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Kraken Potions Grand Opening Event!

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«Kraken Potions Grand Opening Event»

Description: In the spirit of opening, there will be an OP thread to collect materials for the shop in a race to collect materials for the shop.

This is for gathering on the first floor outside the town of beginnings.
This is for using the gather loot system, but not from mobs
There may be an increase to how many items players can receive if the goal is surpassed.
The winner will be awarded first and this will be updated with a link for everyone who participates.

Fulfillment requirements: Rules:
Do not use the gatherer skill so it's fair
You MAY use LD improvement equipment
The person with the most materials will win a free perfect SALVE of their choice 
Players who participate will get to keep half of the materials while the other half will go to the shop to help it along
All Participants will be gifted a RARE SALVE of their choice 

Aid Allowed: Yes

Rewards: Rewards: Please allow for the shop to create the salve you choose as it is impossible to be created until after the event. This is meant to help the shop, create ad revenue, and get some SP to participants.
Requirements: 2 Pages, shop earning 10mats, the creator of the forum CAN NOT WIN but can join in and add to the pot of materials gained. There are some perfect items in the shop already please look there if you would rather have a perfect from that section.

Repeatable: not right now
Sign up sheet first come first serve! Event starts April 2nd!
Open Slots

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