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[F03-PP] The Silent Church <<Feeding the Enemy>>

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Any Floor
<<Feeding your Enemy>>
Recommended Level: Any
Repeatable if you no longer have a familiar | Party Limit: 2


  • A familiar of your choice (within guidelines).
  • 1 Skill Point (first completion only).


  • RP meeting the gypsy and obtaining the food from her.
  • Obtain a familiar.
  • At least 1 page (20 posts).


An old gypsy NPC approaches you, telling tales of how she tamed monsters. Giving you some food, she tells you how to tame your own familiar.


Once every 15th post, the party leader may roll to search for a familiar. On a roll of 15+ LD (normal LD enhancements apply), you successfully find a potential familiar.

Once a potential familiar is found, that party leader has 4 attempts to tame it. Taming is a post action that is successful on a CD roll of 9+. If the party leader fails all 4 attempts, the potential familiar becomes untamable and a new one may be searched for in 15 posts. 

If the roll to tame is met, you have successfully attained a familiar. Return the <<Familiar Food>> to the Gypsy NPC to complete the quest. Only one familiar may be found per thread.


Snow's Stats
Level: 16
|| HP: 320 || EN: 32 ||

Blessing Set: || DMG: 5 || ACC: 1 || MIT: 35 || THN: 9 || LD: +3 (+4) (CD+1) || BLD: 12/8-10 || 
|| Sif's Needle [+1ACC] [+2BLD] || Freya's Spite [+18MIT] [+9THN] || Sif's Farewell [+3LD] ||
Skills: || Rank 2 Two Handed Assault Spear || Rank 3 Heavy Armor || Concentration || Rank 1 First Aid ||
Housing Buffs: || Rested || Relaxed || Clean || Tasty || Angler || Hard Working ||
Consumed Items: || Spy Glass (2/3) || Cheerful March - Allure (+2 LD Familiar Only) || Hazelnut Cookie Rounds (+2 LD) || Extracted Perfume (+1 CD Familiar Training) ||
QUICK SLOTS: || Spy Glass (2/3) ||

A Continuation of: A Friend of Nature

In the forests between Flora and The Defiled Church, a lone girl stood with her spear in hand. Several trees around her displayed the markers of <<Immortal Object>> which soon faded. The grass at her feet still laid bent by the wolf which recently perished by her blade. The young player hoisted the length of Sif's Needle, her spear, to her back. It came to rest as if holstered by some manner of magic as she rose from a knelt position. 

"Kill or be killed," Snow stated for no one to hear. 

The tone of her voice dripped with sadness and remorse for the wolf she had put out of its misery. It attacked her first and left her no choice, but the game's cruel mimicry of the real world caused Snow distress.

Would another player have just let it bleed out? Am I getting worked up for nothing?

The girl let out a sigh. Her journey to find a companion to tame had been fruitless so far. Yet, The Defiled Church, was only a few more minutes away. There, Snow wanted to try and see if she could find a friend to take home. Sometimes, she liked to just sit in the shade of the church's walls and watch the swallows fly overhead. The deer and boars would keep to the treeline while she would doze off in the warm afternoon weather. Despite the building barring entry to all adventurers, she enjoyed its aesthetic and the consuming nature all around.


Edited by Snow

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LVL: 16

HP320 | EN: 32 | DMG: 3 | MIT: 40 ACC: 0 |  EVA: 0 | LD: +3

+18 Thorns (When hit by a Non-Critical attack, deal unmitigated damage to the attacking enemy.)

+1 First Aid (Heal 4% of a target party member’s maximum HP (rounded down). Cannot target the user.)

+1 Taunt (Gain +1 Hate when using Howl, Focused Howl, and on successful attacks.)


HP: 0 | EN : 0 | DMG : 0 | MIT: 0 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0






Accessory: Aladdin's Ring - Perfect Trinket [+3 Loot Die]

Armor: Impenetrable Shell "Achilles" - Perfect Heavy Armor [+27 Mitigation]

Shield: Lacerated Answer "Pridwen" - Perfect Shield [+1 Taunt | +18 Thorns]


x5 Health Potions of Uncommon Quality [Heals a single target for 40 HP.]

x1 Damage Potion [Gain +1 Base Damage. Effect lasts for one thread.]

x1 Over-Health Potion [Adds +50 to your maximum HP. Effect lasts for one thread.]

x1 Super Lucky Matcha Mochi - [Gain +3 to the LD. Effect lasts for one thread.]

x1 True Point "Gae Bulg" - Perfect One-Handed Assault Spear [+3 Accuracy]


1. Block [Rank 1]

2. First Aid [Rank 1]

3. One-Handed Straight Sword [Rank 2]

4. Heavy Armor [Rank 1]


"What is it with locations being locked behind riddles?"

