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Violet Smith

[F06 - Rank 1 Merchant] The Dealer's Den

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The Dealer’s Den



Rank 1 Merchant

You enter the shop and see a young, blonde-haired woman leaning against the counter at the front of the shop. She is playing with a dagger in her hand. As soon as she hears you approaching, she looks up and smiles. “Welcome to my shop,” she says as she opens her arms, gesturing to the array of items around her. “Feel free to buy whatever interests you.” Her grin widened. “And I also take special requests. Both items and other deadly services,” she winks and laughs. Something about the aura around her makes you cautious, but also intrigued.

Whatever other services could she offer? Feel free to ask!

General Stock: 

  • [T1] Blank Dungeon Map (100 col)
    • Effect: Assign a successful sub-dungeon search roll to a blank map in order to explore the dungeon in another thread. When used, apply the dungeon difficulty and roll ID (Ex. Beginner Dungeon Map #12345). Can only hold the location of one sub-dungeon that matches the Tier of the map.
  • Field Rations (300 col)
    • Item Type: Snacks
    • Effect: Grants +30 to max HP. Cannot be used in combat. Effect lasts for one thread. A player cannot benefit from more than one Field Rations at a time.
  • Immolation Potion (300 col)
    • Item Type: Potion
    • Effect: When used, successful non-critical attacks against you deal 10 unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy. Effect lasts for one thread.
  • Teleportation Crystal (800 col)
    • Item Type: Crystal
    • Effect: Use a post action to activate a teleport crystal. Teleports the player to the town or designated teleportation area they specify.
  • Glow Stone (200 col)
    • Item Type: Consumable
    • Effect: While holding a Glow Stone, the area around you is illuminated. You and players near you do not suffer any penalties for darkness or low-light conditions. Cannot wield a weapon while holding a Glow Stone, but it can be swapped out and and back in to continue its effect. Effect lasts for one thread.
  • Dimensional Backpack (5,000 col)
    • Item Type: Unique Item
    • Effect: Adds +1 to Battle Ready inventory. This item does not take up a Battle Ready inventory slot. A player may only have one Dimensional Backpack at any time.

Junk Sale Prices



  • [T1] Uncommon (100 col)
  • [T1] Rare (200 col)
  • [T1] Perfect (400 col)
  • [T2] Uncommon (300 col)
  • [T2] Rare (500 col)
  • [T2] Perfect (750 col)
  • [T3] Uncommon (600 col)
  • [T3] Rare (900 col)
  • [T3] Perfect (1,250 col)


  • [T1] Uncommon (50 col)
  • [T1] Rare (100 col)
  • [T1] Perfect (200 col)
  • [T2] Uncommon (150 col)
  • [T2] Rare (250 col)
  • [T2] Perfect (375 col)
  • [T3] Uncommon (300 col)
  • [T3] Rare (450 col)
  • [T3] Perfect (625 col)

Identification Costs: 



  • [T1] Rare (320 col)
  • [T1] Perfect (640 col)
  • [T1] Demonic (960 col)
  • [T2] Rare (800 col)
  • [T2] Perfect (1,200 col)
  • [T2] Demonic (2000 col)
  • [T3] Rare (1,440 col)
  • [T3] Perfect (2,000 col)
  • [T3] Demonic (2560 col)


  • [T1] Uncommon (80 col)
  • [T1] Rare (160 col)
  • [T1] Perfect (320 col)
  • [T2] Uncommon (240 col)
  • [T2] Rare (400 col)
  • [T2] Perfect (600 col)
  • [T3] Uncommon (480 col)
  • [T3] Rare (720 col)
  • [T3] Perfect (1,000 col)

Request Form


Name: [Give the item a name]
Your Profession: Merchant
Your Rank: 1
ID: [Leave Blank]
Roll: [Leave Blank]
Item Type: [Weapon, Tool, etc.] Sepcify what type of weapon or consumable (or any other item). ex: for weapon: sword. 
Tier: 1 or 2 [Will add more as time goes on]
ID of Item: 
Quality: [Good, Uncommon, Rare, Perfect]
Enhancements: [Blank]
Description: [Give the item a description]
Post Link: [Leave Blank]

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