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[PP - F05] A Fish Out of Water <<The Traveler>>

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Merlin paused for a moment, to observe the dimming sky through the harsh sands. He turned to her when she began to speak, his eyes becoming unreadable as she spoke of her family. Behind his collar, was a small frown. He felt empathetic to her situation, however he always had his parents behind him, causing a drop of uncertainty in his heart. Distracting himself with her next words, his grimace softened into a grin and pulled down his mask.

"Your company is always welcome. And settle in before me, I have something I must do."

When Tsu was in the tent, he opened up his inventory, placed his water in there momentarily, and summoned a piece of bread. He kneeled and placed the bread down in front of him, heedless of the sandstorm buffeting him. Then, through the roar of the storm, a soft melody rang through. Gaelic verses blew through winds accompanied by the howl of the desert. And as the last drips of sun light began to fade, so did the song. 

Pushing himself up, he entered into the tent and brushed off the sand to the best of his abilities. Hoping that his sand didn't fall upon Tsu, he sat down, a thin layer of dust still remaining on him. Unperturbed, he pulled out his bottle of water and began to sip his drink.

"This is quite convenient, where did you purchase this?"

[Sandstorm Damage]

ID: 104982 

CD: 7 [Success]

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