Agitated as usual, Galilea continued to pace back and forth in front of the church. Though pristine in appearance, the overgrowth surrounding it had diminished its rather uniquely beautiful exterior. With each pass, her brain racked itself for answer. The statue remained un-wavered and un-bothered by her constant frustration. Taking a breath, she stopped. Allowing the fogged air to pass through her several times before she opened her eyes and focused on her surroundings. there had to be clues somewhere. If this was truly a riddle, maybe it had already started. She needed to offer it something. The outstretched palm was seemingly a deterrent, but Galilea was under the impression there was more to it than that. Inspecting the statue first, she scoured the Buddha for clues towards what it desired. And for once she was in luck. Inscribed on the backside of the outfacing palm, was a small description.

There is no greater wealth in this world than peace of mind.

"What does that mean?" she questioned.


ID: 150201 LD: 22 (19 + 3) [Clue Found]

1/3 Clues Found [Clues Found on a LD of 12 or more]

Edited by Galilea

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Snow embarked toward the church and back to the path. The dense trees shaded her from the sun, occasionally breaking through the canopy to cast miniature spotlights on the floor below. Small animals scampered out of sight in the brush and fallen debris. Snow vaulted a tree that crossed over the path. That marker put her within eye-shot of the church. The path terminated at the end of the dense trees. Light filled the entrance to what would be a moderately open plain. There, the church would stand, engulfed by nature's creeping persistence and guarded by a religious icon.

Snow emerged into the light. Her hand covered her eyes as they painfully adjusted to the contrast. It looked perfectly as she remembered except for one thing out of place. Her eyes still adjusting, the blonde narrowed her vision into slits.

Purple hair... 

"Galilea?" Snow called out. "Is that you?"

She quickened her pace to the figure near the Buddha statue.

Edited by Snow

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Rising to her full stature, Galilea peered towards the entrance of the church pathway. Emerging from the light, blonde curls bounced into view. "Snow?" Galilea was surprised to see the girl since they had not spoken since their last encounter. Pushing the feeling aside, she embraced her with a brief hug. "Seems you've decided to adventure past the first floor huh. What brings you to the Defiled Church?" She would let the question hang while continuing her search for clues. The riddle seemed more like sagely advice than a clue, but it had to allude to something relevant in the area, or so she hoped. Glancing around there only seemed to be the remains of statues scarred by the force of the forest surrounding the church. However, only one of the statues had a missing piece.

"I wonder if this is what it meant by 'peace of mind'," she explained as she collected the fractured marble piece of missing skull form the ground around the statue.


ID: 150644 LD: 20 (17 + 3) [Clue Found]

2/3 Clues Found [Clues Found on a LD of 12 or more]

Edited by Galilea

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Snow smiled as she hugged Galilea. She was so kind before. It was nice to see another friendly face. This time, they had more in common than before. 

"I have! I've even figured out a good direction for where I want to go too!" She shared with excitement. Galilea wandered over to some marble statues that laid about the church. What was she looking for?

"Hmm, well..." Snow summoned her menus and produced a handful of <<Gogi Berries>> the old gypsy gave her. "I met some old lady in town that said she could make the animals around here her friends. My house gets a little quiet and lonely, so I thought I'd see if I could convince one to be my companion!"

Snow set the berries back to her quick menu. She saw Galilea pick up a piece of one of the statues and raised a single brow.

"I used to relax here and watch the anim-- what're you doing?"


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"I'm searching for clues about how to get into this damned church," she answered simply. Rotating the piece in her hand, she looked for any inscriptions. Turning up empty handed, she focused back on Snow. She did not want to bore her with the details unless she asked. As it was probably just a rumor for a reason.

Curiosity took over the purple-haired girl as Snow mentioned she had figured out what she wanted to do. "I assume this is in regard to your build," she questioned. She looked over the skull piece quizzically before placing it back where it belonged. As she did, the skull glowed briefly. Glancing back towards the blonde, Galilea was surprised to hear she was undertaking the quest to obtain the familiar. Though, she had contemplated it herself, her skill set made searching for one harder at this level. But she commended Snow for it nonetheless. "What familiar did you have in mind? How's your searching going so far?"


ID: 151187 LD: 17 (14 + 3) [Clue Found]

3/3 Clues Found [Clues Found on a LD of 12 or more]


Edited by Galilea

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Snow's train of thought drifted from Galilea to the object in her hand. She raised a brow and turned her attention to the large statue that barred entry to the church.

Can you enter the church? The handbook said it couldn't be entered... I wonder what's inside?

"Yeah, I spoke to a nice gentleman that helped me out with some of the basics. I didn't even know you could heal in this game. Silly, huh?" Snow let slip a nervous laugh. She also pointed to the area around her shoulders.

"And look!" Her finger moved from shoulder to shoulder. She wasn't exactly sure which side her health bar appeared to others. She just wanted to show off the matching guild icon. "I also made up my mind on a guild!"

"As for a familiar... I'm not sure yet. I don't know much about them other than I'd really just like something to keep my company in my home. Maybe something small?"


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