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Violet Smith

Violet Smith

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Violet Smith

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Username: Violet Smith
Real Name: Violet Delta Smith

Age: 20 when the game started. Now 22. 

Height: 5’ 3”

Build: Thin and toned


*Note for the reader: Violet did not kill anyone during robberies or other crimes not intended to kill people. She only killed people when being paid to do hits. 



Violet was originally born Persimmon Gray, but her parents abandoned her shortly after she was born. The orphanage that took her in renamed her Violet Smith. Smith was the generic name given to every child that had no parents that wanted to call them their own. 

Life in the orphanage was hard, but Violet learned how to fight dirty at a young age. Other kids would beat her up a few times, but after she wisened up and learned a few tricks from an older kid, she quickly climbed to the top of the pack. 

She soon developed a knack for stealing and petty theft. After she turned 18 and left the orphanage, she joined up with a few older associates who she grew up with. She became part of a gang and began to work her way up the ranks once more. Eventually, she began to participate in armed robberies, hits, and other despicable deeds. She loved the danger. She loved the excitement. And she loved every bit of pain that she caused others. After just a short time of being initiated into the gang, everyone knew not to get on Violet’s bad side, or they could be lying in a ditch the next day. 

To destress, Violet liked to play violent video games. One day after a good theft, she called dibs on a weird headset that the gang had recovered. She put the headset on and became trapped every since. Many would have wanted to kill her in this state, but Violet had a few allies higher up in the gang, so she was transported quickly to a hospital. They dropped her off outside where nurses found her and managed to hook her up before she died. 

At first, when she realized she was trapped in the game, Violet panicked. But then she realized that she could kill without the chance of being found out in the real world. She could take so many lives and cause so much pain with little consequence dealt by the cops. Now it was time to start an even deadlier life of crime. 


  1. Honorable: Now, honor and criminals may not sound like two things that go together, but there is actually a subtle honor code amongst those in gangs and those involved in illegal acts. If you save someone’s life, they owe you there’s in return. If you run a burglary, you get first dibs on the best stuff. If you are merciless, then you gain the respect, fear, and loyalty of those around you. 

  2. Animal-Lover: Though it is quite uncommon for sociopaths and psychopaths to like animals, Violet seems to be that one exception. If anyone hurts an animal, she’ll make sure that they suffer the same fate — if not a worse one. Her favorite animal is the cat. She likes how quiet and independent it can be. It also reminds her of herself: lithe and sneaky. 

  3. Knack For Thievery: To say that Violet was good at stealing and crime would be an understatement. She had an absolute knack for picking locks and scoping out locations with little to no surveillance. Lady luck seemed to follow her around as she had never been caught in a crime. She knew when to break it off and what to take.


  1. Sociopath: As you can probably tell by reading this far, Violet has little to no regard for most other humans’ lives. She has been called to do hits before on a few occasions, and she does them efficiently and quickly. She’s also dealt in more heinous crimes and derived pleasure from them. When she was born, there was something twisted inside of her, and it never fixed itself. 

  2. Disrespectful/Rude: Violet will not respect you right off the bat. You have to either be her superior or gain her respect somehow. Now how to gain her respect is a tricky thing. You can’t try to kiss up to her, or she’ll never respect to you. You could try to be honorable to her, or you could try to show as much lack of regard for human life as she does. Either way, it’s a tricky thing to go about earning even a hint of her respect. As long as you do not earn it, she will treat you like garbage. 

  3. Love to Harm: This would be considered a flaw to most people, but it brings great pleasure to Violet. She loves ruining people’s days or lives (depending on her mood). You better stay out of her radar if you want to live anything close to a peaceful life. 


Total SP Earned: 29

Level 12

Violet: 240/240 HP | 24/24 EN | 3 DMG | 14 MIT | BLEED | 1 EVA | +1 ACC (+2 ACC w/ Dahlia) | KEEN | 2 LD



Equipped [T1 Perfect Light Armor] <<Golden Rays>> Mitigation, Evasion, Loot Die
Description: This light armor is just a golden breastplate that glows golden in the rays of a freshly rising sun. 

Equipped [T1 Rare Dagger] <<Slicer>> Keen, Bleed
Description: This dagger has a nice, smooth handle that fits in the shape of the hand. It has two pointed guards above the handle with an 8 inch blade extending above it. The handle is made of oak wood with red staining. 

Equipped [T1 Rare Trinket] <<Black Handkerchief>> Accuracy, Loot Die
Description: Just a plain black handkerchief used to cover one's face. 

[T1 Rare Light Armor] <<Killer>> Mitigation, Recovery
Description: A blood red armor that covers the upper chest of the wearer. Silver chain-link bits extend down the arms.

[T1 Rare Light Armor] <<Black Predator>> MIT, LIGHT MOMENTUM
Description: This light armor covers the upper torso and is made of a midnight black colored material. 

[T1 Uncommon Light Armor] <<Protector>> Mitigation
Description: This light armor is of a light brown and black color. It covers the chest lower torso of the wearer. 

[T1 Rare Trinket] <<Golden Spectacles>> Evasion, Recovery
Description: These are a pair of of round-rimmed spectacles. The frames are golden in color. When worn, they offer certain enhancements to the user.

[T1 Uncommon Dagger] <<Blood-Letter>> Bleed
Description: The handle of this dagger is of a twisted design. It has a deep red inlay that shines in the light. The blade is 10 inches long and deadly sharp. 
[T1 Uncommon Light Armor] <<Basic Armor>> MIT
T1 Perfect Dagger <<Red Lightning>> 2 ACC, 1 PLYZ


1 Safeguard potion
- 5 Tier One Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (+40HP)
- 1 Tier One Damage Potion. (+1 Damage)
-1 Tier One Over-Health Potion (+50 Temp. HP)


[T1 Perfect Consumable] - Chocolate Chip Cookie - 3 HP Recovery
Description: Just a nice, sweet chocolate chip cookie. That of course has some secret added ingredients to give it its enchantments. 
[T1 Perfect Consumable] - Macadamia Nut and White Chocolate Cookie - 3 DMG
Description: The white chocolate and macadamia nuts complement each other superbly. 

Items in need of identification: 


SP Available to Spend: 8


One-Handed, Dagger -> Journeyman [Novice], +2 DMG

Light-Armor -> Rank 1,  +5 MIT

Extra Skills:
Familiar Mastery: Accuracy >> Novice, +1 ACC when in thread with Dahlia





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