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[SP|F6]<<The Gemini>>A Revelation

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An easy one. She knew that a lot of people went this route before they started doing the Beginner's Quests. If you didn't do it as soon as possible, it would only become harder down the line. Best to knock it out of the way while she was still lower in levels.

Walking around torch-lit streets of Krycim, the silence was deafening. All business had concluded for the night and the only people walking around were guards, a few NPCs and a single player shrouded in black. She wasn't sure how this quest was supposed to trigger. As far as she knew, she would just have to walk around the streets until she was approached by a robed figure or something sinister of the same caliber.

However so, she didn't really know what to expect with this quest. She knew it was easier the lower the level you were, but that was about it.


Name: Shirayuki
Level: 5
HP: 100/100
EN: 10/10

Damage: 5
Mitigation: 9
Accuracy: 7

Equipped Gear:
Weapon: Shuriken(T1/THBA): DMG I
Armor: Ninja's Garb(T1/LA): MIT I
Misc: -empty slot-

Two-Handed Battle Axe [Rank 1]

Extra Skills:


Battle Ready Inventory:
Starter Healing Potion*5

Housing Buffs:

Guild Hall Buffs:

Scents of the Wild:

Wedding Ring:


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Within the next ten minutes of walking around, a new objective popped up on the ninja's HUD. 'Speak with the mysterious, hooded stranger.' Looking around, she could see a person leaning against the wall of a building, paying no real attention to anything around them, staring into the ground like they were entranced or something.

Naturally, she would avoid talking with anyone, but the quest in question was the one that she was looking for. Approaching the individual, their gaze wandered over to the short girl. Although the eyes of the hooded figure were hidden beneath his cloak, Shirayuki stared the person down the same way they did to her. A long moment of understanding went by. The two of them knew that words meant nothing to each other. Names not even need be exchanged.

Kicking themselves of the wall and walking ahead, they gesture the girl to follow them.

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Silence hovered between the two. Not really because they were too unfamiliar with one another to speak, but because the both of them knew that they had no words for each other. Shirayuki knew how this was going to end. No matter what was in store for her, she knew that she would end up on top. The advantage of game knowledge was on her side.

The hooded figure quietly led the girl out of town towards a set location. While she hadn't spent much time outside of the safe zones, she knew that with her new found levels, braving the outside world would be okay. It's hard to learn about the game if you stay cooped up in the safe zones all the time and didn't level whatsoever.

Finally, the Gemini stopped before her in front of a small pond laden with rocks and flowers. Something felt intriguingly different about the area. Maybe it was her inexperience with the open fields, but there was a feeling of uniqueness in the air.

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The Gemini stood silent still, back turned to the ninja. She realized that by now, this was going to turn into a fight. The snow-haired girl reached to her back and picked the giant shuriken off it's holster. Meanwhile, the Gemini slid their hood down to their shoulders, revealing the shocking truth.

They had copied her appearance to without fault. What an ability to have: Mimicry. Releasing the cloak from their neck, it falls to their feet and disappears with a crystal fade. Everything down to her outfit, her hair style and her weapon was exact. It was like looking directly in the mirror.

Was this supposed to be some inner-deepness? A realization? A revelation? Whatever it was supposed to mean, Shirayuki wasn't liking it one bit. The Gemini retrieved their weapon from their back, same one as it's opponent, and adopted a competitive stance. It was time to fight.

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