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Cross Syndrome Raffle


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In the past two of these item was raffled off to a female player and a male player, but sadly the female player never got around actually claiming it and went inactive. In order to make sure this item isn't wasted it is being re-raffled off, but this time either gender can apply instead of only females go for this one. Now, players interested will post here and they will be added to the raffle. The deadline is the date you see placed here so if you're interested apply now.

For those who are not aware of Cross Syndrome here is a brief description:

Cross Syndrome is perma-equip (permanently equipped) item that permits the user to transform into the opposite gender and masks the players name with fake one when joining parties.

If want an idea of what happens go to my very own journal, as I was the male player to win the Cross Syndrome in the first raffle, and glance at it.

My Journal

The winner is Nonon!

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