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[F2-PP] <<Breaking the Unbreakable>> What Breaks First? Spirit or Body?

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Mason had slowly made his way up to the summit, groaning and complaining all the way about putting quests at out of the way locations and making it tiring to get there. Of course, his not so athletic nature does work against him - his comfy mindset, especially so. Nonetheless, this is a quest to be taken, especially since it's rather free to take. After all, how hard can punching a rock be- His heavy breathing interrupts his thought process.

Yeah. This is gonna be awful.

This comfy boy was not made to punch rocks or be extremely athletic! He coasted by those subjects back when he wasn't trapped in a death game! What has he done? He had doomed himself to punching a rock. Forever! He collapses onto his back and stare at the sky, even though the quest NPC is obviously a few feet away.

Can I just give up? Is this worth it- Ooo, pretty cloud. How about I just watch the clouds for a while, and get the moping over with? Yeaaaaah... That sounds nice...


GetComfy's Stats

LVL: 5 | HP: 100/100 | EN: 10/10 | DMG: 4 | MIT: 0 | ACC: 0 | EVA: 0


  • Weapon: Perfect T1 Katana - Thanatos: DMG I | PARA I | BLEED I
  • ArmorPerfect T1 Light Armor - Clean Rags: EVA I | MIT 2 (+18)
  • Trinket: Perfect T1 Trinket - Teacup Keychain | ACC III


  1. Starter Healing Potion (50 HP) x 3
  2. T1 Rare Health Potions (+40 HP) x 5
  3. T1 Uncommon Damage Potion (+1 Damage) x 1
  4. T1 "Liqour of Light" | DMG III x 1
  5.  Immolation Potion x 1



Passive Skills

  • [Rank 1] Curved Sword (+1 DMG)
  • [Rank 1] Katana (+3 DMG)


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Alright, alright, alright!

It was time. 

He'd scaled the mountain, gotten his stripes from the old master, and now he was ready. His fist fungus? Potent. His muscles? Rippling. The boulder? Unfazed -- but with any luck, that would be changing soon. Gambit pulled the wraps tight around his palms as he approached the intimidating rock. Adjusting his floppy black cap, the goofy looking boy regarded his task with a large, white grin. Before the sun went down, Gambit was going to split this rock in two! 

And that, he knew, would be a monumental testament to how far he's come, considering... his pronounced combat ineptitude. Maybe - just maybe - the addition of Martial Arts would prove to be the one Weapon Skill he could actually master! As he popped the cork off one of his vials of Fist Fungus, the young teen let out a wooping declaration. 

"Let's rock!!" 


Item Consumed: 
[x1] Fist Fungus - T1 Toxic Venom 

Player Stats: 


Level: 4
Health: 80 | Energy: 8
DMG: 1 | MIT: 27 | THRN: 18 
Combat Skills:
►<<First Aid>> [5/50]: Rank 1 - Novice 
Weapon Skills:
Armor Skills:
Extra Skills:
Utility Skills:
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Ranger's Harness: +3 MIT (+27) 
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Rounded Retort: +2 Thorns, +1 Regen 
»[Equipped] [Perfect] Thinkin' Cap: +3 LD 
Battle Ready: 
» [x5] Healing Rub Plus: +60 HP 


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... Admittedly, the newcomer was rather interesting. And goofy. Extremely goofy. Though, he really can't complain considering how he, himself, is... Should he make himself known? ... Yeaaaaaah. He probably should. Mason throws up his hand in the direction of the young teen, with a bright smile on his face. "Yo~! You here to break a rock too?" He would've continued on, until he realized he's still, y'know, collapsed on the ground not so far away. Right. That'd be awkward. The not-a-hobo slowly gets himself standing and starts brushing off the dirt and debris.

With his strangely clean outfit, he starts to join the other rock breaking fellow at, well, the rock. "You ever think about why you'd have to break a rock? More importantly, did you ever think that you'd be breaking a rock?" Honestly, he's just wasting time, especially since he still haven't consumed the damage pot he bought from that neat little place from earlier.

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