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Kuruyama's Journal

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Username: Kuruyama
Real name: James Erickson
Age: 22
Gender: M
Height: 6' 0" (72 in.)

About: History/personality

Ever since James could remember, he was always playing video games, from action to adventure, from shooter to intricate puzzle games. It was no surprise to anyone that he was always playing the newest games. He was fortunate enough to grow up with his family of five. James was the middle child of an older sister and a younger sister, so he usually kept to himself most of the time. During school he was pretty average, never getting lower than a C average on his report cards. He was, for the most part, content on being average, he just was hoping for there to be something that he excelled at. Even though he himself were blind to it, it never occurred to him that he was above average at video games and MMORPGs. Before long he would save enough money up over time to finally purchase a top of the line gaming PC and upgraded monitor. With this new system, he would be able to do just about anything he wished. By the time he graduated, he was fluent in quite a few programming languages and wrote half a dozen programs that he still updates from time to time. Every so often he would complete contracts for companies and individuals looking for something particular, there seemed to always be work for a freelance programmer.

It was just another day, or rather that's how it seemed until the announcement of a brand new MMORPG came out. However, this was no ordinary MMORPG, it was, in fact, the first VRMMORPG of its' kind. Introducing a new piece of hardware that was needed to play the game, called the NerveGear, it intercepted the synapses from your brain to the headset so that you could lay in bed but still move around in the game, it was dubbed "Full Dive Virtual Reality." A few months passed and the Beta test for the game Sword Art Online rolled around. Everyone was hoping to be one of the one thousand lucky players to be part of the test. Once the players were picked and invited into a private forum to discuss what they had found in the beta and discuss other topics of fortune, the regular forums started to pick up in its popularity, new users were signing in every day! James was following this game since day one, he was no stranger to the daily routine of coming home from work and then hopping onto the forums to see what the new buzz was. A few months after the beta ended, the game released. Those who didn't think to pre-order ahead of time were stuck in massive lines waiting for a chance to purchase the game. Luckily James had reserved his copy way in advance, it was even being delivered directly to his house by post. By the time everyone else was getting back to their homes, James had already set up most of the prerequisites. James took the day off work and the next day also, there was nothing that could stop him from having the time of his life. He put on the NerveGear and laid down in his bed, "Link Start!"

James figured that he would take the time that everyone else was setting up their systems to log in and explore just a bit around the starting area. After the obligatory opening screens and "character creation" menus, he was finally greeted with the prompt to choose his character's name, after a few moments of thought he ultimately decided to choose the name "Kuruyama." Once he was sure that that was the name he wanted, he focused on confirm and with a flash of bright light he was transported to the center of a bustling town, "Town of Beginnings" appeared in the center of his vision and then disappeared. As he looked at his equipment he wasn't too surprised to see that he had the most basic of starter equipment, luckily enough the starter clothes that he had on weren't too tacky. He passed by numerous small shops along the way and soon he was greeted by one of the NPCs. He was given a choice of a few "starting" equipment sets, he ultimately chose the DPS route. A small notification window appeared in his vision telling him that he had been given new equipment. He waited to equip those items until he was at least familiar with how the game worked, as he wasn't sure if the items would have a set durability or not, and he wasn't about to waste precious durability when he didn't need to. After a couple hours had passed, Kuruyama would be at least somewhat familiarized himself with the basics of how things worked. Suddenly the entire sky went red, he wasn't sure what this meant but he was about to find out. Upon closer inspection, he noticed there were words repeating, "System Announcement" and he was then teleported back to the center of the Town of Beginnings along with every other player in the game. This was the moment that all ten thousand players found out, that this was no longer just a game.


Goal Oriented - Throughout school, James would often be the one to carefully plan out a project, whether it be a short essay or a full group presentation. Through his planning, those who usually grouped up with him on projects would have an easier time due to everyone getting something that they were particularly strong at. Hoping that this new setting doesn't phase him too much, he hopes to keep his mind on the ultimate goal and those sub-goals that will inevitably occur.

Approachable - Even in the real world, James has been extremely approachable, usually with a smile on his face and kindness in his eyes. Many people would consider this a weakness, however, due to his approachability, should he ever need to group up with others he should have an easier time doing so than most. Kuruyama values his friends and those friendly towards him, however, do not take his kindness as a weakness as he will not hesitate to stick up for those who hurt his friends.

Dauntless - Coming into a virtual world has its' advantages, one of which is providing players with overwhelming bravery. Kuruyama is no stranger to this feeling of Dauntlessness, usually intimidated by those in the real world, he now has a chance to be who he's always dreamt, a dashing swordsman rushing into the face of battle. He has witnessed many unable to protect themselves even in this virtual setting, he would no longer stand idly by on the sidelines, instead, he would stand for those who could not stand for themselves.
Megalomaniac - Constantly burdened by the pain of losing his friends to the cruel world that was Sword Art Online, Kuruyama has since had an itch to become more powerful. Normally the search for power would not be enough for someone to be considered a megalomaniac, however, his search for power is not to be able to protect those that he cares about in the future, this search for power is a search for vengeance. Sometimes, if you look hard enough, you might even see a red tinge in his cold blue eyes.

Over-confident - Sometimes James is just too confident for his own good, this usually leads him into a situation that is less than desirable. Since taking on his online persona, Kuruyama, it has only gotten worse, often times he will take on a challenge before he is ready to face it. With his overbearing confidence mixed with his other traits, it would be no surprise if he were the next player to end up dead.

Reckless - Since logging into Aincrad and experiencing the loss of those who he was at one point close to, Kuruyama has done things that he would never dream of. Often times when he's feeling low or feeling the pain from losing his friends he would go out into the field and kill monsters one by one until he has quelled the feelings that have risen inside of him. His recklessness is often seen as bloodthirst as he can only calm down after slaughtering any monster in his path.

Profession: N/A

Skill Points total: 5pts | Skill Points used: 5pts | Skill Points unused: 0pts





Weapon skills:
» [Rank 1] Two-Handed Straight Swords





» «Dornavver» (+2 DMG, +1 ACC) [Perfect T1 2h straight Sword]
» «Honor's Call» (+1 DMG, +1 ACC) [Rare T1 2h straight sword]

» «Daemon's Ebon Chestplate» (+18 MIT, +9 THN) [Perfect Heavy Armor]
» Blood Red Cloak [vanity armor (cloak)]

» (3) Starter Healing Potions (50 HP)





» [F01-SP] Learning to Crawl «The First Few Lessons are Free» - In Progress
» [OP] [F01] The Meeting - In Progress
» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress
(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)


Relationships (optional)


Sunova (Su) - Acquantaince
Kiroo (Kiro) - Acquantaince

Story Thus Far (optional)




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