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Episode feedback: General of The Blazing Flame

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The battle between Kirito and General Eugene was pretty good. It was nice to watch an intense 1v1 fight after not seeing any for some time. Although not too much happened during the episode since most of it was spent at the meeting location. I liked how Kirito used his illusion skill to buy him time to take Leafa's katana.

I totally didn't realize he took Leafa's sword right away. Honestly I thought Kirito smacked her ass... lol

LOL! I can totally see that! And she didn't even realize it until she patted herself down. I would've thought he could take Leafa's weapon like that. And in the English dub DID THEY SERIOUSLY MAKE A SPIDER-MAN REFERENCE!?!?!

"I'm just your friendly neighborhood Spriggan."

But all I could remember when I first watched this was me saying. "RUN ****** KIRITO!!! YOU'RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!"

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