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[F01-PP] <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>> Completing The Beginner Quests

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James woke up and readied himself for the day in his private loft/apartment above his shop. Once he walked downstairs, he noticed how nice of a day it was. The perfect day to get those beginners quests out of the way, he thought to himself, content with the thought. He wondered if his sister would be interested in joining him. 

He climbed back up the stairs and knocked on her door. "Hey, Joanne! Would you like to join me in the <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>> quest?" he asked through the wooden door. She should already be up by now, he thought to himself as he waited for her to open the door. And his assumption was proved correct as he heard some foot steps approached the door from the other side. I hope I didn't wake her up from a good rest, he thought to himself all of a sudden. Gah, why hadn't he considered that before he knocked?! He hoped she wouldn't be upset or anything due to him being up this early and knocking on her door. 



Level 4
James: 80/80 HP | 8/8 EN | 6 DMG | 32 MIT | BLEED | 2 LIGHT MOMENTUM | 1 EVA

Equipped Items: 
Equipped [T1 Perfect Light Armor] <<Hakama of the Bloodgedge>> +18 MIT / Light Momentum 1
Description: "A black hakama that fits loosely around the legs, allowing the wearer comfortable movement while also mitigating damage."

Equipped [T1 Perfect 2H Assault Spear] <<Aquarius>> 2 DMG, 1 Bleed
Description:  This Assault Spear has engravings along the wooden staff of the spear. The engravings are filled in with a deep blue paint. There are two ornate guards located below the blade of the spear. The blade itself is made of Damascus steel with blue tints/staining along the mid-line.  

Equipped [T1 Perfect Trinket]  Pocket Watch
Enhancements: Evasion, Light Momentum, Mitigation
Description: Golden pocket watch with glass open face. One can see the watch face and arms through the clear glass of the top cover. Intricate golden carvings line the back and sides of the watch. 

Battle-Ready Inventory

(3) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)


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Joanne heard a knock at her door. She jumped from her bed, stretching as she walked over and turned the nob on the door. She opened it, revealing herself in some purple pajama pants and an oversized white t-shirt. "Hey, James. What's going on?" she asked, alert, but still a little groggy from waking up only a couple of minutes before James had knocked. 

To James' request to join him on his quest, she happily replied, "Of course. Just give me a few moments to equip my armor and then we can head out." She quickly shut the door and opened her menus, equipping her armor, shield, and sword with a few taps on the display. Once she had finished putting her hair up as well in a low ponytail, she opened her door and stepped forward. "Alright, all ready to go. Where to first?" she asked, standing at the ready. 



Level 7
Joanne: 140/140 HP | 14/14 EN | 4 DMG | 9-10 BLD | 26 MIT | 2 REGEN (10 TOTAL) | 2 THORN (18 DMG total)

Weapon skills:
»Rank 1 - One Handed Weapons, 1H Straight Sword, +1 Damage

Armor skills: 
Rank 1 - Heavy Armor - +8 MIT

Sword Arts
Rank 1

  • [x2 AoE] Rage Spike (2 Energy +2 per target hit) - Strike each target in the vicinity twice in a blinding fit of uncontrolled rage.
  • [x3] Snake Bite (3 Energy) - The user quickly strikes the target with three brisk angled slashes.

Equipped Items

Equipped [T1 Perfect Heavy Armor] <<Heaven’s Embrace>> 2 MIT, 1 REGEN
Description: A steel breastplate with ornate writing on it around the collar, arms, and waist. The breastplate is bright silver in color, with a golden trim on the plate edges.

Equipped [T1 Perfect Shield] <<Hawk>> 2 THORN, 1 REGEN
Description: The shield is a shiny, polished silver color with a hawk on the front. 

Equipped [T1 Perfect 1H Straight Sword] <<Deliverance>> 2 DMG, BLEED
Description: This is a one-handed sword made in the old English style. It is quite hefty. The handle is made of polished silver.


Battle-Ready Inventory
(5) Starter Healing Potions (Heals 50 HP)
(5) T1 Health Potions of Uncommon Quality (Replenishes 40 HP)
(1) T1 Damage Potion of Uncommon Quality (+1 DMG)
(1) T1 Over-Health Potion (+50 HP)



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James waited patiently as he waited for his sister to change into her gear. When she opened her door to reveal herself in full armor, he said, "You look wonderful, sis." He smiled. Then she asked where to head to first. Oh, geez. I didn't even check that... Quickly, he pulled up the menu and read through the quest once more. "Uh, it says we need to head to the master Alchemist named Zachariah." He pulled up his map and marked the location where the NPC would be that would give him his quest. 

Once he made sure that both he and Joanne were ready to head out, he lead the way to a small alchemy shop near the middle of town. They made it to the shop after only a minute or so of walking through the main town. "Alright, you can wait here while I fetch that quest," he said as he headed inside the shaded shop. 

"Ah, hello there!" Zachariah greeted him. 

"Hello, sir," James said politely. "I've come to carry out that quest you posted." 

"Ah, yes! The beginners quest," Zachariah said. "Yes, I just need you to gather 5 materials and then return to me. Then I will show you how to make some potions." 

James quickly accepted the quest and stepped out of the shop, walking over to his sister Joanne. He quickly explained the quest to her. 

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