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Level 15

HP: 300/300 EN: 30/30

DMG: 7 MIT: 26

ACC: +2 EVA: +0




 Username: Mortambo

Real name: Haichi Monome

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

History: Mortambo is a very intense, intelligent, and dedicated person most of the time. However, when he was in the real world he had periods of complete and utter distraction and boredom and is plagued at other times by crippling self-doubt. He is a lab researcher, or was until he got trapped inside SAO. The gaming was what he did at the end of long, late nights to unwind before collapsing into fitful and exhausted sleep next to his wife to get up and do it all again early the next morning. The only thing that kept him going was his absolute love of MMOs. 

The Story So Far: His first few days in SAO, fighting boars outside the Town of Beginnings, taught him that to survive in this world armor and a shield are the way to go.  Now this game is his life and he has dedicated himself to learning every aspect of it that he can to advance as far as he can. He has no doubt in his mind that if he can just survive enough that he can easily master the intricacies of this new game. Realizing how easily he could die in this game, he has decided the most logical course of action is to search for a group of people that he can trust to watch his back. His reasoning is that his ability to protect others from harm will make him too valuable to the group and they will be as dedicated to his well being as he will be to theirs. 




Unflinching Resolve - When he puts his mind to something, he will see it through to the end no matter what. He will work tirelessly to complete whatever task he has decided is necessary. He will only abandon a task if it is clear that it is impossible for him to complete and even then he may return later when he is stronger to see it through. 

Analytical - One of his primary goals is learning all the strategies and tactics he can to be an effective group and party leader when it is time. He has a highly analytical mind and will tend to be able to break down enemy attack patterns very easily. Also, he takes his role as a tank very seriously and will tend to give orders even if he is not the officially established leader. 

Guardian Spirit - He is very protective of anyone he groups with he will gladly lend aid, or shield them with his own body. He hopes that this selflessness will be repaid by kindness and favors in the future. This generosity extends outside of combat situations to most aspects of his life in SAO


Anxious - When he feels out of his depth he often gets very jumpy and nervous. This might lead to hesitation or caution when swift action is necessary. While he won't out and out run from battle, he might get distracted or lose his cool if it starts going badly. 

Perfectionist - He holds himself to ridiculously high standards that could never be achieved. What other people see as a smashing success he will most likely see as utter failure. He especially berates himself when he does something needless and reckless without a good cause. 

Gullible - It's rather easy for his generosity to be taken advantage of. He doesn't usually give out more than he can afford to, but if pressed he just might. He will definitely take risks he shouldn't just to protect someone else from harm.  


Total SP: 38 | Used SP: 35 | Unused SP: 3

Skill Slots: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

Utility Skills:

Extended Weight Limit - Unskilled



Gives the user more Battle Ready Inventory slots. 

Fishing - Unskilled



Allows the user to fish, attracting enemies, gathering materials, or fishing up treasure chests. 




Allows the user to gather more materials based on their CD roll.

Picking - Unskilled



Adds to LD when opening chests

Search - Unskilled



Adds to LD and Stealth Detection

Combat Skills:

Battle Healing - Unskilled



Allows the user to passively regenerate damage every turn in battle.

First Aid - Unskilled



Allows the user to heal others for a percentage of their health. 

Weapon skills :


Armor Skills:

Heavy Armor - Rank 1



Extra MIT when wearing heavy armor. 

Extra Skills:

Familiar Mastery: Protector - Rank 2



Grants Rank*Tier*9 MIT

Meditation - Locked



Recover additional energy through a post action in battle.

Martial Arts - Rank 2



Increases base damage by 3 at rank 1, and by 1 at all other ranks. Also unlocks Sword Arts. 



Shop: [F09 Blacksmith Shop] The Skyforge


Skill Points Earned: 

  • SP Earned
    • +5 SP to Start
    • +14 SP for Page Completion
    • +3 for Yui's Grace
    • Earning a Living (+1 SP)
    • The First Few Lessons Are Free (+2 SP)
    • The Second Lesson is Also Free (+2 SP)
    • Feeding the Enemy (+1 SP)
    • Breaking the Unbreakable (+1 SP)
    • Training Your Friend (+1 SP)
    • The Third Lesson, Is Just As Free (+2 SP
    • The Butcher of the Sands (+3 SP)
    • The Fourth Lesson, Is Actually Free (+2 SP)
    • The Venomous Warg (+1 SP)





