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James Hawke's Journal

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James Hawke


Appearance: James Hawke is a thin, yet muscular young man who stands at 6’ 4”. He has shaggy blond hair with blue eyes. He wears glasses from all his years staring at a computer screen.

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Username: James_Hawke

Real Name: James Hawke

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Height: 6’ 4”

About/History: James has always been adept with tech and coding since a young age. Even though he was raised on a farm and pushed to join in the family tradition of becoming a knight, he decided to choose his own path. His parents were a little resistant to his interests at first, but after he received his first internship at a top company in high school they soon realized that he had talent and potential. He is a polar opposite to his sister Joanne: he is more introverted, sticks to computers rather than people, and has no interest whatsoever in sword fighting or farm work (which his parents pushed on him and his sister at a young age). However, he still can’t get away without helping out the family on the farm, so he is surprisingly toned and strong given his lifestyle. 


After high school, James began to work for local businesses and companies by setting up servers, websites, and maintaining databases. After a few years of building up his resume, he traveled to Great Britain and took up a job in London working for one of the main tech centers in the large city. 


When the nervegear first came out, he was on vacation visiting his family. He decided to buy two of them and give them a try. The second one was meant as a surprise gift for his sister. However, while he was setting up, his sister put the gear on and was trapped in the SAO world. Originally he had bought two nervegear sets, but when his sister suddenly went unresponsive in her set he stored the other one away in a closet. After a year of sitting by his sister’s hospital bed, he knew he had to do something. 


He snuck the second nervegear into the hospital with him, plugged his in next to his sister, and prepared himself. Right before he slid the nervegear on, he pushed the alarm button in his sister’s hospital room so that the nurses would be able to find him and keep him alive. 



Sister: Joanne Hawke




Technophile: If there’s a new game, computer, console, or technology release, you can bet that James is first in line to get it. He loves to test the limits, flaws, and advances of any new technological advancement. He’s been a beta tester for games and software before, but never for the SAO world before its main release due to a sudden surge in work. 


Intelligent: James always excelled at the maths and sciences throughout his whole high school career. Even with his current tech job, he excels at his ability to grasp new and difficult concepts. If it wasn’t for his lack of team and social skills, he may have been a leader of a software or other tech company team by now. 


Compassionate: Even though he is quite shy, if James sees someone in need, he’ll go over to help them. However, after he helps, he’ll disappear right away in order to avoid anymore interaction. In high school, he used to help struggling classmates as their tutor. In fact, a couple students passed their final exams because of his help.




Introverted: Unlike his sister, James is normally shy around most new people. He isn’t one to introduce himself to a new person or join a crowd on most occasions. He is most comfortable sitting in his gaming chair, logging into chatrooms and gaming with online friends. Real life friends are a rarity to this shy and sometimes awkward young man.  


Short-Tempered: He easily gets ticked off if something doesn’t go right. Patience is definitely not one of his virtues. If a task takes too long to carry out or his team mates are losing miserably, he will rage and sometimes quit a game in the middle of a match or battle. 


Forgetful: Sometimes, James will be so focused on a project that he’ll fall asleep in his chair. He’ll forget to eat, sleep, or even change clothes if he’s pulling an all-nighter (or longer). In a few cases, he’s even passed out from extreme fatigue or hunger and woken up hours later, desperately hungry and thirsty. 


Tier 1

Total SP Earned: 10
Stats: Level 4

James: 80/80 HP | 8/8 EN | 6 DMG | 32 MIT | BLEED | 2 LIGHT MOMENTUM | 1 EVA
Light momentum: 
 After an unsuccessful attack, gain +(1 per slot) to the BD until your next successful attack, at which point this bonus is removed. Another unsuccessful attack will reactivate this enhancement. Cannot be used to cause a critical hit. [For Area of Effect attacks: This effect only activates if you miss all enemies targeted by the attack.]

Does total of 6 damage


SP Available: 5


Utility Skills:


Combat Skills:


Weapons Skills: 
Rank 1 - Two-Handed Weapons, 2H Assault Spear,  +3 DMG

Armor Skills: 

Light Armor - Rank 1 - 5 MIT

Extra Skills: 



Equipped [T1 Perfect Light Armor] <<Hakama of the Bloodgedge>> +18 MIT / Light Momentum 1
Description: "A black hakama that fits loosely around the legs, allowing the wearer comfortable movement while also mitigating damage."

Equipped [T1 Perfect 2H Assault Spear] <<Aquarius>> 2 DMG, 1 Bleed
Description:  This Assault Spear has engravings along the wooden staff of the spear. The engravings are filled in with a deep blue paint. There are two ornate guards located below the blade of the spear. The blade itself is made of Damascus steel with blue tints/staining along the mid-line.  

[T1 Rare] 2H Assault Spear [Aires]
Enhancements: Bleed, Damage

Equipped [T1 Perfect Trinket]  Pocket Watch
Enhancements: Evasion, Light Momentum, Mitigation
Description: Golden pocket watch with glass open face. One can see the watch face and arms through the clear glass of the top cover. Intricate golden carvings line the back and sides of the watch. 


[T1 Vanity] Light Armor [Virgo]

T1 Rare Trinket [ID: 129344]


(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)





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