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Inanna's Journal

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Username:  Inanna
Real name:  Lia Vask
Age:  21
Gender:  Female
Height:  5'8

About: History/personality

Lia grew up in one of the shrinking country-sides in Japan.  Her father traveled to the city for work while the rest of them stayed at home tending to the plants.  Lia had a few friends, but most of her time was spent with her family.  They played video games.  Many of which involved samurai, which typically resulted in her playing samurai with her siblings.  As she got older she began going with her father, spending time in the city while he worked.  This is how she was made aware of virtual reality being tested.  Upon finding out when the game was to be released she made sure she was one of the ones in the first line.  After the long wait, she put the game on, and dived in.

Upon the initial announcement from the creator of sword art online, Lia panicked like the others.  She had chosen to stay in the safe zone.  However as time moved on, she began to lose her fear and took on courage.  She began interacting with others in the game in an attempt to make friends.  After learning of, and adjusting to how the game worked in comparison to the real world, she decided to start working towards helping people outside the safe zones.  Being inspired by samurai as she was, she wanted to practice wielding the katana, but wanted to ditch the heavy armor.


Kind and Gentle - Inanna is very kind and sweet when she isn't flirting.  When interacting with others older than, or her age she is typically empathetic and understanding.  When with those several years younger than herself she acts in a motherly fashion.

Paced - Most people tend to push themselves too hard, driving themselves to the point of exhaustion.  Inanna is not one of those people.  She paces herself carefully and balances grinding and questing, with resting and fun.

Encouraging - Inanna is very uplifting and encouraging when she isn't flirting or fighting.  She doesn't like seeing others distraught and depressed.  The only exception to her encouraging nature is if she is holding a grudge against someone.

Reference: http://darkworldrpg.com/character-flaws/

Flirt - Inanna enjoys flirting with others, sometimes dropping comments on naughty things in a subtle and discrete manner.  When she flirts with people with an 'innocence' about them, she flirts specifically to tease and embarrass him/her.  She usually flirts with men.

Stubborn - Whether its someone she likes, someone who has wronged her, someone who isn't telling her something, or other reasons, she rarely changes her mind.  When discussing strategy she rarely takes the lead, but when she does it's because she thinks that she's the right one.

Temptation - Inanna has two.  The first she doesn't try to avoid which is lewd actions, which shall not be described here.  The second is cake, which she tries to resist but usually fails.  She has been bribed with cake in the past.  Her favorite is red velvet.

Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Livingquest has been completed.)




»Rank 1 curved sword

Weapon skills:

»Curved Sword.  2 damage


»3 health potion (+50 points)

Starter pack B
» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle
» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress
(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)

Relationships (optional)

Story Thus Far (optional)

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