of his health or grades becoming far too low, but it did make him avoid others, not become as active with society or other people, but it did allow him to get a nice little side job being a server admin for one of his favorite MMORPG's, this continued onward into High school where he entered Computer Programing and System Coding Mechanics classes. Roberto studied hard and shortly after entering it, he became somewhat of a Savant, not in the terms of intelligence wise, but social wise, his grades were the highest in the region, a college from Tokyo took interest in Roberto's high grades and excellent recommendation from many teachers who wrote about him.

They were willing to allow him to enroll into their campus, his mother and father were both thrilled to know that their son's obsession got him into college for free, only eighteen and already being able to go to college, he packed his things and bid his mother and father goodbye, but not farewell for good. When he arrived there, he had to take a language class due to his inability to speak Japanese, he took this while taking his normal classes, which were the Computer Programming, System Coding, Physics, Calculus and various other classes. Roberto quickly rose in them, like he did in High school, while working as at his school as a computer programmer, working on their firewalls, it was a way for him to gain first hand experience while in class. After his time in College, he graduated once more, being at the top of his class, he left his school with a Master's Degree, which he had to take specialized classes to get the ability to obtain the Degree, but with his knowledge he set out to get a job with a local gaming company, they placed him as a assistant System Inspector.

He did this for a year before becoming the lead System Advisor to the companies System Coding and Security Monitoring, but one day his boss came to him and asked him to investigate a new device that came onto the market, the NerveGear, produced by the company Argus, Roberto was given the task to purchase one and a random game. He was told to constantly monitor the system and how it operated so his company could manufacture replicas and gain some extra customers. Roberto was convinced by a raise which was forty-five percent higher than normal, which he agreed to, so he took what money he saved up over the last year, went to the store and bought a NerveGear and a MMORPG called SAO, and that day he went home. It wasn't until the next day which he purchased the game did he begin his inspection, he did an exterior analyzes of the rig before booting it up and doing everything it asked him as he loaded up SAO after creating an account. Afterwards he laid down on his bed in his fancy apartment, knowing his friend from work would come over to see how he was, with a smile on his face, he allowed the system to boot up completely before speaking out quickly; "Link, Start."



1.) Gentle Heart: Roberto is a tender and kind spirit, he tends to be kind to mostly anyone he meets but often keeping his interactions short to just a few minutes, unless he is required to spend more of this personal time with another human being. Roberto tends to show this kindness to anyone, it doesn't matter whom he meets he is often met with a smile that seems almost child-like even if it isn't needed.

2.) Intelligent: Due to his love and passion for computers and system coding, Roberto has gained a stout IQ, able to process information much faster than others, thus allowing him to formulate plans and various other things much quicker. Due to this he is able to be an amazing tactician and leader since he can process everything and keep a collected mind about it all under stress and continuous information gathering.

3.) Knowledgeable: Due to his history of playing and developing RPG's, Roberto is quite fluent in simple Role Playing Games logic, such as creatures, how to identify them and their weaknesses without being too stuck up about it. He tends to do this subtlety, not really making things unfair or boring, but he has enough knowledge to keep himself safe if put up against a creature he has met in a past game he has developed or a creature similar to it.


Reference: http://www.darkworldrpg.com/lore/flaws.html
1.) Easily Distracted: Despite his intellect with computers and coding and his memory, Roberto does suffer from being easily distracted, the littlest thing can cause him to observe whatever caught his attention, Even if it is something small like a butterfly or a bird chirping in the distance near him, which can be quite a nuisance when focusing is needed, it's just something he has learned to deal with.

2.) Somber: However you view this, Roberto is a person who tends to be very Somber and often secludes his emotions from most people, he does this as to him sometimes emotions get in the way of more important tasks. Roberto usually does this whenever he is focused on a important task or whenever he freely wishes as he sometimes wishes to not bother with expensing his energy with it.

3.) Loner: Due to being picked on as a kid due to his mental disability, Roberto has often learned to stay to himself as being around others usually results to his feelings being hurt or his quiet time being disrupted when he doesn't want it to. Often at times he will observe a person before allowing them to interact with him, or even allowing himself to interact with them, which ever comes first.

4.) Socially Awkward: Due to his mental disability, Rorberto is a person who tends to be somewhat awkward in public, he doesn't understand the norms of society very well and often will pick at his face of do things not normally accepted. This is all due to his Autism, however, he doesn't have a high level of it, he does know when he should and shouldn't do the things he does but will at times disregard this and do them anyways.

Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)


Utility Skills:

Combat Skills:

Weapon Skill

» Two-Handed Assault Spear Rank 0

Armor Skill: 
» Heavy Armor Rank 1
- Rank 0 >
Rank 1: 5 Skill Points

Extra skills:



» Set C "Tank Package"


Vanity Weapon of choice.
Vanity Armor of choice, 
of Rare or lower quality.
(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP).
2,500 Col and (10) Tier 1 materials.

» Vanity Lance [Two-Handed Assault Spear]




Name: Wynebgwrthucher 
Item Type: Heavy Armor
Tier: 1

Quality: Rare (Slot 1 & 2 Mitigation)
Prevent (9 per slot * Tier) damage from successful attacks against you. [18 Mitigation in total] 
Description: A full suit of heavy armor that was given to the player «d0ttmAniac», upon accepting the «Tank Package» at the beginning of SAO, the armors name is a reference to King Arthurs shield. 
Link: Set C "Tank Package"

» N/A

» N/A

» 3 Starter Health Potions: Heals 50 HP

» 10 Tier 1 Materials

Currency: 2,500 Col


» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle
» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress
(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)

Relationships (optional)

Story Thus Far (optional)

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