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Atrus' Journal (wip)

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Username: Atrus
Real name: Keith Reynolds
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Height: 185cm (6'0")

About: History/personality


(Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.)

(Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.)

(Insert Virtue here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.)

Reference: http://darkworldrpg.com/character-flaws/

(Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.)

(Insert Flaw here. Must be 3 sentences minimum.)

Severe Arachnophobia:  Nope.  Nuh-uh. Nononononono.  Hell no.

Device defaults set to region (Japan): Keith's nerve gear is not his own.  It's settings are defaulted to Japanese with the optional international translation feature currently disabled.

Being unfamiliar with the Japanese language, he is unable to navigate the user menu, read most signs, or understand anyone who is not speaking English.

This does not prevent other people with the translation feature activated from understanding him.


Profession: (Leave blank until the Earning a Living quest has been completed.)




Weapon skills:

Weapons/Tools: (Set B DPS package)
» Rapier

》Light grey linen scarf.  (Vanity neck slot).

》3x starter healing potions (heal 50hp)

》10x tier 1 materials

》2500 col.

» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle
» [solo/private/open] LinkedTitle - in progress
(no "in progress" means its complete; "incomplete" can mean one or the other person stopped replying for a long time)

Relationships (optional)

Story Thus Far (optional)


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