  • Bloody Handwraps (T1)(+1 Damage, +2 Bleed) -  Good solid hand-wraps that look normal, although once they have tasted blood they begin to glow red.  
  • Handwraps of the Sands (T1)(+2 Damage, +1 Bleed) - These wraps create small winds that blow desert sand in whirlwinds as you punch with them. 
  • Unidentified T1 Perfect Weapon [111053C] 
  • 2x Unidentified T1 Rare Weapon [111567A] [111572A]



  • Armored Coat of the Warrior (T1)(+3 MIT) - A heavily armored long coat which seems like it is made of just cloth but actually is made of sturdy enough stuff to protect the wearer from major harm. 
  • Greaves of Retaliation (T1)(+2 Thorns, +1 Regen) - These steel greaves have a gold inlay of ornate thorns and are covered in small metal spikes. This allows the user the ability to easily return damage when struck.
  • Prickly Pauldron (T1)(+2 Heavy Momentum, +1 Thorns) - A shining steel shoulder guard with a shield insignia on the front and a single sharpened spine protruding from the side.
  • Dhampir's Bite (T1)(+2 Regen, +1 Thorns) - A round black steel shield with an assortment of fangs embedded in the face. In the center of them all is a round, polished silver plate with an etched design of a heater shield.
  • 1x Perfect T1 unidentified Armor/Shield [111730A]


  • Lucky Shirt (T1)(+2 LD) - A standard tunic like shirt that seems uniformly blue, but as you get closer there are very beautiful and intricate designs woven into it in various shades.
  • Sharp Shooter (T1)(+2 ACC, +1 Recovery) - A single eyepiece with a crosshair on the lens and a leather strap to bind it to the wearer's head like an eye patch. The buckle for the strap is shaped like a silver shield.
  • Honor Among Thieves (T1)(+1 EVA, +1 LD, +1 Recovery) - A brass ring with a small concealed razor blade, useless in combat, but perfect for secretly slicing through purse strings. The inlaid design is a repeating pattern of shields.
  • Hammer of Hephaestus (+1 Ambition) 


  • 5 Tier 1 Uncommon Health Potions (+40 HP)
  • 1 Tier 1 Uncommon Damage Potion (+1 Damage)
  • 1 T1 Uncommon Cooked Fish Snack (+1 Vitality)
  • 2 Yui's Grace - +1 SP in a thread if posted at the beginning of the thread
  • Beginner Dungeon Map
  • Intermediate Dungeon Map
  • Advanced Dungeon Map
  • 1 Unidentified Uncommon Consumable [111567B]
  • 6 x Unidentified Rare Consumables [111572B][111572C][111730B] [111730C] [111747A][111747B]



House Name: The Skyforge
Location: Floor 9 outside of Knorlit Village, on the edge of Mount Hellion

Description: Made of obsidian, this large imposing building has a huge open air forge attached with a mechanism to draw lava up from the ground to be used in Blacksmithing. The inside of the building is austere but well appointed, obviously built and formerly lived in by someone who preferred function over beauty. It does have all the basic amenities covered, however. 

Plot Size: Estate

Total: 6/15  Yard: 2/3 Floors: 4

  • Basic Workshop (Forge) (1 yard slot)
    • +2 EXP per crafting attempt
  • Bedroom
    • -1 energy cost for the first two expenditures of each combat
  • Storage Closet
    • +1 Battle Ready Inventory Slot
  • Attic (Storage)
    • +5% bonus col from monster kills and treasure chests
  • Slime Farm (1 yard slot)
    • +1 SP to a thread. Limit one use per month.
  • Basement
    • Gain +1 to LD, Stealth Rating, Stealth Detection, or Prosperity to one post in a thread. Can be applied after a roll


Single Player Threads:

 [sP-F1] Testing the Waters (Completed) (+1 SP)

 [sP-F1] Earning a Living (Completed) (+2 SP)

[F01-SP] <<The First Few Lessons Are Free>> Starting Out (Completed) (+3 SP)

[F01-SP] <<The Second Lesson Is Also Free>> A Favor for Lyle (Completed) (+3 SP)

[F01-SP] <<Nature's Treasure>> A Nice Walk In the Garden (Completed) (+1 SP)

[F02-SP] <<Training Your Friend>> And Into the Fire (Completed) (+3 SP)

