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[F03-SP] Mistakes <<Search for the Hoya>>

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The girl returned to town, her journey quiet. She thought over her actions and the message of the quest itself. It was something told a thousand times over in stories and books, but in person, it felt different. Although still just a story written for a game, it made Snow think differently. Her perception and actions had consequences. Although some people could now sleep, the cost was silencing unobtainable love. Why were there two minotaurs? Were there two lovers? Did she love both of them, but all they would do is fight? Did they die fighting one another, reincarnated as beasts?

Whatever the legend or lore, Snow tried to bury it in her mind. The quest was over. Today, she would take the rest of the evening off. Snow's mood no longer wished to grind for experience. She just wanted some quiet, and to be comforted by a warm fire. 


+1 Thread SP
+2 Quest SP
+1 Quarantine SP
+1 Yui's Grace 5/5 SP
+1,000 col
+4 [T1 Materials]
+<<Hoya of Minos>>
+ <<Rare Trinket #150265>>

Lootable Monster Rolls:


LOOT ID: ID# 150265 results: Battle: 1 Craft: 11 Loot: 17 MOB: 10
+600 col, +4 [T1 Materials], +1 <<Rare Trinket #150265>>


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