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SAO Card/Dice Game [In Development] List

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Please Note: This is NOT the final list of the first set, this is merely what I have planned. If you have an idea for a card or have an idea for other stuff in the game feel free to let me know! I like to here feedback from all of you!

Set 1 "Base Set" List [WIP]:

Main Characters Weapon Type Cards Placeholder

Calrex - the Ultramarine Knight

Macradon - the Scarlet Templar

Heathcliff - the Legend

Hikoru - the Master of Shadows

Atzo - the Forgotten King

Ariel - the Corrupted Lion

Death_Adder - the "Hero" of Aincrad

Tanos - the Unshakable

Takao - the Green Hair Scout

Itzal - the Beacon of Hope / ??? [WIP]

One Handed Straight Sword [WIP]

One Handed Dagger [WIP]

Two Handed Straight Sword [WIP]

Two Handed Assault Spear [WIP]

Martial Arts [WIP]

Holy Blade [WIP]

Dual Blades [WIP]

Shadowed Path [WIP]













Basic Weapons Equipables Attacks and Blocks

Basic One Handed Straight Sword [WIP]

Basic Two Handed Straight Sword [WIP]

Basic One Handed Dagger [WIP]

Basic Two Handed Assault Spear [WIP]

Basic Handwraps [WIP]

















Sword of the Ancient [WIP]

Fang of Corrosion [WIP]

Limbo's Fang [WIP]

Yakimba [WIP]

Spear of the Fallen [WIP]

Mothra's Antenna [WIP]

Blade of Michael [WIP]

Blade of Lucifer [WIP]

The Liberator [WIP]

The Holy Sword [WIP]

Advanced One Handed Straight Sword [WIP]

Advanced Two Handed Straight Sword [WIP]

Advanced One Handed Dagger [WIP]

Advanced Two Handed Assault Spear [WIP]

Advanced Handwraps [WIP]

K.o.B Armor [WIP]






Counter Stab [WIP]

Counter Swing [WIP]

Evasive Maneuvering [WIP]

Shield Bash [WIP]

Sword Clash [WIP]

Sword Slash [WIP]

Nova Ascension [WIP]

Shadow Explosion [WIP]

Calamity Disaster [WIP]

Galaxy Destroyer [WIP]

Dimension Stampede [WIP]

Tornado Kick [WIP]

All Might [WIP]

Sneak Attack [WIP]

Swarm [WIP]

Shadow Steal [WIP]

Eternal Cyclone [WIP]

Starburst Stream [WIP]

The Eclipse [WIP]

Repentance [WIP]

Pure Defense [WIP]

Items Support Characters Events

Basic Healing Crystal [WIP]

Basic Damage Crystal [WIP]

Basic Mitigation Crystal [WIP]

Teleportation Crystal [WIP]

Paralyze Crystal [WIP]

Antidote [WIP]





Kimba, the White Lion Cub [WIP]

Hirru, the Jade Hunter [WIP]

Zandra, the Berserk Healer [WIP]

Stryder, the Jet Stream [WIP]

Morgenstern, the Flying Tank [WIP]

Kasier - Guardian Angel [WIP]

Anemone - Knight Healer [WIP]

Teion, the Blacksmith [WIP]

Tanos' Right Leg [WIP]

Tanos' Left Leg [WIP]

Immortal Object [WIP]










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