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So I just remembered that this was a thing. Might as well re-introduce myself since its been so long.

I've come back from the dead, and hopefully after about two years of being gone, I'll be able to rp now. As of right now, I'm a senior Psychology major in college with hopes of becoming an LPC (licensed professional counselor), if not a psychiatrist with a PsyD (if I even have the smarts for that lol). I was planning to keep this brief and general as to not write a sob story, but you know what - screw it, I want to provide at least a vague reason as to why I dropped so many threads and my smithy without a word of goodbye. 

After my freshman year of college, depression really hit me hard. I had been struggling with it for a while, but it wasn't until then that I was officially diagnosed with single episode MDD (major depressive disorder). Besides that, I also had some personal life struggles going on at the time (which if you really want to catch up, I may share them with you if you pm me. Again, I don't want to write a sob story or go on and on about myself, but I would like to reconnect with people I knew on here). So I kinda dropped this forum, as well as other online outlets I had at the time, even deactivating my FB. However, after therapy and meds, I'm doing so, so much better. I can't wait to explore my career field, and my love for anime still remains...so I thought I would revisit this crazy, wonderful forum. 

For people who don't know me, my name is Dawn. I am a big time weeb, psych nerd, and a writer. I'm also a total introvert, and what society might refer to as a "weirdo" (wow how original amirite whoo edgy yey). When I write, I love to focus on dialogue and character development/expression, but I want to grow and learn how to write a better atmosphere and narrate a story better. If I met you in real life, I would talk non-stop and give you lots of snacks. 

As for my character, I plan on re-doing her journal. Her name is Ayumu, and from what I remember, she was a pretty poorly written tsundere. I want to give her more depth, and possibly explore themes of PTSD and trauma through her character. However, since I'm still unsure of how to re-introduce her and develop her story, I will be making another character and another account for the time being. Hopefully it won't take me too long to finish polishing up Ayumu though, and then I'll end up balancing both accounts and characters. If you want do a thread or to chat, I will hopefully be available if life doesn't get in the way. 

Happy rping, and I look forward to meeting you!

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