[F01-SP] <<The Third Lesson, Is Just As Free>> A Beautiful Jewel (Completed) (+4 SP

[F01-SP] <<The Fourth Lesson, Is Actually Free>> Gone Fishin' (Completed) (+4 SP)

[F02-SP] <<The Venomous Warg>> Hunting the Pack (Completed) (+3 SP)

[F06-SP] <<The Gemini>> The Dark MIrror (In Progress)

[F06-SP] <<Calming the Soul>> Finding The Balance (In Progress)

[F01-SP] <<Earning a Living: Tailor>> From Mail to Leather (In Progress)

Private Party Threads:

[F09-PP] <<Feeding Your Enemy>> Out of the Frying Pan (Completed) (+2 SP)

[F03-PP] The Hunt is On! (Completed) (+1 SP)

[F02-PP] <<Breaking the Unbreakable>> Fists of Iron [RESTARTED] (Completed) (+2 SP)

[F7-PP] <<Butcher of the Sands>> Searching for a Place to Belong (Completed) (+4 SP)

[F01-PP] <<Nature's Treasure>> A Walk in the Garden with Friends (In Progress)

[F21-PP] <<Nature's Treasure>> Into the Caverns! (In Progress)

[ PP - F01 ] Fair Fight <<Secret Medicine of the Forest>> w/ Ptolemy, Mortambo (In Progress)






Familiar Name: Sunetra
Description: It is a fire cat which is the size of a small domestic house cat from the real world but made completely of flame with a molten core of lava




Neopolitan - An interesting if rather strange girl with two toned hair that doesn't speak. She helped me find my familiar. 

Kirbs - A friend who I went on my first hunt with on floor 3. It was an enjoyable experience even if a little frustrating because I didn't help out much. 

Dustin - A friend who helped me out with the Breaking the Unbreakable quest. Seems like a pretty good guy and he taught me a lot about how the System works with Martial Arts. 


Junk To Sell:


 Battle Axe (T1)(+1 Damage) - This is a normal finely crafted steel battle axe. (STARTER WEAPON)

Ring of Precision (T1)(+1 ACC) - A beautiful gold ring with a small topaz jewel. (FROM THIRD STARTER QUEST)

Name: Energetic Greaves
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 4
ID: 111823
Roll: 7
Item Type: Heavy Armor
Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +1 Recovery
Description: These greaves seem lighter than air and ready to move with you making it a lot more easy to fight. 
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shoprank-5-blacksmith-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&amp;comment=567848

Name: Breast Plate of the Healer
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 4
ID: 111824
Roll: 8
Item Type: Heavy Armor
Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +1 Regen
Description: This breast plate featuring a golden ankh prominently in the center of the wearer's chest restores life to the one using the armor. 
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shoprank-5-blacksmith-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&amp;comment=567848


Name: Piercer
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 4
ID: 111825
Roll: 9
Item Type: Heavy Armor
Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +1 Thorns
Description: These spiked pauldrons slice through any enemy attempting to harm the wearer. 
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shoprank-5-blacksmith-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&amp;comment=567848

Name: Spiked Shield
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 4
ID: 111896
Roll: 11 
Item Type: Shield
Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +1 Thorns
Description: Wicked spikes curve out of this buckler slashing at anyone who tries to hurt the wielder.
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shoprank-5-blacksmith-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&amp;comment=567918

Name: Blessed Shield
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 4
ID: 111920
Roll: 7
Item Type: Shield
Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +1 Regen
Description: This light buckler glows green and washes the wielder in healing energy when they are struck by an enemy
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shoprank-5-blacksmith-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&amp;comment=567947

Name: Energetic Shield
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 4
ID: 111924
Roll: 8
Item Type: Shield
Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +1 Recovery
Description: This shield is a plain metal shield slightly concave. On getting hit it vibrates, translating into more energy for its wielder.
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shoprank-5-blacksmith-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&amp;comment=567947

Name: Shield of the Matador
Your Profession: Blacksmith
Your Rank: 5
ID: 111983
Roll: 7
Item Type:  Shield
Tier: 1
Quality: Uncommon
Enhancements: +1 Taunt
Description: This shield makes your enemies see red, and get angry at you. 
Post Link: http://www.sao-rpg.com/topic/17427-f09-blacksmith-shoprank-5-blacksmith-the-skyforge/?do=findComment&amp;comment=567991


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