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[Scar vs Moba]


p r o f i l e

Username: M o b a

Real name: Moe Baa

Age: 21

Gender: Male

Height: 5’12"

h i s  s t o r y

Moe Baa lived his adequate life on a farm in his city, England. On this farm, he had no family. It was just him and the sheep. Moe never went to school or obtained any education. Instead, he raised the animals of his farm, passed down from his parents, who abandoned the legacy to become (physically) powerful lawyers; a heartbreaking moment for the farmer. Due to him staying indoors and scarcely leaving the safety of his home, he never picked up the accent of the people in the city. This created a negative vibe when he explained to the few people he did speak to that they were born in the same city.

He trained himself in the martial arts in case his farm was ever attacked, despite the mostly quiet nature of life on the farm. But the peaceful times would eventually come to a tragic end. As a lifelong shepherd, Moe had dealt with many a coyote during his time in the field. Even then, nothing would prepare him for the day when he and Peter (his right-hand sheep and loyal sparring partner), were ambushed by a coyote pack larger than any they’d ever seen.

Against all odds, the two managed to hold their own against the brunt of the attack- but when they’d thought themselves to finally be in the clear, one lone coyote charged onward. Without even the slightest hint of hesitation, it was Peter who darted ahead to intercept their final assailant. It was Peter who would pay the ultimate price.

Having been injured in the scuffle, the coyote fled, prompting the surviving members of the pack to follow suit. With Peter lying mortally wounded in the moonlit field, Moe could do little more than commit to memory the scarred coyote’s image. In the aftermath of the attack, Moe would soon be shaken to his very core upon discovering that his trusted companion was none other than his long-lost father, cloaked beneath an elaborate guise. With his dying breath, his father urged him “to seek out those who know the story of the shepherd”, and to avoid crossing paths with the scarred coyote. Ignoring this warning, Moe vowed to discover the truth, and to avenge the death of his father.

Expeditions into coyote territory would eventually lead Moe to a second encounter with the scarred coyote, where he would be faced with yet another revelation: that the scarred coyote was actually his uncle in disguise. While uncle Scar would go on to escape once again, the meeting marked the beginning of Moe’s forays into the outside world, where he would scour the globe for those who knew the story of the shepherd.

Along the way, he detached himself from the few living humans he once knew as friends, knowing that they would only cause issues if they were captured as a result of this. After all, in times of war, friends can be tortured and reveal important secrets about you.

Eventually, with hints from people all around England, it was revealed that his uncle had decided to hide in a virtual video game by the name of Sword Art Online. It was Moe's duty to follow the man there and find him. However, his plans changed when he learned that it was much more than a video game. He was now able to defeat Scar and avenge his father’s untimely death. He had found his one true purpose.

v i r t u e s:

Committed: Moba was, in a way, a saviour to his sheep family on the farm. He considered himself to be their God, and they were his angels. The intense martial arts training he had gone through toned this mindset, giving himself the will to lead the animals.


Idealist: Moba follows his ideals through to the end. Before the death of Peter, his one goal in life was a peaceful life with his flock of sheep. However, this was ruined by his uncle, who had changed the dream. Now, all he could do was defeat the man he once knew.


Fair: Moe Baa believes in the power of justice. In fact, he thinks of himself as justice. What his uncle had done to the sheep broke his heart. It was a situation that only justice could solve. There was no room for forgiveness in Moba's heart, at least, not for his uncle.

f l a w s:

Somewhat Dishonest: Moba will lie and cheat if it means getting to his uncle. Of course, only if it will help him find the man who killed his sheep. In any situation other than this, he will not lie. Lying is a sin, of course, and who wants to be a sinner.


Fixated: Moba is 100% fixated on finding and defeating his uncle. There is nothing in his life that is more important, except maybe his flock. He does not think about friends, relationship, or sometimes even things necessary to live like food or water.


Selfish: Some might consider the act of Moba’s martyrism selfish, as if he is only doing it for himself. But he doesn’t see it that way. In his eyes, he is helping his family, the flock of sheep. Unfortunately, nobody else seems to understand his relationship with the fluffy beings.


Profession: N/A

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