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Verus's Journal

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Username:  Verus

Real name: Dillon Lynson

Age: 18 

Birthday: January 14th

Gender: Male

Height: 6’3”/ 193 cm


About: History/personality

Dillon Lynson lived a simple life before his entrance into the game. His father worked for a large computing corporation as a salesman and his mother was simply a kindergarten teacher. Dillion grew up in a larger city in Japan and had a wonderful childhood even though his family was not too fortunate. Through thick and thin, his parents were there for him, even more after the death of his older sister who passed from an unseen tumor in her brain when Dillon was just six. 


Dillion looked up to his sister more than anybody. She was incredibly bright and made the most of her life. She was the star athlete in her high school softball team and aced all of her classes. It seemed as if she had laid out a perfect lifestyle for her little brother to follow. An avid gamer, she was the one who got Dillon into the gamin life. She taught him with simple games and eventually showed him the world of MMORPG’s before she died. He tried to move on but never really came out of his shell after the incident.


High school was a giant waste of time in Dillon’s eyes. It wasn’t the fact that the material was hard, but more of the knowledge that most of it would never have to be used after his grade school years were over. Instead of diligently studying and following along with the coursework, Dillon used all of his time tending to his pizza delivery job and gaming. Knowing he wouldn’t be attending college, he stopped showing up to most of classes. A lack of interest was essentially the death of Dillon’s high school career.


Real Personality: It was easy for Dillon to join into groups and make friends when he tried. He could wear a fake smile better than most people and fool them into believing whatever he spit out. Dillon was emotionally distant just enough to make sure nobody would ever question why he wouldn't try harder to become a better friend or to try better in a certain subject. He liked it that way. He worked best when he had only himself to trust in. Others usually just got in the way in his mind. He hadn’t changed his mindset since his sister died and had no set date in the future where he could see himself drastically changing.


In-Game Personality: In character, Dillon wasn’t his real self. He was passionate about his life in the game and tried to keep good relationships with the people he met. A lust for knowledge was one of his main drives in game. He wanted to go everywhere, see everything, do everything. He had a drive. Dillon wanted to learn and build himself from the ground up. Being in groups brought out his best. He seemed at ease when in groups of people he knew and trusted, willing to do everything to help further the team. 



Self-Confident: He’s almost overconfident in his own abilities. His belief in himself follows him from his real life into his game life. He never seems to doubt himself and it almost makes him look slightly brave in certain situations. 


Devotion: He’s able to always seem to care about those he truly sees as his friends and family. He’s always comfortable around his people and will do what needs be to keep them safe and together.


Cunning: At the end of the day, he makes sure he is doing well. He has learned how to lie to great extents and can easily trick others into getting what he thinks is best. This being said, he would never do these acts to those he believes are closest to him. 



Bashful: Even though in-game he has a different personality, his old ones sometimes poke through. He is not a fan of being embarrassed teased in front of others and will go to great lengths to make sure it never happens.


Impatient: He sometimes has the tendency to throw mini-fits wanting others to hurry up and proceed to things he would like to do. He believes that time shouldn't be wasted and wishes to always be doing what thinks is the best. 


Cold Hearted: Though he believes in doing well and trusting others, he can sometimes come off as an uncaring person. He may provide some extremely harsh truths and thoughts at times where they may not be needed, potentially causing harm. 




Skills (21 points)





»Light Armor: 5/50





Weapon skills:

» One Handed Rapier (Journeyman) (13/50)





»3 Bread

»3 Water

»Adzin (+3 damage)(Tier 1 rapier)

»Leather Armor (+9 mitigation) (uncommon tier 1)






Adhaerere: Party member / Friend

Itzal: Party Member

Kooh: Party Member



Story Thus Far


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