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A little late?

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I'm a little late to make this, but hey. I'm not great with introductions in general. I've already been on Discord for around a day now and my character's already approved so it doesn't even feel appropriate to make this, but hey, here I am. To be honest I have a sour taste in my mouth regarding canon SAO and its plot shortcomings and bland characters, but the setting and mechanics are a real draw. I'm a firm believer that SAO Abridged is the best version of the series that there will ever be. Therefore this RP's perfect for me, because to hell with canon characters! Less Kirito's always a nice thing. Also it feels close to being an actual tabletop system so props for making that happen on a forum RP.

Anyway, enough of me ranting. I'll be around on here under this account, or on Discord as Speedwagon. Hit me up if you want to do some topics, I don't bite. C'ya around.

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